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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • I'm having a similar problem, I replaced the head and all timing parts, but now I cant get the car to run. It has spark, compression, and fuel.

    any help would be appreciated,

  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    Make sure the cam position sensor and the crank shaft position sensors are hooked up properly. The car will not start if they are not. The cam position sensor wire comes from the bundle of wires that go to the fuel rail. It plugs into the socket on the cam position sensor under the cover for the spark plug wires right behind the timing belt between the two cam shaft pullys. The crank shaft position sensor wire comes from the right side of the motor (if you face the belts). It ie the long wire that runs up over the timing belt cover/valve cover. It plugs into a socket under the fuel rail box just above the alternator. You may have to pop the fuel rail out again to get at it. These two wires were my final obstacle, the car runs great now. If these are hooked up properly and the car still doesn't start let me know.
  • thanks for the reply, I went back and made sure that the position sensors were hooked up and they were. I even disconneted them and reconnected them. The car sound like it wants to start but cranks twice then sputters until dead. Is there anything else you could think of.

    thanks again,

  • bek3kbek3k Posts: 4
    I have noticed my Nubira does the same thing, when I accellerate it pulls to the right.
    Could this be a indication it needs an alignment also?
  • scene24scene24 Posts: 1
    jessica4, the radio is protected by an anti-theft mechanism. The same thing happened to me when I had to replace the battery cables on my Nubira. :(

    Look through the owners manual and other things you received with your car. Try to find a credit card-sized piece of white plastic that says "DAEWOO Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card". On the card is a 4-digit code which you will type in using the memory buttons on the front of your stereo.

    I forget the exact procedure but you should be able to get it in a couple of tries.

    Good luck!
  • bek3kbek3k Posts: 4
    Got the A/C fixed. It was in need of a new compressor.
  • Yes, both of our Lanos' have this problem. It's actually not a big deal to us...could be much worse! It's actually kind of humorous in a way.
  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    The only other sensor that you had to unhook was the MAP sensor. It goes from the underside of the middle of the fuel rail to the base of the throttle body. It sounds like a fuel problem if it sputters and shuts off. Make sure the fuel pressure at the fuel rail is between 41 and 53 lbs of pressure with a tester. If it is, maybe you have clogged injectors. Is the firing order correctly set up? It is 1-4-2-3 on the coil pack (1 being the end closest to the fire wall) and 1-2-3-4 on the head from the timing belt end to the coil pack end.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Could be alignment, could be a bad tire, could be worn bushings.
    Aside from a tire being really whacked out, which you should feel all the time, a good alignment shop with all the equipment for a proper alignment will be able to tell if the bushings are worn.

    Make sure the alignment place actually does suspension work also and has all the load weights for the alignment.
  • thanks for the tip, I just went back and checked the whole fuel rail and all the connectors and clips are connected. I also checked the spark plug wires, and they were set up right. I appreciate all your help but I think I'm going to send it to the local shop now that all the expensive work is done.


  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    Hey Nik,

    I'm sorry you're still having that problem. You're right though, all the expensive work is done. Hopefully you can get it back on the road soon. I had to get ours back on the road, we owe $4,000 still on a very nice condition car ('01 w/85K) that's worth about $1000 when it's running. I think we bought the last one sold in Massachusetts. Oh well, it's a good thing I'm handy. Good luck.

  • the mechanic called back with really bad news. The camshaft snapped in two, luckily the head still had compression so the valves are good. I was just wondering if you know of any good parts stores I could find a new intake and exhaust camshaft?


  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    Hi Nik,

    I bought a totally rebuilt head from a company on e-bay. They may sell the parts. I would mention the name but this site will remove the message I post if it gives specific referals and phone numbers. The engine is the same as in a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo 2.2L. You should be able to get parts from an Isuzu Dealer. I've found also that these Daewoos are starting to show up in Junk Yards. I know of a few in my area. I could even probably get you the part and ship it to you. E-mail me at, I'll give you some specific info...

  • I have a 2001 Leganza w/34k miles and recently when I filled up with gas(about 3/4 tank worth) it began to idle worse and then died completely. Have changed the fuel filter, and it seems to be trying to idle a bit longer. I wonder if the tank of gas was bad somehow? No problems before the fill up. Any ideas about what I should do?
    I am having injectors cleaned tommorrow, and a fuel pump but the pump has pressure.
    Thanks for any help..
  • gamalgamal Posts: 1
    I have a Lanos 2000, and there is a problem in the engine start where the engine needs very long time to start and many times it failed to start. after make a connection between the (-) wire of the crank position sensor and (-) of the battery or between the (+) wire of the crank position sensor with (-) of the battery the engine start. Many changed had been made (changing the crank position sensor)
  • dclanosdclanos Posts: 5
    1)Timing belt, tensioner, and water pump were replaced at 30k miles. I'm now at 60k; do I "need" to replace belt & tensioner again (I've read posts that it's a MUST at 60k), or...?

    2)Heavy leak into passenger footwell from AC. Likely cause? Estimated repair cost? AC working fine, but Lake Lanos a hassle for my passenger.
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    1. Yes.
    2. The AC drain hose is clogged with debris, causes water to leak into car.
    The drain hose should be accessible from under the dashboard.
  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    Anyone looking for parts can check this address:
  • busijabusija Posts: 1
    As of July GM Daewoo has all parts available to order online at A complete online catalog with all illustrations is included.
    All you have to do is create a password and sign in .
    Hope this is a help to all, I know it is to me.
  • lirobislirobis Posts: 1
    I read through all the posts and some were really helpful, but I hope there is something recent on my problem. My 2000 Leganza has been doing crazy stuff and no one seems to find a solution. About once a week or so, it won't crank. Before the battery goes dead, the radio goes on and off depending on whether you are accelerating or braking. The battery seems super weak if I run too many things (air conditioner, plug in my cell phone, let down windows, operate sunroof, etc.). I can usually tell how it sounds if it is not going to crank next time. We have replace 2 batteries and nothing seems to work. We are told the alternator is fine, but no one can help us. Oh, yea, sometimes, all the controls will go wacky however, if I turn the radio off or accelerate, they go back to normal This is the first big problem we have had, otherwise, no big troubles. This is major to me though because it strands me when I least expect it.

    Also, there is a little drip from the air conditioner occassionally, but it drips on the drivers side.

    Somebody, anybody, please HELP!

    Also, does anyone know where I can find someone to service the daewoos here in the south as everyone we call won't touch it. I am in Montgomery Alabama, but will travel to surrounding states if necessary.

  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Odd electrical symptoms in multiple systems are almost always caused by a bad ground. Could be corroded due to not having the a/c drain hose problem fixed.

    Either buy the dealer service manual for the car or find one of the online service information subscriptions and check the locations and condition of ALL electrical grounds. There are some under the dash, some under the front and rear seats, trunk, under the hood, etc.
  • I just wanted to send out a big fat thank you! I just replaced the battery in my car,,, well, I'm sure you've heard the story by now. =) but this saved me so much trouble! You are a life saver! thank you a million times over!
  • albinoalbino Posts: 1
    Hi all! This is my first post here after buying a 2001 Nubira in the UK. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help with a problem I have with it.

    Recently I've found that when I brake at slow speeds I get a shuddering through the brake pedal, it feels like the ABS kicking in. I took it to a local garage who gave it a brake inspection and said that the front discs were warped and needed replacing. They replaced these but the problems was still there afterwards. I took it back in and they cleaned all the ABS sensors etc, but the problems still persists! :cry:

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? The only option now seems to be a diagnostics test to see whether it is an electrical problem. Although I7m guessing this will be an expensive solution.

    If anyone out there has any experience/advice/opinion, I7d be really grateful for your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance,
  • dewesqdewesq Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Leganza CDX. I have 2 problems:

    1. When I turn on the headlights the instrument lights do not go on. Also, if I leave the head lights on by accident, the "headlights on" alarm does not sound. These seem to be a related problem. Does anybody know what I can do about it?

    2. I had a dead battery and at first could not remember my security code. After 3 months I remembered the security code. Now the radio goes on, but the equalizer appears to be locked up and no sound comes out of the speakers. Any suggestions?
  • dewesqdewesq Posts: 3
    This is a dead link
  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    Yes, it is now...Just like everything Daewoo...
  • dewesqdewesq Posts: 3
    Actually, I found the correct site now and I think I know what the problem with the link is. There is a period after ".com" which is included in the link. That period doesn't belong there. The correct link is

  • I've got the same problem with my abs operating at low speed. I took mine to a garage for a diagnostic. Daewoo told me that the tone wheel was broken. Sounds strange to me, but there you go. let me know how you get on and i'll do like wise.
  • Hi,
    I have lanos 2002, it won't start every time. Sometimes it needs dozen tries. I went several times to daewoo service and they don't know what is it. Diagnostic computer said everything is ok, it didn't report any defect
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    Well combustion needs air, fuel, spark. assuming there is no sensor problems that would be reported by the computer.
    1. Make sure your air filter is not clogged, also check the throttle body probably needs cleaning.
    2. Check that there is a spark in each of the spark plug cables.
    3. Check fuel system (fuel pump, filter, check fuel pressure, clean fuel injectors).
    4. mechanical problem with the starter.
    My first guess would be something with the fuel system, i.e. point 3.
    since misfires normally show up on the computer, I would suspect that fuel is not getting easily to the engine in the first place.
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