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Ford Freestyle - Taurus X



  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    A large slip-joint pliers works well to grab just about any filter.
  • What state?

    In NY the lemon law kicks in if the dealer fails to fix the problem after 4 chances (meaning, it saves you from giving him a 5th chance), or if your vehicle is off the road for 30 days in the first 2 years of ownership. The dealer of course will fight every step of the way (most commonly by defining the problem too narrowly, such as "the first repair was the steering hoses, then the second was the pump, different problem"). If you get to that point, which of course I hope you don't, you should contact your state's attorney general's office for advice. It might help to mention to the dealer early (like now) that you are contacting the AG's office "just in case."
  • aplanaplan Posts: 2
    Where is the Hidden Hitch available and how is it different from the Draw-Tite? Thanks.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Congratulations. Enjoy your Freestyle. :D
  • 428cj428cj Posts: 52
    I have the new Freestyle home. It is beautiful and runs fantastic. Even in mile-high Denver it has great power. The critics are way out to lunch when they complain about the power. Also, it rides smoother that I thought possible. It is a fine tribute to Ford engineering. Another really cool thing is, since I ordered the car, it came in with my name on the window sticker.

    The downside was the dealership. The x-plan price had increased by $111 from when I ordered it 60 days ago and the $1,000 plus $500 rebate went down to $1,000 two weeks ago (they claim). Shipping increased by $25. It took all day to make the deal that I thought was already made and I had to walk out once. I am still unhappy with the dealer experience and the revised deal, but II do have the car I wanted.
  • willie19willie19 Posts: 139
    Congratulations and you're going to enjoy your new vehicle.

    I strongly suspect your dealership has pulled a fast one on you. They picked a good time to do that just when you are taking delivery of the car.Did you get a copy of the actual invoice ? Somewhere close to the bottom shows the X-Plan and A-Plan prices.If not, insist that they show it to you.The extra $500 is a Ford cash incentive for Blue Oval sale days thru June 30th if bought from dealer stock.If you bought thru a factory order before the sale period then it is questionable but I would check it out with Ford if you qualify.
    I really doubt Ford will increase the X-Plan price at yearend clearout time.

    Good luck on the outcome.
  • sjcssjcs Posts: 2
    We just closed the deal on our Freestyle and our expecting delivery this week. I haven't done the financing yet as it was a dealer trade. My question is what is your experience with extended warranties and pricing of the warranties? Any help before I sit in the hot seat would be appreciated!
  • egm923egm923 Posts: 2
    It seems that you know more about car dealings than me so I have a question. I am attempting to buy a Freestyle SE AWD. It has the Conv. and safety packages. The sticker says about $28,600 and they are telling me I can have it for $26,400. When I saw the invoice, it was about $200 the X-plan. Is this a good deal? (I am taking the 0% financing instead of the $1000)
  • 428cj428cj Posts: 52
    The MSRP in April when I ordered was 33,950 with $650 being the destination and delivery. The x-plan price was $31,351.61. The MSRP on the sticker and invoice at time of delivery on 6-18-05 was $33,995 with $675 destination and delivery. The new x-plan price on the invoice is $31,455.52.

    The final deal was the new x-plan price of $31,455 less the $1,000 rebate for a total of $30,455 plus taxes. I paid cash. What made me nervous is they had me initial numerous boxes on a Ford x-plan sheet with all the line items blank. I questioned this, but they said there was no way they could fill in all the numbers at that time. I initialed, however, that was the one piece of paperwork that I did not receive a copy. I smelled something wrong, but I did not want to leave the car in the hands of the dealer any longer. One more thing. There was a line item on the x-plan form for an increase/decrease over the x-plan price when ordered.

    Based on your reply, it appears if I refused to accept delivery, the next buyer could have used x-plan and received the $1,000 rebate plus the $500 because now the vehicle I ordered was now "in stock."

    I have poured over the vehicle and the fit and finish is perfect. On the Freestyle, 500 and Montegos I have viewed in the last eight months, the dash storage compartment sometimes had to be shut twice to close. This one snaps shut on the first closing. As I said before, the car is great, but I will look to another dealer when I replace my F-150 with a new King Ranch.
  • willie19willie19 Posts: 139
    First of all I don't consider myself an expert on car dealings.But I do happen to do a fair amount of research before I formulate my own strategy when I bought our Freestyle Ltd AWD in Canada. As far as prices go it's like comparing apples to oranges in relation to U.S.prices. In fact our Ltd AWD comes fully loaded as standard equipment with the exception of DVD and the split 2nd row 7-seater.In the U.S.the Limited's options are unbundled.

    Check out this Freestyle section Ford Freestyle: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences
    to get a better handle on what others are paying for their SE AWD and factor in the other options to your needs.

    I did not quite understand your question ...."about $200 the X-Plan"
    The 0% financing sounds very enticing in lieu of $1000. BUT if you do a cash flow analysis according to Ford's loan payment chart 0% @ $27.78/K your monthly payt will
    be $733.40 ; @ 1.9% @$28.60/K the monthly payt is $755, based on $26,400 price.
    The $21.60 mo. savings is no big deal and if one is to do a time value of money calculation at say 1.9% APR this will only amount to a PRESENT VALUE of $396.
    So clearly, IF THERE ARE NO FURTHER CONSIDERATIONS the $1000 cash reduction in price is the better deal.

    However the above is a little oversimplified. Because #1, paying out a full lump sum is a big deal and hard on the budget. #2, consider investing the money SAFELY to get a return better than 2% APR and you will be ahead of the game to take out Ford's rate of 1.9% for 36months or longer.

    Another tip is, go to Ford's website and tell them you're ready to buy a vehicle IMMEDIATELY and request for a e-Certificate for $750 good until June 30th.Not sure it will work but is worth a try.Chances should be good as dealers are stuck with high inventories and the $1000 dealer cash is an incentive to reduce stocks and make room for MY2006s as well as the new Fusion/Milan,etc models which Ford is banking on future sales. So holding out for another month may be another option as the situation gets a little more desperate.Consider GM publicizing sales at employee prices and also Ford encouraging employees to hand out their X-Plan PINS and being financially rewarded.July and August sales should very interesting but there will be limited choices on the remaining stock.
  • webbcamwebbcam Posts: 13
    This is a copy of a forum posting I sent last month.

    When I purchased my SEL AWD last month the dealer wanted over $2000 for the extended warranty (I choose 5 year 75,000 powertrain only). I offered him $1000 and he countered with $1600. I declined and next day went online with Ford ESP.

    After I registered they sent me a promotional code good for $185 off any warranty. The two I considered were the BasicCare plan (one step up from Powertrain only) for $870 ($685 after discount) and the ExtraCare plan for $960 ($775 after discount). I purchased the ExtraCare plan for less than half of what the dealer wanted for the Powertrain only!!! I'm happy.

    BTW I love my Freestyle..... even more than my 93 Explorer!


  • egm923egm923 Posts: 2
    That is great advice. Thank you so much. I will definitely try to email ford and see if they will do the e-cert. Never heard of it but worth a go. Do they combine it with other insentives?

    Oh, I meant on the invoice, the X-plan was $200 more than what he was going to sell the Freestyle to me for. I probably would have bought it but I was not a fan of the color (Titanium green).
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I wonder how many people actually use the extended warranty prior to 75K miles? I've never had any major problems until I hit 100K miles, so that's why I never buy extended warranties.
  • willie19willie19 Posts: 139
    ......"the e-Cert. Never heard of it but worth a go. Do they combine it with other insentives?"

    it says....
    ....".This offer can be used in conjunction with most consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at the time of purchase or lease with the exception of any RCL Loyalty Certificate, Retail Appreciation Bonus, Ford Graduate Recognition Program , or Young Drivers of Canada Savings Certificate. A,X, and Z Plan members are eligible for this program. This offer is not applicable to any Fleet or Government delivery."
    Somewhere else it also says that it excludes the hot selling 2005 Ford Mustang.

    We don't normally get as good deals here as you folks down south so as I said your chances look pretty favourable to get similar or better deal. Go get 'em.!

    To Webbcam: re Extended Warranty.Good heads up. Both you and Bruneau1 did well.
    I almost fell off my chair when my dealer quoted $2300.I didn't even bother to respond.
    I'm also concerned about the longterm reliability of the CVT as my wife does not rack up high mileage so chances are we won't detect problems during the warranty period. Won't mind paying low price similar to yours or else I'll take my chances without.
  • tiger10tiger10 Posts: 46
    my friend was considering one of these vehicles and i was wondering which one would be better, any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks, Tiger
  • anotherwagonanotherwagon Posts: 301
    I was able to get it at our local hitch shop. I did have to pursuade them to call the dealer and verify it was out since it was new. It was a little less expensive than the draw-tite and many shops in the area will no longer carry draw-tite. (they charge dealers shipping now so lots of them dropped the line) The few dealers we found that did carry the line could not get us an answer as to when it would get here, etc. I really needed it by a certain time and just got tired of messing w/the others. I'm not sure the differences, you could check on line by part number. It worked fine w/the Thule bike carrier we have.

    Take care -
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168
    Greetings all:

    I've noticed a weird screeching/clunking sound when I start up my Freestyle after is been sitting for two days or more. Upon startup the engine (or something else under the hood) makes a screeching/clunking sound as the engine turns over. Also, when I engage the climate control there is a similar clunking sound that has me concerned.

    On the other hand, if I drive my Freestyle every day (like yesterday and today) it starts up as it should without any peculiar sounds from the engine or when activating the climate control.

    I am wondering if it has to do with the region I live in (mid-Atlantic - central VA) where the humidity can cause one to sweat just by thinking about it.

    Other than the above issue, my Freestyle has been perfect. I truly enjoy driving this car and the mileage and performance is more than acceptable in spite of what some auto reviewers say about lack of power.

    Best regards -

    M. J. McCloskey - AWD Limited - Titanium
  • mastylinmastylin Posts: 3
    We had the same problem with sunglasses making a rattling sound in the sunglass compartment. The front side has cushioning, but the backside of the compartment where the temples of the glasses rest, is just plastic. I purchased some heavy duty self stick felt at Wal-mart, the kind you put on the bottom of a table lamp, and cut two pieces to cover all the plastic area. No more rattles, and the sunglasses still fit in with no problem!

  • saramsaram Posts: 34
    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the solving the problem! I will get some of that too, because there is really no place else to store my sunglasses when I am not wearing them where they won't be in the way!
    almost 6000 miles and still loving the FreeStyle!! :)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I'm a fan of the Titanium Green color actually...

    I've never heard of the E-Certificate either...
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    I also considered both. I would first drive each, then compare other items. I liked the feel of the Freestyle, the better "layout" and amount of space. I guess the final selling point was the safety ratings. Only 5 star side impact rating without the side airbags and curtains. I got the safety package, so I figure my "imputed" rating must be at least 6 stars. ;)
    The Freestyle price for comparable equipment was also better at the time, but with the rebates on the Pacifica, I don't know if that is still the case. If your friend is worried about the power on the Freestyle, it performed better than the Pacifica in every test I saw. It's only underpowered if you happen to be an automotive journalist. Kind of a sign of the times for most journalists, the truth doesn't matter, only the truth as they report it.
  • salty_insalty_in Posts: 3
    I would advise you to keep a cell phone in your car at all times. Our Freestyle starting making the same sounds a couple of weeks prior to the transmission completely going out on it. It was replaced with a new one and we are now starting to experience the same sounds with the new transmission. Needless to say we are very displeased and wondering if this lemon :lemon: of a transmission is going to ruin our summer vacation.
  • salty_insalty_in Posts: 3
    I would advise steering clear of the Freestyle until they figure out what's wrong with the transmision. We're on our second transmission and the car is only 3 months old and we're starting to have problems again.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    Please read message 3517
  • I took the Freestyle in for a dead power point in the back--blown fuse--I use a little compressor back there to blow up athletic equipment, etc. I never had a problem with the Expedition's power point, but as long as I know where the fuse is, I can deal.

    The dealer then told me that I needed a 15K mile service, a great bargain at $379 that pressure cleans the injectors, change the fuel filter, etc. I told him that I didn't see this in the maintenance manual that came with the car and he came back with one (I had mine in my hand already) and lo and behold, he couldn't find it either--surprise, surprise, surprise. He told me that I needed to get these things done for warranty purposes. Um, I'm thinking that he's thinking that I'm a girl or something so he'll tell me that and I'll buy it???

    My question to you people, who know more than the dealer and more than myself, is: is there any advantage to having the injectors cleaned (this is something they are always pushing at the oil change places, too) and replacing the fuel filter at this point? And if I opt out, my warranty is still valid as long as I've had the stuff done that's in the manual?

    Thanks--sorry to hear about the transmission stuff going on--I would love to know the percentage of failures vs. models sold, miles driven, etc.
  • indybellindybell Posts: 40
    Just curious since we a lot of us are driving around in a CVT. Did you happen to ask the service manager what exactly it was that failed in the transmission. Hardware related or software?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Your dealer has it in his standard operating procedure manual, as he wants to buy himself a bigger boat and those payments need some help!

    Bottom line is you do not need to do anything more than what is recommended in the manual to maintain your warranty, and even some of the things recommended in the manual are just recommended safety inspection items, like brake inspections and hose inspections etc.

    Injector cleaning in my opinion should only be done in response to some poor engine operation, such as rough idle, etc, and even then before I paid for an expensive injector flush, I would throw in a bottle of injector cleaner in a tank of gas before going to a large expense item.
  • Thanks, badgerfan. I did an injector flush once for a rough-idling 2002 Explorer I had (the LEAST of the car's problems) and it did really make a difference. I told my husband that and he thought I was nuts. His 2002 F-150 idles rough and he gave the flush a shot, but it didn't help his truck, unfortunately. When I asked the Ford dealer if I should make this part of regular maintenance, can ya guess what they said? Boy oh boy--you sure have to do your homework and it's great to belong to a forum like this!

    I think I'll keep my $379 and put it in the piggy bank for a trip to Baja...
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    15,000 miles is way too early to be needing to clean the injectors. As Badgerfan said, he's just looking to buy a bigger boat.
  • funitsfunits Posts: 55
    I have had my Freestyle for about 2 weeks, and it has been an enjoyable experience so far. I have two issues that any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The front passenger seat has a rattle that appears to originate from the left front mounting point of the seat to the floor. I suspect it could be coming from the latch system which allows the front seat to fold forward. Anyone else hear this on rough roads and have any suggestions for a fix?

    2. The Reverse Sensing feature has "beeped" a couple of times initially going into reverse with nothing behind the vehicle. Both times it was or recently had been raining very heavily. Not sure if heavy rain triggered the response or something else. Anyone else experience this?

    I have been getting 21-22 mpg commuting (40 mi round trip per day of highway/local) and general running around town. My 2002 GMC Envoy was getting 17-18. The Freestyle engine is a little loud at 2,250 rpms (its not bad below or above this rpm!) but the power and response has been as good as the Envoy.

    I have RubberTite floor mats for the 1st and 2nd row and for the cargo area (with the 3rd row seats folder into the floor) -- for the price they will work fine, but are not as nice as the Catch-All mats I had for the Envoy (but the RubberTite are alot less expensive).

    Now if I could find splash guards for the car that will fit!
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