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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • machismomachismo Posts: 6
    I can't get any dealer in Austin to get close to $18900, since the Toyota rebates have ended seems like all the dealers do not want to budge, even though the 07 Camry never had any incentives, it feels like the dealers are not as desperate.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    :P Well... it took almost 13 weeks, but it arrived - as ordered - on Thursday. Even Toyota told me you couldn't order a Toyota! Pick the right dealer and they can make it happen. Black V6SE, Charcoal Leather, NAV, XM, Stability, Mats, NO SPOILER. Pics were just posted in the 2007+ section.
  • dwyoodwyoo Posts: 1
    i feel the same way. the best i got so far in kansas city is 19400 for le auto, and 18700 for ce auto. probably i'll wait till august or even christmas... ;)
  • kool9999kool9999 Posts: 3
    New 2007 sky blue pearl purchase 5/26/2006:

    Camry Le - V6 -
    JBL - 8 speakers system
    Moonroof package
    all mats
    Alloy wheels

    MSRP 26,200
    knock down to 24200 - 400(new grad) = 23,800.
    with tax and everything - 25,500$

    This is in Cleveland, Ohio
  • tankmastertankmaster Posts: 20
    Congrats on the color. Mine just came in and I should be getting it within a week. The dealer tod me that they are making less than 5% of the Camrys in this color. Not sure why but I love it and also the fact that I won't see the same color camry that I have every day.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 579
    That's a great price.

    Under the MSRP after tax and license and all the mysterious fees?

    That amounts to about 10% out here in CA.

    But the dealers out here are digging down and not giving those kinds of deals. At least the ones in my area.
  • frodo6frodo6 Posts: 16
    I just got a...

    Camry LE V6
    Magnetic Gray

    MSRP 23,8** (includes destination)
    OTD 23,300

    In NC

    Not sure if I got a good deal, but one thing I was disappointed about was that I wanted alloy wheels on the car. The dealer said they weren't installing alloy wheels at the factory unless you bundled it with another expensive option. They quoted me on Enkei alloys for nearly 900s. I was wondering if Toyota makes cheaper alloys (16in)... the alloys they install from the factory list at 410, but the dealer said I couldn't have them.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    :blush: I don't think this dealer would do this price again - claimed they forgot to add in the destination fee in my quote from mid-March. But bless them, they honored the original deal. Tansky Toyota, Columbus, OH - They were great to work with through the entire 13 week process, from special ordering the vehicle through the delivery process. I'd highly recommend them.

    Black V6SE, charcoal leather package, stability/traction, mats, NAV, moonroof package, XM > MSRP (sticker) = $31,103. Price paid = $27,840 plus document/title fees of $125. That equals a discount of $3,263 off sticker.
  • 007lev6007lev6 Posts: 6

    I got the same car a month ago but with leather. Paid $23,448 plus Tax, Title and License. MSRP was $25,273. If your price OTD of 23,300 includes TTL, you got a great deal, well below invoice.
  • 03cobra03cobra Posts: 37
    I purchased an SE V6 for $100 over invoice. I got this price from 1 particular person at Denny Hecker, If you need more info, give me your email address.
  • paulopaulo Posts: 6 Jackson TN like the plague. They're the most dishonest car dealer I've ever dealt with.

    I don't have time to tell my story, but it's a doozie. Be warned!
  • lev1lev1 Posts: 6
    I have a very hard time getting a 2007 LE-V6 with MSRP 23,819 priced below AAA quote of 22,243 (+tax / lic.)
    Usual questions: Who got it better/ where / for how much and would waiting till the 4th of July help?
  • lib001lib001 Posts: 1
    There are 17 Toyota dealerships in the Houston area. I did my research and learned all I could about the ’07 LE V6. Located just what I wanted. I was unable to get away and drive the 400 miles to pick it up at that time. I started looking for another by contacting the internet and fleet managers. The Don McGill dealership said they could get what I wanted on or about the 15th of June. They wanted a deposit to do this and I agreed. I was told what my trade-in was worth from high to low. The discount, on the new car, was not as much as the first dealer, but I consented anyway. By- the-way, the best price quote came in from Alvin, TX after I had talked to this salesman.

    You guessed it, the most they would give me on my trade was $1,400.00 less than the low they had quoted. I took the Camry price quote, from Alvin, to the sales manager. When he saw this he became very angry and stood up and started yelling. He told me that they could sell the car for more money and they would keep my deposit. I said, "fine".
    He followed me back to the salesman’s desk lecturing me on supply and demand. He then grabbed a computer on the desk and started going through the Toyota program and yelling that there was nothing available for over a month. I sat there and called the first salesman at the other dealership. They would have NEVER treated a man this way. They continued to be very rude while I asked several times for a drive-out price. The salesman finally gave me a price and I wrote a check. Only in the car business are customers manipulated, bullied, and threatened.

    When I was escorted to my new car with 3 miles on it, it reeked of cigarette smoke. This was more than offensive to a reformed smoker. No new car smell, cigarette smoke! How would you guys have handled this whole situation? I felt like I was dealing with the run-away “Sopranos” on a bad day. Someone who knows the car business should become a personal shopper.
  • tankmastertankmaster Posts: 20
    If sympathy is what you are looking for, you get none from me.

    You were the one who decided to let them belittle,degrade and, humiliate you. And then after they walk all over you, you buy a car from them.
  • prbqpprbqp Posts: 5
    The more I review these posts, the more pissed I get. Now, I just visited and corresponded with a couple of local dealerships and they are quoting me this:

    Camry LE w/5-spd, AT + vehicle stability control = $21,417 OTD (includes tax & tags). Now, I am starting to worry that this quote is too much after reading some of your experiences.

    Should I hold off for a month or too? There is no Camry with this criteria for me to look at, dealer says he "cannot keep them on the lot." How ridiculous can this really be?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    They would have NEVER treated a man this way. They continued to be very rude while I asked several times for a drive-out price. The salesman finally gave me a price and I wrote a check. Only in the car business are customers manipulated, bullied, and threatened.

    You're probably right. This man would have told them where to park that car. When you say they continued to be rude.... that's when you walk out (or sooner).

    I don't know how old you are or how many times you've been through the buying experience. They want the upper hand in negotiations but since you have the money, you are in control. A womans money is just as dear to a dealer as a man's. They will take advantage of ANYBODY. Don't feel like they picked on you simply because you're a woman. I'm guessing these guys try this on anyone they think they can get by with it. However they will only take advantage of anyone to the extent that they can get by with it. You sound like a willing victim.

    Now the good part. Get over it, don't think about it anymore, but learn from it. Do not let this upset you any longer, it's over and done. Today's a new day!!!!

    The price they gave you might actually not have been a bad price. They lure people in with a better price when they actually may have had no intention to give it to you (lying_not a goot trait, but hey they are car salesmen).
    Remember that a good price on a trade is not what you want for the car (although that is good), but actually what the car is selling for in that area less a reasonable profit for the dealer to prepare the car, advertise, warrant and sell it. You can go on this same site and look at the used car values. Many dealers use Kelly Blue Book ( and use the "good" condition trade in value as a starting point (assuming your trade was in good condition). You can usually sell your car outright for much more. Depending on the tax situation in your state that may be a good alternative.
  • promoguypromoguy Posts: 7
    Try the Van Nuys Toyota dealer. Exactly 5 weeks ago to the date, I paid 18,900.00 plus.
  • Something is wrong---Edmunds states that the INVOICE on a 2007 LE V6 is $21,084+Advertising (or TDA).
  • promoguypromoguy Posts: 7
    "Something is wrong---Edmunds states that the INVOICE on a 2007 LE V6 is $21,084+Advertising (or TDA). "

    I'm not sure what you're saying. Something is wrong? Nothing is wrong. I didn't pay anything for advertising, just doc fee of 45.00.
  • prbqpprbqp Posts: 5
    Where are you all getting these from? I get anything for a LE, Auto, 5-speed below $19.5?
  • gpoltgpolt Posts: 113
    Am considering a special order SE V6 as well with very limited equiment (No SR - too tall, No spoiler, No Nav, perhaps leather). Question. Comparing the SE V6 to the LE V6, I noticed that while the LE suspension was very loose, the car seemed much quieter than the SE V6. Further, I noticed that there is a substabtial difference in the ground clearances between the Camry models with the Hybrid having the most and the SE V6 having the least.

    Was the noise difference observed by you? Do you find the ground clearance to be an issue? BTW, Great Photos.

  • mangballmangball Posts: 2
    It sure pays to wait for the good price. After emailed to about 15 dealers in the Bay Area and its surrounding area for a SE 4cyl auto, I found the lowest is from Hill Top Toyota at Richmond which is selling it at invoice price. But they didn't have the Titanium color that I wanted. And they might not have one any time soon.
    So I emailed couple of dealers to see if they can match it. Only City Toyota can. So, I finally got mine yesterday at invoice price which is $22144.00 + $45 doc fee + DMV fee and tax.

    2007 Titanium color SE auto 4 cyl model 2546 with
    EJ JBL 6 CD changer
    SR Sun Roof
    RF Rear Spoiler
    CF Carpret/floor mat
    MSRP $24709.00
    Invoice: $22144.00

    It was pretty much hassle free with the internet sale guy but the finance manager was really pushy on the maintenance package which I rejected.
    If you want to get a car from City Toyota, I would only recommend people go through their internet sale department. Their retail sales dept is infamous for scamming people. And make sure you do your research about the car before you go. The internet sales doesn't know much about the features on 07 Camry but then his job is to get you lowest price instead of lure you in with talks.

    Good luck to rest of you who are still looking. I am pretty sure you can get a better deal if you wait a month or so but I am satisfied with mine now.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    Actually, never considered or drove the LE (or Hybrid because there were none to drive). So I have no comments on the noise issue. If you heard a substantial difference in noise level it may have been the tires. I believe they put three different models on the SE & I'm not sure what is on the LE. My Bridgestones are pretty quiet - but I'd prefer to have the Michelins.

    On the ground clearance, our main concern is when pulling into parking spots that have a curb or "stop" in front of the space. I've been pretty careful so far to not let the front end run over the stop/curb. Time will tell...

    On the "loose" suspension - if the LE is the same as the XLE, I'd never consider it. I really like the way the SE handles corners & turns so far. It stays pretty flat around any bend. I think it may be better than my Maxima SE was w/ Michelin Pilot Sport AS tires.
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    Wow, that's a great price.

    Just to clarify, you got a 2007 V6 LE for $18,900 from Van Nuys. Was it through the internet dept or the sales floor?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    I saw some of your older posts, you were posting regarding the 4-cylinder. So, I just wanted to be sure. Thanks
  • promoguypromoguy Posts: 7
    Man, this forum seems to constantly need clarification. Just read what I wrote.

    Internet sales.
  • frodo6frodo6 Posts: 16
    I can't believe he got a v6 for 18.9 either. That's a good price for an 4 cyl. LE!
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    In all of your postings, all you said was you got a LE for 18,900. It does not say 4 or 6 cyl.
  • zakcazakca Posts: 1
    My understanding is if you move to CA within 1 year of buying a car you have to pay the differential taxes, i.e., CA Tax - Indian Tax. Go to BMV website for information on registering out of state vehicle.
  • promoguypromoguy Posts: 7
    I never wrote that I got a V6 for 18.9. If you've followed what I've written you'd "read" it was for a 4 cyl LE.
  • promoguypromoguy Posts: 7
    I'm big enough to say that I DIDN'T read properly.
  • jose1962_jose1962_ Posts: 22
    i got my 2007 v6 le with electochromatic rear viewmirror option... floormats for 21,500 im in florida.
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Ok, today I purchased a 2007 Camry Hybrid from Fitzgerald Toyota in Gaithersburg, MD. Options were Power Sunroof, Heated Mirrors, and Floor Mats. Barcelona Red with Bisque Interior.

    MSRP: 27689. I paid 26797 + 99 processing.

    Fitzmall offered $600 more than CarMax and $800 more than a Honda dealer ($600 more than KBB) for my Oldsmobile Intrigue on Trade.

    I feel like a got a very good deal ($800 under MSRP) on a "hot" vehicle optioned nicely (I understand that TCH's with sunroofs but not the whole option packages are rare). I set out today to buy a Honda Accord Hybrid (I'm really a performance kind of guy), but after driving both and shopping them, I couldn't justify paying an extra $1000 for the Accord when the Camry felt "fresher." Its going to take some getting used to the "sluggishness" of the TCH, but Road and Track pulled a 7.3 0-60 time on TCH, so its not like its especially slow. I'm obviously giving up some performance, but I simply fit in the car better.

    Anyway, I'll post in the related forums, but that was my deal.
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    Honestly, I do appreciate you explaingin to me which LE you got. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused or for any extra explanation on your part.

    Thank you for the information, as I am trying to find the best dealer in So Cal to get my car.
  • steve2001steve2001 Posts: 3
    I just bought a 07 Camry XLE at Longo Toyota (loaded, nav and everything) - this is the 5th car I've bought from them. They will for sure provide the best deal, but be prepared and do your homework as always. I like to be nice too. If I were a car salesperson, would I want to help out someone I didn't like? Because of a mix-up that I nicely complained about, I got the car $100 over invoice, but that's unusual, I think usually you can expect to pay between 0 to $1500 below MSRP, depending on how hot the particular model is.
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    It's true about being nice. It can get quite a bit.

    Maybe I am used to buying vehicles that aren't that hot, but every Toyota that I have bought have been no more than $500 over invoice. The last car I bought was $2100 below invoice (06 Camry 4-cyl LE for 16,488). I just feel for a Camry to go for above invoice in So Cal is a weird territory for me. But that's just me.
  • drat4drat4 Posts: 7
    I've noticed a dealer in the Elgin Ill area tacked on $1,700 on the TCH window sticker for an Enviromental Package "A". Anybody have an idea what this is??
  • pandcpandc Posts: 13
    I ran into a similar scam at toyota in Waukegan was simply a rustprroof, paint sealant etc package...I told them I wouldnt take the car with it.TCH 2007 Desert Sand, nav leather,sunnroof. they said OK and I wasn't charged for costs the dealership about $100 in materials and labor..the rest is profit for them.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    If anyone in or around Mass is looking for a ridiculous deal on a new 2007 stripped Camry CE, head to either Boch or Ira. Both have models advertised at $14,999 (manual trannys). Brand new, not demos, no fine print (price does not include trade in or any "loyalty" type rebates that Hyundai likes to sneak in to their ads). The only ad ons are ttl + doc fees.

    This seems like an amazing deal for an in-demand car.

    Boch also supposedly had 25 hybrid Camrys in stock as of this morning, according to their ad.
  • steve2001steve2001 Posts: 3
    $500 over invoice is good - you are likely patient, a good negotiator, and know the numbers. 1K over invoice is more typical (that is, about 2K under MSRP). And although Camrys are generally very common and not in short supply, there will usually be a premium over that 1K for hybreds or maybe nav, etc. Now, regagrding that $2100 under dealer invoice (not MSRP, right?) - what's up with that? Meeting an end of month sales target or something? I mean, the dealer is giving it away at $2100 under invoice.
  • tweliyingtweliying Posts: 23
    I got the exact model $100 over dealer's invoice a month ago. Enjoy your new car!
  • tweliyingtweliying Posts: 23
    Try Burnsville Toyota internet sales.
  • lilminwoolilminwoo Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,

    I just special ordered a black SE V6 with:

    -Dark charcoal leather
    -Rear spoiler
    -Carpet mat/trunk set

    for $26,200 OTD, which comes out to $23,981 before taxes (9.25% sales tax in TN). It's going to take about a month to be delivered. Would you guys rate this this a good, average, or bad price?

  • mnman69mnman69 Posts: 19
    Thanks am currently working with them.
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    Yeah, it was $2,100 below invoice. Although there was $750 rebate, the math still doesn't make sense. Invoice is similar to the 2007 invoice. So, invoice was about $18,600, after the rebate. The MSRP was 21,141. It was toward the end of the 2006 Camry cycle. End of January. Power in Irvine. They had about 20 Camry LE for that price. No negotiations necessary. They were doing that price from Decmber all the way through February for that price. The way it was explained to me was that the more 2006 they sell, the more 2007 they get. Plus they get monthly bonuses from Toyota when they hit certain sales marks.

    Some dealers do loss leaders for a few cars and some do for all cars with a certain MSRP. For instance, this weekend in the San Diego area, Bob Baker is selling all Corolla LEs with a MSRP of 18,028 for $13,947, including the $500 rebate. According to Edmunds, invoice is $16,312, before the rebate.
  • mokiavellimokiavelli Posts: 58
    Plus dealers are willing to do more deals on the more common models like the Camry LE. The SE's and XLE's are less common and dealers aren't as willing to go as crazy on the price.
  • $19250 + $ 250 documentation fee= 19,500 (without taxes) including light sensitive rear mirror and and carpets. I think I got a deal.
  • rico23rico23 Posts: 29
    Hello i was considering buying an se V6 and wondered if anybody had gotten a quote in the south florida region. Thanks in advance.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    "...for $26,200 OTD, which comes out to $23,981 before taxes (9.25% sales tax in TN). It's going to take about a month to be delivered. Would you guys rate this this a good, average, or bad price?"

    If you look at Edmund's TMV pricing, it looks like a fair price - assuming you received a fair trade-in offer if trading a vehicle. Did you get the Leather Seats (LA) or Leather Package (QC)? The QC is about $450 more. I took delivery on my special order Black V6 SE w/ Charcoal Leather about 10 days ago. Like it more every day. Ours has NAV, XM, Moonroof, Stability & Leather pkg. Because of the NAV it took 13 weeks from the time we ordered it. I'd highly recommend the high-end stereo & XM - it really kicks butt!
  • rico23rico23 Posts: 29
    has anybody gotten a quote or bought an se with leather and the jbl only in south fl?
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