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VW Touareg SUV



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please send in a Feedback Form about that factory thing. An editor may not see your post in here. They may go by the final assembly plant as noted by Dieselbreath though.


    Steve, Host
  • klauskklausk Posts: 14
    Sambuca, where can you get a discount on a Touareg V8? One dealer quotes full sticker and as I understand another dealer wants $2000 over sticker.
  • Sometimes "humor" doesn't translate well but what I will say is not meant literally: your wife can't drive a stick. Hmmm get a new wife! See, humor, Henny Youngman style "take my wife. . .please" doesn't translate well.

    Seriously, your wife should learn to drive a stick -- there is every reason to believe that sometime somewhere it could be important. So I don't accept that excuse :). Second, and this is serious, may I request that you not drive while using your cell phone unless your phone is both hand and eyes free (which in the allroad with the combination of On*star and the built in/removable "factory" phone you automatically get.)

    If you would like the stick shift and traffic is so heavy that you can't "enjoy it" well that is one thing; but I promise you there will be "laws" removing our rights to even talk on the phone in the car -- and (I'm winking and smiling) you will be part of the reason for this draconian measure.

    Today with the technology that is available there is no reason for anyone to have to hold a phone while driving.

    The other reason I am railing on about this is, even though I don't know you, I have no reason to want you harmed or killed -- and the chances that that fate will befall you are very greatly improved if you continue to drive and use a cell phone that is other than hand and eyes free.

    Now about that weight thing, perhaps we could have a steel plate welded to the allroad V8 and then it would weigh enough to meet the requirements.

    Nothing I am saying suggest however that I think the V8 Touareg is anything less than a genuine value and a great SUV!

    Drive it like you live! (hopefully safely)
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    Cute! I should have known I’d get in trouble when I wrote that! Seriously though, my wife is smart, lovely and talented, but completely incapable of, and disinterested in, learning to drive a manual transmission. Driving is a necessary chore to her, and she just hates it. She’s put enough scratches and dents on her Odyssey to prove it. That's Ok, of course, I always get to drive.

    I appreciate your comments about driving and cellphones. OnStar sounds like a pretty good system. I had a voice activated hands free phone in my S-type, and it never worked right for me. I’ve been using a V60 with one button preprogrammed numbers and a hands-free headset for a while now. Works well for me. I’m pretty careful and take no chances when it comes to driving. I want to make it home to tuck in my 3 kids every night.

    As for the weight thing, at first I was turned off by the whole idea of a 6000+ lb vehicle. But then I spoke with my CPA and drove the Treg with steel springs. A match made in heaven!
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    I live in the San Francisco Bay area. In July, everybody was quoting sticker plus markup, with the exception of a couple dealers quoting straight MSRP. This month, the markups seem to have disappeared, and some dealers have a good supply (8+ cars) and seem more willing to deal.

    I expect to have four firm quotes in hand by Thursday. As soon as I have them in writing, I’ll let you know for sure. Let’s see who follows through on their phone promises.
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    Rollie, good luck with the XC90. the car makes a whole lot of sense. You'll also be buying a second year car, after they've had a chance to iron out the early bugs. I know that's a chance I'm taking with the VW.

    Even though the Treg is less practical, and some would say less of a luxury brand, I have this thing about the burble and power delivery of the Treg and X5 V8s. Passion over reason.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    is strong in V6s, but certainly not V8s...We have just gotten the last of our original Launch T-Regs from the Port of Houston, and they are all
    sold units...
  • roweerowee Posts: 21
    Thanks for letting me know about the Feedback Form. I do hope Edmunds Editors will rectify the misleading info. they are giving their readers re production of the T-Reg. incidently I think Dieselbreath is wrong; T-Regs are not shipped back to Germany. Cayenne platforms are.
  • been reading this thread with interest and was curious about a couple of things. first, many of you seem to made up your minds to not go with the air suspension. however, i'm interested in maxing out the on-road performance. anyone have any thoughts on whether the sport mode on the air suspensiion "outperforms" the typical suspension?
    second, a couple of folks have made reference to a tax break for vehicles over 6K gvwr. can you elaborate on this? what kind of tax savings does this represent? thanks.
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    IMO, the air suspension will outperform the steel springs, and add benefits such as ride height. The option costs only $2,300 but so far I’ve only seen it on cars with the $7000 premium plus package. It also seems to add some 200+ lbs of weight (my rough estimate – not certain) and therefore impacts acceleration and gas mileage, not to mention complexity. OTOH, this system has been used in the Audi allroad since 2001, and in the new Phaeton and A8L, so I’m assuming they’ve worked out the bugs.

    I found a good explanation of the tax break at this link, on . I have also seen several articles in the NYT and others. Basically, if you are self-employed and purchase a new vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 6000 lbs or more (not the curb weight) for business use, then you can depreciate the entire value of the vehicle in the first year, up to $100,000. I researched this and found that many medium sized SUVs qualify for this, even the X5 3.0 and the XC90 2.5T, as well as the Touareg and the Cayenne. The Explorer/Aviator and even the Lexus GX470 do not. Sadly, the Audi allroad does not either. I discussed this at length with my CPA first.

    So if you buy a $45K Touareg, it looks like you can expense the entire cost on your 2003 taxes. That would be quite compelling.
  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    This link will get you to a listing of both trucks and SUV's eligible along with their GUVW.
    Caution-The Lexus GL470 is listed, but does include a 6000lb GUVW.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    for Touareg simply too new...Edmunds just getting pricing #s....
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    This looks pretty useful. BTW, the Volvo XC90 should be on this list, the 2.5T weighs 6008 lbs and the T6 6080lbs. gvwr. The Gvwr is always indicated in the manufacturers' ID plate which is usually found in the driver's door jamb. I'll be taking a picture of mine (after I get my Treg) as proof.
  • bigeddybigeddy Posts: 181
    sambuca: "BTW, the Volvo XC90 should be on this list, the 2.5T weighs 6008 lbs and the T6 6080lbs. gvwr."

    Only with the 7-seat Versatility package. The 5-seaters are under 6000#.
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    klausk, I can confirm that I have four hard quotes (two of which included a bid on my trade in) which are less than MSRP. Two of those dealers even show an additional dealer markup of 5,995 on their windows. So, it can be done.

    I used the Edmunds "get a quote" service to contact a bunch of dealers. I found the majority to be quite responsive and reasonably flexible. At first, they were only interested in dealing on cars they had on the lot, but when they confirmed I was serious and ready to buy on the spot, they all agreed they could locate one for me. I found one very competitive dealer in a post on vwvortex.

    I’ve put down a deposit on the exact car I want, with the dealer who was extremely straightforward: it is scheduled to be delivered by the end of the month.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    What did they find for you?
  • So, is the T-reg completely finished in Bratislava? (I'm sure I spelled that wrong)

    I haven't seen any definitive details on final assembly anywhere. I'm curious if you have any more information.
  • Here's another take on "air-ride":

    I asked the service manager of my Mercedes dealer why they dropped the air suspension (this was decades back, when I was driving a 300SEL 4.5 V8, the last of the monster, air-ride Benz cars). He said: "The air suspension is an expensive system that lets you drive safely at high speeds over bad roads. Mercedes determined that most customers in North America don't actually drive at high speeds over bad roads. The cost exceeded the benefit."

    And he was right ... it was easy to drive nearly double the speed limit on most highways without a feeling that you're travelling fast.

    So, if you're regularly driving on bad surfaces, the air option should be checked out. But if you're on smooth streets and interstates its probably a waste of money. Any feed-back from owners with Air?
  • There should be difference... however...
    v6 with air suspension and rear lock(full option) vs. v8 full option.. is there much difference when ride on onroad and offroad? I'm affraid to waste money to get V8.

    I test drived T-reg V8, XC90 t6, Avaitor, Yukon Denali(just for fun), last week...

    The best drive was Tourreg V8 in my experience!! but, how about V6? because I want to get V6 one...
  • c5loverc5lover Posts: 17
    Considering the V8 comes with the Cricket leather standard - you're getting a lot for the extra dollars.
    Drove my V8 100 mile round-trip today, passing some slowpokes on a divided two-lane blacktop. I would not have been able to safely execute most of those passes with the V6.

    Get the V8!
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Depends upon the price difference between V6 and V8 model in your country. Also whether they give extra features in the V8 model versus the V6 model. In the USA, they give a bunch of extra features on the V8 momdel. When you add these features to the V6 model the cost of the V8 engine is only about $3500, much of which you will get back when you sell the car. The cost of the fuel to run the V8 is not so much in the US either (about $150 to $200/year).

    So the V8 is really not that much more expensive here in the USA. Now in Korea, it may be completely different.
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    I'm getting offroad grey w/ teak int. No nav, no air suspension, no premium plus. I would have liked shadow blue or blue silver, but neither of them come with the teak. After two Passats, a Jetta and the A6 with beige interiors, I'm ready for a change.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I am presuming that you got the V6...Have you tried driving it in "S" v "D"? Boosts the torque a ton...
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    I'm getting the V8. I figured if I'm spending that much, I should get a lusty engine that I'll never get tired of. Won't have it till the end of the month, though. Can't wait.

    How does the S setting affect your gas mileage?
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    For those who haven't seen it, the latest Consumer Reports September issue rates several new luxury SUVs, including the V6 Touareg. (Review details are available online via a CRXtra link.) Their 0-60 acceleration time was 11.9 seconds, and overall fuel economy was 15mpg, with premium fuel. With those numbers, why not jump up to the V8?
  • sambucasambuca Posts: 17
    I've been browsing the European sites, and found the following links on Auto, Motor & Sport, the leading German car mag. They have tests of the V8 and the V10 TDi, and two comparison tests in which the Touareg V6 beats the X5 3.0 as well as the ML 350 and the XC90. They really like the Treg. The ratings are on page 2. If you don't read German, I think there's a way to translate this through Yahoo. ay.jhtml?repId=/contentrepositories/DE_de_comparisonTestReportRep- ositoryXML/XML/ComparisonTest357.xml ay.jhtml?repId=/contentrepositories/DE_de_comparisonTestReportRep- ositoryXML/XML/ComparisonTest352.xml
  • I know that T-reg, well.. I can tell Volkswagen, is cheaper than BMW and Benz in American market..
    In Korea, BMW and Mercedes are also some more expensive than Volkswagen..
    However!! The T-reg price, just issued, is almost same as those two German Luxuries.

    The difference (at price) is sooo little.
    Is T-reg V8 that worth as BMW X5 V8 4.4L or ML500 V8?
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