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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • hungshyhungshy Posts: 74
    As my look. Aero is same model as Vector. I look at other country saab web site found there are only two model in Taiwan which are Linear and Aero. no Arc or Vector from some other country as I see. Does it run faster? I can't feel from here.
  • pandppandp Posts: 2
    I am in market for a new car in the bay area. After reading through the message board, I am interested in the 9-3. This is going to be my first new car purchase so I wanted to gather more information. I found some information on the manufacturer to dealer cash and the 0% financing deal. But the cash incentive ends this month and I am looking to buy in August or maybe early September. Are there any info about new promotion in the coming months? I am looking at Linear with automatic. I wonder what is the ballpark range I should expect. Most of you guys seem really enjoy the Saab fun. I hope I am not making a bad decision to steer away from the wise choice of Camry or Accord.
  • any suggestions on the stereo upgrade for the 93s?
    has anyone purchased the upgrade offered by saab?
  • catherine9catherine9 Posts: 31
    How comfortable are the back seats of the 9-3 Linear? I very often travel with adult passengers. Does anyone know how the seats compare to the Passat? Thanks for any info.
  • mcdermott2mcdermott2 Posts: 68
    Does anyone know if you can get the 5-spoke rims on the 16" tires or if you will be able to in 2004? I had a 5.0 mustang and the rims were similar to the ones on the 16" I have seen and they were a real problem to clean. Thanks
  • cman321cman321 Posts: 7
    best way to upgrade the stereo is to buy the ARC over the Linear. The ARC is about the same price once you add all the linear options to it.

    Even the 300w stereo needs some work. I am probably going to replace a couple of the speakers. 300w is plenty of power, but the stock speakers stink
  • 5speeder5speeder Posts: 97
    I'm thinking seriously about buying a used 9-3 in the $10-$12k range. That means a '99. Most of my other cars have been Toyotas and Nissans in the past and I am a bit leary of Saab's reputation as not the most reliable nor economical to repair. Do those of you who own Saabs past the warranty period typically buy exetended warranties? Although I'm a "buy and hold" guy when it comes to cars, I've never bought an extended warranty and, with my Japanese cars, never regretted it. But if I buy the Saab, I think I'd be more comfortable with the warranty. I've done a little research on these warranties and can see they vary widely in price and coverage.

    Those of you who have 9-3's past the mfgr warranty period, what kinds of problems have you had and how expensive were they? Anyone have any recommendations as to what type of coverage I should get? Any companies better than others? Can you buy an extended warranty from Saab for a used one?

    Thanks for any responses.
  • 5speeder5speeder Posts: 97
    I'm also considering a used Volvo. Looks like my money'll go a lot farther with Saab in terms of getting a newer model with fewer miles. I've seen it said on these boards that Saabs make excellent buys as used cars because they depreciate so fast. Makes sense to me, but I usually associate faster depreciation rates with "throw-away" cars or cars (ahem) no one wants. My perception of Saab is that it is on par with Volvo in terms of reliability (or lack thereof), durability and cost of repair. I don't care much for what's in vogue, but my perception is that those who do view the two cars pretty much the same. So why the difference in depreciation?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    This is just from people I know who have owned Saabs... Terrible reliability, with Mercedes-like repair and maintenance costs.
    Volvos: More reliable.. high maintenance costs, but not nearly the amount of repairs as compared with Saabs.

    My .02 Coming from Toyota and Nissan, this may be a car you want to avoid. Never own an Audi or a Saab out of warranty.

    I'm sure others may disagree..



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  • manamalmanamal Posts: 434
    The recent saabs are better, at least according to CR. I did not have my SAAB long enough to tell (was totalled).

    It is not as cheap to run as a Honda, but the car is more comfortable and fun (IMHO). And the hatch has a lot of utility.

    Remeber, for 10-12 K, you can get the 9-3 or you can get an accord.
  • 5speeder5speeder Posts: 97
    Thanks kdfyx. Hadn't heard that Saabs had more repairs than Volvo. I looked at carpoint's relaibility ratings for 99 9-3s and for 98-99 S70s and both cars got green lights in all categories. BTW, re: my Toyotas & Nissans, I have owned at the other end of the spectrum too: an MGB and a VW Jetta so I have a pretty good idea of how bad it can be! My Camry has spoiled me!

    manamal--Thanks! As you say, "for 10-12 K, you can get the 9-3 or you can get an accord." I've found out that the comparable Accords at that price are generally a year older than the 9-3! I looked at a '99 9-3 this morning, a stripper with auto as the only option, only 48k miles and pristine shape in & out, with all 36k service done by dealer. They want $10.4 for it, including a 36 month GE warranty extension. Looks good to me, think I'll do it. My rational rationale (for my wife): safety trumps reliability! That's my story and I'll stick to it!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Nothing is worse than driving a car you don't want. Good luck!!



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  • rsorganizersorganize Posts: 131
    Had been looking at the 2003 Audi A4 Avant and LL Bean Outback. Drove the Audi 3x, recently, including a 100 mi. drive. Beautiful car. Unfortunately, it just feels too small in the drivers 'cockpit' a bit too narrow and the console rubbing my right leg, as well as blocking any leg movement on longer drives. Like the (less scintillating) LL Bean. Had driven a 9-3 about a month ago. Dealer never followed up. Very nice ride! Now: essentially moved away from Saab because of lack of AWD. Those of you from snow country (I'm in WMass, near the VT. border): how does it handle the snowing hills? We had Volvos w/rear-wheel drive and heard all the 'It really snows in Sweden' arguments!! Won't fall for that, again! So, not interested in hearing about Sweden...would love to hear real-life/road tales from the US and/or Canada. And, for you cyclists out there: can you fit your road bikes in through the trunk or would I always have to use a rack? Peace.
  • jratnerjratner Posts: 3
    I can only give you my input on a Saab 9000. It was my wife's favorite car. 94 9000CS
    It was very very good in the snow. This was with all season Michelin MXV4 tires. The car did not have traction control.
    My guess is that for a 4 cyl. car it had just the right amount of start up torque to get going in the snow.
    We kept the car until 2000, then sold it to my uncle who still has it. 115K and still going.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    but my father used to have Volvo 760 turbo purchased in 1988. It lasted around 150 K, which was great because my parents didn't maintain it properly at all. It was also fun to drive. Didn't have many problems either, only a couple. But when it did have a problem, the cost of repair was just unbelievably high. I remember when my mother broke a rear turn signal plastic cover and tried to replace it, the price of the cover alone was around $250. Hopefully, Saab's affiliation with GM will lower the cost.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    I've owned two SAABs and the reliability on the '92 900 turbo convertible was terrible. I dumped it after a year. The other one was a '95 SE convertible that was very reliable. The only problem I had was with the convertible top (common in MY95) which was fixed by the dealer under warranty. I would consider a later model SAAB, ie, MY95+. The QC issues primarily pertained to the pre-GM era. One of the best indicators of any potential problems would be the vehicle's service history. Try to get the records if you can.

    The higher the miles, the higher the cost of an aftermarket warranty. I would skip the warranty on the SAAB if you know a good independent mechanic that knows these cars.
  • well yes, . . . but i already have a linear.
    i'll trade it for an arc if you want it though.
  • injunguyinjunguy Posts: 8
    I'm looking at the '03 93 linear, automatic with sunroof and 16" and TMV shows me a price *below* invoice. Is this really true? However, I'm a little hesitant since I've been reading a lot about the engine stalling issue on this board. Does anyone know if this is a major issue with most 93s? In general, how is the reliability as compared to an Audi A4 1.6T and a BMW 325?
  • adrobadrob Posts: 2
    Yes you should be paying less than invoice. But don't feel sorry for the dealer. He (she) is getting a check for $3,500 from GM(3500 marketing support). I just picked up an Arc yesterday and paid a little less than the TMV (thanks Edmunds). There are numerous reasons for this. Holdback, marketing incentives and volume disounts (quotas or goals for the dealer to obtain better deals and floor financing) etc. Also, if your trading then the dealer will make something on your trade as well. Mine paid just about 100% of Edmunds estimate trade value.

    Note, however, that I am in a highly competitive market with three dealers within 25 miles and 7 within 50. The extra leg room and about $5,000 swung me over the 325i. Good luck.
  • I have noticed that the TMV for the 9-3 is below the Invoice price. Does anyone know if the TMV is accounting for the current $3000 factory to dealer incentives?

    After reading #1863, I think my question was answered :o) The TMV is accounting for the incentives so they can't be subtracted.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    For vehicles where the dealers are anxious to sell and incentives are in place, forget about TMV and focus on getting invoice - incentives. Start there, and if you want, go $250 above that amount.

    Saab dealers are hungry, and deals are to be had. The supply is plentiful and while demand is up compared to the previous model, it's probably not where Saab wants it to be.
  • cstowecstowe Posts: 101
    So I guess I am confused....

    I am eligibile to take advantage of the GM supp. discount. The sales price for SAABs under this program "seems" to be about the same as invoice price. OK. Now on the GM supp. website the "discount" for 3500 (on a 9-3) has a notation that says it "represents factory to dealer cash offer which may be passed on.."

    Is not this the same thing as the "marketing support" cash listed on edmunds? And if so, then how is this any type of deal? It seems like I would get 3500 off either way. NOt really a deal for GM suppl.

    What am I missing? Do I get 3500 off twice?
  • stratixmanstratixman Posts: 11
    In looking at Edmunds TMV numbers, it doesn't appear that Edmunds acounts for either the dealer prep fee ($130+/-) or advertising fee ($250+/-). You want to keep that in mind when you compare dealer quotes which incoprorate these. Myybe you can get them eliminated by the dealer, but if not they will skew the comparison of TMV to the quote, making your quote look slightly less favorable. It must be nice living where ther's more than 2 dealers within tolerable distance to shop. I've been waiting for nearly 4 weeks for the only Arc that meets my preferences (options and color) to show up at my dealer. Gets to be a bit dicey towards the end of the month since the current promos expire 7/31 and may or may not be replaced with comparable deals in August. Probably will be, but you don't know. If one is looking for a lease, Saab subsidized leases right now are about as good as they get. 1.2% equivalent over 36 months on the Arc, for example.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Yes, the help files for Edmunds TMV mention that they won't factor in "legitimate" fees.

    Saab apparently does charge a preparation and delivery fee that may vary from state to state. There is also an advertising/doc fee that varies from state to state.

    The way to better identify these costs is to ask to see the actual Saab invoice (one that is actually made by Saab and not the dealership). If it's on the invoice, it's more or less "legitimate."

    So, restated, I'd start bargaining at Invoice + verified fees - incentives (cash back or otherwise). Then maybe go $250 above that (dealer makes the holdback plus the $250).

    Edmunds is not reflecting the GM supplier discount. There is a separate price for the 9-3 that reflects one or two GM employee and/or supplier discounts (I'm trying to recall how my invoice looked like, there was at least one line item). I don't know if you get the current cashbacks on top of the GM employee or supplier discounts, but someone else here can answer that.
  • mcdermott2mcdermott2 Posts: 68
    Has anyone had 17" rims on any of their cars through the winters in northeast. Can it be done without buying a 16" set? Will there be different rim choices for the 16" in 2004?
  • I am in the same situation. I am a GM employee and typically we can get ~10% off of MSRP. I am looking into to see if I can get the factory to dealer incentive subtracted from my GM discount. If not it doesn't, than a Saab has no benefit to me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    On Saabs, the supplier price is edmunds invoice price, plus $130 dealer prep. Subtract the incentive from that. Not positive, but I believe the incentive varies according to trim.. ($2500 on linear, $3000 on arc, $3500 on vector.)



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  • needashaveneedashave Posts: 91
    I purchased under this program and it was effortless. Under the program rules, the dealer is obligated to pass all incentives to the buyer. The dealer faces penalties if they try something else. Just let them know that you know the rules.

    Happy motoring! BTW, the Arc ROCKS!!
  • gpettogpetto Posts: 1
     So you justgot an Arc for less than TMV? I too am looking at the Arc and the TMV on the car equipped the way I'd like is $28,620, vs $31,038 invoice price. How likely is it that I'll be able to get it for that much below invoice?
    If you don't mind me asking what was your final number?
    Did you have any other special discounts?
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