Any news on Dodge Dakota Crew Cabs in 2000

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Heard Chrysler is coming out with a Crew Cab for
the Dakota's. Does any body have any pricing info
and what engines will be offered


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    i heard that they will be having the 4.7 v8 that is in a jeep. truck trend has a good article on it.
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    Popular Mechanics implied that there may be a 5.9 engine available in the crew cab...if so, would this engine be available across the whole Dakota line?
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    I have been looking at the Nissan Crew Cab, Does anyone have any comparative info on the two models (specifically back seat dimensions and bed size)?

    Does anyone know when they are releasing them?

    What about price?
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    Just wandering if anyone knows if the Dakota will have a third door option or four door option in Y2K.
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    dakota will have four full doord in y2k
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    I have seen the truck and it has four full doors and a full rear seat. The 5.2 magnum engine is out for 2000 dakotas. The Jeep 4.7L is in.
  • boatman1boatman1 Member Posts: 2
    The 5.9 is an option on the 4 door 2000 Dakota.
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    I've spoken with 2 dealers, neither have an exact
    date for arrival of the 2000 Quad Cab Dakotas. One dealer said possibly September 99. The brochures say January 2000. Does anyone have more definitive information? Thanks.
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    just got a letter from dodge today. they say january..
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    Are all y2k Dakotas slated for January release? or just the crew cab?
  • jwm2jwm2 Member Posts: 43
    Here is a web site that might answer some of your questions.
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    I am going to pick-up my 2000 Dakota Crew Cab SLT V6 today. I'm alittle nervous after reading all the horror stories. Hope it turns out. I'm getting it $100 over cost from a friend who owns dealership.
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    Just found out today that they are holding up all orders for the Dakota 4x4's 6 cyl. and the new 4.7 eng. My dealer says that they will not even take a order for the 4x4.
    Has anyone heard what the problem is?? Dealer can't find out now what it is. The manufacture is not talking to the dealer as to what the problem is.
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    Just are you going to pick up a model year 2000 truck that the factory hasn't begun building yet???
  • jwm2jwm2 Member Posts: 43
    Actually the dealer has 2 two wheel drives sitting in their lot right now with the 4.7L motors. And several with the six cylinder's right now. It's just that they are on a hold for something with 4x4's as I understand it.
    I was told production for the 2000 started in the middle of July.
  • jwm2jwm2 Member Posts: 43
    Sorry, I wasn't really talking about the Crew Cab.
    Wasn't any other group that had the Dakota's now to vent my frustration.
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    anybody know epa fuel economy for the new 4.7 V8?
  • tlynn1tlynn1 Member Posts: 24
    test drove a 2000 2wd 4.7 w/auto today. good power, smooth shift, est. 15/20 mpg.
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    have been told the quads will be $800 over the ext. cab. dealers say I can get it for $100 over invoice, but they havent said what ther idea is of invoice. going to get prices from dealer this week and then make offer, if right, I'm ordering, thats worth another $500 discount. What kind of prices are yall finding ?
  • tlynn1tlynn1 Member Posts: 24
    Well, went to dealer today, bad news, rumor that the quat wont be out until jan. no prices yet but he said discounts will be small, probly near sticker price while there new. Even the ext. cab 4x4 w/4.7 is now restricted and cant be ordered yet, bummmmer. may look at the ranger again. No aint gonna do that. I'll just wait.
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    Finally did it. Now the big wait. I'm going to start out assuming it will be 2-2.5 months before it comes in. This will give me time to get my affairs in order (selling a mini-van and moving money around to reduce the debt burden).

    I think that I've chosen every item that was or will be restricted - so here we go! Will see if the dealer in E-town, PA has any pull to make this happen before the end of the model year.
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    What a shock!!!! I was reading my current issue of Fortune magazine and learned that the Dakota's were being assembled in Brazil, not Brazil Indiana but Brazil South America. This might explain some of the delivery issues. Think anything other problems could be related to this finding? Maybe the rest of you knew about Brazil but I didn't.
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    jbauer, I am a little disappointed.

    You made the same points in subject 486, and I tried to address your comments some 12 hours before your posting here. You are more than welcome to disagree with me, and you are of course entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to believe that it is misguided.

    But please lets try and keep discussions in the same topic, your comments on Brazil have no direct relevance to 2000 Crew Cabs, and certainly nothing to do with the perceived delayed release of the model.
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    Three questions regarding the new Dodge Dakota:

    1. Does anyone know how much the invoice price is on the new 4.7 jeep engine?

    2. How much shorter is the bed in the new Quad Cab? And are you able to order one now?

    3. Is the Dakota (4.7) strong enough to pull a large Airstream camper trailer? Thanks.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Can't help on the price I'm afraid as I am a Canadian buyer, but from what I remember from ordering mine, there wasn't much difference between the old 5.2 option price and the 4.7.

    I believe that the Quad Cab has a 5' bed, do that would be an 18 inch reduction from the club cab, 3' shorter than a long box. As far as ordering one now is concerned, yes, though you may have problems with some specs. Delivery is probably around the turn of the year though.

    In terms of pulling power, it depends on your trailer, my 4.7 liter club cab with limited slip diff is rated at 6,500 pounds. I am tempted to think the real number is slightly less, the figure is the same as last year, but torque is down slightly (295 against 300). The quad cab is more or less the same, Dodge are claiming 6,400 if properly equipped, and of course the 5.9 is an option on the quad, and that chucks out 335 lb/ft of torque.
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    I talked yesterday to a fleet manager who stated the price of the new truck is $600 - $800 more than the club cab.

    As for towing specs:

    4 x 2 3.9L Std. 3250 Max 4900
    4 x 2 4.7L Std. 3450 Max 6150
    4 x 2 5.9L Std. 4750 Max 6350
    4 x 4 3.9L Std. 3450 Max 4650
    4 x 4 4.7L Std. 4900 Max 5900
    4 x 4 5.9L Std. 4500 Max 6100

    Don't have measurements yet but it is the same overall length as the club cab.

    Look for a release end of Sept or early Oct. Some dealers have 1 or 2 but cannot release them.
  • jbauerjbauer Member Posts: 39
    Dear Mr. Jordan: Not every one reads your posting #486. Sorry to deflate your ego.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    jbauer. I do not have an ego, I really don't care what you think. However hear are a few points to bear in mind:

    All (that is every single one) of the crew cabs are to be built in Michigan, so please explain how the presence of a Brazilian factory is going to cause delay / quality problems.

    In the other group you suggested that I had misread your posting. Well if I did I am sorry, however you suggested that the fact that some Dakota are produced in Brazil might explain the quality / delay problem. I suspect to most users of that group that is a very clear message. If that wasn't your intention please be aware of how postings can be perceived.
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    New Dakota 4 door?? Check this out!!

    Great pix, graphics of the new one!! Forget the Durango, give me FOUR DOORS!!
  • bakerb17bakerb17 Member Posts: 17
    $600-800 is what I've been hearing too. Any idea what time frame we're looking at for those prices to actually come out? If anyone hears anything, please post ASAP. I'm stationed in Japan and returning to the states in Nov. I'd like to be able to order and have it waiting when I return. Starting to cut a little close.
  • jimtjimt Member Posts: 56
  • bees1bees1 Member Posts: 16
    I received a call last night (10/6/99) from a salesman at a local dealership (near San Francisco).He stated that the Quad Cab will be in the showroom on Nov.15,1999. I neglected to ask the base price (as I was too happy to hear the good-and I hope accurate-news!) I called right back and left a message.It was disappointing that the salesman did not return my call.One more strike against him. I'm sorry to say that many of the sales people have not been very informed on their own products. They can't be that busy that they don't have time to even "read their own brochures" (to try and get a clue!) Not just on the Quad, but the 4x4's and new engine, etc. Anyone else have this experience? It also took an hour and an act of congress to get a 2000 brochure. I'm sorry to report, no more Solar Yellow!
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    The dealer where I test drove a V8 2WD Club Cab said that production is being shifted to the Quad Cab to get them on the lots and fill orders. Said he had no idea when a Club Cab order could be filled. Sounds like BS, but who knows.
    Also, is there a shortage of V8/Auto Sport 2WD ClubCabs? Plenty of V8 4x4's and V6 Sports here in Cent. Ohio, but only about 5-6 Sport V8/2WD
  • ferousferous Member Posts: 226
    I have been playing two different dealers (SW Mich) for due dates on the new Quad Cab. The larger dealer is telling me Jan, the smaller one is telling me Nov, 1. You can see how much faith I have in those facts.
    Salesmen knowing what their talking about? Ya right!!! I got a 2000 brochure and I know more than both of the dealers I've been talking too. I'm going to have a lot of fun with those guys.
  • tlynn1tlynn1 Member Posts: 24
    Got price today on the Quad from Carlisle Dodge in Tampa. The invoice base on 4x4 quad is $21,804 plus destination and options which is the same as
    thoes on the ext. cab. Seems the advertiseing charge was over $400. with discount of $00 for ordering and the options I want the sale before tax would be $23,000. The quad is about 350 lbs heaver than ext. cab, thus less gpm. I think I'll go for the ext. cab.
  • tlynn1tlynn1 Member Posts: 24
    that was #500 discount for ordering.
  • tlynn1tlynn1 Member Posts: 24
    -Another correction to my first post. $21,804 is price of slt with 4.7, auto trans. The base quad with v6, standard shift is $19,521. Compare to base ext cab of $18,040, the quad is $1,481 more.
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    I got the impression from the Dodge web page and the buzz web page that the Quad cab may include more standard options. I guess it's all speculation until the real options lists come out.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Dodge held a big 2000 model year press day here (Toronto), when they officially announced that Quad cabs would be available November 15th. The dat has been well reported and I bet that Dodge were pretty sure that they could meet it before announcing.

    I can't believe that the Canadian date would be any earlier than US, so look for them soon. Canadian pricing / options will be announced about a week before, so look for November 10th or so for everything to be firmed.
  • rlholmrlholm Member Posts: 37
    I just visited the web page and they finally have the pricing up. Compared to the club cab, the Quad cab SLT base list is $1660 more, G package is $155 less, Payload option is standard ($40), and SLT plus decor group is $515 more for a total of $1980 (MSRP) more. I suspect something is wrong with the SLT plus price, and don't see the $1000 4X4 discount I see for my state on the club cab. Hopefully some of these issues will be corrected to bring the price back to around the $800 (invoice) point.

    I went to test drive a club cab last night and the dealer seemed to know they were coming, but not exactly when. Sometime next month (November) is what they said. You've got to keep in mind that they are more interested in selling what they have then having people waiting for new releases. The sales fleet manager remarked that often he doesn't know/care about new vehicles until they show up on the lot. (It happens every year for them and usually they're basically the same). I suspect in the next 2-4 weeks you'll see a lot more information available. I would guess the pricing on Dodge's web page means they are ready to take orders.
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    I've tried 3 different browsers and can't seem to be able to get any pricing info on the Dodge website. I pick my state (California) and the only thing there seems to be is the circles next to the state box and nothing below to click on. I don't get anywhere. The site has no email address that I can locate. Any help out there? Thanks, Bees.
  • hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    Bees1, I went in and test the california choice and I was able to get in no problems.

    good Luck,

  • bees1bees1 Member Posts: 16
    Thanks for the feedback Robert. I've been getting javascript errors on 3 different browsers. I believe I have my own PC probs. Thanks! Bees
  • hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    Hey, i ordered my new Quad today, it was in the dealers computer so I went for it, im the first one around here in Biloxi MS :O)))))))))))))
  • bakerb17bakerb17 Member Posts: 17
    Any idea what the invoice for the quad is? Particularly the Sport 4X4, MSRP is 21,615. I'd also like to know what invoice is on the "power overhead conv. group". MSRP is $930.

    Anybody have any idea when "Edmunds" will post the invoice on the site?

  • hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    The msrp is on the Dodge website, as for the invoice, the dealers wont get it until their first truck arrives, they also dont know the msrp, I had to bring my quote from the net to order my options, and thats the first time they have seen any pricing (so they say), I am paying 3.75 over invoice, it took along time to get there, they say they can sell it for sticker cause its so new, an I believe they can, but not me, so when I got up to leave, they came on down.

    Good luck,

  • bakerb17bakerb17 Member Posts: 17
    You kinda lost me with that one. Don't take this wrong but if the dealer doesn't know the invoice, how did you negotiate a price, much less 3.75 over invoice? I hope they aren't snowballing you. I'm curious how they could even negotiate if they didn't, nor did you, know where to start. Did you get the sport or SLT? 2 or 4 wheel drive? Hope all goes well for you with the order. I'm getting ready to do the same. I'm in Japan and going to order via the internet(autobytel) or our Exchange new car sales, whichever gives me the best deal. Then I'll have the truck delivered back home so when I return in 39 days it'll be waitin' on me. I can't do didley until I get the invoice prices though.

  • hennehenne Member Posts: 407
    Bake, It doesnt matter what there invoice is, the deal is just 3 3/4 over their cost,the estimates are, there 3% holdback plus approx 700.00 over invoice. the invoice is the same special order as it would be if it was on the lot, I have ordered a bunch of cars like this not knowing the invoice but just made the deal, its the same as saying ill buy this car I just test drove for 500.00 over invoice, when you see the invoice you cut them a check for 500.00 over plus tax and all that good stuff.

    As for the truck, 4x2, slt, 4.7 auto, pretty much loaded.

    good luck,

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Can you just clarify one thing for me.

    I understood that you are paying 3 3/4 over invoice - fine accept that concept, but then you mentioned holdback - did you manage to negotiate that as part of the deal so effectively you are only paying 3/4 over invoice with them getting 3 3/4 including holdback?

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