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Land Rover Range Rover



  • laure1laure1 Member Posts: 2
    The RR is all black with the lightstone interior. I can't find anything special about it. I did notice that there is no "4.6 HSE" label on the rear. One dealer told me they'd never heard of a Black Tie Edition, and another told me it was black-on-black 4.6 HSE. Hmmm....
  • pgibian1pgibian1 Member Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying a late model used Range Rover. What years should I focus on and what years to avoid? Are there any particular features that I should want or are there some that are probelms?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40
    I've had 2 RR so far. A 1997 that I kept 4 years and a 99 that I've had 1 year.

    There aren't any features to look for. Everything is standard except trim upgrades on 50th anniv. or Kensingtons.

    One piece of advise. NEVER, NEVER buy a late model used RR that has less than 6-9 months warranty remaining. My local Land Rover service dept. did over $6,000 in warranty repairs on mine during the first 9 months I had it.

    Watch out for the head gaskets. They are almost certainly seeping if they haven't been replaced.

    The Lucas electronics are gone starting with 1999 1/2 models, e.g. 1999 4.0SE. Beware, the 1999 4.0S is still Lucas.

    Otherwise, I love the vehicle every time I drive it, both on and off road.
  • jm641jm641 Member Posts: 2
    I was wondering if anyone has insight on what, if anything, will be changed for the RR in '04. From a convenience standpoint, one thing I thought was lacking during my test drive was a single disc option for the CD player (this is a luxury SUV, after all). Also, I just read an article in the April issue of BMW's Roundel mag that all BMW-sourced switchgear will be changed out for bits from the Ford parts bin. It also suggested the 4.4 liter motor will be swapped out as well. Both of these point are contrary to what I'd previously understood. Does anyone have any credible insight / thoughts?
  • grover432grover432 Member Posts: 11
    I test drove a 2003 RR this past weekend and noticed the same vibration in the steering wheel and seat. I don't think it is anything to worry about. I own a 1999 BMW 540iA, which has the same engine/transmission as the new RR. The drivetrain has been perfect for 75,000 KM and exhibits the exact same "buss" felt through the steering wheel rim and seat cushion. While some might mind it, I don't think it is indicative of a problem. BMW put it there!
  • jm641jm641 Member Posts: 2
    I was wondering if anyone has insight on what, if anything, will be changed for the RR in '04. From a convenience standpoint, one thing I thought was lacking during my test drive was a single disc option for the CD player (this is a luxury SUV, after all). Also, I just read an article in the April issue of BMW's Roundel mag that all BMW-sourced switchgear will be changed out for bits from the Ford parts bin. It also suggested the 4.4 liter motor will be swapped out as well. Both of these point are contrary to what I'd previously understood. Does anyone have any credible insight / thoughts?
  • grover432grover432 Member Posts: 11

    While I don't have any inside information, I don't think you'll see much in the way of changes for the first year. What you might see are the regular changes that occur in the second year of production of a new model, fixing first year problems, incorporated at point of manufacture. Many of these problems in MY2003 vehicles will have had the fixes corrected with up changed parts at the dealership level.

    There has been some rumor of LR switching to Jaguar's 4.2L engine, however I read that is change is a few years down the road. As far as switchgear goes, I'd be surprised if these changes are incorporated as early as 2004, although many people posting to the various forums would be happy to get rid of the current navigation system.

    The greatest benefit in waiting for MY2004, will be to see if the residuals improve for 36 month leases. My dealer tells me that a 36 month term (25,000km/year)lease program shows a 44% residual with a 8.4% lease rate (I'm not sure which is more offensive - yes I do, it's the residual!). I'm not sure what the current residuals are in the USA, but I'd be curious to know.
  • glc937glc937 Member Posts: 1
    Anyone have feedback on new RR 2003? I am considering one, but I find it hard to buy something at MRSP with a vehicle that traditionally depreciates so rapidly! Reading board about vibration, nav, electrical system also does not help, although I love the look and off road capabilities of the vehicle.
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    It appears that one change has already been made on the 2003: the availability of the upgraded seat option (Oxford) that has been part of the range since launch in Europe. This is a $5000 option that places leather on the dashboard and adds further power articulation to the seatbacks and headrests.
  • dpetriedpetrie Member Posts: 2
    I've gone for my second test drive and I feel that I'm close to a purchase but I need more information about reliability of the 2003 RR. I've read a few of the posts and most are positive - are there other websites that have information that might tell me a little more about how it's performing in it's first year?

  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    I've had my RR since August 02, and the reliability has been 99% perfect. A replaced steering column power adjuster and some tweaking to the presets on the radio are the only significant service items.
    The only items I would wish for are rain sensing wipers and TV/DVD/integrated phone (all of which are available in Europe)...and the sat/nav is a pain to use, but otherwise it's tough to beat. Only question is; what SUV would you move up to when its' time to trade?
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Hi Everyone:

    Wanted to see if there was still any activity on this board. I'm about a couple days away from purchasing a new 2003 Range Rover. I'm on the fence between the Zambezi Silver with Parchment Leather and Walnut and the Adriatic Blue with Parchment Leather and Cherry choices. I'd like some feedback from current owners on these two particular color choices.

    I've owned a 2000 LX470 that I bought new and was looking into changing to the 2003 model since that's been improved with more power and a 5 speed transmission. The more I think about it though, and after owning 3 Lexus vehicles, I think it's time for a change.

    Also anyone have any details on Extended Warranty programs. I know that the New Range Rover's powertrain's the tried and true BMW but I'd like general impressions from all of you.

    I got a great deal from my local dealership. I actually sent an RFQ to all my local dealers and had them compete for my business.

    Thanks in advance,

  • nanuqnanuq Member Posts: 765
    I have a silver metallic Disco and it's been a Godsend. Any small scratches from offroading or skis sliding down the side, or backpacks... buff them a little and it's exactly the same color as the aluminum beneath. They disappear.

    Good luck!
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Thanks for your response! I'll be pulling the trigger next week. I'm still on the fence. Test driven the vehicles and really boils down to personal preference. I do like Silver A LOT! However, I've already owned silver in the past but there is something to be said about a clean dark metallic (or black) car.

    You raise an interesting point re: off roading. I do plan on joining the local Land Rover club here in Southern California. That's a "maintenance" item I need to be prepared for if i elect to get a darker color.

    Thanks again,

  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    It's too bad that LR doesn't allow all color/trim combinations in the U.S. because...if they did, the cherry interior trim would be the ideal choice for most color combinations. I have a white with sand interior, which while attractive, is only offered in the U.S. with the walnut trim, which is so dark it goes almost unnoticed. So my advice: go with whatever combo permits the cherry trim. Also, check to see if the $5k upgraded seating option is available.
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I absolutely think the cherry wood interior is what "makes" this car. I can't think of any manufacturer that has a cherry wood option.

    Re: the cherry interior. I do know that the Greens (Giverney, Epsom), Adriatic Blue, and Black all have cherry wood interior options. By far the Black is the rarest to be found with the Cherry interior.

    Now that I'm about ready to pick up the RR, and after looking at the brochures, I am now also considering the Black with cherry wood for that reason. What I REALLY want is the parchment interior and blue carpets available with the Black exterior. I think that would look pretty nice.

    Re: the Oxford edition. . . I have yet to see that. That's the $5k option you talk about with the extended leather, etc. I do know that that configuration is available with a dark silver almost charcoal silver exterior.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm surprised that this board doesn't get as much activity as the others. I guess everyone is out there enjoying their drives and off-roading.

  • suvmeamesuvmeame Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking to eventually purchase a Range Rover in the future, however I do not wish to have leather interior or leather anywhere on the car. I am unaware whether or not cloth is available or whether I would have to have the vehicle re-upholstered. Does anyone know if cloth is available or can be ordered as an option?
  • havenzhavenz Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone heard of a parts back order on the New Range Rover ('03). Mine is in the shop due to an electronic switch issue with the transfer case - will not come out of Low Range. I am told the part is on back order and they have no delivery date. They claim to be working with RR USA to rob a part from a RR coming in to port. Sounds pretty extreme.

    If anyone has heard of this and can point me to where I might get some specific info on this issue (web site or consumer watch group) I would appreciate it.
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33

    I'm not aware of a factory configuration without leather. I'm sure the UK offers it but unfortunately that doesn't do you any good.

    Fortunately, I live in LA and there are plenty of "customizers" out here for a price that can "do anything" you want. I'm sure though that would be cost prohibitive.

    However, if it's leather that you don't want but are willing to put up with it, I might suggest you look into getting seat covers??

    My .02.

  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Happy 4th everyone. Wanted to let you know that I just purchased a 2003 Range Rover with the exclusive Oxford Edition. I ended up not getting the Adriatic Blue with Parchment after all. With three kids and that light interior, I thought it would be smarter to get a darker interior.

    The dealership had 3 new Oxford editions in stock. I ended up getting a Zambezi Silver with Charcoal/Jet Oxford interior. It came with the new Foundry Finish, which is the brushed silver instead of the Cherry or Walnut.

    Essentially one gets the contour seats with 14-way driver and 12-way passenger adjustments. Additionally there is upgraded leather on the seats, door pulls and upper dashboard.

    So far only driven 20 miles and it's a dream.

    Thanks to all of you with the advice,

  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40

    Does your steering column go up & down? I just picked up my '03 RR this week and the steering column only goes in & out. The dealer's service dept. says about 3 weeks for the part, as it is VIN specific.

    If anyone had to have the steering column control switch replaced, how long did you wait for the part to come in?

    Right now, I sort of feel like I'm driving a bus, with the steering wheel so high. Otherwise, what an amazing SUV!
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33

    My steering wheels telescopes as well as tilts. I'm sorry to see that you have the problem with the wheel.

    As an aside, have you tried raising the seat to "accomodate" the fixed raised wheel position?

    Have you tried any other dealers around the area that may have the part? 3 weeks sounds a little long, but then again, knock on wood, I haven't had any service issues yet.

    "Amazing SUV?" I'm finding more and more superlatives to describe this beast. It's INCREDIBLE!!

  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Hi everyone. Anybody know what the "R/T" button located on the right side of the steering wheel does? It's right below the "previous track" button. I can't seem to locate any reference in the manuals.

    Also, is there a way to enter a place of business using the NAV system? Can't seem to figure this one out, although all my previous cars with NAV (Lexus) had this feature.

    I'd like to search by restaurant name for example and can't figure out how to do it. . .


  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40
    I think the R/T button on the steering wheel is for switching to the built-in mobile telephone. (R = Radio & T = Telephone??) That feature wasn't put on vehicles being shipped to the USA.

    Also, I don't see anywhere that the Nav system has business names programmed into its database. On the system in an MBZ that I had, you could just punch in "Bellagio" for example and it would guide you there, but it looks as if you can't do that in the RR system.
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Well that really stinks! I guess I found the weakest link in this car -- the nav system. I tried playing with it hoping to find some hidden functionality but alas couldn't find one. Oh well. . .

    Now, time to get rear headrest monitors and a DVD player for the kids!
  • tincup47tincup47 Member Posts: 1,508
    There are listings of several categories of local business destinations for any particular area. Page 37 of the Audio and navigation handbook in your owners wallet has directions on how to use this functionality. One main difference between the Nav system functionality on the RR and most other vehicles is the ability of it having the ability to help you off-road. It is a complex system that could be easier to use, but reading the instructions will certainly make it more usable.
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    My almost one year old RR has only had one problem (that should be a relief to many): the up/down function on the steering wheel quit. It did take the dealer a week or so to get, what appears to be on the invoice, a new motor. I have heard about this problem on several RR's, and it seems strange that such a simple mechanism should have had repeatedly failed, especially after 18 months of production. works now, just fine!
    Regarding the NAV system, one simple issue you might want to remember: once the NAV is working and you want to change a radio station, for example: if left alone, the NAV system display will return to where it was after a 10-15 second delay. Don't rush and go back to the Menu button or you will have to go thru the disclaimer again and reset the map.
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Hi again:

    Just thought for those of you who are in the market for the Range Rover, a few observations come to mind from my one week of ownership.

    Fit and Finish is almost as good as my previous Lexus cars which I consider my benchmark. I went and got tint applied to the windows and my installer came up to me and shoed me areas of "overspray" on the windows that required him to use a blade to remove. Lesson learned: Make sure you go over all your windows upon delivery to make sure that there isn't any overspray. I was AMAZED to see how much of it was on the left and right rear quarter windows. He mentioned that this happens during the manufacturing process.

    I have the Oxford edition and my leather dash rubs against the upper portion of my gauge cluster. When I drive over anything that isn't perfectly smooth, I get squeaks, rattles and annoying noises. It's annoying but I haven't brought this up to the dealership yet.

    I hate the fact that it doesn't come with auto-headlamps. I know it's a mere inconvenience but still for the money. . .

    Those are my minor observations at this time. Generally I am satisfied with this truck. It's ride is purely special - doesn't float like my LX470 yet isn't so stiff that it "hurts" after driving it. The Oxford leather is beyond compare to any other car/suv I've driven. I just love the LED lighting on the overhead console when driving at night. Little touches like the map pocket lights, door latch, etc. is awesome.

    Anyways my .02. . .

  • mavamava Member Posts: 33

    Looks like my up-down steering wheel motor failed. I went to adjust the wheel and sure enough it no longer tilts. It still telescopes, however. Well I guess it's time to call the dealership and schedule that first service visit. I hope this isn't any indication of more events to come. . .

  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Hi again everyone. My Rover was at a custom install shop for the past week to get a multimedia system connected. The following was installed:

    * Two 7" 16:9 monitors custom-installed on the headrests
    * Cables were routed through the headrest posts and are hidden from view
    * DVD player installed in the glove compartment right below the CD Changer.
    * Four two-channel wireless headphones
    * FM Modulator to route the sound through the main stereo
    * AUX Input with 150-amp inverter to power Playstation 2, Xbox or anything else
    * Euro-spec OEM BMW Television Tuner conversion on the front monitor
    * Euro-spec OEM BMW TV signal amplifiers
    * Rear color reverse camera with auto override when selecting Reverse on the transmission
    * AV Switching system to independently control each monitor vie wireless remote control

    If you’re interested, please feel free to visit my website with pictures at

    I definitely LOVE this Rover!!!!

  • mikey94025mikey94025 Member Posts: 8
    Regarding the others posting about up/down steering wheel problems, our RR intermittently does that too. But the problem mysteriously appears and goes away quickly. We reported it once for service and I don't know if they did anything, but we didn't even bother to take it in after the last incident. Oh well.

    We've also had intermittent problems with the key fob where it no longer unlocks/locks the car. Again, the problem resolves itself quickly.

    Otherwise, we love our RR, its ride quality, etc.

    - M
  • sachasacha Member Posts: 2
    I am interested in purchasing the same equipment. Where did you buy and install your multimedia equipment and how much did it cost? Thanks Mava for all your pictures you posted and your informative information.
  • sachasacha Member Posts: 2
    I was wondering if there is any changes between the 2003 and 2004 model. The only change I am aware of is the addition of the westminister limited edition package. It is a little expensive at over $12,000. Have anyone seen this particular package. I know they upgraded the wheels to 20 inches. Is it the same interior as the Oxford package? I hope they changed the navigation system.
  • mxb11mxb11 Member Posts: 3
    I have the following vibration in my 2003RR:
    When the car is in Drive and the brake is applied, a strong vibration is felt in the steering wheel and seat.

    When the AC is turned on and the RPMs at idle go up, the vibration is reduced.
    There is minimal vibration in Neutral or Park.
    The vibration is reduced when the brake is released and the car starts rolling.

    Anyone have a fix for this problem which was posted by others in March?
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    I had the same problem, and eventually asked the dealer to check. Of course we couldn't duplicate the problem at the dealer. At that point I wondered if it had anything to do with the engine being hot or cold.
    In my case, it was very specific: foot brake had to be applied, and slight right turn pressure to the steering wheel, but only when the car was stationary or just beginning to move.
    The dealer did find a service bulletin: the problem was reported as being specific to earlier models. There is a "colored paint mark" on one of the bolts associated with the steering rack. I am not sure what color, or what bolt, but in my case, apparently, I had the paint color which indicated it was built after the fix.
    My vibration has now gone away, so I am not sure what the real story is. But you might want to be very direct about having your dealer check the bulletin, and the "paint mark".
    For those with the "up-down" steering column adjust problem: my dealer eventually replaced the "up-down" mechanism. I believe there is a service bulletin on this also.
    One thing I have discovered: it is VERY important to have the dealer check for bulletins or with the regional RR tech. rep., because, in each of my "issues" the dealer was reluctant to admit that the problems were anything other than isolated to my RR.
    BUT.....I still love the car, and wouldn't switch it for anything...yet!
  • mxb11mxb11 Member Posts: 3
    My 03 RR is new and the build date was April 2003,
    which I would guess that would be after the fix
    In my case, the wheel does not have to be turned to create the vibration.
    I just picked up the car last week. I will be heading back to the dealer.
    Thanks for the reply!
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    mxb11: If you do get any feedback or resolution on the steering vibration, it would be appreciated if you could post it here along with any bulletin info.
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33

    Thanks for the feedback. I purchased my RR at Land Rover Encino (LA Area) who ultimatly referred me to AUDIO GALLERY in Tarzana, CA.

    All told the whole installation cost me over $5,400.00 Of course if you don't need the OEM TV tuner mod and the like, that alone can potentially save you well over $2,000.

    They took care of my car and stand behind their install. I don't work for them, just a satisfied customer.

    Ask to speak with the owner Nelson and let him know that Mac with the Silver RR sent you! ;-)

    They do A LOT of new Range Rover's. . .

  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Hi everyone:

    I heard from my local dealer that they will be adding 3 or 4 new colors for the 2004 lineup. Other than that there hasn't been any indication that there are any additional changes to the RR's.

    Anyone else hear anything??

  • glurie1glurie1 Member Posts: 1
    does anybody know how to disable the automatic door locking feature? currently the doors automatically lock once you start driving.
  • nanuqnanuq Member Posts: 765
    Simple, I just make the dog sit on the floor. Otherwise he's up there with his front feet on the window ledge and hits the lock button. Happens every time. ;)

    Seriously, I think this is a setting the Rover folks have to alter using the Testbook. There *may* be a sequence of steps to reset it yourself, like the steps to reprogram a remote fob. But it will be awhile till they get posted somewhere on the Web.
  • tincup47tincup47 Member Posts: 1,508
    There is actually a customization form to personalize many of the settings that the retailer is supposed to go over with the customer and get their input on how they want their vehicle to handle these kind of items. This does have to be done at the retail facility using the diagnostic and configuration computer. Check with your retailer on having it changed.
  • mxb11mxb11 Member Posts: 3
    It appears that the base idle speed (without the AC turned on) was set too low from the factory. The idle speed has been reset and the vibration now seems normal. Turning on the AC now only causes a blip in the RPM as opposed to a jump. I compared the fix to a new RR which exhibited the same problem which they will be fixing.
  • metsfanatic69metsfanatic69 Member Posts: 4
    Hey, essentially I've purchased an '03 Adriatic Blue Parchment Oxford Edition Rover, and first and foremost, wanted to know what people's impressions if any are with Adriatic Blue with oxford. Personally, I had never seen one until the dealership contacted me telling me that they were getting two in off the docks. Secondly because I'm pretty nervous about purchasing this car (owning the epitome of reliability in an 01 SC430, and two pretty reliable volvos), does anyone have any problems with the car other than the horrible nav system, the whole vibration thing, and the tilting and telescoping problem?
  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Metsfanatic69: I also have an '03 Oxford and short of the tilt/telescope wheel issue I've had a what I think is a unique problem with the Oxford -- upper dash rattles.

    Essentially the dash is covered in leather and it seems like if it isn't installed properly, over rough roads and freeway expansions, I get pretty bad rubbing, rattling type sounds. Seems like the leather and the plastic area on the upper dash creates the rubbing sounds.

    I just took my car to the dealership today and haven't picked it up yet but I'll let you know what they ended up doing.

    Prior to my dealership visit, I actually tightened the torx bolts that secure the dash but that didn't work.

    Adriatic Blue and Parchment is a GREAT color combo. In fact I wanted to pick that up originally. I ended up getting Zambezi Silver with the Charcoal because I have three little kids and I'd hate to destroy that almost white leather – or rather have “them” destroy that leather.

    If you’re in the LA area my selling dealership has one in stock according to their website. I’m curious to see the Oxford treatment on the parchment interior myself . . .

    Good luck!

  • mavamava Member Posts: 33
    Wanted to bring everyone up to date on my first service visit regarding some fitment problems with my 03 RR Oxford. First the steering wheel tilting issue. They identified the problem as a “worn screw nut preload” adjustment. The motor wasn’t replaced. Just a simple adjustment, I guess. Works fine now!

    Second had to do with excessive squeaks/rattles on the upper dashboard. They took off the dash and found that additional insulation was required. They added insulation to the “upper Speedo I-PAC surround.” (from the actual work order).

    Finally unrelated to my service visit, I found a local shop (not my dealer) to install the XPEL Clear Bra system on my car ( I had that installed last week and it consists of protecting the following areas: Hood, Lower Bumper, Lower Middle Bumper, Front Lights, Side Lights, Fog Lights. Also elected to have installed 3M door edge protection (on all 4 doors) and protection to the door cups (all four as well). These were custom fitted and weren’t part of any package.

    All told I am impressed with the look and I know that my paint is better protected as well. For those of you that might be interested, I ended up paying almost $600 for the whole kit installed . . .


  • outriggeroutrigger Member Posts: 40

    Are you sure that's described correctly? The part for my RR still isn't in, after almost 6 weeks, so maybe my steering column not going up or down can also be fixed without a new motor.

    As soon as you reply, I'm off the the LR service dept.

  • mavamava Member Posts: 33

    Taken directly from my completed work order. You can get some feedback from your servicing dealership with this info. . .

    J# 1 63LRZA CHECK & ADVISE UNITS: 1.15 TECH(S): 692




    Shoot me off an email (it's listed in my profile) if you have any other questions. I can fax you my actual work order if you'd like. . .

  • nanuqnanuq Member Posts: 765 doesn't mean to say "worn" screw nut. The truck isn't old enough yet.

    I bet it's supposed to say "worm screw" and there's just such a beastie in there to move the steering up and down. If the preload is not adjusted right then the "track" that works against the worm screw (to move the steering up and down) will simply not move. The track and the worm screw must make good contact.

    I bet you can get under there with a flashlight and see a long screw turning. It's oriented up and down (vertically) and there must be a mechanism that touches the side of it... also connected to the steering column. Look closely for the actuation point, there will be a nut surrounding a screw that sticks in and touches the works. Loosen the locknut, tighten the screw slowly until the up/down starts to work again, then tighten the locknut. It should take you 15 minutes to find this and fix it.

    Good luck!
  • carisartcarisart Member Posts: 4
    I'm seriously shopping for a new Range Rover. Just test drove one and love it. The dealer immediately quoted me $67k incl heated pkg. What do you think is the best deal I can get? I know there's a $4000 dealer rebate for 03 good till end of Sep. I am in vicinity of New York City.

    Does anyone know if there's any change for '04? My dealer said none but someone in this board mentioned more colors. I may consider '04 if it has interior color like "Navy seats with Parchment piping". Price wise, if the difference between '03 and '04 is less than $3k, I may just buy an '04 because of resale value. However, I doubt that the dealers will discount '04 much. What do you think?

    I would really appreciate your opinions especially those who have bought recently.
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