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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • mjwillsmjwills Posts: 46
    How do you get the door lock buttons to work on the doors? Once you use the remote you always have to use the remote? Am I reading the manual wrong? thanks.
  • kth123kth123 Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed XM or Sirius in a 2003 9-3? The dealership said don't even try due to the electronic system being tied into every aspect of the car.
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    I've had my car at the dealer a few times for rattles... the sound is very subtle, but kind of sounds like someone tapping a pen on their desk (best I can describe it).

    The first two times they couldn't duplicate the problem (which I'll give them because unless you drive the car every day it is really hard to notice)... this last time, however, they tightened some stuff in the door area (don't recall exactly where it was) that didn't seem to help.

    I think I was able to finally locate the source of the noise... about 2-inches above where the seat belts mount to the B-pillar. If I put my hand (pressure) on that area, it stops. So that is good, hopefully the dealer will be able to fix that.

    The other area seems to be in/near the sunroof. If I have the "shade" closed over the sunroof, I don't hear it, but when the "shade" is open I hear some noise. Again, easily fixed I'm guessing.

    What else... low air dams (up front), even on my "cheap" Linear are an issue, but luckily, all the damage I have can only been seen when you're looking at it from on your knees. Not something I'm going to worry about. If I had the Vector, I'd be a bit more concerned. =8)

    Overall, this car is low-to-the-ground (which looks great)... even the entry-level model. I parked next to a Sentra today and didn't realize how low my car was compared to some others. The Sentra looked like an SUV to me. =8)
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    There must be a way to get XM in the car. I thought the non-Linear models had a SPDIF (or other sort of jack) input within the arm-rest. Or was this a misleading feature like Bluetooth? (I'm still upset about the lack of Bluetooth and the inability to use my OWN mobile phone.)

    I spoke to an XM guy the other day at a trade show and he suggested using their RF transmitter kit. It'll rebroadcast the XM signal to an FM radio station. Low tech, but it'll work. I've seen both the Sony and Delphi XM SKYFi models... the Delphi XM SKYFi is unreal... not much bigger than a wallet... and you can take it to your home, work, car, etc... even hooks into that silly looking "boom box". The idea you can take it from A to B to C is so smart. Very un-Microsoft like licensing scheme.

    Take a look at the Delphi SKYFi FM Modulator to see what I'm talking about... and click on "FM Modulator."

    I still can't believe Saab has done nothing about the Linear's crappy audio system... do they even read this forum?

  • kpflegerkpfleger Posts: 14
    I started a discussion of braking performance by trim level on saabnet. I'll repeat the question and info so far here.

    Consumer Reports tested a Vector and said: "Braking performance was excellent, achieving the shortest stopping distance we've ever recorded for a sedan." Comparison numbers from their test track:
    9-3: 120ft
    IS300: 128ft
    3-series: 131ft
    A4, G35, and S60: 133ft
    Even beats sports cars:
    Corvette: 121ft
    Boxter: 124ft
    Is this great braking exclusive to the Vector?

    Yahoo autos reports 312mm front brakes and 290mm rear brakes for all 3 trim levels. This agrees with the top numbers someone posted from the Saab media site, but they listed different numbers for the different trims. Yahoo could be wrong about Linears/Arcs.

    I went to a dealership and looked at the brakes. Etched into the metal on a Linear was "285/25" and on an Arc and a Vector was "302/28". I've no idea what these numbers mean, but the first number is in the right ballpark to be a size in mm. Does anyone who reads this board have a service manual with part numbers and descriptions?

  • richn2richn2 Posts: 44
    Before I actually take the plunge I am a little concern regarding the discussion of "stalling". This might be a foolish question to ask but knowing me it wont be the last one that I ask. It seems that the majority of the stalling happens right after the car is started, if this is not true then please let me know. Once the car stalls are you able to restart the engine. Does the stalling happen often or is it periodically. When you inform the dealer to this problem are they typically able to resolve the issue. The same goes for the rattling, is the dealer really concern and helpful or do they just give you some song and dance. One of the reason I ask is due to the run around I had with my current car. The car has a constant squeal and the dealer saids sorry not much we can do. So to not hear the sound I turn the radio up loud, thank goodness I have an excellent sound system.
    Oh well sorry for the rant but I really do not want to go through this type of service problems again.
  • needashaveneedashave Posts: 91
    I suffered my first set back with my Saab yesterday. I was at the mall and came back to my car to find the antenna that is normally centered on the roof, laying on the ground next to the car!!!! Well, it appears someone was either attempting to steal the antenna or vandels got to it with a baseball bat. There is now a small dent in the roof under where the antenna itself normally is seated. Everything in the car still works, except the onstar (which I don't use.) Now I need to figure out how to get this repaired. I thought I would start with Dentbusters and then try the dealer. Life goes on..
  • danncasdanncas Posts: 24
    So you have the light interior and like it. I ordered my Vector 2004. The dealer called me to tell me a few changes. One the back of the car will say. 93 Aero. and Now I can have all the colors in the lets say Vector, There is no white and Cousmos blue. They added a Espresso, black with brown metallic specks, and teal blue now. The midnight blue has big metal speck also. So now I have to decide. Having the Vector with the brushed Aluminum, I was wondering what to pick for the interior. It fist I like the laser red and light interior, but red fades so. The Teal sounds good, but can't see it yet. Black with light interior is cool, but I have had so many black cars. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK ??
  • mooselookmooselook Posts: 66
    The Linear is 8 months old. Odometer hit 7000 miles and not one problem so far (other than two nails in two tires in the same week!). Average about 27.5 mpg in mixed driving. I still need to get the On-star activated and I guesss I'll spring for an oil change even though the car hasn't told me it needs it yet. I'll be driving it from New Jersey up to Maine next month. Looking forward to the highway trip.
  • kretch41kretch41 Posts: 13
    Rattling: I have a Vector and the rattling from the doors is infuriating. Highway driving with the radio off, radio on AM, cd playing all producing rattling in both doors. I am taking the car in next week to see what they can do.

    Braking: I'm not exactly sure on this. I am betting the brakes are the same on all models but I have to think the 17" tires make a huge difference.

    Stalling: As far as I can tell, the only stalling issues occur with automatics. I haven't had any issues with a manual.
  • kpflegerkpfleger Posts: 14
    Edmunds TMV prices seem to be very odd. Near the end of last month, they were over $1000 below's up-front, no-haggle prices. Today they are significantly HIGHER than prices (for my area, zip 94040). For example, right now a Vector, loaded except for a manual transmission instead of an automatic and no metallic paint, lists for $32,785 at but the Edmunds TMV is $34,320. This is just an example. The difference appears for all 9-3 trim levels, and loaded with options or with none.

    How can this be? Aren't the TMV's averages of what people are actually paying? Are that many people suddenly paying $1500 more than a no-haggle, up-front price? Normally, TMV is less than CarsDirect's price, as it was last month for the 9-3 and as it is today for the A4, G35, etc.

    And why would the TMVs rise so much since only a couple weeks ago? Reports (e.g., are that the $2500/3000/3500 incentives are still on, despite that Edmunds no longer reports them. The prices are below invoice, and this would be difficult if the incentives were not still on.

    (There is plenty of inventory in my area, BTW, so a sudden loss of supply is not the answer.)

  • kpflegerkpfleger Posts: 14
    "Braking: I'm not exactly sure on this. I am betting the brakes are the same on all models but I have to think the 17" tires make a huge difference."

    It's a good point that the tires make a big difference, but I'm now pretty convinced that the brake rotors themselves are also bigger on the Arc/Vector than the Linear and that t
    his also makes a big difference. When Edmunds tested a Linear, it had performance tires (but oddly no sports suspension) and it did a tiny bit worse than the A4 3.0, 330i, C320. But Consumer Reports' Vector did quite a bit better than these same other models in their tests. See:
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Hard to say without seeing the cars in person, but the teal sounds like it might be pretty nice - with parchment interior. Steel grey is my color, and it looks good, but the car looks good in just about every color
  • needashaveneedashave Posts: 91
    We'll, I thought I'd share the solution to my antenna problem I had posted earlier. A local paintless dent removal shop will do the work to repair the dent in the roof and install a new antenna. This will entail dropping the roof liner and smoothing the dent, and installing a new antenna. The antenna replacement cost is the big nut here at $250! The good news is that the antenna wiring which consists of two cooper leads and a fiber lead terminate underneath the roof.

    The lesson to be learned is to avoid the mall at all costs and stick to internet shopping. Happy motoring.
  • richn2richn2 Posts: 44
    Has anybody ever heard of GM's A plan and if so how does it work. My nephew had just informed me that he is eligible for the A plan. He was not really sure what it is and how it works. If this is a real GM plan is there a way that I could purchase a GM car (SAAB) by using this option.
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    GM currently has GMS (option 1) for its employees and GM Supplier discount for select GM suppliers. GM reciently changed the way the discounts work. Because of fraud in the past, GM now requires the SSN of all persons trying to use GMS pricing. GMS does not apply to Saab and Saturn pricing though. The discounts on these makes is slightly less than GMS. For Saab, the employee discount is equal to the "dealer net" (Dealer Invoice amount less Dealer Reserve, Expense Reserve & less Supplemental Advertising (if applicable)). Because it is your nephew that is eligable for GMS, you are not currently eligable. Only persons living in the same household, parents, brothers/sisters, children, spouse, and in-laws are eligable for the GMS pricing. To find out specifics, your newphew should visit and create an account. When your nephew wants to purchase or lease a car using GMS pricing, he will need to login to and request an authorization number. If it is not for him, but an eligable family member, he will need to specify which member (a family member that has also created an account with GMFamilyFirst). Next, he will need to indicate the model year of the vechile he wishes to use GMS on (GMS pricing can only be used on 4 cars in the same model year per calendar year. ex: 4 1999's 4 2003's). He will then need to accept the program rules and guidelines. He will then recieve his authorization number which he will present to the dealer when he goes to either order his vechile or pick it out form stock. The dealer will verify his number. GMS is great because not only are you reciving the discounted price, but also dealers are required to give you all current incentives. Plus 9 out of 10 times there is always an extra GMS incentive.
  • mooselookmooselook Posts: 66
    A while back, Hungshy asked for ideas to clean up the brake dust on the wheels. I've tried several products that worked well on other cars but for some reason, did not touch the Saab brake dust. I went out and bought some little brushes that fit between the 10 spokes and spent a lot of aggravating time trying to clean those wheels. Then I discovered Eagle One All Wheel and Tire (comes in an orange spray bottle). Spray this stuff on, wait 30 seconds and hose off the dirt. This stuff really works! So, if you don't like your wheels looking BLACK, try this stuff.
  • richn2richn2 Posts: 44
    So it seems like the bottom line is that I am not able to use the GM discount plan for 2 reasons:
    1) I am his uncle and 2) it really does not apply to SAAB.
      Just to make sure I read your one statement correctly:
    The discounts on these makes is slightly less than GMS. For Saab, the employee discount is equal to the "dealer net" (Dealer Invoice amount less Dealer Reserve, Expense Reserve & less Supplemental Advertising (if applicable)).

    That I should be able to receive discounts that would be close to what the GMS plan would be. The discounts you are referring to would that be the manufacture to dealer. Beside that discount if that is the one you are speaking about are there any other discounts that I could possibly secure.

    I also would like to thank you for both your prompt response and valuable information. My goal is to hopefully reduce the overall cost of a SAAB ARC to something that I can afford.
    Thank you.
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    No problem. You are correct, you will not be able to use the GMS discount because you are his uncle. The discounts I was refering to when talking about the Saab and Saturn makes are in fact employee discounts. For these two makes, employee pricing isn't as good as with Cadillac, Buick, Chevy, GMC, Hummer, etc. The employee discount on a fully loaded Arc is around $3500. As for general incentives, this month, Saab does have $2000 lease incentive on both the Arc and Vector models and I believe they are still offering the $2500, $3000, and $3500 cash back on the Linear, Arc, and Vector models (anyone know for sure?). If you are thinking about leasing a 9-3 Arc, the current money factor is 3.5% (.00146) and the residual is pretty good at 53% (36 months, 15000 miles/year).
  • rachinocrachinoc Posts: 3
    Yes, they are still offering the $2500,$3,000, and $3,500 (Linear, Arc, Vector), but I think it ends June 30, 2003. I am picking up a midnight blue Arc on Tuesday and a question just popped into my head and I can't get in touch with the dealer on a Sunday. Does the Arc automatically come with the 5 disc CD player? The one I test drove had it so I guess I just assumed they all did and forgot to ask. (oops) I got the touring package, moon roof, automatic, heated seats.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Arc/Vector comes with single CD standard. The 6 disc changer is part of the touring paqckage. It's my only beef with their optioning, because it can be had with the driver's package on the Linear (which includes things most people would want), but only with the touring package (which has other things I didn't need) on the Arc/Vector
  • gjl3gjl3 Posts: 9
    One more comment on this. Make sure that your employer is not considered to be a "GM Supplier." The list is amazingly long. I got a good deal (at the time, in December) doing this on a Linear, and in no way do I think of my company being a supplier.
  • hungshyhungshy Posts: 74
    Thanks for suggestion. I will try it for sure.
    also find out if I clean it more often. week after week then it's easier to cleaned than let it stay for a month. Thanks.
  • ftnss1ftnss1 Posts: 3
    I've had my Arc for two all the options except the sport wheel package (if you want that, why not get the Vector?) for about $31,400....I love the way the car handles, like it's glued to the road, and I don't think you can find comparable quality and features for under $34K with any other brand....But -- I have suffered the stalling problem twice, both times at a stop light when rapidly going from brake pedal to accelerator and back again [i.e. stop and go situation]....I called the dealer's service dept. The service guy said [I kid you not] that the car's computer needs to "learn" the proper idling speed (or something), and that I needed to turn the car on and let it idle for 10-15 minutes (without moving it) to overcome this problem; he said that's what they'd do if I brought the car in! I'm thinking (A) this sounds like complete BS, or (B) if this IS true, why wouldn't Saab perform this "learning" ritual before delivery? Then I e-mailed Saab to ask them about this "story." They said they'd contacted the dealer but couldn't find who'd given me that advice...and that the "Trionic" system -- I assume that's the computer -- does adapt somewhat, but shouldn't need to "learn" to idle; and that I should bring the car to the dealer if the problem persists. The car has stalled once since I tried the "learning" procedure, but it does seem to be running better as I get past 1000 miles, so maybe this is part of the engine break-in period for the 2.0T engine [on Arc and Vector]? I'm bringing the car in next week for 1-month service, and will report on this issue, as well as my other minor computer problems: a homelink transmitter that doesn't work and one key/remote feature ("comfort closing") that won't work....
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    I have an Arc as well, and had the stalling problem. I remember them saying something similar - that they had to let the car run for awhile, and then change a setting. Not sure exactly, but it hasn't happened in a month since they fixed it

    And, from all I can tell, the comfort close will not be programmed in the US for safety/legal reasons.
  • rachinocrachinoc Posts: 3
    Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the beautiful Parchment Interior looking clean?? I have never had leather before, or such a light color interior.
  • mcdermott2mcdermott2 Posts: 68
    I was at a dealer in Conn. and had two questions-on all the stickers that I saw they were charging for the 16" wheels($500),isn't this standard? I thought that they were not going to do this anymore. Second, the sales guy told me that the Arc seats are different then the Linear. I thought the Vector seats were the only seats that upgraded.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    The 16" wheels are a $500 option on the Linear only. They do, indeed, come standard with the Arc. And you are also correct on the seats. Only the Vector gets the sport seats. Linear & Arc are the same.
  • daley4daley4 Posts: 2
    Will there be another Viggen? There is a dealer down the street from me who has a used 02 Electric blue Viggen for $22,500. Is this worth the purchase, or will there be a new Viggen in the future? Thanks for your input.
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