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    Well, just got back from the dealer and boy have I got some news...

    First, this new rendition is a real beaut! From its exterior styling to the interior, there isn't any SUV iteration out there that comes close to topping this bad boy!

    Now, the disappointing news. Sat down for a quick review of the leasing programs currently offerered. sam818: Dude, unfortunately, the prior year RRs are killing the leasing terms on this baby.

    24,36, and 39-month lease programs (12K mi/yr):

    Price: 73145 (w/ heated seat package)
    Money factor: .00280
    Taxes/fees paid upfront
    Residuals: 24mth-61%, 36mth-52%, 39mth-48%
    Lux. Tax: NONE (wooo...)
    Sec. Dep. : 749
    Bottom line: The upfront fees will be in excess of $5000 and the monthly payment will be at minimum 1300.

    I quickly got up and exited--stage left...
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    "Never one to sway with trends, Land Rover rolls out the third new Range Rover in 33 years. See how we like this British boulder-basher."

    First Drive: 2003 Land Rover Range Rover

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  • esmocesmoc Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone had any luck finding out invoice pricing on the 03's? I've searched everywhere to no avail. I've been by two local dealers and they swear they won't discount sticker but will talk about possibly throwing in some accessories (mats, roof rack, etc.) When I bought my BMW M3 Conv. they said the same thing but ended up discounting the car by 5.5K off MSRP. Anyone had any experience getting the dealers to work w/ you on price or maybe discounting?
  • tincup47tincup47 Member Posts: 1,508
    As the dealers are having no trouble selling them at full MSRP, I doubt if you'll find much discounting of them. They are in short supply and the demand has been quite high for this vehicle. Most are presold before the dealers get them.
  • esmocesmoc Member Posts: 2
    Thanks tincup47 -- that's consistent with what I've seen so far. Seems like the dealers are having little trouble moving the 03's even though the economy is slowing a bit -- cheap money helps alot! Any intel on the invoice pricing of the vehicle and some of the accessories? Specifically, the wrap around brush guard, lamp kit, roof rack system and carpet floor mats?

  • unpolireunpolire Member Posts: 7
    This is actually the official name of the 2003 Range Rover. I would recommend its use for future new columns on the topic. Accordingly, the name of the face-lifted 2003 Discovery is, you guessed it, "New Discovery."
  • tincup47tincup47 Member Posts: 1,508
    Actually Range Rover is the official name for the new model. It is referred to internally as L322 (the model code) and externally as New Range Rover to help differentiate it from the 4.0-4.6 (95-02)series Range Rovers (which were also called New Range Rover when they came out). For the new 2003 Discovery, they have dropped the series designation that the Discovery Series II used. It is just the Discovery, "new" is not part of the official name.
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    My 2003 RR has been rides wonderfully, is beautifully detailed and totally reliable, however, it has developed one minor malfunction, which I also noticed on a demonstrator before I took delivery: the "Up-Down" electrical adjustment on the steering column has stopped working. (The telescoping action is OK) I am sure it's fixable, however, I am curious to find out if anyone else has this problem.
  • tincup47tincup47 Member Posts: 1,508
    That has been the only problem that has cropped up in any numbers. A fix is in the woorks in the UK.
  • phelmephelme Member Posts: 4
    I've seen some complaints about the lack of automatic dusk sensing headlights on the new RR. Does anyone know if it was a conscious decision not to put them in and if so, why?

    Not that it would be a deal-breaker for me, but it does seem odd. Unless BMW doesn't usually put them in either.
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    The question of automatic headlamps on the RR is interesting, and yet there are two additional features that have not found their way across the Atlantic. In Europe, the RR also offers automatic rain-sensing wipers and a TV tuner which can be used while the car is in park. The display here even has a TV button. These items are standard in the top spec. UK models, and there does not seem to be a logical reason why they are not standard here. Any ideas Tincup?
  • phelmephelme Member Posts: 4
    so in a visit to the local dealer today, they said that the bi-xenon lights and an upgraded radio were to become standard on soon to be arriving RR's (adding $1200 to the price). does anyone know what is different about the radio? I'm guessing it's more speakers or something like that.
  • nosuvyetnosuvyet Member Posts: 72
    Anyone out there that has 2 car seats in the back, can a full size adult also fit comfortably in the back seat?
  • kullenbergkullenberg Member Posts: 283
    I am thinking about buying a year or 2 old Range Rover, from Bear Valley Land Rovers, in Atlanta. Any comments as to the car , and/or the dealer?
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    At launch when I bought my RR, cherry trim was not available with color combinations, in particular white with sand interior....from the LR web site, it now appears that this option is available. Can anyone confirm this? The walnut trim I have is so dull, it's almost invisible....BUT..the car is great!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
  • phelmephelme Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone installed StonGard or Xpel on their 2003 Range Rover? I was curious if anyone had chipping or cracking problems with their headlights.
  • kullenbergkullenberg Member Posts: 283
    I find it interesting that this forum is so inactive: I must assume that Range Rover owners are either a happier lot, or they are so busy making the money to pay for the things they have no time to post?
  • hyperguyhyperguy Member Posts: 1
    I have a bid on e-bay on 1998 4.6 HSE. How is the reliability? Any comments good bad? Any service concerns?
  • nippononlynippononly Member Posts: 12,555
    range rover owners are just not enthusiasts?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Avoid using all caps if possible - it's kind of hard on the eyes! Thanks.

    tidester, host
  • soobyquesoobyque Member Posts: 1
    I'm interested in purchasing either a 96' LandCruiser or a 98' RR, but I'm concerned w/ numerous friends (& auto dealers-non RR of course) telling me the RR depreciates in value very quickly. Is this true and if so, does anyone have any explaination as to why?
  • mpassmpass Member Posts: 17
    I am thinking of buying a 95 RR that currently has only 39K miles on it but am concerned about the reliability of these things. The truck is a 1 owner vehicle (I know the owner) and apparently has had only 1 problem in the past(alternator replacement). There are some small rust pits on the rear chrome bumper but that appears to be all that is wrong with it. At $10K is this too good to be true? Will it fall apart on the 1000 mi. trip home to Texas? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  • randpall3863randpall3863 Member Posts: 28
    I had checked on the Range Rover's specs. I was not impressed with its limited features or price. For example, where is the 3rd row seat?

      I can get a lot more in an SUV for a lot less! And I did. This is one I do not recommend! It is unless one is rich. Most of us are not.
  • tincup47tincup47 Member Posts: 1,508
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion. The Range Rover was not intended to be a substitute for a minivan. It was and is designed to be a Premium Off-road SUV that is luxurious and capable both on and off road. It does do those things extremely well. If you are looking for an affordable Land Rover that seats 7, then the Discovery would be more in line with what you are looking for.
  • nanuqnanuq Member Posts: 765
    I see the Disco is also mid-pack now in terms of pricing. And it's the one they picked to extract the other SUVs from the ditch when they went offroad unexpectedly. It's also designed to LAST... many people don't grasp the concept, but when it's paid off you can still drive it for years. Over the lifespan of two vehicles of a different brand, you're money ahead for buying ONE of the more durable truck. Plus it's got more capability during your ownership.

    Getting "a lot more" in another SUV means getting more toys, not more drivetrain. Which one do you care about? I care about my drivetrain, and I can always throw a GPS in the glovebox and put a wool blanket on the seat as necessary.

    Simple comparison: crawl beneath a Rover and look at its components and fasteners. Then crawl beneath the other brand and compare them. You'll be surprised. That's where MY money went.
  • rkoeslerrkoesler Member Posts: 62
    It always amazes me as to what some people like to complain about. If someone wants a "bus", get a bus, don't look at an "offroader" and then piss & moan that it does not have this, or that. There are many SUV's on the market with "extra junk" but most are just glorified station wagons that get stuck on a dog turd. It's good though that such people buy trucks like LR's, and MB "G wagons", find out they are a real "trucky", hate them, trade them in, and let us real men buy them at their $$ loss. Sorry, I just could not help myself !
  • tomberlintomberlin Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2003 Range Rover, and am loving it with one exception - the Radio/Navigation system. The manuals seem to be very outdated & do not match the system, and the dealer seems to know nothing of it. It acts strangely at some points (volume, navigation, etc.). Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    It always amazes me as to what some people like to complain about.

    Yeah - like those folks who complain and moan that they got a good deal because of someone else's mistakes. Sorry - ICR! :-)

    tidester, host
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    I've not compared the operation of the navigation system with the instruction manual, I prefer to "figure it out" on my own, but I've not been too successful. I wish there was a quick way to get to 'the maps' without having to turn the dial 7 or 8 times first. I've also been unable to switch back and forth from the map to changing a radio station without then having to re-start the nav. system. Finally, the voice has something of a speech impediment when saying the word "ahead"..sounds like static!
    Otherwise the car is great. Has anyone had the problem with the steering column electric adjustment fixed, and how do you get the radio to hold its tune after its been parked for a while. Mine always reverts to 87.7.
  • tomberlintomberlin Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick response. I've also had trouble with the 'voice' - it is not loud enough to hear over road noises in many cases and the navigation volume seems to have no effect on it. I did hear from my service advisor that Land Rover was having trouble with the radio losing its memory (station settings) in some instances - they told me many times when they changed the 'personalization by key' options - The navigation system (which appears almost identical to the BMW system in the X5) doesn't seem to have the same advanced features as the BMW i.e. in the BMW, you can display the navigation map and the radio/cd, etc. information on the screen at the same time...
  • pathdocpathdoc Member Posts: 126
    I am interested in the new RR after seeing it at the LA auto show. I just received the brochure that I requested as well as a letter indicating that if I purchased before the end of March I would receive $1000 cash(if I paid cash) or they would make the first payment. It was for people who stopped by the booth at the show and registered. Has anyone been able to purchase at less than MSRP and if so what part of the country? Does there seem to be a better supply now at the dealers?
  • bud24bud24 Member Posts: 8
    Bought my wife a New RR for Christmas. Almost became a Native-American giver. Its great on the road. The engine really sings great when you floor it. I haven't driven it off road yet. My only beef is the Nav System, which is not user friendly. And what's up with the stuffy Brit gent giving directions on the Nav sytem? They could have used a better voice.

    In case any of you decide to put in a sattelite radio, tell the installer that the antennae hook up is in the left rear compartment where the Nav system computer resides. It will save him a lot of grief.
  • docmeyerdocmeyer Member Posts: 6
    There is a nice SE @ a local auction Saturday. Bronze, 82k miles. Most folks at the auction here(except dealers) shy away from anything over $2000 as they want something inexpensive. I have a really good feeling that the gavel will probably slam for $6000. I know that I can probably double that amount in subsuquent repairs but...I really love the look!

    There is also a 95 RR classic with a small dent in the rear hatch, it hasn't sold in weeks. I told my wife if the price dropped under $3000 I would buy it, but the auctioneer wouldn't go under $4k.

  • wtb76wtb76 Member Posts: 2
    I'm in the market for a new SUV and need everyone's opinion. I have an X5 4.4 right now and it has been the worst SUV I have ever owned. Should I trade the X5 in for another one on the off chance that this one is just a lemon, or should I buy a 2003 Range Rover?

     I have heard that build quality and reliability is not all that great on past models, is this true for the new one??
  • twantwan Member Posts: 4
    My wipers are vibrating on windy and cold days against the windshield. I have tried lowering the wiper arms, installed heavier wipers and even added small square pieces attachment wind deflectors and nothing seems to work. I have brought the vehicle back to the dealership numerous time and they are clueless how to correct it. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. If so, how was it corrected? Any help is appreciated.
  • horenhoren Member Posts: 2
    i've had a problem with a semi-subtle vibration in the steering wheel in my New RR. when the car is in DRIVE and the brake is engaged, there is a rumble in the steering wheel that intensifies if you shift the steering wheel either left or right. i've taken the car in about five times over two months for this problem to no avail. the service manager finally let me drive another that was just coming off of the truck and it had the same annoying vibration. this seems like a design flaw. HELP. do you have the same problem? it's disappointing to have a brand new car that has annoying tendencies! THANKS
    p.s. yes, the navigation system is only worth using if you find yourself lost. the Alpine system Mercedes uses is a dream in comparison.
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    Mine has the same vibration. It is very subtle, and the break does not have to be on...simply the car is stationary and when the wheel is turned one way or the other I feel the vibration. I'm sure its the same vibration we used to feel on old American cars years ago when the wheel was turned to an extreme right or left, but in this case it occurs when only just "off center". Its too bad to hear about your dealer not being able to fix it. Recently I called the LR 800 # to ask about a problem with the defective up/down electrical switch on the steering column adjustment. I believe it to be a "known" problem and has even been discussed here, but the LR rep. said they had nothing in their knowledge base, and mine must be an isolated problem. NOT SO.....
    Great Car... but lets sort out these minor problems!
  • jjlivjjliv Member Posts: 3
    I toss this out to see if it makes a difference: with the truck in DRIVE and the brake applied activate the air conditioning. Does this by any chance make a difference in the vibration? Regards
  • daneddaned Member Posts: 1
    I am considering a 2000 RR and would like some feedback on annual maint. expenses. What should a rover owner expect to pay in annual repairs for this year vehicle.
  • horenhoren Member Posts: 2
    tried turning AC on. unfortunately the vibration still exists. i agree, aside from this flaw, it's a great car. do you feel your wheel and seat vibrate when stopped at a light? mine does. you can even feel it in the passenger seat. i've never experienced a brand new car doing this.
  • docmeyerdocmeyer Member Posts: 6
    Well I never made it to the auction and the dealer has it again, asking a quaint $10,500 certainly negotiable. I bet I can get it under $9K...

    Any advice?

  • dtomberlindtomberlin Member Posts: 1
    I hate to post this, but after less than two months my 2003 Range Rover has turned out to be a nightmare. It has been in the shop for 3 weeks now, major electrical system failures including Air suspension system failure, Navigation system failure, won't start, etc. (supposedly caused by a leak in the sunroof drain? - hows that for a vehicle supposedly built to withstand anything?). Land Rover has been totally unresponsive and hasn't responed to any correspondence to date. If you are considering this vehicle/model, I suggest that you think twice. Even the 2003 RR Loaner that they gave me (after 2 weeks of a Freelander) seems to have electrical problems...
  • suvinlasuvinla Member Posts: 24
    Hi ... leaning more toward a used Discovery (aieee) but want to consider a mid-90s Range Rover in the mix too. Opinions one way or the other, and years to rule out or rule in?

  • Ccexxp1Ccexxp1 Member Posts: 11
    Aren't there "lemon Laws" where you live? Is the dealer trying, or, are they giving you a run around? I have previously owned 2 (90 and 96) the 90 was great, 96 a nightmare, and am considering an 03...BUT, maybe not, since the Lexus GX 470 is sooo much cheaper with less complaints! Thanks, and best
  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40
    I found out recently that there are currently more than 280 parts that are not available, and some of those parts don't even have a vendor making them yet! WOW!

    I asked someone in their organization who would know about this, and got a "yes, there is a parts issue" response.

    Maybe that's why your '03 RR is having an extended stay at its service dept.
  • laure1laure1 Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a '99 Range Rover 4.6 HSE. I found one today that's got a "Black Tie Edition" emblem on it. I can't find any information on this edition. Does anyone know anything about it?


  • twantwan Member Posts: 4
    I am about to take my 2000RR to the dealership to have my Navigation System replaced. I was told that the dealer are having problem replacing/finding the system. What they have suggested was to replace it with an entirely new Navigation System that will required to rewire the entire vehicle from front to back. Any suggestions or have anyone else have the same situation.
  • leedavidyoungleedavidyoung Member Posts: 102
    It sounds like this may be a dealer specific edition. I would call your local dealer see if they recognize the package. Dealers will sometimes add popular options to a base model and then price the vehicle below the next factory level. A base with SE options could be marketed as a special package or a limited edition.

    I have seen the term "black-tie edition" used to describe a two-tone black-and-silver paint job. What color is this truck?
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