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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    Sorry to say, the Viggen is gone. Rumors are still flying about the '05 model sharing the 9x engine and transmission (2.8l V-6, dual turbo, 280 hp with 4 wheel drive). If it does become available, you can be sure it will come at a premium and in limited quantity.
  • I'm 15 and in a couple of months I will be able to drive I wanted if anyone is this disscussion board owns a Linear with auto transmission and the driver's package and how much did they pay for it. I am also eligible for the GM discount how much is that for?
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    models will now come with a 5spd manual. Other changes can be seen at and go to 2004 product information.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    did prices go up on the 9-3 for 2004?
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    MSRP: $28895
    GM discount: $3359-
    Cap Cost: $25536

    Purchase: $425.60
    (assuming 60 months/0% through SFS)
    Lease: ~ $330
    (36 months/15000 miles per year through SFS)

    The car is cheep but where you'll get hit is insurance. While on the Saab it is a little less, it's not really noticable. Being that your only going to be 16 your going to get slammed. It would be safe to add around $200-250 to the monthly payments for insurance.

    PS - For the lease, I used the money factor and residual numbers for June.
  • Thanks for replying. That price quote is over my limit though. I was thinking that I would take the driver's package out, But keep the automatic transmission. How much would this be with $8000 down and the GM discount? Also seeing as if this would be my first time buying a car I am ignorant on the subject of negotiating. What do I do to get them to bring the price down so that the car is affordable for my budget? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ans Saab has a rebate would this still be avaliable in 2004 if not do they do it yearly?
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    MSRP: $27920
    GM dsicount: $3223
    Cap Cost: $24697

    Purchase: $278.28
    (assuming $8000 down, 5 years/0% through SFS. Cap Cost: $16697)

    Lease: ~ $320
    (36 months/15000 miles/year through SFS)

    $8000 down on this lease would not work beacuse you are not able to put more than 25% down. The above lease is figured using the June MF and residual numbers with nothing down. In general, you NEVER want to put money down, especiall when lesing. In a lease, if your car is stolen or totaled in an accident, any money that you have put down is lost. Your insurance company doesn't cover it and it is not covered by gap protection. You should keep any money you would like to put down in the bank (where it collects interest) and use it as you need it. Keep in mind whenever you put money down, you have to pay taxes on it up front. I don't know how much taxes are in your state, but here in Michigan they are 6%. If I were to put $8000 down, there would be $480 already due at signing.

    When you use the GM employee discount, you do not have to negotiate the price of the car - because you are already getting a fairly low price but also because the dealer has to give you all current incentives. Saab's recient incentives (ending 6/30) for leasing were $1000 on Linear and $2000 on Arc/Vector. To my knowledge, Saab has not yet realsed current incentives for purchasing/leasing for July nor their residual and money factor numbers.

    "Ans Saab has a rebate would this still be avaliable in 2004 if not do they do it yearly?"
    Saab realses their inecntives on a month to month basis. Sometimes they have no incentives, sometimes the inecntives are pretty good. If your not getting your license until 2004, I would wait to start figuring out what you can and cannot afford. Remember, new models are brought out at the start of the new year, and prices can either go up (usually the case) or go down on current models. Some models could disappear altogether. The 2004 9-3's are comming this fall and the price will increase. In your case, you may also want to look into Oldsmobile. This is supposely the last year of the phase out and by late fall, pretty good discounts should be offered. Also, you could look into getting a PEP car (if whoever in your household recieves the GM discount is a direct employee of GM).
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    What the heck is that?
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    kpfleger said, "I have a Vector and the rattling from the doors is infuriating. Highway driving with the radio off, radio on AM, cd playing all producing rattling in both doors. I am taking the car in next week to see what they can do."


    I've had my car in at least twice for this, and they can never seem to fix it. The last time I was there, I went for a drive with the tech... he heard all the noises, but still couldn't fix it.

    The three places I hear noise are: (1) Both doors, seems to be coming from where the lock "indicator" pops up through the plastic, (2) from within the B-pillar, from about 1-inch above where the seat belts a attached, and (3) the sunroof slide/cover (when it is open, I can hear a rattle, when it is closed, no rattle).

    Really drives me nuts. I even got more angry when the cheap rental car I had last week on a business trip (Pontiac Grand AM) had less rattles than my car does!

    Another thing that drives me nuts is the radio (other than just the poor quality)... if I am listening to talk radio (AM radio specifically [yet another place the Pontiac Grand AM beats out the 9-3) there is a pronounced "buzz" that comes from the speakers with certain people's words... as if the cheap speakers are hitting their limit. Ironically, music sounds OK (or shall I say "just fair", as it is fair at best) when played on the radio. I know it isn't the radio station, I tried 5 or 6 different AM stations, all have the same problem.

    I wish these guys would fix this stuff. The radio is just so bad. Plus, I can't even get XM as far as I know. I'd love to get it, but there is no way for sound to get into the system (other than via an FM re-transmitter, which is a bad idea). And then, even if I did use the re-transmitter, the audio quality would most likely sound just "fair" due to the poor quality of the audio system.

  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Another thing that drives me nuts is the radio (other than just the poor quality)... if I am listening to talk radio (AM radio specifically [yet another place the Pontiac Grand AM beats out the 9-3) there is a pronounced "buzz" that comes from the speakers with certain people's words... as if the cheap speakers are hitting their limit. Ironically, music sounds OK (or shall I say "just fair", as it is fair at best) when played on the radio. I know it isn't the radio station, I tried 5 or 6 different AM stations, all have the same problem.<<

    Tell me about it. Howard Stern's deep voice make the rear speakers buzz like crazy. And this is with teh 300W system. I have an appointment ina a week and a half
  • shades80shades80 Posts: 53
    Exactly-had my car since 10/02-Linear-all options
    Locks on front doors rattle when locked..makes less noise when they are unlocked
    Sunroof cover rattles when pulled back-silent when fully closed
    Seat belt area-have no idea where this is coming from
    All heard first month of ownership-have gotten used to them, of course was no help..but
    This car is really quiet at low or high speed that any noise is least this is what i tell myself..other people who drive with me are always impressed by how quiet it is.
    Enjoy your car...
  • filimonfilimon Posts: 7
    Greetings - I am looking at 9-3 arc model. Website says 0% financing but does that apply only to linear?

    Some recent July postings on this board also mention a large GM discount of thousands of $$$.

    Is the cash discount still active?
  • richn2richn2 Posts: 44
    I had spoken to both SAABUSA and a SAAB dealer and the hot deal of the month is 60 months / 0% financing (may not apply to all users)on all models, 72 months / 1.9%. The manufacture to dealership incentive on the 9-3 models is now $3500. You can have either.
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    The incentives for purchasing is the 0% (for 36, 48, or 60 months) or $2500 (Linear), $3000 (Arc), $3500 (Vector) cash back. The lease incentives were $1000 on Linear, and $2000 on Arc/Vector. I know the 0% financing is still effective, however I believe the other incentives ended June 30th, unless Saab has extended them.
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    Direct employees of GM are able to request a PEP car, or a company-owned car. It allows employees to purchase or lease a vehicle that has been previously used in the GM Product Evaluation Program at a discount price below the GMS New Vehicle Purchase price.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    Not bad! Wish I was a part of the GM family, instead of just having the Supplier Discount....

    To those with rattle issues, some of the same problems were exibited in the last generation of 9-3. The rattle in the moonroof is fixable by using felt tape, a trick the dealer ALREADY knows (it is the fix for the old 9-3). Not sure what to say about the doors. Best of luck to all..
  • stratixmanstratixman Posts: 11
    Hey, I am getting to the point of decision on a new Saab. Any recommendations from those in the know would be appreciated. Here's my choices as I see them, not necessarily in ranked order:

    1) With 16" wheels, a fully tricked out 9-3 Linear
    2) A fully tricked out 9-3 Arc
    3) A fully tricked out 9-5 Linear

    1) Tranny. 5 speed - Linear models vs 6 speed Arc model?
    2) Engine size. How much perceptible performance improvement in Arc vs the Linears with the 210hp engine?
    3) Stereo. How bad in truth is the stereo in the 9-3 Linear? Have read lots of disparaging comments about it. Not heard much about the upgraded stereo in the Arc How's it? The 9-5 Linear seems to garner pretty good reviews.

    $$$ Incentives. Seems Saab is really trying to unload 9-5's. Huge incentives. Stems from the fact that they have a 134 day supply of 9-5's sitting in inventory. 9-3 Incentives are still on for July which make the price look good. No published deals on the ARC, but my dealer requoted me on same car today vs last week and it only looks like $10 more per month than a week ago. On straight cash deal I can get either a 9-3 Arc or 9-5 Linear for almost the same price. The tricked out 9-3 Linear would come in about 2.5k less. Am pretty certain I'm going the lease route due to the Saab financing rates. 0$ down, 36 months yields a payment of about $340 for 9-3L, $399 for the 9-3 Arc. Haven't calced the 9-5 L lease with extra options but it should be in the mid $300 range over 48 months.

    So, what to do? I have been leaning toward the 9-3 Arc because I think performance wise it beats the other two. 9-3 models strike me as a bit more sporty with a fresher styling and feature set. Is Arc worth the extra 2k+ over the 9-3 linear?

    (BTW I also learned that 94 models of 9-3 will not have the 6 speed - only 5 speed.)
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    i was at the saab dealer tonight and there was WHOLE BUTTLOAD of new 9-5's. they ain't moving. neither are the lease returns. saab buyers want the 9-3?

    question, am i the only one who prefers the simpler interior of the Linear 9-3. Nicer seats, only one color.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    reports new Saab 9-3 Aero is top of the line.....does this replace the Vector? or in addition to?

    this would equate with previous who said only 5sp available on arc and vector...apparently the aero is only one to get the six speed now.

    woulda been nice to boost hp on the vector to like 250.
  • hungshyhungshy Posts: 74
    regfootball, you are not alone. I love the purefied Saab 9-3 interior design too. I still think it's the best design ever compare to all smae class motor. for owning my first saab for over 8 months 9.9k. I still not feel any regret or boring at its interior.
  • has anyone purchased the stereo-upgrade offered by saab for the 93s?
    i'm debating whether to get it done elsewhere or to order it to the dealer's via saabstore. any suggestions/ opinions?
  • filimonfilimon Posts: 7
    Anyone tried these on the 9-3? Any complaints about sore butts? etc. Since rear seating is always a challenge, it seems that these might save space.

    Please let me know your comments.

  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    Saab has tweaked the Trionic 8 engine management system to smooth power delivery.
  • filimonfilimon Posts: 7
    Lot's of different numbers presented in previous messages. Please help me understand.

    Some of you are saying invoice +500 minus the 3K discount????

    Or are we confusin MSRP and "invoice"?

    Please clarify, I am anxious to pull trigger.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Yes, what you wrote is a good deal. Nets out to $2500 below invoice - and, depending on options, roughly $4000 to $4200 below MSRP
  • filimonfilimon Posts: 7
    OK. All hype and new car honeymoon aside.

    1. For those of you with many months of 2003 9-3 miles behind you, has your opinion changed?

    2. Do the bells and whistles ring less clearly?

    3. Does the performance stay as tight?

    4. Reliability?

    5. Comfort?

    6. Do any of you LOVE your 9-3?

    7. Are there options you bought but don't need?

    8. Are there options you wish you had bought?

    PS - New 9-3 looks are understated to say the least. This morning i saw a 9-3 but hardly noticed it - it could have been any one of the tens of honda type cars out there. It definitely does not stand out like old form. I can live with that if the "inside" and performance will keep me charmed.

    PPS - looking at reviews of 9-3 and audi, there is a clear difference between the enthusiasm of owners - saab people seem to glow, while audi people spend most of their time on discalimers - "not so roomy", "not so powerful" etc.

  • filimonfilimon Posts: 7
    The light color looks sharp but what happens when I'm a bit grungy and sweaty, or my two kids...

    Dealer says leather is protected, cleans right up, etc. I would like to think that saab thought of this before offering light interior, but who knows.

    Do any of you have good/bad stories about the light colored interior after months of wear and tear????

  • kretch41kretch41 Posts: 13
    I've had my Vector for 3k miles and over three months. (all options except auto trans & touring package ->xeon lights & 6 disc)

    1. I like the car better each road trip I take.

    2. Bells & whistles are fine. I hated dash with the 1000 buttons, but I find I need to use just a few to get things down.

    3. Perf is fine. I stepped up from a 97 Jetta VR6 and am quite impressed with the 4cyl turbo. I love the little turbo whine. 1st gear seems a bit weak (and the turbo gauge never goes into the red zone) but 2-5 gears seem to rock.

    4. OnStar went out after a few days and I only got around to taking it to the dealer a couple of weeks ago. It only took about 5 minutes to fix. Other than that, the only issue is the terrible noises from the doors. See earlier posts about this.

    5. Seats are great..I appreciate the memory on the seats. The back seat is small but I usually only have my nephews there a couple of times each month. They don't complain b/c the rear windows go all the way down.

    6. Love the car. Haven't regretted the purchase at all.

    7. Not really. The Vector does have terribly low ground effects in the front. It looks nice but I have to be really careful about it.

    8. 6 disc would have been nice but not worth it for me. The only other major problem are the tires. I live in chicago and haven't figured out what I am going to do in the winter.

    Hope this helps.
  • dbozmandbozman Posts: 23
    I leased my 2003 9-3 Linear in February. I currently have a touch more than 5k miles on it. Yes, I still love the car. I've had one minor repair, when the ABS module went out. Saab handled it in an exemplary manner; best customer service I've ever had from a car company.

    I haven't had the OnStar activated yet. I have a minor glitch in the display, where miles (dte, etc.) aren't displayed correctly. Will have that fixed when OnStar is activated.

    I find the look of the car to be timeless and classy. I got the 5-speed and still find the clutch action to be, well, a little strange, but I've gotten used to it. Very minor rattles in the door frame. The car could be quieter; road noise even with 16-inch wheels is pretty high. The stereo, even with the software upgrade, is miserable.

    Otherwise, I can't complain. I think, overall, this is the best car I've owned (and I've owned many). I drove everything in class and found the Saab to be the one that spoke loudest to me.
  • filimonfilimon Posts: 7
    9-3 Arc, Steel Grey/Grey Int. - sunroof, touring, etc. - but no sport. I was really stuck on colors for a while but while some of the dark colors look great clean - I can imagine what a NH winter will do. I also preferred parchment but with kids and mud - white just didn't make sense.

    Pick it up Saturday.

    Invoice minus 2500, plus they threw in various knick-knacks I picked from catalog worth a few hundred.

    PS - i had the linear out for a night with sport package and noticed a huge difference in engine power, and much choppier ride w/sport suspension.

    I will report back on how the car treats us.
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