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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jintjint Posts: 2
    Well, my dealer told me that I have to borrow $10K and the minimum term is 6MO. I guess they're playing trick on us. :). Thanks for your information!
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    To qualify for the College Grad Program Rebate, you do need to finance a portion of the purchase through Toyota Financial Services. However, they do no penalize you for pre-payment. So you can finance $5,000 and when you get your first statement, pay the full ballance off at that time.

  • Hi,

    Can you tell me what dealer in PA you got this price from? Thanks, I am in PA too.

  • jammikejammike Posts: 38
    the deal beariver got involved $1000 toyota rebate compared to $750 in Northeast
    and $1500 in South East. Secondly Beariver also got the College rebate of $400.

    You can check their internet prices at
  • jammike,

    Thanks for that info. I did not realize that there were regional differences in the rebates. Do you know if her price also included tax, title, etc. In other words was her out the door price really $17950 for a new 2005 LE with side curtain airbags?

    Thank you,

  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    hey nohassle,

    no, never heard from the guy(it was woweee tht made the claim). hope he checks back here soon. i think i am just going to contact all va beach dealerships to see if it was the real deal.

    u can use or to find the varying regional rebates. for example, in TN and KY, the rebate is 700 for all camrys. in GA and NC i believe, the rebate is 1000 for LEs and 1500 for standards. all r in the southeast so go figure. it does seem to be worthwhile to look at other states, esp if you're in the mkt for a standard, which i have now convinced myself that there really is no reason to buy an LE, as other posters here have pointed out. My target for a standard w/ AT trans and side/curtain is around $16.5k before ttl.

    I just hope toyota doesn't raise their prices as their ceo/prez hinted to a cple times in the past few weeks.
  • nohasslenohassle Posts: 7

    Thanks for confirming those regional rebates. If you find out the name of the dealer in Va Beach, I'd appreciate you passing it on.

    I've gone through the research/homework drill here in Chicago, following Edmunds 10-step buying procedure (Great site). I've gotten bids from several local dealerships. Then yesterday the Chicago Tribune newspaper comes out and the car ads contain a full color spread for Grossinger City Toyota. They offer an STD for 15,795. Their best quote (which matched bid from best competitor on the LE was 17,796). So with an 8.75% sales tax in Chicago, IL (GASP!!!), that's an almost $2200 difference between LE and STD. So now I'm trying to find all the significant differences between LE and STD.

    I read in a previous post that the LE has following features over STD:

    1. full-sized spare
    2. Keyless entry
    3. Color-coordinated mirrors
    4. Power drivers seat
    5. Better quality tires
    6. Some question about different transmission?
    7. Certainly wider color selection with LE

    Can you (or anyone else), confirm, dispute or add to that list?

    I don't care about any of those things except my wife loves the idea of keyless entry. I don't care too much about the colors, but the STD colors are not to my liking (Hate the current fashion of black, charcoal, taupe, olive drab that seem to appear everywhere from house siding to car colors. Reflects the malaise in the country?)

    By the way, it was interesting that the rebate on the LE and STD were different in my region, with LE rebate of 700 and STD rebate of 540. So I don't know how this Grossinger dealership can go as low as 15, 795 on the STD. (This is a large reputable dealership, BTW).
  • nohasslenohassle Posts: 7
    UPDATE: the $15795 price I wrote about in the previous post is for an STD with manual transmission.

    Also went to to find out the differences between STD and LE models. Did not see anything related to transmission differences.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    thanks for the info nohassle.

    I checked out the specs btwn the 2 and everything you listed is correct(except for the transmission; like u said, couldn't find anything abt there being a diff either). I like the keyless entry too but $2k ain't worth it. I just tell myself that it is one less electrical problem that i won't have to deal with in the future. And yeah, full size spare, matching outside mirrors, power adjusted driver's seat, salsa red color option, blah blah blah who cares.

    Get this. I went to the dealership the other day and the salesperson told me the STD did not have ABS. He then shows me the 05 camry brochure and right there in print it confirms his statement. The other salesppl also confirm this. Checking on I find that this is not the case. The brochure was printed in '04 and apparently Toyota added the option later in the yr. And even better, when I 1st mentioned the STD, the sales guy told me that the LE was the standard and there was nothing below this. So basically the LE is hype with a lot of nice margin. It seems the sales ppl don't want to deal with STD. I wonder if it'll be hard to locate a std w/ auto trans and side/curtain? Wonder if anybody has bought such a car, b/c it seems that most who buy STD's r buying them w/ no additional options. Also seems like all the great deals r on barebone STDs, to get them off the lot or to get ppl to come to the dealership in the 1st place--a marketing gimmick..
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    This is what a salesguy from Rice Toyota in Greensboro NC just told me. Any info? clearly shows this as an option.
  • bearriverbearriver Posts: 5
    HI, Beth,

    I bougth a 2005 Toyota Camry LE with side airbag. My price $17950 is OUT The Door Price including 5% MD tax and TTL and 100 documentation processing fee. The Toyota cash back in atlantic area is 1000. I also got 400 graduate student cash back.

  • mikej1543mikej1543 Posts: 13

    I'm looking to help my Mother in Law locate the best deal on a Camry LE lease. She lives in southern, NH, within 30 miles of the Mass border, so we can go to Mass dealers if necessary.

    Anyone have any hot leads?

  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    more info from Rice Toyota:

    "Side Curtain Airbags might be a factory option for the STANDARD
    model Camry but no dealer in the Southeast ( Florida, Georgia, Alabama,
    South and North Carolina ) has one or has one coming in."

    Salesman also said, ""Almost all of the protection in a side impact comes from the side door impact beams which are excellent in the Camry. So no need for the [side] airbags."

    2 car "experts" i talked too insisted that side/curtain airbags were essential:

    "Side impact beams provide protection for the occupant 'cage' inside the car, but doesn't protect the occupants themselves.
    Imagine this: If an SUV collided with a Camry, yes the side impact beams would take most of the impact but there may still be protrusions through the windows and also the sheetmetal on the door may also crumple and protrude into the cabin.
    That's where side airbags / head airbags come into play and protect the occupants of the car from coming into contact with these protrusions.
    In short, yes side / head airbags save lives. I consider them to be much more useful than frontal airbags."

    So I am sold on side/curtain bags. Now, if STD's w/ side/curtain are not available in the SE region, where do I have to go to get one? Any suggestions? STD is almost $2000 less than a similar config'd LE, w/ minimal loss in features.

    I still haven't decided whether to wait a few mnths for the new '06s to come out. Should be arriving in aug?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    First, when the STD Camry first was introduced, it did NOT have ABS as standard equipment and none were being built with it. That did change in the middle of the year, so there may still be some that don't have ABS on dealer lots. It also does not have keyless entry or power driver's seat as standard equipment. The outside mirrors are also not color keyed. As for the side and side-curtain airbags, from what I can see, I don't see any area of the country that has the STD Camry with them available. They built the STD to be a price-point vehicle and to load it up with options, even ones that are popular such as the curtain airbags is counter to what they are trying to accomplish with the model. You could attempt to "order" one, but at this time of the year you probably will end up with an '06 with the accompanying increase in price, and loss of any incentives they have on the '05 models. Also don't hold your breath on how long it will take (upwards of 6mos in some cases and in some cases, Toyota just won't produce that particular vehicle). Hope this helps.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    they are an option
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    An option, as toyotaken has said, at a MSRP of $186.00.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    Thnaks for the info.

    When i told the dealer that a diff dealer in another state was selling STD w/ ABS, they told me they were "confused" and that no STD'c come with ABS. What a bunch of crap.

    Btw, if anyone is interested, the dealer with the not-so-honest salesppl is Beaman Toyota in Nashville. I urge everyone to stay away

    I guess I'm going to wait for the 06's to come out and see if there is a drop in the 05 LE's. Also, hopefully Toyota makes side/curtain stnd on all 06 camrys.

    I read here that waaayy back in sept 04, someone bought a 05 auto LE for $16270 before ttl in socal. also around the same time some socal dealers were selling 04 auto LE's for $15800-16100. Jump almost a yr later and dealers r quoting me $17800 for the same thing???? forgettaboutit.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I would like to say something in defense of car dealers. It is almost impossible for every salesman to know exactly what comes standard on every make and model and what is an option on a particular make and model. Honda and Acura are much simpler when it comes to standard equipment because a particular model does not really have any options. So please do not be so critical of Toyota salesman because Toyota makes it difficult for them especially when they change standard/optional equipment in the middle of the model year. We here are auto nuts but not every car salesman is. I know, they should be as familiar with their product as possible, but it is difficult. I feel the prospective buyer should try to get as much information as they can and not solely rely on the car salesman. Does Toyota USA notify every dealer when they change standard/optional equipment on a particular model? Maybe one of the regulars can answer that. If so, does every salesman get notified of the change by the GM? Please be patient with car salesman; just my .02.
  • hw99hw99 Posts: 7
    Is $19750 (before $ 750Rebates,Tax) good for LE 4Cyl 5A + Moonroof & Side Airbag?

    Is there any suggestion for the dealers in connecticut?

  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43

    True. There are some equally shady consumers out there who try to play games w/ sales ppl. Also, I should be more flexible considering that ppl in sales can make mistakes. But, at this particular dealership, the salesman initially told me that the LE is the standard--that there is nothing below this. Outrageous. On top of that, he and 2 others inform me tht there is no such thing as a STD w/ ABS, and that the other dealer i was dealing w/ was not being honest or just "confused".. I could possible understand if this was near the time that ABS was added to the STD, but this is 6/05!! How much time do these guys need to brush up on what they are exactly selling? If a car dummy like me can figure it out, I expect the salesman to also.

    So once again, everyone stay away from Beaman Toyota in Nashville TN. And for that matter, all of TN seems to blow when it comes to pricing of Toyotas and Hondas. Surrounding states such as Georgia offer much better pricing.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    you can do at least $250 less. check if there r any nearby states that have a $1000 rebate on the LE(use and input zipcodes). see if you can get one under $18k(after rebate). go for something around $17.5k if u really want to be aggressive. u might get it when the 06's start coming out in a cple mnths(presumably).
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I was not defending this particular dealership at all. I was only defending dealerships in general and their respective salesmen. The sales staff at Beaman could have called Toyota and gotten answers from them and not have accused someone else of being "dishonest or confused".
  • umichumich Posts: 10
    Dear all,I am new here. I want to buy a "LE 4d with auto transmission". The best price so far is $17995+TTL. Anyone has a good experience in MI?Thank you
  • camfan1camfan1 Posts: 3
    Does this price inclu. tax?
  • ibhg31ibhg31 Posts: 6
    Hello All,
    After watching this forum for over a month! I finally purchased a 2005 Lunar Mist Camy LE, 4 Cyl, 5AT, w/mats for $18,425 OTD in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks to "Bigpig426, Post 1950" regarding his camry buying experience @ Longo Toyota in SoCal. I was able to negociate a good price with the dealer. I first tried to purchase the car using Costco car buying service, but the same dealer quoted $19,600 before TT&L (includes 1K rebate) for the Costco price. So, I showed the dealer an internet quote from Longo Toyota and at first the sales manger said he there is no way he could sell a Camry for that price. But, during the negotiation general manager was walking by and overheard us and after 30 mins of negotiation with the general manager, he came close to matching Longo Toyota price so I bought it at the local dealship. Here is what I paid:

    1. LE w/mats $16,500 (includes $1,000 rebate)
    2. Tax 6.6% 1,089
    3. Title&Doc 836
    Total 18,425

    Thanks again "Bigpig426". :shades:
  • umichumich Posts: 10
    Thanks for reply. NO. After deduct $700 rebate and Before TTL.
    How much should I ask?
  • jim1975jim1975 Posts: 6
    This is a great price. The best I got offered was Camry standard for $17,000 before taxes and dealer fees. For LE $17,500 (after $1000 rebate). I got Honda Accord value pack instead for $16,400 before tax.
    It doesn't have power locks but it has side and curtain airbags and engine immobilizer that Camry has not. I don't know if I did a mistake but it rides much better than Camry and I will chose again side and curtain airbags over power locks
  • cyclone5cyclone5 Posts: 4
    I just went back from toyota dealer shop. Sales person offered me $18,950 (before TAX) for 2005 Camry LE with leather seat. MRSP was about $22,000. I took $400 recent graduate discount, $750 rebate, and $2,000 down after deal.

    I would like to know if this is good deal. Dealer shop is in Columbia, MO. Many thanks for your opinons.
  • I just bought a Camry SE with spoiler, premuim JBL 8 speaker stereo, aluminum wheels, wheel locks, and preferred accessory package. Total MSRP was $23,021 and we got it for $19,535. The dealership had to get the car from a neighboring state and the doc fees were $35. The total with TTL (5% sales tax) was $20,611.75 The price includes a $1,000 rebate. I think this was $100 under invoice. Great car! Love the sunroof or moonroof (what's the difference between them?).

    Opinion on whether I got a good price. :)
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