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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • well if this helps...I got a quote for 18700$ but that didn't include any "extra fees". Excluding TTL I got a quote for 19200$ (includes everything else apparently). I met someone in the parking lot of my school who bought a camry and he said he paid 19000$ excluding tax.....but I'm not sure if he included doc fees etc in "tax"......

    A friend's friend works at toyota corporate and is looking for a local dealer who will offer me employee pricing. If i do get it i'll be happy to post the price I bought for....
  • rinkrink Posts: 3
    It bears reiterating that if you indicate you’ve researched prices, virtually all salesmen will say something like “the prices on Edmunds, KBB and similar sites aren’t correct". They may hand you a sheet with their ‘cost’ for the vehicle, assuming you’ll believe a printout. The number of recent posts that refer to the dealer’s printout indicate this is effective. As an example, one dealer’s cost sheet included $400 for TAF, $490 Base-Veh-HB, $140 PIO–HB and $240 Finance Reserve. This might even have been accurate. I assume TAF is Toyota Advertising Fund, and if they fairly allocate this to vehicles sold, parts sales, and service, I can buy this concept, but $400 seems stiff. The two HB items are presumably holdback that I understand they get back after a vehicle is sold. I don’t know what finance reserve is, but am suspicious of this, as well. For lack of anything better, I’m simply evaluating quotes based on lowest percent markup of KBB dealer cost less destination fees, but I’d like to be able to analyze how good my final deal is, so if anyone can clue me in on these costs, I’d appreciate it.
  • yawnalot29yawnalot29 Posts: 23
    I think it is difficult to get an apple to apple comparison of how good of a deal you got for precisely the reason you cited. I think if the dealer can tag on or remove all kinds of "suspicious" fee, that makes the selling price kind of a moving target.

    Here's something that might work. I think maybe you can group the price into 3 category:

    car price + DMV fee + Tax.

    I think the above formula pretty much apply to just about anyone in the US. Tax is obviously something you pay to the local government. DMV fees are anything you pay to the DMV. And the rest is lump together into the car price. In this way, if the sales person quoted you a redicululy low car price but tag on all kinds of fee, it is still captured.

    As I was explaining to tankmaster previously, since I had only negotiated with the dealers here base only on Out the Door price, when they work out the number retroactively, they didn't bother to include any of the fee save "Doc Fee". I didn't see any of the fees like TAF that you have mentioned. If you read message 3336,

    yawnalot29, "Toyota Camry: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #3336, 8 Jun 2006 11:01 pm

    you'll see a complete list of all the line items on my sale contract.

  • yawnalot29yawnalot29 Posts: 23
    Don't believe them!! I was told the same. I called up one dealer and he was quoting me a pretty high price for an automatic LE and saying he couldn't go lower because the car is hot and he couldn't keep the car on the lot (I almost told him "like you'd want the to be on the lot?"). I went a few miles down the road and got the exact car for about $240 below the invoice price reported by Edmunds on the same day.

  • tatseatatsea Posts: 17
    I bought a 2007 Camry SE V6 over the Memorial Day weekend loaded with sunroof, spoiler, mats, and alarm in the blue ribbon color with black cloth interior for $24k. Excluding the dealer installed alarm, I paid $200 over invoice (I don't know the dealer cost on the alarm). Been searching for the best price in San Diego for this model during the past 2 months. Bob Baker was the only dealership in SD that would entertain my offer of $200 over invoice.
  • jerryjaijerryjai Posts: 9
    I called Toyota Financial to cancel my extended warranty and was told to approach the dealer for this. Are you sure, that EW cancellation is through TFS? Please advise.

  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    I haven't cancelled mine but I can read the Agreement!!!!!!

    The warranty agreement said the agreement booklet has to be returned to your selling dealer. If it is not possible you have to send the agreement and a letter to the Administrator.

    It can be canceled within 30 days after the agreement was mailed to you.

    Depending on your state, you may have to pay a processing fee of $25.00.
  • zaku178zaku178 Posts: 15
    Now thats the price I'd like to pay for a Camry SE V6 with the options I want but sadly they dont offer that kind of option package in the East Coast, dont know whats Toyota thinking but they lost out on tons of potential customers for a SE V6, on a side note, how does everyone deal with Internet Sales managers over the net with price negotiations? I tried emailing various dealers in NJ but no one wants to email back prices. All they want is me going in to negotiate. About 80% of them do not return price quotes. For the 20% that do, I emailed the price I want it for and I try calling but they never respond. I even had one dealer telling me he has a Camry SE coming in on this day but he keeps saying wait another day and another day. Sounds like he doesnt wanna sell the car to me if this keeps up. Any tips ?
  • tankmastertankmaster Posts: 20

    I have to be honest, that's a good deal. My deal was $18600 + $198 doc fee. What dealer are you working with?
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    Have you tried to get a dealer to order what you want? If you're willing to travel a bit you'll find that you can get pretty close to what you want. I live in Ohio and had to "order" a V6 SE to get it w/ NAV & most other options (but no spoiler). It's taken about 12 weeks, but we take delivery this week.
  • mnman69mnman69 Posts: 19
    Found 5 Different prices from 5 dealers in area.Everywhere from invoice to $500 under msrp.Anyone else buying in area? Also found Avalons available for $300 under invoice.
  • zzz2006zzz2006 Posts: 25
    Boch toyota from Norwood, MA 02062
  • abbzer0abbzer0 Posts: 3
    Toyota Dealers CAN search inventory across the United States. The system they use is called "Dealer Daily". I know some friends who manage the Toyota network. There isn't any way that consumers can directly access this, but you should have some luck asking if they can "search Dealer Daily" for the car you are looking for. Best of luck!
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Toyota Financial is correct. The proper procedure is to FIRST approach the selling dealer and tell them you want to cancel the warranty and want a full refund (depending on the state, you have between 30 and 60 days to do this with no penalty and no proration; i.e., you can get ALL the money back and re-buy from Midwest Superstores in Kansas or the Virginia dealers I mentioned). HOWEVER, if the dealer refuses or gives you any hard time, THEN you should contact Toyota Financial Services and they will process the cancellation for you (and probably chastise the selling dealer for giving you a hard time!!)Good luck and please let us know that it worked out for you. It absolutely should!
  • ck345ck345 Posts: 4
    I bought one last week. Because I got a lot of current information and help from this board, I felt obliged to post my buying experience,too. I called several south Bay Area dealers to get quotes. Theirs were between $19400 ~ 19700. I wanted to negotiate, based on the southern CA price (under $19000) as posed in this board, no one budged.

    In the mean time, my wife called a broker, who is a used car dealer at the same time, he said he could find one for us at $300 fee. A day later, he found and ordered one, and we made a deposit of $500. 3 days later we picked up one, which has only 4 mile on the odometer, delivered from a dealer at Whittier, CA, which is around LA.

    I never thought about buying a new car through used car dealers, but I did. Apparently they are better connected and informed, with bigger bargaining power against new car dealers. The whole process was smooth and easy, with no pressure.

    It was possible because I knew what to expect as a bottom price to pay, thanks to you all.

    07 Camry LE auto 4 cyl , titanium metallic, with floor mats (MSRP:$21179)

    Price: $18896.00
    Doc. fee: $ 45.00
    CA tire fee(?): $ 8.75
    Tax: $ 1562.63
    License fee: $ 184.00
    Broker fee: $ 300.00

    Total: $20996.38
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 579
    That price is about what I was quoted by Sunnyvale Toyota, if you figure in the $300 fee.

    But who knows what the dealer would have tried to tack on. Some bogus advertising fee and the like, probably.
  • ck345ck345 Posts: 4
    I live in Sunnyvale! Last time I asked them, they quoted me $195xx + $45 Doc fee without mats.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 579

    I believe he said OTD would be 21,8xx.
  • i trying to cancel my warranty i got at the dealer....can you tell me the phone number for Midwest Superstores Toyota.
  • ck345ck345 Posts: 4
    $19,191 sounds nice. The OTD 21,8xx doesn't add up, though.
    If I had been offered the number, I would have bought one locally.
    Anyway, My buy is done, and I just wanted to add one more piece of data point in on the current price trend.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,189
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I assume that the pricing for the extended warranty is also negotiable as everything else at the dealership. Correct?

    What would be a fair price for a 7 year / 75 K mile warranty on a Hybrid Camry ?

    Also, is it possible to buy the factory warranty later - say one year after buying the car ?

  • hi folks, I saw a TV ad tonight for 0%/36 months Toyota financing offer. I'd like to combine this deal w/ the lowest deal I can get on a new Toyota. Yaris, Camry or Corolla doesnt matter - which model can i get the best deal on right now? For the Camry, I don't care 07 or 06 model. Are there any models I can get for under invoice?

    If you also know the best dealer in SE MI to deal with, please let me know. I don't mind driving to OH for a deal. Thanks!
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Discussed before on the Extended warranty forum.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    1. Yes, the extended warranty is negotiable.
    2. In an earlier post, I listed about 9 different dealerships that I contacted. The best three were: Midwest Superstores Toyota (Witchita, Kansas, area code 620), McGeorge Toyota (Virginia, area code 804), and Mechanicsville Toyota (Virginia, area code 804).(I have an exhaustive list posted in this forum, #3018 if you want to look for more). They were all willing to sell the 7yr/75,000mi warranty for a standard Camry at $520 (less than half the "retail price" that is listed on the Toyota Financial Services website, $1150). I would check that website first, and then call the finance department of those 3 dealerships to get the best price. I would imagine it would be close to half off the "retail price."
    3. The Toyota Platinum Warranty allows you to buy it until 35 months or 35,000 miles. The only reason that I jumped the gun on this Camry was I did not want to count on these dealerships offering such deep discounts on the warranty in the future. The Toyota Platinum extended warranty also provides for some enhanced features even during the initial 3 yr/36,000 mile warranty such as a higher allowable for a rental car during warranty repairs and I think something else. Good luck! With the different tax credits available for the hybrids, your net cost was probably not that much more than my $18,700 on a 2007 Camry LE 4 cyl, and you are helping the environment!
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    The 2007 Camry is an entirely enhanced vehicle and the discounts available make the 2006 not that much of a deal. I am in Southern California so I can't be much help in regard to a dealership in your area, but search this forum with the words Michigan, MI, Ohio, or OH and maybe you will hit something. As a reference, I got a 2007 Camry LE 4cyl (MSRP $21,279 for $18,700 and had several dealers OK with that price). Good luck! That 2007 Camry is like a Lexus ES 330 for about half price!!
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Midwest Superstores is located in Witchita, Kansas. The area code for Witchita is 620. Look at my post #3018 for a complete list of the dealerships I contacted with their respective cities. The two Virginia dealerships, Mechanicsville and McGeorge (area code 804 for both), were also competitive if Midwest is not as competitive at this moment. If the dealer gives you a hard time (and they might, these warranties are easy profits for them), contact Toyota Financial Services and they will assist you and chastise the hassling dealer. Good luck! I am glad I could help someone else. These forums have been enormously helpful to me.
  • edrifkinedrifkin Posts: 2
    I have an offer for 2007 Camry LE 4cyl auto (MSRP $21279.00) for:

    Car Price: $19000.00

    Lo jack: $448.00

    Tax(5%): $972.40

    Title Prep: $5.00

    Doc Fee: $198.00

    Inspection: $29.00

    Gov registration fee: $34.50

    Gov title fee: $50.00


    $20736.90 OTD
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    That is a very good deal for an excellent car. The best pricing in Southern California has been in the $18,700 to $19,000 range. I would recommend a Toyota Platinum 7yr/75,000 extended warranty from either Midwest Superstores (Witchita, Kansas area code 620), Mechanicsville Toyota (Virginia, area code 804), or McGeorge Toyota (Virginia, are 804)(see my posting #3018). For about $520, I am confident it will be worth your while either personally, or,if you sell the vehicle privately, it will be worth at least that to your prospective buyer.
  • That sounds like a great deal. Is that about $300 below invoice? Did you contact all the internet sales managers via email??

    Also, are any of you worried about first year glitches & problems on 2007 Camry's down the road??
  • promoguypromoguy Posts: 7
    I posted a few weeks ago that I bought a 2007 LE for 18,900.00 from a dealer in Van Nuys. All was done through the internet other than going in to sign the paperwork and pick out color. All in about 1 hour.

    I also requested pricing from a dealer in Mission Hills who couldn't come anywhere near that price. My guess it is all about timing.

    They also gave me the car without any money since I was waiting for a payoff on my totalled car. They just wanted the sale on the books before the weekend.
  • machismomachismo Posts: 6
    Hey alamocity, were you able to purchase or get a quote from Charles Maund on this price ? I was quoted much higher thru online.
  • jlwalterjlwalter Posts: 3
    I sent emails to four dealerships in the St. Louis, MO area asking for the best price on the above mentioned car. Now I understand that I can't expect to get "the very best deal" just by sending an email but my question is: Where do they come up with that initial offer? They all quoted a price of around $19,500 (or within $200 of that). This number did not include TTL or a $199 doc fee. From reading the forum it looks like I should shoot for just under $19,000.00. Am I way off base?
  • ck345ck345 Posts: 4
    It looks like a time to have chitchats with dealers. That's a way to find out how much you are off. I enjoyed talking with them over the phone, when I bought mine. Because they could not play all the tricks and pushes over the phone, conversations with them were WAY more pleasant than ones in a dealship.

    When they heard that I am a serious and wanted one at invoice, their offer came down. Not by much, in my case, though. At least, they gave their side of story on not being able to offer deals like LA, or not having enough in stock, blah, blah.

    Seasoned salepersons never say no, only say later, indeed. That was enjoyable. Who knows you may get a deal you want at the first call?
  • rinkrink Posts: 3
    Some posts suggest contacting Charles Maund Toyota in Texas. However, I found them unresponsive, and either sadly ignorant or dishonest.

    I e-mailed twice, a week apart, for quotes on an SE V6. No response. I then called internet sales, and he promised a quote I never received.

    I visited the dealership seven days ago to have prices from all local dealers before my final decision. I made it clear I know I must order what I want. Though 16 other dealers from DFW to Houston had quoted exactly what I want, the salesperson at Charles Maund consulted the sales manager, then claimed my desired options required I also get stability, security, spoiler & wheel locks ($1277 msrp in unwanted options). I knew the factory is not shipping body side molding, so getting it depends on dealers stocking it in parts. They offered this $195 msrp option for a whopping $300!

    If I wanted all the extra options, Charles Maund’s markup on kbb dealer cost less destination would put them in fourth place. However, in terms of getting the options I want, their cost is the highest.

    Monday, I received two follow-up calls from different employees I had not dealt with. I told the woman who called in the morning what my experience had been, and she said she was sorry. A fellow called in the afternoon, not realizing someone had already done a follow-up, and after our conversation asked how they could get my business. I told him I’d still like a straight quote on what I wanted. He said he would get a general manager to contact me. Five more days have passed, and all I’ve seen is yesterday’s letter from the salesman inquiring whether I am interested in the vehicle with all the unwanted options.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I am surprised with how many of you are dealing over the internet looking for your cars. I'm also surprised as why the dealers would take time to respond considering you're looking for a vehicle that they will have no trouble moving when it hits the floor. Then again maybe that's why so few are responding.

    Now if you're looking for an F150 I can imagine everyone wants your business to move theirs off the lot, but for hot items why would they not want to offer these to the people that live close to them and frequently visit their dealership and have a relationship with the salesperson?

    I would have been upset with my dealership (rural) if they had sold the first TCH to someone from out of town when they knew I wanted one and I had previously bought 4 cars from them. Anyway, they didn't.

    I know that this TCH will not be my last car. I prefer to find a dealership that is honest and give them my business as long as they are willing to keep that relationship. I did recently change dealerships because the sales person changed as well as the dealership selling philosophy.

    Even though I stay with my current dealership, I always go in prepared with quotes from other dealerships and the invoice pricing from Edmunds, KBB and NADA as well as printouts of the used car value of my trade from those same sources. I'm prepared and I tell them up front I don't BS and when I walk away I'll purchase where I'm treated as a knowledgable buyer. I've had too many experiences where they say come back if you get a better price and I tell them my time is valuable and I want their best price now.

    I've found that after buying a couple of cars with the same salesperson the experience is better. For some of you that only buy a car every 5 years that is difficult. However I've bought 37 new cars for me and the kids and when my salesman sees me coming he pretty well knows that I may be trading in the entire fleet.

    Pick out one salesperson you like. If you don't like the one that came out to meet you then pick another. If it's a long term relationship you want with the dealer and saleperson, don't let it depend upon the luck of the draw. My favorite sales person gets references from me and people specifically go to him. They get treated better and he remembers it when I come back. It's a dog eat dog business for sales people and they appreciate loyalty.

    For you younger buyers, be honest and tell the sales manager of your local dealership you want a place you can come back too when you want that next car and they need to deal with you to make you a lifetime customer.

    They will deal with people differently and always get by with what they can. Your job is to be knowledgable.

    Which brings me to my last point. Too many people are posting prices on here and asking "did I get a good deal?" It's too late at this point and you probably don't want to know if you did, so just enjoy your car. You need to go in prepared, knowing what the invoice is, what the typical discount is and what your trade (if any) is really worth (be realistic, they have to make money on it). All this data is available at the three sites I mentioned. Do your homework up front, not after the fact.

    Most importantly, NEVER go in with the "I HAVE TO HAVE IT" attitude. They will sense it and you will pay for it. Always be willing to walk away from a bad deal no matter how much you want it. New cars are made everyday, these are not once in a lifetime deals.
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    I've had good luck with Maund. I bought a Corolla for $3K off sticker there last week. They honored their advertised special with no fuss. I had a similar experience with them buying 2 other cars over the past 10 years or so.

    I have a TCH on-order. They were very straight-forward with me. I am purchasing it for "sticker," not above and not below. Didn't offer me much for my trade, so I sold it myself. It is definitely a "seller's market" on Camry's and other small fuel efficient cars.

    I agree with wvgasguy, they have so much walk-in traffic looking for these models, phone quotes are probably not high on their priority list. Candidly, their lot was very empty last week except for the "hard to sell" stuff.

    Sorry that you had a problem there.

    Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Maund in any way, other than as a customer..... of course, YMMV.
  • machismomachismo Posts: 6
    Charles Maund price for LE Auto is 19800 + ttl, so if ppl who got 18,900 got a very good deal. I don't know if any dealer is selling it for close to 19k, if not I might have to look for different car.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Not sure whether that price is still in effect but I suspect that you might still be able to get it as they seem to want to do business.
  • jayfayjayfay Posts: 9
    Just curious to know what are people paying for the XLE with navigation? It has been over 4 weeks I have been waiting for my car. I am paying $28,300.00 for the fully equipped V6 XLE with nav. How long has anyone waited for the car? They told me it would be 4 to 6 weeks. But I am starting to wonder because many people say they waited 12 weeks!
  • mnman69mnman69 Posts: 19
    I am paying 27,900(invoice)for the XLE with Nav,VSC,Smart Key Floor Mats,Heated seats. V6.It is being built next week and delivered 2-3 weeks after that.
  • tankmastertankmaster Posts: 20
    Absolutely do not pay more than $18900-$19000 for a LE auto with mats. If your won't sell it for that, another one will.
  • jayfayjayfay Posts: 9
    That is a great price. Looks like I may have paid a little more than I had to. How do you know when it will be built? Did the Dealer tell you that?
  • mnman69mnman69 Posts: 19
    Not a huge dif so wouldn't worry.Supposed to be 4 stages.Allocated ,build week,ship date and lot date.My build week is June 19-23.What color did you get? Was going to get a SE because I like the ground effects,but it was harder to get NAV and ride was harsher.Also was thinking about an Avalon.Think resale is better on an XLE vs SE Also like the smart key and homelink.Planning on getting after market rims though.
  • bigtightbigtight Posts: 4
    Just bought the vehicle with floor mats only today at Cobb County Toyota in Kennesaw, Ga. I feel that it was a good deal at $20,854.00 driveout.
  • Question: What was the real out the door price NOT counting Tax, Title and License?? Include the Documentation fees in the O-T-D cost. Prospective buyers can compare prices only,if you compute the cost this way.
  • ix1is1ix1is1 Posts: 55
    Wed will be my 11th week and I still havn't gotten any build dates yet. I ordered an aloe green xle v6 on Apr. 5.
  • pandcpandc Posts: 13
    I am in Chicago burbs and the car you are looking for is going to be a hard find. I was on a waiting list at one dealer for a loaded hybrid Camry. They told me 3 - 6 lucky at another dealer..a buyer had just backed out and I was there ready with cash...or I would still be waiting....I wanted to make sure I got the tax credit in full...not half or quarter value :D
  • mnman69mnman69 Posts: 19
    I ordered Black with Bisque interior.Dealer I called had an Aloe green with Nav on the lot,but went to look at it next day and it was gone.
  • aslterp7aslterp7 Posts: 5
    After two long months, I finally have my TCH SuperWhite fully loaded. Yahoo!

    The adventure was that Temecula had the car and wasn't telling the other dealer about it, but somone on told me about the available cars so I started calling around. That was 6/16, then 6/17 I had to take my mother to the hospital for tests and she has pneumonia and other complications. So here I am at the hospital and I find out the car I have been waiting for is available... 10 a.m. can't leave but the dealer hopes I make it there in time 10:30 a.m. Someone is trying to buy the car. I am still waiting with my family (mom dad twins) at the hospital hoping my mom (age 84) will get a room soon... 11 a.m. buyer is upside down on the trade - good news. 12:30 mom is settled so off we go to get the car. 3:30 p.m. we drive away with my new car. Get dad (86 - married 59 years) settled into living with me for a week then back to visit mom at the hospital. Talk about heaven and hell in one day. I was excited but sad at the same time. At least I have a wonderful family that has lived so long. I hope my mom will be well soon and back home. I finally get to join the TCH club but with lots of responsibilities at the same time as always, I am an only. Happy Father's Day!
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