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Toyota Echo Maintenance and Repair

nnbnnb Member Posts: 3
Has anyone experienced that the clutch is kind of slow to release during quick upshifting? Also while driving in hwy with 4th gear around 75 mph, then floor the gas, the clutch is slipping. Any one with any info are welcome. Thanks.


  • beelzebugboybeelzebugboy Member Posts: 2
    My 2000 echo is going in tomorrow to figure out the problem with my slipping clutch.

    2 years old 90% highway mileage with 30,000km (18,000 miles)

    started to slip at highway speeds when I went to pass and is now slipping in all gears.

    Dealer says probably wear due to bad driving (must control fists)

    other car is at 180,000km (108,000miles) on first clutch and previous honda civic was good for 120,000 between clutch jobs.

    Apparently the clutch is non-adjustable and will cost about $800-$1000 CDN to replace.

    They better find a defect and cover it or there will be many unpleasant conversations with Toyota coming up.

    Please post if you are experiencing clutch problems.
  • nnbnnb Member Posts: 3
    Please let me know what the dealer finds out. I just took my car to the dealer this morning, they said they didn't find anything wrong. Actually the clutch wasn't slipping too bad today. It was slipping badly last week when the weather was cold. It seem like it has something to do woth temperature too.
  • kaz6kaz6 Member Posts: 331
    20k and so far so good...I live in Los Angeles and have horrific traffic to deal with. Aside from very long throws and a stubborn reverse it's fine.
    My last car, a Ford ZX-2, had 70k of similar driving conditions and the clutch was fine. Sounds fishy to me!
  • mikeypollmikeypoll Member Posts: 1
    Hi there -- Many posts ago there was mention of people getting the "original" hubcaps on the 2000 Echo replaced with a different design that did not have a "whistling" sound. There was some specific tricks to getting the Dealer to replace it at no charge, though.
    Does anyone remember what this was specifically?

    (I have a 2000 Silver 4 door, drove it all the way down from Victoria, BC to Durham, NC ! Terrific 3,800 mile road trip vehicle!!)

  • krakatokrakato Member Posts: 30
    Oops -- I posted this on the other Echo list and realize that this list is a better place for it!

    This is the very FIRST problem I've had with this wonderful car!

    Here's what happens. First thing in the morning when I start the car up all is well. The blue "cool engine light" is still on as I back out of the driveway and drive down one block -- everything operates as normal. But after stopping at the corner and beginning to turn right, when I press the pedal to accelerate through the turn, there is a significant pause with little engine power and I have to pump the accelerator to get the car through the turn and accelerating normally again. It seems to happen primarily when I am making a turn -- although once I had trouble getting full power after stopping at a stop sign and then going straight. This only happens after the car has been sitting overnight or for a long time and the blue cool engine light goes on when I start it up.

    Has anything like this happened to anyone else in your ECHO? I'm going to take it into the dealer to check it out, but wondered if anyone on this great board has any ideas or suggestions about what is going on?

  • rforbesrforbes Member Posts: 1
    Hi! I'm from Australia and recently bought a new 3 door Echo hatch back manual with 1.3L engine. I had a Mazda 121 sedan for 9 years. It was a great little car. I am peeved with the Echo. It is full of rattles, in the doors, in the dash, the rear. It is driving me bananas. I have spent days trying to find and fix them but it does no good.
    Another problem is with the steering. It has power and minor road bumps are transmitted up through the steering wheel. I was spoilt with the Mazda for sure.
    Has anyone had these problems? It looks like this model isn't sold in the US but I wondered if the 4 door behaves like this
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Member Posts: 1,694
    What you are describing is a classic case of the EGR valve sticking open. But that usually happens to cars with a lot of miles on them. Have Toyota look at it and let us know what they say.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Member Posts: 1,694
    No, my car does none of those things, nor have I heard of another one doing them. Perhaps you should have Toyota look the car over.
  • kaz6kaz6 Member Posts: 331
    the only rattles I have are from the lock buttons in the doors. It's only when it's cool out as the heat of the day makes the plastic expand so it is snug. Even running 205/50/15's on mine don't bring out any rattles or squeaks!
  • krakatokrakato Member Posts: 30
    Thanks kneisl1 -- my car is in the shop now. Had a frustrating round with the service department yesterday who said they couldn't find the problem and said everything was fine, but finally I got an asst manager who really listened to me and drove the car again after it cooled down for several hours and experienced it -- they are trying to figure out what's wrong now. But this is my Echo's second day in the shop because the first crew couldn't find the problem. Very frustrating. I'll let you know what they say.
  • slimtexslimtex Member Posts: 4
    My wife has a 2001 Echo and recently while driving on the interstate for 2 and a half hours at 65 to 70 the air conditioner progressively cooled less and less. Talking to the dealer he says that Toyota has not had ANY reports of air conditioning problems on the Echo. He checked the regional office and the California national office. To me the experience was dismal and a big surprise as I think the world of Toyota. By the time we got home there was hardly any cooling at all. Has anyone else had such a problem? Thanks for any comments. PS the car has less than 4,000 miles on it.
  • cwo4cwo4 Member Posts: 90
    You can check the past links and find many entries on weak AC and wrapping of pipes etc. We owned a 2000 ECHO that did the same thing. I took it to the Toyota dealer 3 or 4 times. They never did fix it completely, even after replacing components. I think the system is too weak to cool that large of a space and is a trade off for great fuel economy. I also think the designers figured the car would be an urban commuter, not a highway cruiser. My wife and I put on 50,000 miles a year, travelling to visit kids and grandkids. We eventually traded the ECHO, primarily for that reason. We now have a VW Jetta TDI (Diesel). Great milage, 50 mpg, strong AC and no complaints. Toyota is aware of the AC issue, but won't change it. They should. It's a great car for seniors too.
  • slimtexslimtex Member Posts: 4
    Thanks to cwo4 for the info on his 2000 and that after 3 to 4 visits to the dealer he still had the problem. Anyone else out there have the problem in my previous post? I can't believe that only two of us have had this problem. I am wondering if when you are going 65 to 70mph then the compressor cuts out like when you accelerate to pass a car. Frankly I'm looking for fuel to get the attention of Toyota. Thanks for any help. I am still high on Toyota products, also have a Sequoia, but this one gets to me.
  • mltomekmltomek Member Posts: 24
    i had a 2000 echo, traded it for a 2001 rav-4, and missed the echo so much got a 2002 echo which i AM keeping.

    point is this, the a/c was weak or so it felt in my 2000 echo---my 2002 is much stronger---my brother's 2000 echo is weaker than my 2002 echo's a/c and about the same in my 2000 echo. maybe it was model year 2000.

    it wasn't unbearable but the instant u turned it off the car was hot again. i was always comfortable--but i am more comfortable in my 2002 echo---stronger air it seems.

    i love my echo---best car i have ever had!!! my brother thinks so too!!

  • krakatokrakato Member Posts: 30
    Hooray, my ECHO has been fixed! (see my earlier post on cool engine acceleration problem). It took some time in the shop to be resolved because it has been so hot here in Tucson that the engine would not stay cold long enough to allow the technician/computer to diagnose the problem. (We've had 15 straight days with temps > 105 degrees!) Finally they were able to figure out what was causing the strange behavior: a faulty "mass airflow sensor." If I understand it correctly, this sensor monitors the air going into the intake and the car's computer uses the reading to decide whether to add air or fuel. My car's sensor was giving faulty readings when the engine was cool (blue light on). So they replaced the sensor and everything is working great now. It's wonderful to have my ECHO back after several days without it!
  • peacock79peacock79 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 Echo (black, 4-door) 3 days ago. I love it so far, it has less than 60 miles on it, but am experiencing a problem already. The malfunction indicator light stays on when I start the engine and won't shut off. Has anyone experienced this problem when their car was brand new? I am taking it to the service department tomorrow, hopefully it is nothing major.
  • morefavesmorefaves Member Posts: 4
    I've had my Echo since may 17, 2002. It's a 2Dr, Auto, with A/C. I now have about 2,900 Miles on it. I generally love it, but have to admit I'm a bit disappointed in the gas mileage, and don't know if I should be or not. My daily drive is about 40 Miles, mixed Highway and City in NYC, with LOTS of stop and go and lots of highway jam ups. I'd say I use the A/C about 60% of the time, so far. I have been getting on average, about 28 MPG. On a Trip To Maryland, which was about 90% Highway driving, all with the A/C, I got about 36 MPG. My service dept guy said, "well that's NYC for you. He doesn't think it's abnormal, but from reading posts and reviews here and elsewhere, it definitely seems like I'm on the EXTREME low end of what I should be getting? Any suggestions? Any Solutions?
  • sluglineslugline Member Posts: 391
    Based on what you just wrote, I don't see anything wrong. I think the auto ECHO has EPA ratings of 31/38, and you're not that far off. If you read the FAQ at www.fueleconomy.gov, you can find out more about how they test. I don't believe that the "city" simulation includes any stop-and-go, just stoplight-to-stoplight driving.
  • kaz6kaz6 Member Posts: 331
    I have a 4-door w/5-spd and do an 11 mile (each way) commute through Beverly Hills in California.
    The commute is very hard on the car as it involves a lot of hard starts and stops and lot's of idle time in rush hour. If I use the A/C and drive during the rush hour times I get between 28-32mpg. The 11 mile trip can take as long as 45 minutes!
    I had a Ford ZX-2 prior to my ECHO and it got as low as 17mpg on the same route!!!
    Make sure your tires are inflated properly as even 1lb of pressure off can lower mileage considerably.
  • kellyd2kellyd2 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2002 Echo. I really like my car, but I have found one problem that's driving me crazy. When I want a window down instead of using the AC, the vacuum created is going to rupture my eardrum one of these days. The only way to get around it is to open all the windows, all the way. Anybody else have this problem or know of how to fix it?
  • pidzypidzy Member Posts: 12
    For three weeks my Echo has had a intermitent problem where it will not start. I need to boosted the battery to get it started. However, it will not hold the charge for more than a day. It was finally towed to Toyota where they replaced the battery. It held for a week. No it won't work again but with a twist. It will turn the starter and light the lights inside, but that is it.

    I did notice that this all started when my radio went dead. It does not work anymore and Toyota is ordering a new one. But they say it has nothing to do with the problem.

    Any ideas???
  • introspectiionintrospectiion Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2002 Echo last week, and I love it. I haven't had any problems yet, however, I noticed the other day that there was water dripping underneath under the car when we parked it. It was a fairly good drip, producing a decent puddle beneath the car. I pointed it out to my husband, and he says it's normal when you run the a/c a lot. I have no idea, cos I've never owned a new car, and never noticed it on any other car I've owned...but I've seen it on cars others own. So I'm curious if it really is normal, or if I should be worried and take it in. i've had no warning lights come on or anything, and there's no noises or lack of power or anything else.... Thanks
  • mltomekmltomek Member Posts: 24

  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    Try opening the rear window on the opposite side of the car from the window in front that you're opening. Even if you open it just a crack, often it will relieve the preasure that builds up when you only have one window open. This is a common issue with most new cars regardless of make or model.
  • tbeltztbeltz Member Posts: 1
    I've had my 2003 Echo with automatic transmission for about a month. Overall, I love the car. However, when the engine is cold (first few minutes after start up), the automatic transmission refuses to shift out of 2nd gear until the engine warms up, or unless I accelerate past 3,500 rpm. My son thinks its normal and that is has to do with the torque converted somehow.

    Anyone with some knowledge of this issue, please give me a shout. Thank you very much!
  • imgg13imgg13 Member Posts: 1
  • emcdevittemcdevitt Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I'm a newish Echo owner who just went through her first "real" winter here in upstate NY with an Echo. The car (and perhaps the driver!) performed pretty poorly, a lot of scary sliding and having to drive at 5 and 10 MPH and still going offroading. No serious incidents, of course, but enough to get me thinking.

    I also have trouble with the car hydroplaning and failing to get traction in the rain. For example, stopping at a red light on a wet day means I'll spin wheels for a good 5 seconds before the wheels grab the road. This doesn't happen every time, so it makes me even more nervous that I can't predict it!

    I'm still on the original equip. for the wheels on this car, (30K mileage on them, just) and I'm wondering if they aren't just very low quality since the car is somewhat lower end? I know I'll have to get snowtires for NY winters, but I was shocked at the trouble I have even in rain.

    Is this a normal experience? I freely admit I am probably a little bit of a lead-foot and have no doubts as to that as a cause, too!

    Does anyone have a suggestion regarding good tires, especially for snow? This isn't really a "problem" with the Echo per se but I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.

    Thank you!
  • pulgopulgo Member Posts: 400
    If you spin your wheels on a wet day for 5 seconds either your tires are seriously worn and/or overinflated or you are pressing on the accelerator to hard.

    Do you have a manual transmission?

    With my 01 Echo, AT, Michelin tires, now at 70k miles I never have any problems starting on a wet surface, not even going uphill. It is difficult to get the wheels to spin.

    In snow the car drives beautifully, no problems whatsoever. I purchased a set of inexpensive winter/snow tires @ Walmart and use them from December to March. Where I live - 50 miles east of Vancouver, BC- I get quite a bit of snow and ice in winter and so far my Echo has handled these conditions just fine.

    Get new tires, inflate them properly, be easy on the gas when you start and you should have no problems.

    Important, slow down when it is wet, don't exceed 50 mph on wet surfaces, go much slower if icy, shift, steer and brake in slooow motion.
  • malibu_jackmalibu_jack Member Posts: 75
    I would have to agree with Pulgo...

    Original Equipment tires are usually not the best. I had Dunlops on my 2001 Sentra as Original Equipment and they were so bad the first winter I drove them. I ended up replacing them after accumulating only 40,000 KM's on them. Pretty crappy. I switched to Goodyear Alleras and have had no problems what so ever. My suggestion is to get new tires and be sure that they are a decent brand with a good tread warranty.
  • beartrapbeartrap Member Posts: 2
    Hi there

    I've been told that the tires on Canadian Echo's are different than the U.S. models. This has come up before.

    I suspect the tire choice just isn't the greatest for the North Eastern U.S. I would suggest you get the Michelins we have or something similar.

    I've had mine for over a year now and have no problems hydroplaning or sliding, and I live in Vancouver, where it's very wet, and when it snows, well, you're on your own.

  • jonmartinez75jonmartinez75 Member Posts: 1
    Pidzy, I have had this same problem with my 2000 ECHO. The radio will quit working, and a buzzing noise comes out of the speakers (this buzzing continues when i turn the car off). After that, the car won't start. After taking it to the dealership several times with no success, i went to another shop, where the mechanic disconnected the radio. I have had no problems with the car starting since the radio has been disconnected. So there must have been a short in the radio that made it use power when the car was turned off. So i have 3 choices: I need to either get a new radio, leave the radio unhooked as it is now, or disconnect only the "always-on" power line from the back of the radio (and lose my radio presets every time i park...) Hope this helps!
  • m4ethm4eth Member Posts: 101
    You must have Bridgestone Potenza RE92 (High Performance All-Season) for your 2004 Toyota Echo Sedan Load Rating: XL These are below average in snow and only average in wet conditions...get these...

    Get the Michelin Harmony for all season ( I have these and love them...wet snow dry great tire and smooth riding...

    Michelin Harmony (All-Season) for your 2004 Toyota Echo Sedan
    Size: 175/65SR14 Blackwall
    SR Speed Rated Price: $69

    If your worried about just snow and ice..then get snow tires for winter use...but I hear they wear out fast

    Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 (Winter) for your 2004 Toyota Echo Sedan Load Rating: XL
    Size: 175/65QR14 Blackwall
    QR Speed Rated Price: $72

    Toyota needs to give people a tire option based on where they live and type of driving conditions for the car...this all tire fits all is wrong...most of the OEM tires are cheap and fair weather only. Good rubber is very cheap accident insurance.

  • fuelmiserfuelmiser Member Posts: 26
    It seems that the 14 inch wheels are available in the Canadian Echos, but only 15 inch wheels seem to be offered here in the US. The 14 inch wheel will have more sidewall on the tire, and maybe better snow handling. The 15 inch wheel, with the lower profile tire, may handle better in racing conditions than the 14 inch. It seems to me that a good pothole can dent the rim on the 15 inch wheel more readily than the 14. I would prefer the 14 inch wheel on the Echo, myself. Toyota, are you listening? How about offering the hatchback here in the US, while you are at it?
  • m4priusm4prius Member Posts: 31
    The Scion XA (a new skinned Canadian Echo) is the US Echo Hatchback set somewhat lower to the ground so its less tippy than the conventional ECHO and loaded with all the electronic stuff (power doors locks windows...antilock brakes)...however the Scion Hatch has almost no room for stuff in the back of the rear seats...the Echo Sedan's trunk is actually fantastic for its size.

    Scion XA = Canadian Echo Hatchback re-skinned and almost = to US Echo Sedan
  • janbeejanbee Member Posts: 127
    My drivers side door speaker is not working, Id like to buy new speakers at best buy, future shop etc. and have them install them for me, but it looks like you have to take the whole door panel off??? My civic wasnt like that, just the speaker cover came off. Is this something that is a problem? I just worry that they will take the door panel apart and screw something up. Am I being too much of a worry wart?
  • sushi_headsushi_head Member Posts: 10

    check the forum under Echo Hatchback.

    In cananda there are some nice hatchbacks running around for the Echo. I think it's been around canada for about a year. I don't remember the Cad price, but it equated to about 9-10k US.


    (I really want one)

    Here in the US we have the Scion (which is much more expensive, 400 lbs heavier, and uses more gas). The standard Scions seem to be about equal to a fully loaded Echo in options.

    The Scions are being sold here in South Carolina, but the Toyota website is asking about 13k... more than I can pay.
  • squeeziechumsqueeziechum Member Posts: 8
    i know i must be in the minority but i'm hoping someone here can help me. i don't drive my echo very often and find that the battery dies if i don't start it up for about a week. when the battery is charged, all works fine, including the radio as some have had problems with that. when i turn off the car, i leave on the cruise control, radio and air conditioner but these should not drain a battery in a week, especially when the battery is only 6 months old. twice i have taken it to the dealer and they did an elecrical test but cannot find anything wrong. today the toyota dealer mechanic told me that it is not unusual to get a drained battery if it's not driven for a week but i don't believe this. my mazda protege lasted 3 weeks! any help is welcome! hopefully i can get this fixed before it goes off warranty- it is a 2001 with only 17k miles. also, i do not have an alarm, if that is what you think of first.
    thanks. april.
  • m4priusm4prius Member Posts: 31
    from ABC30.com:

    Toyota Echo Recall
    Toyota announced a major vehicle recall on Tuesday. The automaker is calling back nearly 400,000 of its Echo models.
    The company says a faulty rear brake pipe might cause brake oil to leak while driving in snow.

    So far, there have been no reports of accidents related to the brake problem.

    The recall affects Echo's made between July 2001 and April 2002.

    Has anyone recieved notification from Toyota???

  • pulgopulgo Member Posts: 400
    This is a very old recall and most cars should be fixed under warranty by know. Mine was fixed almost 2 years ago.

    As far as i know, no accidents have been reported due to this minor problem.
  • puyallupechopuyallupecho Member Posts: 2
    Hi all!
    I've got a 2000 w/80k miles and discovered an oil leak the other day. took it to the dealer and the rear engine seal has worn out . Any other ECHO owners experienced this? They estimate it will about $1200 to fix. Is it worth fixing?
  • jojomonkeyboyjojomonkeyboy Member Posts: 43
    I've got a 2003 ECHO, I hear a rubbing sound in the front when I turn corners - either in gear or just coasting, whenever I turn the wheel I hear the rubbing sound until I finish the turn. I know the tires aren't rubbing against the wheel well but it's the same kind of sound. I was wondering if somehow it's the brakes, I've had other cars where the calipers get weak and they don't release all the way so I would get a similar grinding sound. I just took my ECHO in for it 20K service, I didn't tell them about it at first, I wanted to see if they would turn up something with their checks but they didn't. As soon as I started to drive out of the dealership I noticed it was still there, so I told them about it.

    They told me that the tires were rubbing up against the rim. And they had to take the tires off and re-bead them & put the tires back on.

    I was like WHA ???

    That doesn't make sense to me, a tire is firmly affixed to the rim on the wheel - there shouldn't be any rubbing going on. But the sound went away, but now, a week later the sound is back. I'm wondering if my dealer really did all of the checks on the 20K service or if they just "checked" the boxes off in my manual.

    I'm thinking about taking it to a Midas shop to see if it is the brakes rubbing.

    My other thought is the bearings?
  • jojomonkeyboyjojomonkeyboy Member Posts: 43
    edited out
  • robert12robert12 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 echo and I have 2 problems. The first one is that in cold weather there is a loud noise like a bad bearing or belt and it goes away after the car warms up.

    The second problem is at 100KM an hour there is this buzzing sound that only happens at 100, drives me crazy.

    Has anyone else had these problems.



  • deetsdeets Member Posts: 1
    hi there,

    I have a 2002 echo, bought it used last year with about 30k miles on it. Haven't had much problems with it until just recently. I hear a strange rubbing sound on my rt side rear tire when i accelerate over 50mph. I brought it in yesterday to get my tires serviced because the rear rt side tire blew out. When i took off the tire, it was scraped on both sides, or more like shaved off. more so on the outside than inside wall of tire. the hole was on outside wall, and no one could understand what happened. i had 2 new tires put on up front and replaced back tire with old one from the front. today i heard the scraping/rubbing sound and i'm curious to know what you found out about the rubbing sound on your car. front may be very different from back tires, but any info will help!

    Thanks, hope all turned out ok...
  • jgcannonjgcannon Member Posts: 1
    I bouth a used 2000 Echo 4 door in 2/2002 with 26.5k mi. and had it mechanic checked at AAA. They recommended new rotors and brakes which I had replaced at a commercial shop. 2.5 yrs later, I'm having to replace both again! This seems too freqeunt. I'm now up to 58k mi., have a 7 mile 1 way daily commute on back roads with only 2 traffic lights. Does this seem out of line? Recommendations???


    A different issue is that the trunk always gets wet with rain. Gasket seems fine. I taped around the passenger tail light where it joins the boddy, and this seemed to reduce it, but I still get water in in that corner. Ideas???
  • sluglineslugline Member Posts: 391
    I had to replace ECHO brake pads at around 30,000 miles too, although the rotors seemed just fine. I think it may be because the pads are relatively small in size, at least compared to the ones on my CR-V. Small and lightweight as the ECHO is, it's not surprising that the brakes are small....


    As for your flooding problem: Does the back seat fold down? (I forgot!) If it does, you could watch the inside of the trunk with a flashlight as a helper douses the outside of the trunk with a hose. Maybe then you'll know exactly where it's coming from.
  • pulgopulgo Member Posts: 400
    I just had my front brake pads replaced for the first time at 100k miles and the pads still had 30% left. My commute is 40 miles each way, 50% stop and go, 50% highway.


    The better you match your speed to the rest of the traffic, the less you will have to brake.


    Look several seconds ahead of you and don't accelerate aggressively.


    I am no slow poke and travel slightly above the speed limit most of the time but I rarely have to brake hard.
  • clarks1clarks1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a gold 2000 Echo, 4 door, with automatic and 144,000 miles on it. I have only had a water pump replaced at 70,000 miles - that's it! Haven't even had to work on the brakes yet. Rarely get under 40 mpg (winter, it drops a bit). No oil consumption.


    But, I noticed the coolant was a bit low last month (nov, 2004) and added about 8 ounces. After letting the car set for 3 days in very cold (~Zero F.) weather, I started it up put it on the ramps to check for any leaks. While it was warming up, I noticed coolant dripping from the upper right rear leap of the oil pan. It stopped after a few more warm-up minutes.


    My first thoughts were that maybe the engine head gasket was loosing a good "cold seal", as I've seen this on my '93 Ford 3.8L before.


    I only use Low-Tox (green) coolant (changed to it at 70,000 miles). I very thoroughly flushed out the Toyota red stuff.


    I'll continue to monitor the coolant loss closely and not assume the worse for now. Doesn't seem to ge leaking from the water pump.


    By the way, if you do change a water pump, come up from the bottom - otherwise you'll waste hours on it like I did (at 70,000 miles).
  • atticdogatticdog Member Posts: 9
    i had the same rubbing noise when turning and the dealer said it was the rotors they had a build ou of rust on the oter edges. the dealer fixed it under warenty
  • heenasheenas Member Posts: 2
    Hello Folks,
    I have a 2001 Black Toyota Echo, my first and only car, it has around 40,000 miles on it, I bought it brand new.
    I absolutely love it and it has given me absolutely no problems unit Yesterday (I think this is also because I get the oil changed like clockwork )

    Yesterday on the highway, My dear Echo had a flat tire, I am covered by my insurance for road side service and that guy (road side service guy) says he did not know why the tire gave away, on further inspection he also said that all the 4 tires looked pretty used and may be I should go and get all 4 of them replaced at Costco

    So is this something that all/any of you have faced, if so please let me know what tires would you recommend

    Or the guy was simply trying to scare me in to getting new tires, so that what would be good for the insurance company

    Or is this something I should expect, that Echo tires need changing after 40K

    Please comment as it would really help me
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