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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I've been logging on to to see availble option packages for V6 SE in Boston area from last May. Now I realized that from this month, the options offered changed- 2 option packs to 5. With the change, VSC is now available with v6 se finally, which I've been looking for all this time.

    But to my dismay, the dealers in the area don't seem to know of the change. Does anyone else have similar experience? How accurate was the info from in terms of what the dealers offer in your region?
  • nynewcarnynewcar Posts: 89
    We got a flyer from a local Toyota dealer with a "private offer" of Toyota Employee Prices. It says we have to bring the letter for admittance to the event (during three days next week).

    Anyone have any experience with this type of thing? Is it really a significant discount or does the price still come down to the buyer's knowledge (i.e., doing your homework before going to the dealership) and bargaining skills?
  • ilovecars1ilovecars1 Posts: 119
    well, going to Fitzmall was an idea..but never got a chance. I deposited $500 with this dealer and the car will be delivered week of 21st august. Their printed invoice had vehicle etch, documentation fee etc. We argued about it, but they said it is standard.

    Do you guys think that LO jack is something I may need for a camry? I live in northern NJ.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,266
    does the price still come down to the buyer's knowledge (i.e., doing your homework before going to the dealership) and bargaining skills?

    I think you know the answer... It is just marketing..


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  • I bought my Camry Hybrid one month ago later this week. Remember, it was both Toyota of San Bernardino AND Redlands which both offered the car @ 27K out the door. My advice to you is grow a thick skin, and head out to the dealers in person (I think that is the only way they will take you seriously). My whole day/3 dealer experience ended with my steal of a deal ($1908 below MSRP for the Hybrid -- whereas others report that the Hybrid typically goes for at or above MSRP!!!) Trust me, it'll be worth it, I'm lovin' my hybrid!
  • I live in northern NJ also and am not purchasing Lo-Jack. I used to drive my brand new 1992 Camry into Manhattan, park on the street and never had a problem. The $222.00 registration fee is for four years not one year. I believe that you will not have to have the car inspected for the first four years as well. Window etching is optional although dealers try to push it in our area.

    For those who follow these threads, I am still waiting for a build date on my SE-V6 that was ordered on May 16. Because of the delay, I now have the pleasure of paying 7% sales tax on my car. Also, I see that Toyota is raising prices effective with cars built on August 28th. I hope that my next fight is not with the dealer who wants to pass along an increase to me in spite of a signed contract from May. Toyota raised prices when the '07 Camrys were introduced this year and is raising them again. I'd like to know the reason for two increases in one year. :(
  • Also, I see that Toyota is raising prices effective with cars built on August 28th

    Can you give us some more specifics about that statement? What is source on that? How much increse on what model?
  • I found that info on the following website It seems that prices are going up across the line. :(
  • bwong06bwong06 Posts: 43
    We were thinking about a Rav4 but they are next to impossible to get without it being a 4wd. Anyways we decided to look at Camry's and the dealer offered an OTD of 22,900 here in phoenix az where the sales tax is 8.1%. Think we are paying too much and can get a lower deal?

    These is a basic Camry with no added features.
  • bwong06bwong06 Posts: 43
    Hey tommay i dont know if you check these boards anymore but where did you get the offer of 21,500. i would love to get that price, and i dont really care about color too much.
  • mbolivermboliver Posts: 55
    What model Camry and what add ons are on it?
  • bwong06bwong06 Posts: 43
    basic LE, no add ons what so ever.
  • mbolivermboliver Posts: 55
    Yes, that's high. They should be able to come down at least a 1,000. Check out prices. You can get an idea of what to look for.
  • ilovecars1ilovecars1 Posts: 119
    Hi Concertkey, Thanks a lot. Also, do you think that they are right in the statement that toyota camry does not come with an vehicle security system? Do I need to pay for it extra? they say it is about $600. Thanks.
  • mbolivermboliver Posts: 55
    I am assuming you mean an LE 4 cyl. If it's a LE V6 then that price sounds about right.
  • The car comes with an engine immobilizer function which is probably adequate. I called my insurance company to find out if there would be a discount for window etching and they stated that the discount would apply to the engine immobilizer or the window etching, but not both. If you go to, you will see the additonal security system Toyota offers listed under "Other options." The list on Toyota's security system is $359.00. The invoice price for this item has suddenly disappeared from the site and the price has spiked to MSRP. My salesman told me yesterday that Camrys are in short supply so one wonders if Toyota has slowed or shut the assembly line for some reason other than printing new window stickers with higher prices on them. :(
  • ilovecars1ilovecars1 Posts: 119
    yes, I checked in carsdirect, they are not giving any discount for some unknown reason. Well, I paid $400 over invoice and am getting 3 oil changes for free which will be almost $100. But they are taking extra money with documentation fee, vehicle etch (total of $320) which is apparently a scam.

    they said the VIP security systems are not available with them, they provide auto mate security which is $600.

    so is the engine immobilizer an antitheft device? how does it work?
  • ilovecars1ilovecars1 Posts: 119
    concertkey, my salesman also said that it is a short supply. The reason he told me is that the demand is very high. that is why I need to preorder.They get a certain number of camry's,and the number they can sell in a month, they will get same number of vehicles next month. I do not know if it is true, but this is what I was told. ;)
  • Dealing with Toyota, to date, has become a very unpleasant experience. My dealer called with the latest round of bad news yesterday, i.e., the new price increases on the 2007 Camry that take effect at the end of the month. According to the dealer, I'm now responsible for an additional $300.00 on my car which was ordered with a signed contract on May 16. Between the sales tax increase in New Jersey and Toyota's increase, I'm now liable for an additional $600.00 over the contract price. This could all have been avoided had Toyota assigned a VIN# and build date in mid-July, a mere two months after I ordered the car. Yes.... Toyota was unable to assign a build date within an 8 week period after placing the order! Apparently. Toyota could still spare me this increase by assigning a build date before August 28th, but I am not hopeful considering their actions to date.

    I would like an explanation from TMUSA concerning their failure to set a build date for my SE-V6 as well as the need to raise prices twice this year on the 2007 Camry in the face of rising profits at the company. Any efficiently-run company should have been able to fill my order within 6-8 weeks or given me an explanation. My customer rating of this company has dropped to less than satisfactory and that's before I've been able to use their product. :confuse: :mad:
  • Read my post #3747 before you place an order for your car.
  • guru_gguru_g Posts: 62
    Concertkey, I am in a similar predicament as you are. My dealer informed me that it will be another 4 weeks before my car is BUILT by Toyota. I had ordered the car 5 weeks ago. If I am indeed slapped with the extra $300, I will cancel my order and will either buy an Acura TL or G35 or wait for 2008 Camry, which hopefully will not have the transmission issues as the 2007.
  • ilovecars1ilovecars1 Posts: 119
    if we cancel the order, do we get the deposit money back? :surprise:
  • guru_gguru_g Posts: 62
    Since the car dealership is the one not honoring the price agreed upon, I see no reason for them to withhold the deposit. Infact, I am pretty sure you can take them to court for not honoring a written and signed (by the dealership and you) contract. Additionally, if whatever you signed is NOT a contract it cannot be enforced and hence the dealership cannot penalize you for cancelling payment of your check or disputing the charges on your credit card.
  • tyray15tyray15 Posts: 11
    I am also feeling your pain as I am playing the waiting game as well. I ordered my SE on July 20 which they told me my car would be built on August 2nd and it would be at the dealership on August 16th. After renegotiating the price a couple weeks ago in my favor, they tell me thru email that I "lost" the car because the price changed and the guy in line behind me got it (apparently he wanted the EXACT same car I did...I don't think so). I think it is a bunch of BS and I don't really understand what they could be trying to pull. Anyway, they're telling me now they do not know when my car will get here. I'm hoping I won't get hit with the markup.
  • ilovecars1ilovecars1 Posts: 119
    I have a question. Was your car special order? why is it taking longer?

    concertkey, was yours special order?

    I think I am just taking the normal no-fancy LE, that is why They told me on Monday that the car will be coming in on the week of aug 21st. Let's see what happens.
  • tyray15tyray15 Posts: 11
    i would say it is a special order. first off, it's an SE....which i've only seen 2 here in kansas city. one was a fully loaded V6 and the other was stripped and did not like the color. i got a 4-cyl with JBL system upgrade, moonroof, spoiler, floor mats.
  • Well I placed a deposit for a Camry Hybrid two weeks ago now and I have since called the sales person to cancel the order. While I was waiting, my 99 Camry started to spew white smoke out the tail pipe :sick: and I got worried. I figured out that it will only cost me $1400 to fix my 99 Camry 4cyl with 117K thousand miles. I have read all the posts regarding issues with the ICE Camrys and do not really want to spend $25K on a 4cyl when I already have one of thoses. Reasons for this, I called the sales person (John Elway's Crown Toyota) twice last week to try to get a build date or an estimated time of delivery so that I know whether I can hold out that long. As you can tell, I was having some serious issues with my 99. He didn't even bother the call me back saying that there was not date from Toyota. Then I heard about the price increase and the potential that my car would be built in KY and that I would miss the full tax credit deadline. Each step meant spending more :cry: on a car that I could have in my color of choice (not even a choice) and I had to have options included that I didn't want. All in all I am really turned off by the car buying experience with this particular purchase. Don't get me wrong, I like this dealership. My 99 and 2002 that my mother in law drives is from the same dealer, so they know me as a repeat customer. They are also well aware that I am a loyal Toyota customer because my husbad drives a 2001 Tundra that this dealer services. Anyway, I called and cancelled my order yesterday. He will be mailing my check back to me. He sounded dissapointed but he should have realized that the commission was not "in the bag". It was only a deposit to place an order.

    Now, I'm just going to be happy with my Camry now and put money away to buy something more customized (Corvette? BMW5??) next time ;) . I just get the feeling the both Toyota and the dealers have grown too big for their shoes.
  • Check out this link on the pricing. Apparently they are not raising the MSRP on the TCH. me-2007-models.html
  • At least you have a build date! I was also looking online at the G35 or Acura TL myself but haven't come to any conclusion as of today. The G35 line is turning over in the fall and the Acura TL is a better looking car than the SE.
  • Isn't it a wonderful time to be a Toyota customer? I'm starting to wonder if selling price has anything to do with their failure to set a build date. Could it be that my dealership has pushed my order to the back of the line because they sold it to me just above invoice? Because the Camry has suddenly become "in demand" are negotiated prices rising and with dealer allotments, are these new buyers being preferenced because profit margins are higher? Between Toyota's rising profits and prices and the dealership's desire for better profits, could it be that we are pawns in a game called GREED? :confuse:
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