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  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    I just spoke to Denise, who is working on my deal right now she says. I refreshed the information in my folder, and she says it's the easiest one she has seen, so I think I may be off! I called my dealer this morning, and primed him for the call from them, and had him correct a couple of mistakes on my "Buyer's order", which he is supposed to correct, and fax to me, which I then fax to CarsDirect, and Denise says she'll send the check out right then. It may come to pass, Boxster at invoice!

    Of course, I'll keep you guys posted!
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    dl7265, I just re-read your post above. If you check the BMW board <<A HREF="">>, there is someone on there with the 2000 order guide, and I think they have posted it on their site, so you can get the answers to your Y2K questions.
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    sorry bout the poor service in D, should have let me know u were here, i could have bought lunch.

    then taken u to dealer and wear them down to $1500.00 below INVOICE,

    oh, well, i my case they want to charge, $250.00 advertise fee, and $90.00 prep, i wont complain.

    im one of the last files im told to order at invoice.

    i did see the y2k guide, thx, i hope friday when i place my order i can see some pricing however.

  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    I appreciate the lunch offer, but after sunday night's dinner at "Pappasitta's" in Richardson, I didn't really eat much. It really caused me pain (for nearly 3 days!). But I would have enjoyed hammering on a dealer, I always do! But if you would, share with me you patented technique for getting $1500 below invoice. I would like to try it!
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    Well friends, it might have just hit the fan. I called to check on my deal, and Denise (see post above regarding her), is out until monday. So, I got someone sitting at her desk. (Rich I think?). Anyway, he got my info to pull my folder, and he would call me back. He did, problems he listed with my deal:

    1. It's for a 2000 model, (DUH! I've said that since the start), our promotion was only for 1999 models.

    2. Your MSRP is more than $55,000 which was the cut-off. (Hold on there partner! Todd knew this all along, and told me it was OK)

    3. We can't get prices on the 2000 model. (I told him I would absorb any price difference, he didn't need to worry about it).

    4. Where did you get these numbers on your spreadsheet? (Edmund's, KBB, Intellichoice, Porsche U.S. Order and Price Guide).

    So, it all came down to: "You are $2,400 over the MSRP limit on this car". I reminded him that they were only offering a $1000 discount on the Boxster, and that I had found my own deal for $3,766 below, so that more than made up for the $2,400 difference". He said they didn't care about how much they had to pay, the MSRP was the only thing that was important.

    I am awaiting a return call. He was going to go talk to Todd, and see what he said. This is definitely Ca-Ca. It takes 3 people to get my deal done, and the last one has to be a wiseguy.
    Todd had better do the right thing!
  • KThomp100KThomp100 Member Posts: 62
    I have an order in with them for invoice price on a GS 300. They called and told me they are loaded with paperwork and that I should hear from them no later than the end of next week. I was told that since I made my inquiry during their promotion (we had not finalized options, colors etc) that I would get invoice pricing.

    PLEASE keep us posted on any and all activity with CarsDirect.
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    After leaving the above message, I was in a rare state of mind, so I decided to call Todd myself. The guy above's name is not Rich, it is Robert. Todd said he had not spoken with him, and asked if I had a problem. I detailed my conversation with Robert to Todd, including my defenses, and his statements to me earlier (All of which he claimed to remember having with me). He said he would go talk to Robert, and get it cleared up, and either he or Robert would give me a call to let me know the status.

    I'll keep you guys updated.
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    thx for the tip on the resturant, yikes

    I have had more than one person try to help me as well, try not to get too discouraged.I was first told i could not order a German car, and then put on ice for a while.

    But im pleased to say that Michelle has been very helpful now, despite me being a difficult customer wanting specific options, tomorrow i have an appointment to place an order.

    goodluck 'Don
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    I just hung up a few minutes ago with Robert. He apologized, and confirmed that they WILL do my deal as written. He says they will contact my dealer next week and verify that they have a signed order, and a deposit in hand. Once this is done, they will send a "Letter of Intent" to the dealer stating that when delivery if near, they will overnight him a check for $3,728.

  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    so, i went placed order and made deposit, when i get home i got a message from cars-direct ,the special only applies to '99 models and i cannot order the y2k that i ordered.

    so, what if i pay the difference if there is a price increase, answer still NO.
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    Don, as I said above, they tried that with me. Did you specify it as a Y2K model when you placed your order? If so, I would defend my deal from that angle. I would bet that you spoke to Robert. He is Mr. "That's not how this promotion works". If you initially spoke with Todd, call back, and ask to speak to Todd, and remind him of the details of your deal. This is what I did, they (Todd and Robert) went to the VP, and he approved my deal. Here is some info for you. If you call, and get the voicemail system telling you to leave a message, press #, that will get you to the "Main Menu", from this menu you can transfer to the people. Robert's extension is 7801, Denise's extension is 7802, and I think Todd's is 7804, but he isn't listed in the Voice Mail system, so it won't let you transfer to him.

    (I used to be Sys Admin on a voicemail system that was the same brand as the one that they are using. "Active Voice").

    Good luck Don!
  • tomcat1tomcat1 Member Posts: 8
    For those of you who have recently used CarsDirect, my representative told me yesterday that he had received the information he needed from my dealer. I was also told that once the car actually reaches the dealership, CarsDirect needs the dealer to fax a copy of the actual invoice to them. At that point, CarsDirect will overnight the dealer a check to cover the diff. between invoice and sale price. Have any of you heard of this happening> My concern is that the dealer will want to make sure that the check clears before allowing me to have the car. My rep said that this should not occur, but I guess I'll call the dealer to find out what he will do. Just don't want any delay getting my car! ('99 BMW 323i)
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    that was taken over my account

    they insist that deal was only for the '99
    meanwhile i have a deposit order for a '00 down.

    i will call them monday and remind them , that several of us specified, and made deposits on the '00 models.

    suposedly they want to get the files closed out on the "invoice specials" and i am one of the last open accounts.

    frank, thx for the advise, if i have trouble i will ask to speak to Todd.

  • msandamsanda Member Posts: 12
    tomcat: in my case, carsdirect did not have to wait for the car to arrive at the dealership - having a VIN assigned was enough for them to overnight the check. My dealer wasn't worried about the check (I buried him w/ a TON of printouts from idealabs!). Besides, the dealer felt that the check would clear in 48 hours anyway.

    I still can't believe it happened - a TL at invoice, in MY garage! :-)

    Good luck to all,
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    I was told on my deal, that they would call my dealer next week to verify that they had a signed Buyer's Order, and a deposit for my car. Once that was done, they would send a "Letter of Intent" stating that they would send a check for $3,720 when they had confirmation of the prices involved, and as Sandman said above, probably once they have a VIN for the car.

    (BTW, I Airborned out my Buyer's Order, and Deposit check today).
  • KThomp100KThomp100 Member Posts: 62
    Hello...I just got a very nice Email from Michelle at However, the answer was not good news for me. I had requested during their "invoice" price sale to locate 99 Lexus GS300. She said that their distribution channels were unable to find the car at this time. They did offer me a $1000.00 discount on any future new car, valid for up to a year. Did anybody else experience this with them not being able to locate a car. If so, did you get the same or more detailed explanation? Congrats to those that did succeed with this! My 2nd choice for a car was the 99 Acura TL. I Emailed Michelle back (since we know people have gotten that car through them) to see if that was avail. I will keep all posted and by all means, post your thoughts or comments.
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    This sure sounds STRANGE to me. I would go to my local dealer, get a price quote, and see if they will take it. It sounds like they only found MSRP offers on the car, and decided not to do it. I can't imagine that being the case. I would DEFINITELY need a better explaination than that one! This honestly makes no sense to me. As I said above, talk to your local dealer, see what you can drum up, talk to him about CarsDirect, and see if he is receptive. If he is, call Michelle back, and tell her that you found your car, and give her the details.

    Keep us posted!

    (This is starting to sound like the CarsDirect support group!)

    "Hi, I'm Frank, and I'm a CarsDirect potential customer".. (only 11 steps to go!)
  • KThomp100KThomp100 Member Posts: 62
    In fact in my response to Michelles' email I told her that there was a car on the ground that I would take, not sold yet. Not my first choice of color for the Lexus..BUT I knew that the color combo I wanted was difficult to get. This was from a couple of different dealers. I surely hope that they are not trying to get out of subsidizing this car because that is NOT the way to start a business especially when they told me I would have invoice pricing. And we all know the power the internet for word of mouth advertising. Check back.
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    tell them that you wanted it RIGHT NOW dod you? If so, that could be the case. When I called her today, I would mention that I have no problem waiting for a car to be produced to my specs. That SHOULD be the end of the problems. ANYTHING can, of course, be made to your specs.

    Let us know what she says!
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    got a special deal we cannot comment on that ,0ur invoice special is for 99 only,that is the final ruling.

    guess i will settle for 99 , but guess what, now i can no longer order 99. gezz

    yes, im not only a member , but the founder, j/k

  • KThomp100KThomp100 Member Posts: 62
    As of today at response to my Email back to Michelle about taking a car on the ground that is not sold. I originally gave them no time frame on when I wanted the car so why they can't "locate one through their distibution channels" is beyond me. I can even provide her the VIN and name of dealer where the car is that I would buy.
    I will give her till tomorrow PM to respond to my Email. Until then..........
  • KThomp100KThomp100 Member Posts: 62
    Michelle my rep called me at work! Apologized as she basically had my file dumped on her by somebody that said the car I wanted was not available. Well, after speaking with a couple of Lexus sales people, they are right. The blue with grey int was not even made on the last production run. Anyway, she said that if I did indeed find a car at a dealer that was unsold, let her know and she will contact the dealership and yes, she assured me, I WILL get invoice pricing. Whew! I basically have through the weekend to decide and search for a color of my choice. The blue one is awesome and there is a dealer here that has one but with ivory interior. Hmmm...decisions decisions.

    I'll let you all know how it works out. So far, as of today, carsdirect has redeemed themselves.
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    KThomp100, I was wrestling with my situation, and decided that I would get them to commit to my deal now, and I would offer to pay the difference on the Y2K models if there was a price increase. (It was a Max of $207 difference, and it's not worth losing $3720 over $207). So, if you can find what want, go for it! If not, I hate to say it, you could "Settle" for the one that is close! (That was painful for me to say, considering I have ordered my last 2 cars because I was picky about what I wanted).

    Keep us updated as to what you decide!
  • KThomp100KThomp100 Member Posts: 62
    Just got back from a different Lexus dealer and they too confirmed that the color combo I want although listed in the brochure, is not avail. Man...I suppose I can settle on ivory/taupe interior with the dark blue pearl exterior if I HAVE to. I wonder if calling the local area zone rep would do any good. The dealer I went to today said they could "re-route" a blue/ivory one and have it in about 3 weeks.

    Other choices are Pearl White with black int
    or Satin Silver with Black. Both of those available asap.


    PS. dealer had not heard of carsdirect but they were willing to listen to my explanation.
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    I spent last weekend antaginizing over the same issue.

    My conclusion so far is there are three cars on the water that are exact what i want so i should know by tomorrow if we are going to reroute one from the west coast to carolina port,still will be 4+ weeks it sounds like. p.s. this is a late production '99.

    If you decide to save about 5k , there are still a few BMW 323i available in good colors and options.

    Im sure Frank can voutch for the car, i also decide the '99 was worth the $3500.oo savings , as apposed to just $1000.00 off on the y2k model.

  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    KThomp100, "Your mission should you decided to accept it, is to make this tough choice, and be happy with it afterwards". I feel for you, the consternation must be tremendous!

    dl7265, Yes, I CAN vouch for the greatness of the 323!

    shawnmalone, Congrats on the car! I know how I felt when I got mine! Was that $495 the difference between Invoice and MSRP? Also, what was the extra $1K?
  • shawnmaloneshawnmalone Member Posts: 71
    I think you were the one who first posted about the deal -- many thanks!

    Edmund's invoice price: $15,907.
    What CarsDirect claimed the invoice was: $15,994 (that's the $87 difference).
    Dest. $525 they both agreed.
    The extra $1K is Texas sales tax, doc fee of $50, title and license fees $100.
    MSRP is $17,650.
  • rohanrohan Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone post carsdirect phone number ?

    I went to their website and filled in a request for Sienna but have heard nothing for 3 days!

    I don't know if it is sienna or my CA address or they are out of business for handing out all this free cash.

    Is the party over ?
  • brianinohbrianinoh Member Posts: 20
    Carsdirect concept, as least as I have read it here, seems confusing to me. Certainly to those who have gotten cars at or near invoice I am sure it it not confusing. Based on the name, I would expect that they would be getting vehicles directly from makers. Maybe its just that you cannot do that yet. Also, is there any limitation on how lousy a deal you may have negotiated. There does not appear to be any incentive for the buyer to get a good deal because carsdirect has apparently guaranteed that you will and they will eat the difference. What would keep me from taking a car that dealers have slashed prices on and going to the dealer and telling them that carsdirect has guaranteed me that I can buy this car at invoice so you the salesperson can write the deal up at whatever price you want (thereby giving dealer more profit). Seems to me that if I am carsdirect, I will quote you a price that I can get a car for you and then I will go out and negotiate the deal for you knowing that I have to make up the difference between the deal I have promised and the deal I actually can get.

    Also, assuming carsdirect is subsidizing car sales for free just to get good word of mouth advertising, what happens when you tell your friends how you got a great deal at invoice and your friends use carsdirect and find out that they can only get say $1000 over invoice? What the incentives still be lacking for the customer to negotiate a good deal because carsdirect will make up the difference? Are they going to change how they do business? If they do, how will the good publicity help?
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    Brian, I know that there a companies that are trying to negotiate to be the "internet's first virtual dealer", but it hasn't been done yet. (Being that the physical dealers would pitch one HELL of a fit considering that they have paid MILLIONS of dollars to secure a dealership for a particular brand), so I don't expect that to show up real soon, unless the manufacturers do it themselves.

    CarsDirect negotiates the deal for you, so that they can be assured that they are getting the best deal possible. And back during the "guaranteed invoice price" promotion, they could limit the amount that they had to subsidize.
    During that promotion, CarsDirect was basically giving away money. They charge NOTHING for their service, and I don't know if anyone has to sign any paperwork to get it done.

    I think that what they are aiming for is to be the best "Buying Service" on the net. They used the promotion to get word of mouth advertising, AND to get a small network of dealers set up. As a function of searching for the best deals on particular brands in specific regions, they know how much they can get a particular car for. This is VERY GOOD information, as they can tell you what they can get the car for you for. In my times dealing with all the other buying services, that fact makes them unique. All the others just forward your name to a dealer near you, and THEY tell you how much of a discount they offer.

    I hope this makes sense..
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    First the question. Those who have already taken delivery of their CarsDirect car. Did you get any paperwork from them on your deal? I got a letter from them faxed last night that says that they intend to pay the dealer, but my question is. Did you get anything else?

    Problem. Trilogy is a big player in the E-Commerce arena right? You would THINK that's "Configuration Applet" would work right! I tried it before I found CarsDirect, and was TOTALLY frustrated with some of the bizarre things that it did. (For instance, I guess you can't get a stick Boxster though them, as the applet won't let you select it), and numerous other bugs. (Half of one of the status lines is drawn over by another pane of their windows, nasty!).

    But, if I were shopping for a car in CA, I would give them a shot. If they can make the deal, I would write out my options by hand in triplicate!

    Just my thoughts!
  • binksterbinkster Member Posts: 4
    Got my car from at invoice. Excellent service and delivery to my door. Website aside call them up and check out what you can get a car for. I would buy my next car from them.
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    Binkster, what did you get? Also, if they were working outside of CA, I would have given them a shot on my Boxster!
  • shawnmaloneshawnmalone Member Posts: 71
    1. Even if you factor out the subsidy paid the dealer when I bought my car last week (that is, if I had paid that instead of CarsDirect) the deal they negotiated was about 3.3 per cent over "invoice"... not bad for a car in high demand.

    2. My wife is car shopping and contacted CarsDirect after the promotion was over. They found her a price significantly lower than the lowest deal she had found so far.

    Conclusion: Even without the introductory program subsidy, CarsDirect may turn out to be a better service than AutoByInternet, CarPoint, or others.

  • binksterbinkster Member Posts: 4
    Acura 3.2TL. They were only operating in CA but were working on expanding to TX then nationwide. You can give them a call or e-mail and see if they expanded yet.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    Last week, CarsDirect's prices on all Jaguars were very close to invoice. Checked today - they are all the same as MSRP!
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    Last week, CarsDirect's prices on all Jaguars were very close to Invoice. I just checked now and they are exactly the same as MSRP. Who needs CarsDirect if I could go to a Jag dealer myself and get a car for MSRP?! And why were they showing significantly lower prices last week? What, they have not tried to sell a Jag up until this week and finally when they had to, they realized that the Jag dealers would not budge from MSRP?
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    ruski, I have to agree with you there. Who needs a service that can only get you the same deal that you can get yourself. I would bet that they had listed a discount on their site, without actually trying to negotiate a deal on one. They did, and found out that no one was discounting at all, so they changed it. I checked them for a Saturn for a friend, and they are MSRP on them also.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    but last week the quoted me a price over the phone that was only $210 higher than invoice... I hope they will not try to twist their way out of it now.

    BTW do you know how much time they allow to pass while they are looking for a dealer?
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    They are kind of slow. I called them with all the info they needed ready for them, and if you read this thread, you will see how long it took for me to get a letter from them confirming my deal. But, in my case, they stuck to their word. They said "Boxster at invoice", and that's what my deal is for. I would call them back, talk to the same person (hopefully NOT Robert), and just verify that your deal is what you believe it to be. They also had an insane price on the Porsche 911. (I think it was almost Invoice if NOT invoice), and a couple of guys on the Boxster board did print-screens on them, and called submitted an order for one at that price.

    I don't know if they have commitments from dealers for X number of cars at this price, and once those are sold, they have to adjust to what the next dealer in line is willing to do, or what, but that is certainly a possibility!

    Ruski, keep up updated with what happens. Call them NOW!!
  • mattmatt Member Posts: 2
    Universal1, msanda, or anyone else...

    Do you still have a phone number for CarsDirect?
    I got a call from my dealership today and they
    finally have a VIN number for my Silver/Ebony TL
    -but- he lost the phone number for his contact at
    CarsDirect. If any of you have it please help a
    guy out by digging it out and posting it.


    PS - The guy who is handling my car is Cliff
    Comello (or something like that). If any of you
    happen to have his direct number or extension it
    would be even a bigger help.
  • whdwhd Member Posts: 3
    I am trying to understand their process better. I submitted an order for a 1999 BMW 528i in April, during their delivery at invoice special. The car is due to arrive at the dealership around May 24th. My concern is that their check for the difference in invoice/selling price does not clear. I do not want to be liable for their failure to perform. I would like to hear from anyone that has completed a purchase. How did you, or the dealership address this issue? Thanks.
  • shawnmaloneshawnmalone Member Posts: 71
    I did not receive any kind of paper work from I did not see the check the dealer received. On the contract of sale, on the line that shows the down payment, it shows $6,495. I only put down $6K. The dealer-person told me that the extra $495 was from CarsDirect, and Michelle confirmed the amount, but I have no documentation.
  • shawnmaloneshawnmalone Member Posts: 71
    In my case, Michelle at talked directly to the salesman at the dealership and mailed him a check. I was credited for the full amount of the check as down payment when I signed the sales contract, and the dealership had no problem. Why would you be liable if a check from a third party did not clear? Seems to me that's between the dealer and CarsDirect.
  • whdwhd Member Posts: 3
    I doubt that my local dealership would be willing to take the risk on a check from an unknown, out of state entity - unless the check was certified by the issuing bank. I imagine the fine print of the sales contract would make the purchaser ultimately liable and also provide for some type of lien on the vehicle. It is encouraging to hear that your dealership simply took the check. When was their check provided to the dealership? Before - at the time of - or after the purchase was completed? Finally, do you know if it was a certified check? Thanks for your help.
  • shawnmaloneshawnmalone Member Posts: 71
    I didn't see the check. It arrived at the dealership before I picked up the car.
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    I finally got a vin, and it will be on the water soon, my salesman contacted Michelle with the details and says everything is in order.I also recived a e-mail from Michelle to confirm this.looks like it is going to happen.

    now just the wait for the car...aauughh

  • buckwheatbuckwheat Member Posts: 396
    To learn more about "carsdirect" go to and see the many companies under the same umbrella and to see who holds the umbrella go to
  • buckwheatbuckwheat Member Posts: 396
    To learn more about "carsdirect" go to and see the many companies under the same umbrella and to see who holds the umbrella go to
  • johnyoojohnyoo Member Posts: 18
    I finally got an email from carsdirect, about two and a half weeks after i submitted my order over the internet. I can't find the number on their webpage anymore oh well. Their price was awful too. I got a better price just calling the dealer myself.
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