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Nissan Frontier



  • djaydjay Posts: 1
    I saw a CC this color last weekend at a dealership in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    I am also in the market for a SE 4wd Crew Cab. The dealer in Yuma has one fully loaded. The only things missing were the roof rack,limited slip differential,and tailgate lock. The price on the vehicle was 29,400. I considered this to be a bit high. They are also unwilling to deal.Hopefully some dealers in AZ will eventually decide to lower their prices and start dealing with us.
  • barresa11barresa11 Posts: 277
    A BIT HIGH!!! The fully loaded SE 4x4 CC is just under $ 25,000 full MSRP. How the h-ll to they they expect to get 29k plus for this? Oh, yeah, forgot, there's always some fool willing to pay whatever and make it harder on the rest of us to get a good deal. My advice to you is to let this dealer know that they are way out of line and that you wouldn't do business with them. Of course, I personally couldn't wait to rip them a new one over this price gouging! Believe me I've seen a lot of it after my stint at selling new/used cars.
  • I ordered a 2000 Nissan Frontier on the Carsdirect
    web site last Tuesday. They had a hard time
    finding a truck for me, and then the perfect truck
    rolled off the semi at a local dealer this week. I
    emailed my rep at carsdirect and told him about
    it....yesterday he called me to get a little more
    info on the truck and then he called the dealer.
    The dealer called me and said, "come pick it up!"
    I got the truck for invoice + 2.9%. That includes
    the $500 they took off my bill because it took them
    nine days instead of seven. When I got into the
    truck to drive it home, I glanced down at the
    odometer. The total mileage was....4. Life is
  • begelforbegelfor Posts: 10
    Go to the bulletin board for nissan Frontier owners.

    Check it out, post a message.
  • I just got my Crew Cab on Thursday, and I've noticed something can roll the rear windows all the way down, instead of halfway or so like every other four-door vehicle I've seen. So if you have kids or pets, your crew cab should have power windows, so you can lock them from the drivers seat and then they won't jump out.....
  • Looking very seriously at a Frontier right now, They are priced at about $24,000 loaded, up here. Seems like a great deal, I have compared and compared some more. Seems like the best deal. I have never owned a Nissan, always Toyota till last week. Any advice would be welcome.
  • npepnpep Posts: 11
    I just purchased a SE 4x2 with the power package. All totaled, tax (7% ouch), tag, etc...$21,800 from Sutherlin in Marietta, GA. I was extremely pleased with the speed and service of the deal. I called around to all the Nissan dealers around ATL. I probably could have saved an additional few hundred bucks, but they had the color I wanted and they were easy to get to.
    Happy hunting, Nik
  • hockeyhockey Posts: 1
    just purchased 2000 se 5speed 4x4x4.
    roof rack & bug deflector installed
    $31,500 not cheap here in Nova Scotia.
    But I Really Like Black Beauty.
  • statboystatboy Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 1998 Nissan XE truck 5sp with 13k miles for $13k. I had to get rid of my 1985 Toyota pickup. Man, what a difference! When I am on the freeway I am constantly looking at the speedometer so I can keep it under 70mph. I was a little nervous about dirving a stick shift, becaue I have not used a stick in over two years. I am pleased to report that the transmission is very smooth and the acceleration is awesome - of course I am comparing it to a 1985 toyota p.u. However, I did test drive a new 1999 Mazda Protege and Toyota Corolla. The Nissan XE blew them both off the road and it looks so good in my drive way.
  • Just call Nissan themselves, customer service can look at trucks coming off the line, before dealers know. And if the dealer says they can't order one from the factory...the're full of it! Nissan told me they sure can(for a little extra). Still looking for my SE CC 4x4, stay tuned, Nissan will call me back in about 4 business days. Later.
  • Just let anyone who is interested to know, the
    Nissan Frontier Crew Cab is not a new Nissan vehicle, it has been sold in Japan, Australia, Africa, South America and Europe for years under the name Navara. It also was sold under the name Datsun for years as well. Don't think that Datsun/Nissan is alone with a Compact Crew Cab, Toyota has had an identical truck as well that they've sold everywhere, but in the US. I found out all of this while Nissan was baiting us on their Website and wouldn't give us details on the Crew Cab, so I visited all of their websites around the globe and eventually got a brochure from Australia months before any dealer near me knew anything about the Crew Cab. As it is I placed a deposit on a Nissan Crew Cab XE 4X4 two months ago and won't have my truck for at least another month due to the fact I want the color green, I'm getting a little frisky waiting for it, it's the perfect upgrade from my 13 year old Acura 4 dr hatchback.
  • Hey Garlicfog, I have a green se CC 4x4.

    Want pics ?
  • garlicfog.

    Found your write about Nissan's new 4 door small pickup interesting. Do you know if Ford and Dodge are going to follow suite and buid mid-size rangers and Dakotas w/ 4 doors?
  • I test drove an alpine green se cc 4x4 today. Why are you having trouble finding green?
  • As I read these comments on the new Nissan Crew Cab, I do not find one mention of the 2000 Chevy S-10 Crew Cab. I saw one on the lot today marked down to $28,000. What the hick. Its still just a Chevy??
  • rej1rej1 Posts: 1
    What do you know about the so called "sup" sport utility pickup? It is being advertised on TV in the Chicago area.
  • tayatm- There is not a factory S-10 crew cab for the USA. Maybe you saw a loaded extended cab S-10. The Nissan Crew Cab has four forward hinged doors. They are worlds apart in everything except maybe performance. The 4.3 V-6 is still pretty stout.
  • I got a 17995 price for se series, 695 for paint and acc. plus tax for a total of 19783 out the door. what do you think.
  • I bought my Crew Cab XE 4x4 on August 19, and last week I received the title and drove down to the License bureau to get new plates for the truck. I expected to pay a little extra, for it costs more to license a pickup in Ohio than it does for a car, minivan, or SUV.
    I gave the nice lady the title, and she typed the VIN into her computer. She made a quizzical face and said, "you say this is a PICKUP TRUCK?" I said "um, yeah." She says, "Well, according to this, it's a minivan...."
    I let out a pretty healthy laugh and by now had gotten the notice of others in the office. I pointed out the window and said "well, there it is!" The office women shook their heads and said "that's a pickup truck!" So, the woman looked in her book and asked if the truck had a full back seat. I said yes. She told me that, according to the state of Ohio, it's a minivan. So, since it's cheaper to register a minivan, I didn't argue! I like this truck better all the time.....
  • I have been reading all of the responses here online... Here goes my story...

    I wanted the SE-V6 Crew Cab 4X2 with the Luggage Rack... I found out that Nissan was retooling the roof because the roof was not designed to hold weight and they were caving it in... So.. I would have to wait till Oct-Nov to get the right truck. The ones out right now will not be able to have the Luggage Rack installed... I waited and waited but could not take it any longer....

    I have been reading on this chat board that the dealers were not willing to go down from the MSRP.. Well, I found out the opposite..

    I basically played three dealers in my area off on another for the sale... One would not budge... One did and he started a bidding war with the other. The one that would not budge suddenly did by matching my lowest offer. The lowest offer came down $100 to beat everyone else...

    So here is what I got:

    Nissan 2000 Frontier Crew Cab SE-V6 4X2
    Power Package
    Sports Package
    Automatic Transmission
    Floor Mats
    Bedliner Over the Rail
    Bed Extender
    Destination Charge of $520

    Total $21,400
    MSRP $22,596

    I think I did good! You guys tell me!
  • Just purchased a SE 4X4 CC Yellow.... LOADED....
    Sport Pkg with Sunroof/ CD changer, Upgrade tires, bedliner, bugshield, power pkg...

    If you are at all close to Canada and dont mind your speedo reading in KM instead of miles, go there. I paid $21,930 + (ugh) 6% tax - total was $23256. Works for me, gonna pick it up tomorrow!
  • I also saw two Chevy s10 crew cabs, not extended cabs but actually FOUR REAL DOORS for approx. $28,000 retail. Why haven't we heard anything about these? They look like a factory job but may be just a dealer conversion.
  • tyjotyjo Posts: 6
    saw 4-door s-10 at a dealer near chicago. they had 3, all were conversions. also very ugly!
  • tyjotyjo Posts: 6
    crew-cab fever is cooling in chicago, they are ready to deal.
  • I've been considering a 00 CC for months now. I visited our local dealer and sat in the back seat. My opinion is that it's essentially worthless, especially for adults. The seatback was far too vertical and there was NO legroom! I'm going to wait and see what the Ford Explorer Sport Trac is like. I've read that they're going to soften the suspension on it, so it'll be more car-like. I just hope it has more leg room for the back seat.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Edmunds has a great right up about the Nissan crew cab. Some good things to say some bad. Price was high according to them, this because of the inital hype. Ford is coming out with a crew cab in 2000 sometime. It will have a 200HP/245ftlb of torque V6. Dodge is supposed to be coming out with a crew cab sometime this fall. Chevy is also behind the curve and probably won't see a crew cab for sometime in the S-10 form.
  • I drove one of the Nissan 4drs in Saudi Arabia and loved it. Now when they finally get the the US, the back seats are much too small! I think Nissan made a design error with this truck.
  • Well I finally bought my Frontier CC 2000 se 4x4
    power package,sport package. I wanted the roof rack included in the deal. Dealer said "no problem" as soon as they get them in they will call me. Now I find out the cc's on the road don't have the support to hold the roof rack. I paid for it all ready. What am I to do? Also my stirring wheel rattles in the middle where the airbag and the horn is. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • I bought my truck last month, and some have asked me to post pictures. I finally got around to it. A few were taken at my favorite airport! (Ohio State Univ airport in Columbus)
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