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Nissan Frontier



  • The are available here in southern California for $1000 out the door painted to match fiberglass.
  • ml4232ml4232 Posts: 1
    but am afraid how is going to handle a boat in ramp,can you give me some info, have a 19 footer with a 150 hp,do you think need more weight in the rear axle
  • If the 60/40 split bench is available in the standard 2000 Frontier, why not the CC? That would enable you to have 6 people fit in if necessary. According to the literature I received from my Nissan dealer, the front seat is available in Bucket Seats or 60/40 bench so why not the CC?
  • ric15ric15 Posts: 4
    I have a 17' Xpress bass boat with an 85hp and my Crew Cab handles the job with no problem. In and out of the boat ramp no problem. A 19" with a 150hp is a lot more weight and with that, the tongue weight should provide good traction for the rear tires. Depending on how steep the ramp grade is, I would definitely use L2 or L1 to pull the boat out of the water this way you won't spin your tires on the wet ramp. Backing-in that size boat would have to take some care so the truck won't loose traction. I've seen bigger boats drag vehicles skidding down the ramp. Just take it easy and the Crew Cab won't let you down.

    Do you have trailer breaks?

    Also, the overdrive on/off switch is on the side of the automatic shift handle, turn overdrive off if the truck begins to struggle on hilly roads. It's all in the owner's manual!

    Enjoying My Ride!
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase a SE 4 x 4 in south Florida or even Florida. Additionally can anyone advise me on importing from Canada - duties etc. - I will be in Canada in November and if could import easily I would drive one back to Florida - Thanks for your help
  • glenn2glenn2 Posts: 39
    went to the dealer in Bangor,Maine. they will sell you a crew cab at list price. big of them. I know the poor guy is barely making it since they have 3 or 4 dealerships. I passed.
  • I just bought a CC XE yellow, automatic, and manual everything with the value package. MSRP at
    $22580, got it for $22,100. Love the car, but the purchasing experience was not fun, through Stevens Creek Nissan in San Jose, CA. I think I got taken.

  • I forgot to mention the above message, my CC is a 4x4, for $22,100.

  • You got taken. I just bought one in Tucson for $250 over invoice. Well over $1,500 off MSRP. Wait til the end of the month and then work the dealer hard. Work one dealer against two or three others and walk out several times. Tell them you ARE going to buy one and that you WILL drive to another town to save a couple hundred bucks. DON'T act anxious. If you're not good at wheeling and dealing, get a friend or family member that is and let them negotiate for you.

    I bought one for my wife on the evening of the last day of the month. DON'T let them pressure you. Threaten them with using an auto broker. DON'T let the manager types use any salesman's lines on you. For instance, one of the new car managers told me "You're so close to buying this, why don't you just do it?" I told him "You're so close to selling it, why don't you just do it?" Remember the pressure is on them to sell cars, especially at the end of the month. The competition amongst dealers can be fierce and you'll be surprised at what they'll go for to make a sale. I even got all the "doc" fees for license and title taken off. Edmunds has excellent resources on their web site to help you be informed. Hope this helps someone.
  • It took almost a month to do but my wife and I just took delivery of our CC yesterday. It is a 4X4 SE Auto with Power Package and Sport Package and the dealer had to swap for it with a dealer in North Carolina. We are in Phila., PA. We did not get a great deal and in fact really didn't expect to. We had three dealers searching for one of these and only one was willing to go out of their way to find and get the unit. They were the dealer referred to us by Auto-By-Tel. The other two said maybe in a couple of months or order one and get it in 90 days maybe. The truck is charcoal and we added a leather interior to it. Now we have another long wait for the paint matched fiberglass cover for the bed we have ordered. There have been a couple of disappointments but they have been minor and they only pertain to getting the truck. We have no disappointments with the truck itself so far. It rides great and the sound system is unreal. One annoyance is that the CC does NOT have the passenger side air bag off switch. We have two youngsters and the oldest is 8. She really wanted to be able to ride in the front seat. The dealer is looking into the possibility of installing it there but probably won't be able to. Before purchasing this truck we had done some investigating and this forum was a big help in the decision making process. Thanks to all who have written before and to anyone who is looking for a great truck try this one. I don't think that you will be disappointed.

  • Does anyone have any information about if/when Toyota is planning on introducing a crew cab version of the Tacoma?
  • Can those of you who have bought a new Frontier Crew Cab 2000 tell me if your A/C compressor cycles on the coldest setting? My dealer has told me this is the design. I live in Texas, and it is unacceptable for the A/C temp inside the cab to fluctuate 8 degrees every 30 seconds for 10+ seconds. He says this is the only Nissan vehicle that is designed like this. The Maxima, for instance, stays constantly cold, and does not cycle on the coldest setting.
  • Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket lock for the Bed Extender?
  • Your final numbers were right on. Although, I did get the running boards and an electric sunroof installed as well. The final went up about 400. more. (I don't have the contract in front of me) I still beat the MSRP though and am totally pleased with the truck.
  • In San Jose I was offered invoice + 5% for an 4x2 SE crew cab, auto trans with power pkg.

    If they have them on the lot then they're not too popular to get at lower price (eg around 3% - 5%) over invoice.
  • janis2janis2 Posts: 7
    I bought my truck in August. cc 4x4 se, I love it but the stirring wheel rattles in the middle where the air bag/horn is located. I have complained to the dealer and they say "nothing is wrong with it". Does anybody else have this problem? Thanks Janis2
  • In Oklahoma I just bought cc with almost all the
    options for 20,000. Power package, automatic, etc.
    Consider looking in another area as these haven't
    caught on everywhere. I just put 6.000 trouble
    free miles on it and feel they are worth the price
    you have been quoted.
  • Would appreciate any legitimate responses about any
    brake problems any CC owners may be experiencing.
    I have had mine to the dealer three times in the
    first 6,000 miles. I have already had the rear pads replaced under warranty.
  • posts 209 and 210 are both mine. I am a happy
    cc owner . The second post is for a friend who purchased his truck at the same time and drove
    to California with me. Thanks for pointing out the
  • jlee7jlee7 Posts: 25
    well, was that for the SE or the XE? if its SE, then, heck take it! that sounds like a killer deal! but if it's for the XE, then its a good deal. i figured +5% over invoice for a SE, 4x2, pwr. pkg, extender and mats to be $20701 BEFORE taxes, lic. and doc. fees. but, if that's out the door, it must be for an XE. again, sounds pretty good. see if you can hold out and maybe they'll go lower! good luck.
  • That quote must be for the XE as there was mention of the "value package"

    Anyway, I have found that through, you can get a fully loaded XE CC for only $500 over invoice, not bad. ! Unfortunately the SE is $1500 over invoice
  • jlee7jlee7 Posts: 25
    i'm currently in the process for and my "locked in" price is $21198 for a 4x2, SE, pwr pkg, bed extender and mats. of course, not including tax, lic and doc fees. again, thats adds up to about +7% over invoice. but figuring that dealers can't even keep the SE's on their lots (up here in northern CA), it's not too bad of a price to pay. these cc's seem to be popular here in no.CA. and dealers are asking between $2000 - $5000 for dealer mark-up over MSRP! i should be getting my SE CC by 11/4. knock on wood
  • Sorry that should have been "" and not
    "" (reference message #214) Actually for a loaded XE ( auto, power pkg, value pkg, bed liner, bed extender + mats) less
    than $400 over invoice.! cost not inc tax & lic = $19758. For Californians, out the door would be about $21,800. In addition I predict that by Feb we will see up to a $1,000 rebate after the Dodge and Fords start rolling out with the same 4 door config.
  • I was wondering if I could get some feedback from earlier posters who have purchased their crew cabs. I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing within the next six months and I was curious how the trucks are holding up.
  • I did not mention, mine is the SE model, with everything except the roof rack and cass/cd pkg. Don't really miss the roof rack, looks goofy to me..And would serve no purpose, except as a hinderance when time to wax. For, those of you in Pa, looking for a great deal.. Ask for Joe Bush at Devon Nissan, he is the owners son.
  • I bought a Green CC SE 4x2 with every option Nissan had to offer for the CC. MSRP $22,846 got it for 20,900, plus tax & title. I love it has room for the 3 kids & the ride is smooth & quite.
  • nunya1nunya1 Posts: 3
    Got an Aztec red 2x4 XE with 4 spd auto, power package, bed extender, bedliner, and side steps, for $21,000 out the door. I paid pretty much full MSRP plus a couple hundred for the dealer installed side step rails and a passive arming ignition cut out (that will save me a little on insurance).
    The build quality on this truck really is good, the fit and finish between the hood and fenders and doors and body is even and has very small gaps, except for the front bumper (I'm assuming it's becasue the bumper is mounted straight to the frame while the cab is isolated on bushings and to provide for flex). I can hit any interior panel even the console and dash with my fist and not illicit even a single rattle. The triple sealed doors definetly keep down the wind noise on the highway.
    The ride is actually really good considering this is a truck with a full ladder frame and leaf springs in the rear, much better than a Dodge Dakota I had a few years back.
    Just as a final note I was originally looking at 4 door cars in the $20,000 dollar range (baby on the way and the 2 door Z-24 we have now is too small) and I new that an Xterra was about 3 to 4 thousand dollars out of my price range. This Crew Cab Frontier will be perfect for a new family that has one or two young children. There is room in the bed to carry my 1000cc sportbike (tailgate down) or a couch (tailgate down)or a washing machine (tailgate up)(I do plan on adding a color matched canopy when they become available though).
  • bed liners do more damage to truck body than any load can do!! buy the .375" thick custom rubber mat at walmart---$25-29, and heep 3/4 of those 4" dia. 48" long pool floats in the back to keep things from hitting the walls!!! wrap them up with a bungee cord when not in use.
    east coast central florida (vero beach,palm beach)area--full page ad last sundays paper----
    $1000 rebate--all in the area had names listed.
    test drive(me) really nice!!
    orlando area--$14999 for XE 5 spd. w/chrome
    grille-bumpers etc.!!
  • jlee7jlee7 Posts: 25
    sounds like a pretty good, cost effective way to protect the bed...but i was thinking along the lines of a spray-in bed liner from Rhinoliners. anyone with experience with this product? i've just always heard of rust out problems with drop-in liners. i'd rather pay now for a worthwhile investment. plus, they can make the spray-in liner match the color of the truck.
  • donsurdonsur Posts: 12
    I just bought a Green CC SE 2 wheel drive with power package, bed liner, bed extender, utility package - yes roof rack installed. I went to 3 dealers here in Atlanta. All had plenty of CC XEs with power and VTP packages but only 2 had SE with utility package. Best deal in town was at Regal Nissan in Roswell. Got a great price - I think, invoice and great trade on my Honda CRV. Love the CC and the ride is excellent and quiet. I only have had it three days so I am still in happy happy land and cannot critique it sensibly at this point. So far the dealer and CC are terrific.
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