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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Have anyone heard anything more about this rebate? Most online sites do not reflect this rebate yet.
  • For the dealerships I visited here in Cent Fla, I was able to get them to tell me that the current holdback for the Altima is 2.8%. Not sure if that is the standard across different areas or not. Good to know as you are figuring out the "True" dealer costs.

    All the dealerships here confirmed the $1,500 rebate. One dealership even told me that, last month, Nissan had a $300 factory-to-dealer incentive on the Altimas. That expired once the $1,500 rebate went into effect.
  • I to live in Orlando (UCF area) and I went to Reed last night. What a tobockle. Total waste of time, I ended up leaving without even telling the guy good bye. The sales manager was a piece of garbage to me and my wife. I will try Bill Ray.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    I hear Reed advertise that it is among the top 20 Nissan dealers nationally in volume, and for the life of me I don't know how.

    Your experience there is not uncommon.
  • Ended up buying my new Altima 2.5S with Side Air Bags, Mats, Fog Lights and Side Sills at DeLand for $17924 plus tax, tag and fee (MSRP of $21370). DeLand was (by far, far) the easiset place to make a deal. Did most everything on the phone with the internet manager, drove to the dealership, signed the papers and out of there in less than 1 hour. No pressure from the F&I guy either....overall a GREAT experience.

    I visited nearly all the other dealerships here in Cent Fla (Reed, Universal, Classic....etc) and DeLand was the best price, best service, no gimmicks, no hassle AT ALL. Highly recommed them to anyone.

    Also, they had a target of 16 Altimas to sell in November, but the tote-board only showed 8 last night (well, 9 with mine added). May be looking to make some more deals before end of month.

    Call the internet guy and tell him Jim S sent you. They were basically meeting the Universal deals of $500 below invoice, minus the $1,500 rebate (or $2000 below invoice plus $389 fee).

    May have been able to get another $300-400 out of them if I really wanted to push hard, but this was the only car in the color I wanted, with the options I wanted that I saw at all the dealerships I visited (apparently not easy to find ones with Side Air Bags that are not loaded with a lot of other options).

    I, too, found that Reed was the highest price dealership out there (cant figure how they sell so many (or at least what they say they sell))
  • First let me say a trusting person and a woman, writing this and thinking about it makes me nausea.

    I have never had a such a horrible buying experience in my entire life at Antioch Nissan in California. Please tell everyone you know and love, go anywhere else, but DO NOT shop at Antioch Auto Center Nissan.

    I purchased a 2003 Altima with sideairbags. That was the only reason I wanted the vehicle was for the sideairbags. Without sideairbags, the insurance company rates Nissan a poor on side impact crashes.

    I didn't realize I purchased a rental car until after I signed the paperwork. (Very sly on their part). I even asked the salesperson before and I was told he knew nothing about that. Then looking at the car I noticed a dent and cover-up paint. I told them then and there (five minutes after I signed the paperwork), that I did not want the vehicle. They said ... basically too "no".

    Drove it was leaking fluid in the garage, and the CD player was broke.

    Took it back, they told me I had to buy a $28,000 vehicle. I am a single parent and trust me the original vehicle at $17,000 was a stretch. I was at their mercy (or so I felt I was). I knew the old car was a lemon.

    So I said I'd buy a 2005 Altima and wouldn't haggle. (and this vehicle had no sideairbags)the only reason for me wanting it in the first place. The manager wrote that I would have GPS tracking and some other alarm (key) added. He didn't ask if I wanted those options! He wrote them down. He added them onto the cost of the vehicle! He didn't get my okay. I called him on it, and he said, "we are losing money" you need to make it up! My car ended up costing over $25,000, for a basic 2.5S.

    I was sooooo upset. I have a 16 year old son and his safety when driving the car was my utmost concern. Now I have a car I don't want. I understand Nissan makes a great vehicle. But after I got no response when I wrote them. Got no response when I e-mailed them. Finally, I wrote on the Title line...going to call an attorney then they called.

    Basically, they said Nissan doesn't tell the dealer what to price the vehicle at. But my point was he wrote down options, charged me for them and didn't ask me! I feel that the manager is totally unethical. No way around it. The man is a snake.

    I ended up refinancing my home to buy this car. I'm also looking for a second job to help pay. Thanks Nissan!

    If you are thinking about purchasing a Nissan...go anywhere else. Personally, I will never purchase another Nissan/Infiniti product because of the sales experince at Antioch. I have bought over 7 new vehicles in my life and never has anyone treated me so unethically.

    Buy Toyota, buy Lexus, buy Mercedes, buy Volvo, buy a Yugo, but don't...please don' a Nissan!
  • dballdball Posts: 15
    How about warranty servicing here in central FL? I bought a pre-owned 2002 Altima from Daytona Nissan (something I swore I'd never do) and I have a few recalls to get taken care of and a vibration in the steering wheel at 70 MPH, which they have already told me is because of "the suspension on the 4 cyl model." Sounds like baloney to me... Anybody have this problem? Anyway, love the car but don't trust Daytona to service it. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  • How hard is it to find an Altima 2.5S automatic with convenience package, anti-lock brakes and side curtain airbags? I went to a closed lot in Clovis California on Thanksgiving Day and observed many Altimas (some unlocked) but none with the options I want which are standard on a Honda Accord. I am also concerned about some of the complaints I have read on reviews? The dashboard panels are hard to read in the daylight and the mid line radios not getting good reception or sound. Also, the sunroofs don't leave enough headroom in the rear for tall passengers. Thank you for any responses.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Very sorry to hear about this ordeal. This dealership sounds unethical based on your description.

    I don't know that you have any legal alternatives. It seems as though the dealership may be guilty of fraud if it sold you a used rental car when you believed you were buying knew. That might be something to suggest to an attorney if you want to unwind this deal.

    The only solace I can offer is that you did buy a very reliable car that should give you many years of service. Nissan, or any other manufacturer, can't control the sales process as dealerships are a separate entity.

    Good luck.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Nissan seems to ship most of their Altimas without ABS and side curtains. I gave up trying to find any in Central Florida a couple of months ago. Over the summer, I found one in the Orlando area, and it apparently didn't sell for about four months. I guess most people view the Altima as cheap transportation and want to get out the door with as little cost as possible.
  • What are people generally paying compared to invoice for Altimas (2.5 specifically)?

    Maybe I'm being lazy (or just a little slow), but I don't know all the packages well enough to form an opinion when someone says they paid $19,500 or $21,200 (or whatever amount). I was hoping to avoid having to go back out to the main page here at Edmunds and build that person's car, to see what they paid vs. invoice.

    One dealership has quoted me Invoice +$400 (then minus $1500 rebate). I'm pretty sure that's not a terrible deal, but I don't know if it's a great deal. (I live near Akron, OH - if that helps/matters)

    Thanks in advance...
  • sassas Posts: 4
    with floor mats, trunk mats, with rebates with tax and registration and dealer fees ( basically out the door) should not exceed a dime more than $19000. If you got it under, you got a best deal.
  • Maddcow, we got our 2.5 S 2 weeks ago for $500 BELOW invoice, and then subtract the $1,500 rebate.

    $400 above invoice is paying about $800-900 too much.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    i know everyone is looking to get a great deal, but there comes a time when people have to realize that this is a business, and a dealership should be entitled to make 'some' money. If you consider the markup in some of the other products you buy, for example a $3000 tv would cost the retailer only $1500, for a 100% markup - a markup of 10% on cars isnt all that much. You really should buy cars based on what you can afford per month, or cash, rather than trying to wring the dealership for all its worth. Yes, there are some crummy dealerships out there that are sleezeballs, so you got to be careful - but, if the car falls in what you've budgeted, why continue haggling?

    maybe i just don't get it :-P
  • I currently have a 2004 Toyota 4Runner SR5 that I want to get rid off in order to get a '05 Altima 2.5S. I'm trying to sell it to a private party, but if I'm unsuccesful by the end of the month I might try to do a trade-in. Does anyone know if the Nissan dealer will take my SUV for what I owe on the loan? I was planning on trying to get them to pay off the remaining amount on the 4Runner loan, which is a little over $21,000. Could this work?
  • sandylsandyl Posts: 42
    with my camry lease up, I decided to go with the Altima 2.5S with convience package. I got great

    deal on a sign and drive for 239/month for 36 months. Before I got the camry I had previously had an altima and maxima. Its nice going back to Nissan again. I got this deal in the metro

    Atlanta Area.


  • Hi everyone,


    Just curious if anyone has bought a new Altima 2.5S that has a package similar to my own.

    2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S


    Convenience Package

    ABS/Side Air Bags



    I seem to be getting quotes in the low 19s with the 1500 rebate, this seems pretty good since most quotes on here are without ABS/Side Air Bags. However, this is my first time actually buying a car totally on my own, securing my own financing, etc, so I'm wary about getting shafted. I'm also hiding the 500 off new college graduate rebate until I meet them in person so they don't requote me accordingly. I've read the tips Edmunds gives, does anyone else have any advice?


  • We just bought the same car this week(ours also had the $70 Protection Pkg). You're right, the ABS/Side Air Bag pkg is difficult to find - and even tougher if you also want the Convenience Pkg along with it. There were only 3 in the tri-state area(MN,WI,IA). Still haven't figured out why ABS is not standard on a car is this price range. Anyway, here's our numbers:


    2005 Altima 2.5S Auto

    Convenience Pkg

    ABS/Side Air Bag Pkg

    Protection Pkg

    Splash Guards

    Floor Mats

    MSRP: $22,980

    Edmunds Invoice: $21,304

    Paid: $21,104 - $1500 rebate = $19604 + $90(fees & title)


    I'm not sure how they are selling below invoice. Maybe there's some mfg-to-dealer cash that's behind the scenes. Or perhaps they're just cutting into their dealer holdback. Nonetheless, I feel we got a pretty good deal. I got all my price quotes through email - seemed to work pretty well. If you are getting quotes in the low 19's with the rebate, I'd say you are doing pretty well.


    Good luck!
  • Hey everyone, just giving an update on my earlier quote if anyone else is going to buy soon.


    2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S

    Automatic - Super Black

    Convenience Package

    ABS/Side Air Bags

    Splash Guards

    Floor Mats


    Comes out to

    22,910 MSRP

    21,245 Invoice

    -1,500 Rebate

    -650 Holdback from Dealer

    -500 New college graduate rebate


    18,595 Final Price


    The salesperson was very willing to talk to me about her holdback and how she was willing to give it all to me in order for my business. What a wonderful time of the year :)
  • I got a brand new 2005 white 2.5S the other day for $2850 under invoice. It only had the auto, floor/trunk mats, and side sills and splash guards. Dealed with the sales manager. The MSRP was 20,630, we negotiated it down to $16,400. It was 18,200 out the door. They said they were losing a 1000 bucks on our deal, but who knows if theyre lying. Being a salesman myself and knowing how to deal/negotiate, also helps ;).
  • I live in Central Florida and just bought:


    2005 Altima SL

    SL package (leather & the works)

    Side Airbags and ABS (hard to find)

    Powered Moonroof (no choice)

    Splash Guards

    Floor & Trunk Mats- 5 piece

    Sunroof Wind Deflector

    TMV was $24059

    Paid $24100 Out the Door


    I might have done better but there were only 2 in the Southeast and I didn't want to play hardball haggling and see it sold, thus missing the $1500 rebate.


    I could not get a Maxima SL with only Mats and Splash guards for $27000 so I loaded up the Altima. I'll have it delivered Friday.


    Hope this helps!

  • Just bought a 2005 2.5S AT with ABS, Side Airbags, splash guards, mats, protection package (oh boy) and dealer installed spoiler (like I need a hole in my head).


    I live in Missouri.


    I am now driving a 2001 Maxima SE - loaded to the gills.


    The complaints about seeing instrumentation during the day - bogus. Complaints about noise and ride - bogus. It's a nissan - feeling the road is what it's about.


    I can tell you that I have gone round and round with dealers for about 2 months. I have solicited fax offers, done some phone "dealing" and been in dealerships and walked out.


    I was originally looking for a 2.5S, ABS/Side, convenience package, with exterior color choices narrowed to two (silver and pewter) and interior one (only frost for me).


    These packages (forget my color peeves) are TOUGH to find.


    Let me first say that when I began dealing, I began dealing with dealerships I figured I would never deal with. Those that are small and/or sell multiple makes of cars. It paid off, because I ended up buying from a large Nissan only dealer with a good rep. - where you will most likely get your best price. I used faxed offers from others to bring the target dealer in line.


    I considered ordering a car and also the "dealer search" method. What I learned was that I could not get a date in writing for the order (or provide a loner for free) and that "dealer find" adds a who knows (who knows how much it costs them) money factor (we have to trade for it, get it here; blah, blah, blah). Besides that, if you're dealing on a car that doesn't exist on a lot in the local area, most times you are wasting your time. If you shop offers this way - you're gonna hear, "Do they have it in stock ?" - and they're right (cuz they know) - you end up negotiating for a car that doesn't exist.


    I never talked payments, never talked financing or trade-in, wasn't in a hurry, never test drove the car (until 2 seconds before signing the paperwork - the guy about fell over - I did the research, it's a good 4 banger so who cares)always started from "invoice" ('wholesale' of items plus holdback and destination, minus incentives), never thought about paying a dime for BS extras and kept my options open (Honda Accord Lx, Mazda 6).


    So the price - 17,900. Could have been 17,600 - but I got hung on the spoiler. The only dealership in the area with my exact colors and package (gave up on the convenience) - but with a spoiler added. But, I figured this was my max price for what I wanted - so what the hell.


    Sweet victory - the dealer I bought it from is getting the car from another local dealer. That local dealer wouldn't deal - was at about 20,000 for the car. Mr. 'old fashioned sales manager that won't let us deal on the phone' dealer.


    Anywho - I don't think I "tore their lips off" but I got a good deal. The Consumer reports wholesale for the car was at 18,370 (2.5S AT, ABS/Side, mats, guards, protect and spoiler).


    Incidentally, I could have had (without the final haggling) a convenience package added and paid 19,000 - but I dislike the black interior.

    Incidentally - my finance rate was at 4.25 with an established credit union. Nissan offered me 3.7 as I was signing the paperwork.


    Feel free to e-mail with questions;


    Good Luck.
  • d_kd_k Posts: 5
    Can YOU recommend any GOOD website where I can purchase a car directly?
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Not a good idea to post your email address here. You risk getting a lot of spam. It is better to mark your email public. This allows other Edmund's members to email you. Good luck!
  • Received 2005 Altima SL and I love it. I forgot to include the sticker price in my previous post. Here are the final numbers again. Entire transaction was completed via email and phone. Car was delivered at no charge (driven to trucked 100 miles).


    2005 Altima SL

    SL package (leather, heated seats & the works)

    Side Airbags and ABS (hard to find)

    Powered Moonroof (no choice)

    Splash Guards

    Floor & Trunk Mats- 5 piece

    Sunroof Wind Deflector


    Sticker on Window(MSRP) $26070*

    TMV was $24059*

    Paid $24100 Out the Door


    *These numbers do not include Tax, Tag and Title.
  • I just bought an Altima 2.5S, convenience package, splash guards, floor mats - MSRP $22,110, for a drive out of $19,900.


    From other messages it sounds like the recent experience has been to get a drive out about $2000 less than MSRP. However one message,-

    #397 of 403 New Altima Pricing by durandal0 Dec 17, 2004 (10:32 am)- got closer to $3000 less than MSRP.


    I got my price by submitting a detailed request for quote from 10+ dealers in my area. More than half responded. I picked the best response, and went to the dealer and paid the price w/o haggling. After the ink was signed, the two salesmen that I was talking to gave me indications that I was leaving money on the table using my approach. It sounded as if the dealerships have a bottom line number at about $500 below invoice, that they will not quote below. The sales person I was dealing with said the on-line sales people have the same constraints that the dealers on the floor have.


    If I could have done it differently I may have taken the best quote, subtracted $1000+ from it, and asked a dealer if they would meet it, and practice walking away from dealerships until I got a price that worked.


  • my dealer has a 2005 SE-R he's trying to sell me. it's sticker is right under $32k which includes their normal $1400 sealant/protection package. i thought he said there was a $2500 rebate on them, but i can't find it on nissan's web site. i can probably get him down to $28k but is the SE-R really a $28,000 car?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    as a salesperson - the $1400 sealant/paint protection package seems like a ripoff. we have ours for $495 - and THAT includes a reasonable markup! there is NO rebate on the SE-R, but there is a special financing rate available. There is about $2500 profit in the car (from MSRP to invoice). Hope that helps! See if you cant get them to scratch out that paint sealant thing, or at least knock the price down! thats a bit much.
  • Hi,


    I would to purchase an Altima ASAP, how can I get a hold of you?
  • yhsyhs Posts: 4
    bought my new altima (2.5S, automatic trans)dec. 27 for $17,349 +TT&L. dealt with the internet sales guy which was a very easy experience, but not all of them are that way.. i did not get any options, but i did not have to haggle for floor mats as it was included in the price. i did barter for window tinting and also got that included for no extra. i got my car in dallas, texas. just email for a quote from all the nearby dealerships. i continued emailing the sales rep until we confirmed everything (i also called him right before i went to the dealership to make the deal).
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