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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • chadcchadc Posts: 2
    DONT BUY DAEWOO!!!! the parts are expensive and labor is ridiculus!!! Just say NO!!
  • macatowamacatowa Posts: 69
    I changed it today, a pretty easy and inexpensive job for DIY's, cost was $7.05 for one gallon of Dexron III and a drain pan. Only thing that you need is a high quality cresent wrench to undo the bolt. I thought for a second that I was draining the engine oil based on the dark black color with just a hint of red. This is a must do, and it does seem to shift a little smoother. Thanks for the advice!
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    Yes that is a very common sound in the Nubira. As long as your control arm bushings are ok, you do not have anything to worry about. Front control arm rubber bushings are a common wear item on the Nubira. If you are in the toronto area, a good daewoo repair shop is daewoo dixie 401.
  • col66col66 Posts: 1
    I do have an electronic workshop manual advertised on ebay, item number 7986264430.
  • My wife drove our Lanos to a doctors appointment 60 miles from our house. She parked in the parking lot, saw her doctor..about 2 hrs...Then when she went to leave all the car does is turn over but not fire up. I had it towed home today and have possibly ruled out the fuel pump..I can disconnect the gas line on the engine side of the fuel filter and gas comes out when you try to start. This is as far as I could go. Other than a tire going bad this car has been great..Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

    Jer :cry:
  • I have a 2000 Lanos. The positive battery cable connector fell apart due to corrosion. I replaced the connector and all seemed okay except that the airbag indicator light stays on. Replaced the fuse but light still stays on. :shades: Would appreciate any suggestions.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Connect the computer that can read and reset the airbag computer codes to find out if it is a real problem or not. Then reset the computer airbag illumination once it is determined there is no real problem.
  • Thanks, I'll I guess that only the dealer will be able to check the airbag codes.
  • chalabichalabi Posts: 2
    hello sir
    I have daewoo nubira 2000 and I have the same problem , the check engin light came on and sometime it goes off but the main problem is the fuel economy I can drive with a full tank for only 150 km and then I need to refuel the car.
    so please if you know anything about this problem send me back .
    yours ashraf
  • adnilgergadnilgerg Posts: 3
    Yesterday I started my 2001 Daewoo Nubira sedan and when I pressed the accelerator I heard a "clunk" and all of a sudden my brake warning light came on and my steering wheel jammed so my tires are at a / / angle and I cannot straighten them out! The engine DOES start so I checked under the hood and it looked like one of the belts (timing belt maybe?) was running funny. I am really worried about this and if I at least knew what it possibly could be before I have it towed to the mechanic I would be greatly relieved! :cry:
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    How were you able to see the timing belt running funny? Did you remove the timing belt cover and everything in front of the cover so you could gain access to see it?

    Without a qualified mechanic actually looking at the problem, no way to know what happened.
  • adnilgergadnilgerg Posts: 3
    I'm not sure what it was I was just guessing. I am going to have a mechanic look at it anyway (unfortunately I cannot find anyone on Sunday nearby) but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. My main problem is the steering wheel not being able to move.
  • I just recovered from the same problem. My car randomly stopped one day. I changed the oil, replaced the spark plugs and all this caused a lot of confustion as to what the problem was. As it turns out the air conditioning tube had plugged and was overflowing into my car under the carpet. It had been going on so long that it created a lot of corrostion on the plug between the computer and the wireing. A single orange wire had come lost and it kept the feul pump from turning on. So I had to pull off the passanger seat and remove the carpet. Right afterward the car ran. The way that you can tell if this is your probem is if the feul pump turns on when you put the key in the on position (not turned over), but just like you'd want to play the radio. After I fixed this problem I took a 950 mile road trip, and it never even gave me a hiccup. I hope that helps. :)
  • adnilgergadnilgerg Posts: 3
    We found out what it was. The crankshaft pulley broke and now we have to replace it but the mechanic had difficulty finding the part and the dealer (it is a poo dealer anyway because they will not deliver, we would have to pick up the parts ourselves) we would have to get it from told him we have to wait two to three weeks and it would cost $256.00. Does that sound right? Sorry if I sound like a dummy. :(
  • becknrobbecknrob Posts: 2

    Where/How do I find the hose...I'm a knucklehead and can't find exactly where the hose is and how to fix it. I'm also poor, but do want to get rid of the daggum water accumulating every day in my car....smellss and I'm tired of wet towels...
    I've taken up the carpet, etc....just don't know how/where the hose is to clean it out.

  • becknrobbecknrob Posts: 2

    Can someone help me/walk me through finding the evaporator hose? I have mucho water on the floorboards and need to clean it out...just don't know how.

    Please car stinks!

  • rpeddlerpeddle Posts: 5
    my light came on and off and I had to replace the cam shaft sensor, no problem since. As I stated in an earlier message, get your injector system cleaned professionally, cost about $40 cdn but will save that in couple of weeks.
  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    I have a 01 Leganza that I can't get going...My wife drove it (she says it sounded like an airplane and couldn't place her order :cry: at the drive through, then it died on the way home :sick: ). I replaced the cylinder head, timing belt, pullys, water pump, serpentine belt and it's tensioner. The car still won't start. The timing belt didn't break, but I just replaced everthing. The lower end had no signs of trouble. Any suggestions? The fuel system has plenty of pressure I tested it. I'm gonna check for spark next. Is coil failure a common problem? Any way to test it? What about the cam position sensor? Please, anyone... I need some direction.
  • chalabichalabi Posts: 2
    thank u for ur reply
    by the way my nubira work on unleaded fuel only and in my city we have normal fuel only ...... so I wonder does that affect the fuel economy and make the engine light goes on?????
  • rknirocrkniroc Posts: 2
    can anyone tell me or provide pictures on where it is and how do i replace it?
    PLEASE i need all the help i can get.

    thanx rkniroc
  • rknirocrkniroc Posts: 2
    can anyone help my heater core poped i have a 2000 daewoo lanos can any one provide instructions on how to remove and reinstall?

    thanx chris
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    Thank You,

    Hisham ElBanhawy.
  • ed32316ed32316 Posts: 3
    My DIEWOOO Nubira will not shift out of Park unless I slide a razor into the "Keyhole" release next to the shift knob. I am thinking it is some kind of switch but I have no idea where to begin. Any help will be greatly appreciated.... Thanks in advance...
  • ed32316ed32316 Posts: 3
    In other words, When I press on the brake it should release so I can go into drive but it dont so I have to press inside the keyhole next to the shift knob.... Can anyone help me? Thanks
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Probably bad brake switch. Seemed to be a common failure on certain runs of the Daewoo Nubira and Leganza. Most former Daewoo dealers stock the switch. Simple to replace. BTW do your brake lights work correctly? Probably not, so take care driving and use hand signals out the window and don't drive at night. Hopefully the rest of the drivers on the road will remember what the hand signals mean.
  • woowoeswoowoes Posts: 12
    I didn't have the cam position sensor or the crank position sensor hooked up properly. Hooked 'em up and it "roared" back to life. After replacing the entire upper end of the motor, hoses, belts, gaskets, and wires at 85K. If anyone has questions about this procedure email me or post here. I gave all the parts contacts I used (they are hard to come by) in a message I posted and it was removed. There are a limited number of sources. There is no repair manual for the '01 Leganza, but the Isuzu Rodeo manual works for engine info for the 2.2L engine. Thanks to the internet my Deadwoo is alive again :D
  • ed32316ed32316 Posts: 3
    Is it a plastic switch behind the brake pedal? I believe I know where it is.... Thanks for your help...
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Yes it is. The switch has a little plunger on it that is activated by the brake pedal movement. There is a different switch part number depending on whether or not you have cruise control. So make sure you have the option list and maybe the vin number available when you order the part.
  • golden5golden5 Posts: 1
    My daewoo lanos is loosing transmission fluid, but the problem is which that is a big problem. There are no loose lines and it isn't leaking anywhere, could someone please help.
  • I just recently got a 2001 Daewoo Lanus and the radio wont turn on. theres a red light that flashes, but the radio wont turn on. i dont know if it simply doesnt work or theres something i need to do to turn it on. Any help is appriciated.
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