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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ronni_eronni_e Posts: 9
    Thanks for the info. The price im being offered is right at $22000 and it includes the floor mats, protection package, side sills, and sport package along with the EC Mirror. The price of $22000 is with the rebates.

    Financing is 5.54% at 60 months. So with this info does it sound good?
  • newaltinewalti Posts: 4
    Yeah...but still think that you could get a lower APR. $22K is a great price.
  • ronni_eronni_e Posts: 9
    Thanks ill keep you posted. Im speaking with 2 dealers. One is offering a car with only the side sills, spoiler, and mats for $21k and the other is what I mentioned above. Im not really sure I need some of the options that are included with the 22K one.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    but if you are happy with the deal, take it.
  • lilblilb Posts: 4
    2005 Altima 2.5S (Smoke/frost)
    5 speed
    Convenience package/guards/mats/protection package
    1% financing
    tax,title out the door for a little over 21K (used VPP; was either 1% OR rebate...chose the 1%)

    N. Olmsted
  • lilblilb Posts: 4
    oops...also included the extended 'gold' warranty.
  • ronni_eronni_e Posts: 9
    Here is what I got. What does everyone thing?

    3.5SE Automatic
    Sheer Silver with Charcoal Cloth Interior
    Sport Package (Spoiler and Sunroof)
    Side Air Bags w/Traction Control
    Side Sills and Rear Splash Guards
    Protection Package
    Floor/Trunk Mat Set
    Got it for $22,422
  • Two-pronged question/comment:

    I too have had a hard time trying to find used Altimas (2002-2004) with ABS (carshopn mentioned this as well in his/her Mar 24 post). They don't seem to exist.

    Even when trying to "build" a new car online (this site and Nissan's), it seems that package T01 (ABS & Side Airbag Package for $800) is only availble for the Altima 2.5 S and not for the various 3.5's (and I really want a 3.5). The 3.5's offer a package T02 (TCS & Side Airbag Package), but TCS isn't ABS, which is why it has a different name, eh? Does anyone know why this is? It seems that most other sedans in the Altima's class offer ABS stanard or at least as an option...

    Many thanks in advance,

  • keeferbkeeferb Posts: 81
    I just went to the Nissan web site and built a 3.5SE with the Side Air Bag/TCS pkg. When I clicked on the details of that package it lists ABS as part of it...

    • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
    • Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD)
    • Brake Assist
    • Driver and front-passenger side supplemental air bags
    • Roof-mounted curtain side supplemental air bags for front- and rear-seat occupants head protection
    • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • ABS is standard on the 3.5SE.
  • After many test drives and lots of homework, I finally decided on a 2005 Nissan Altima SE V6 silver with black heated seats and Navi. I only test drove the Altima V6 without Navi. Well decision made, but just could not find the car. Exhausting New Jersey dealerships, I finally gave up. I was told that most people who want Navi and a V6, go for the Maxima, but I didn't want to go over $30K and prefered the look of the Altima better. Has anyone else tried to find this car? Any luck?

    I know Navi is just a toy, but it is something that I wanted. So my new search begins. Fun to drive, 5 or 6 speed trani, Navi, heated leather seats, in silver! Any ideas? I have drove the Acura TSX w/Navi, Cadillac CTS w/Navi, Mazda 3s w/Navi (no Navi available in the Mazda 6s), Mini Copper S w/Navi and finally the Honda Accord EX V6 w/ what else.... Navi. :D A friend of mine has a new Toyota Solara SL w/Navi, but really am not fond of the styling, and you can ONLY get the Navigation in the SL not the SE.... and I can't stand fake wood inside a car!!! Anyone have any suggestions on what else to look at? I am leaning towards the Honda. Thanks for any assistance. :)
  • ronni_eronni_e Posts: 9
    I guess you could always have the Navi added by the dealer. Just doing a quick run on the prices though im not sure you are gonna get what you want for under $30k. For an Altima 3.5SE with Auto Tranny, leather package and navigation the price is just over $30.
  • docrxdocrx Posts: 3
    I'm considering an altima SER ,anybody have prices paid for that?
  • john55john55 Posts: 4
    I am concerned with the SE-R's ground clearance - and wondering what I pay for a new loaded Altima SE-R?
  • john55john55 Posts: 4
    Hi -

    I found your review encouraging and wonder if you can advise me on purchasing a new Altima SE-R? I am concerned about its ground clearance considering I live in Vermont (snow, mud season, etc.) and I'm also clueless about what to expect to pay. Thanks
  • ptinnjptinnj Posts: 2
    I'm having the hardest time finding a 2005 Altima with a Manual Transmission and ABS. Do they exist?

    The dealer tells me he can't find one or order one from the factory, but I don't anywhere that says the two can't go together. Any thoughts?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    you looking at a 2.5S or a 3.5SE?
  • ptinnjptinnj Posts: 2
    Either, really. On the 2.5S, I can find plenty with ABS and the auto, and it comes standard with the 3.5SE with the auto. But the only model where I can find both a manual and ABS is the SE-R. And I don't want to pay that much. Any thoughts?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    just checked with the sales manager, and according to him - nissan is not making any more Altimas with a manual transmission AND side air/abs. weird if you ask me, but im not nissan corporate. like you said - it is available on the SE-R.

    hope that helped (even if it was something you didnt want to hear)
  • hi, i have 3.5SE MT and no ABS or TCS (who really needs TCS for MT).
    im not sure if TCS is linked w/ cars having ABS, but if it is, i have seen some MT TCS out there.
  • seems that they want you to get the se-r.
    too bad you can't get navigation with those- you have to go aftermarket.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    i have no clue why they are doing it this way - funny thing is, our quick reference guides have it listed as something you CAN get with a MT, but they are just not being built that way. in fact, nissan isnt going to be building any more MT 3.5SEs this year - how weird!

    though, i wouldn't mind an SE-R! those are AWESOME! (i drive the baby brother spec-v)

  • Hi All
    I am the newbie here, and I am in the market for a new 05 altima 2.5S (auto) plus ABS/side airbag. could someone please give me some recommandations on Nissan dealers around boston MA, and Nashua NH area, that known to give out bargan price on the 2.5S Altima.

    the readings on this forum are fanatastic.
    keep up the good conversation!!!

  • HI all
    I am interested in buying altima 2.5S (auto) with conveince pkg and abs/sideair. the MSRP is 22760 and invoice 21156 including destiation charge. given the incentive and rebate floating around. what would be a good offer price for this vehicle? and how much would other fee cost, doc fee, titile fee, reg fees? ohh, I am in boston area, and I am also looking for some good nissan dealer who give out good prices.

  • saleesalee Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,

    Wanted to see what you thought of a quote I received for a Altima 3.5SE. I have been quoted $24,194 (not including TTL). This includes a small discount for Nissan's Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP) and already includes the $1500 rebate.

    What it has is...
    Sports Package Plus
    Floor Mats
    Side Sills w/mud guards
    Auto dimming mirror
    XM Radio
    Wind Deflector (rather it did not have)
    Protection package
    Also a automatic and the dealer is in San Antonio, TX

    The actual invoice price is $25,776 and the MSRP is $28,130. This also is what I got when I priced it out on Edmunds. Is this a decent deal, given the car has everything but traction control, leather, side airbags and nav?

    Also was wondering if the rebate starting on May 3, may be bigger than the current $1500. Thanks for your help.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    VPP is a great way to get a competitive price without any haggle. sounds like a good deal to me! Also, it is unsure whether the rebates will go up or down, but if it is any indication, our rep from Nissan said the lease specials on some cars were DEFINITELY being cut back...if you are happy, i'd say make the deal, and whatever happens down the road, don't worry about...

    good luck!

  • gottookgottook Posts: 4
    What is a good price on a Altima 2005 SL? I just purchased on for my wife, I thought i did all the research. Nissan does not seem to motivated to sell you a car. I ended up paying $ 23,200, the car had charcoal leather, sunroof heated seats. I took the 1% financing and not the rebate. It seems like a nice car but could i have gotten a better deal?

  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    what kind of equipment did it have on it - foglamps, sunroof, abs? what was msrp?
  • saleesalee Posts: 2
    Thanks thene,

    I am going to take the plunge and get the Nissan SE. I agree that VPP is a great, especially since it takes out the haggling. Thanks again for the feedback!
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    no problem! enjoy your new Altima! its a great car


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