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VW Touareg SUV



  • vwguild writes:
    There is in place a Volkswagen MarketPlace Initiative & a Volkswagen Brand Standards Program... both of which will insure a Sales & Service Experience commensurate with both the
    Touareg & the Phaeton. Dealers who fail compliance will not be handling these products.

    My dealer is in the process of building a brand-new facility. I expect I'll be paying an extra $10/hour to have the exact same mechanic work on my VW. The only difference will be the "comfort level" of the waiting room. I'll now be drinking my watered-down coffee and eating my stale Dunkin Donut (no Krispy Kreme here yet) on a cloth sofa in a color-coordinated room instead of a vinal-covered chair in a cinderblock room. I'm sure the TV will still have 24x7 Oprah.
  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    I don't know about VW's reliability or if they have improved, but the build quality sure is top notch. When I helped one of my friends buy a VW Passat, I couldn't help but to notice the impeccable build quality as well as material quality of every single component.

    It sure was a far cry from my fast but hardly well built Altima.

    I don't know how the new Touareg will be in terms of reliability but the interior is about as luxurious as anything I've seen. Plus, it sure feels good to know that it's chassis is shared w/ none other than a Porshe. Pretty high structural standards, don't you think?

    The new FX45 may be another alternative, but I like the VW approach. Infiniti is trying to make everything sportier - they think this is their you sacrifice something to get something else. i.e. ride quality for top notch handling, so you have to compromise.

    VW is using the old Honda method - see what the competition has to offer and just make the car/suv equal or better in all aspects w/ no weakspots. Kind of nice to know when you are spending your hard earned money, that you are getting more for your money w/ little or no compromise.
  • lsc writes:
    I don't know about VW's reliability or if they have improved, but the build quality sure is top notch. When I helped one of my friends buy a VW Passat, I couldn't help but to notice the impeccable build quality as well as material quality of every single component.

    The Passat does not get assembled in Mexico.

    I'm hopeful that the Touareg won't suffer from the first year build quality problems of the US-assembled Mercedes and BMW SUVs. Personally, I'd rather wait a year or two and get some history on the design before I take the plunge.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620

    Then do a search for *diesel*...
  • Where will the new "T" be built?
  • Thanks for the link re:diesel. The best I can determine is 2006. That's still aways off for me. Do any oil companies voluntarily offer clean diesel now? As for where the T-reg will be built, awhile ago someone in this thread said Germany, but I never confirmed that myself. Perhaps that person can re-post and enlighten us all again.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I read an article that states that the Touareg will be assembled in a VW plant located in Bratislava, Slovakia. I don't know if any other VW products come out of the same plant so build quality is unknown to me. I understand the Porsche gets the Cayenne bodies out of the same plant. Just my $.02
  • rjr57rjr57 Posts: 7
    Bratislava is a new plant, so there isn't much of a history regarding quality track record. I believe (but not 100% certain) this plant is dedicated to the production/assembly of Touaregs, and the body stamping and chassis of Cayennes (which are ultimately assembled in Leipzig Germany). The Touareg diesel and W-12 may ultimately get final assembly in the new (see-through) Phaeton plant in Dresden, Germany. I'm sure the Bratislava site is very closely monitored by the Wolfsburg brass - it's not that far away. I would expect high quality output. Let's say I hope for high quality output, since I have a deposit on a Touareg.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    It doesn't matter to me how pretty the waiting room is if it takes the dealer 7 visits to fix my car. What I want is for the dealer to FIX IT RIGHT THE FIRST VISIT!!! Why oh why is this so hard for VW? I can accept that my VW won't be quite as reliable as a Honda. That's ok. What I can't accept is that when things break, the dealer 1) can't diagnose it and 2) doesn't have the parts to fix it once he does.

    Focussing on fancy new showrooms is putting the money in the wrong place. I would much rather that the dealership take the $5M they were going to spend on a new showroom and instead spend that on 1) training service techs, and 2) parts inventory.
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    The Infiniti FX45 and the VW Touareg are really catering to 2 very different buyers.

    The VW is very much a luxury SUV in the truest American sense with some very serious off-road hardware. The off road bits and the traction enhancing devices actually compare almost point-to-point with the new Range Rover.

    I suspect people who cross shop the Touareg will be looking at Volvo XC90, Discovery, and top-of-the-line Grand Cherokees, Pilots, 4Runners, Pathfinder, and the Acura MDX.

    The FX45 is very much a tall super-wagon. 0-60 in 6 sec., 60-0 in 170 ft, .89 g's on the skid pad.... those are super-sedan numbers, but all with more people space. The FX makes no pretense of being an off-road vehicle other then available AWD. 20" wheels, low ground clearance, etc.. it's a road car.

    I suspect people who cross shop the FX45 will be looking at E-class MB wagon, BMW 540i Touring (wagon), and BMW X5

    Both are very cool, but also very different, vehicles.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    are available in VERY limited quantities
  • Who says the Touareg V10 TDI is a Pumpe-Duese? A regular TDI (as the ones currently available in the US) can take the high-sulfur US Diesel fuel. And for an SUV that is classified as a truck, not as a car, emissions regulations are a joke.

    "May be available this year".

    - D
  • hey thanx... all good stuff!
    Yesterday I went to a dealer to get the brochure, 1 dealer here in downtown Salt Lake wouldn't give it out & the other didn't have them. I went south about 40 miles to Orem where the dealer had boxes of them & couldn't believe they wouldn't give them out saying "They're for the public to sell the vehicle". Just wanted to put a plug in for the Orem dealer 'cause he was so nice.

    The brochure is limited in info but really wets my appetite. The info states you can only get skid plates if you get the V8X package (maybe the most expensive). Hope this is not completely true.

    I am concerned about getting good service after I buy one though.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    These Brochures are "limited" by design...These units will not be here for 5-6 months...Think
    "Marketing"...They have been published to whet the appetite.

    Rest assured...the Dealers that have new MarketPlace facilies and more than one Touareg, ie. a continuing availabilty...will give you top notch service.
  • think???!!! about what????
    All dealers here are saying they will have vehicles in March/April. If they are not wrong that is not 5 months away.
    And I don't know what a new "MarketPlace" facility is. One of the SL dealers I mentioned just built a new place... if that is their new "MarketPlace" then I guess we are terribly lacking here in the "small" market of Utah because the attitude didn't change with the new facility.
  • I read in one of the UK car magazine reviews that of the 320 VW dealers in the UK, only 40 will get to sell Touaregs.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I went to the local auto show over the weekend and was disappointed not to see the Touareg on display. They did have a Porsche Cayenne though. If the interior volume is similar between the VW and the Porsche, there won't be a whole lot of leg room for passengers in the rear seats. The biggest problem with those auto shows is the disconnect the battery so you can't adjust any of the seats. Every one of the power seats on all the vehicles was set all the way back with the seat back tilted back a bit. I don't mind the seat all the way back (I need it that way to fit into the vehicle) but I hate to "lay-down" while driving. It also cuts way down on the seat room behind the driver making it difficult to judge actual room.

    I was also hoping to see a Phaeton there but no such luck.
  • tbrethtbreth Posts: 8
    Hi folks, I am from Austria in Europe and had the chance to drive a Touareg V10 Diesel yesterday. I just can say WHOW! The interior is luxury pure as Austria only sells Touareg with leather seats. Additionally the pneumatic suspension is great offroad I must say.

    For any Questions - just post.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome to Edmunds!

    We always love to hear from our European friends!

    tidester, host
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    If you go to and click on any
    picture it will link you to a picture of a New
    MarketPlace facility.

    Production of the Touareg for No. American Delivery begins in April; so the East Coast & parts of the Midwest will get theirs first. Here
    in Ca. we have to wait a bit longer due to shipping time.

    And for big_guy...Power is disconnected and gas tanks are emptied as Fire Protection in closed venues.
  • VWGuild/Others---Thanks for all the info.; regarding MPG, any city/hwy MPG info available for Touareg V-6, V-8, V-10 TDI ???
  • tbrethtbreth Posts: 8
    Here are as follows the Informations regarding fuel comsumption in liter per 100 km as used in Europe. Eventually somebody will be able to transfer:

    V6: 19,1/10,8
    V8: not yet available
    V10 diesel: 16,6/10,8

    Greetings, Tom
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Using the information provided by tbreth above, the mileage would be as follows
    V6: 12/22
    V10: 15/22

    The 12 mpg city number looks a bit suspect but the ratings used in Europe don't always translate to the same figures you see stateside.

    I have seen other report that put the V10 TDI in the 19 mpg city and 24 mpg hwy category.
  • tbrethtbreth Posts: 8
    Well, the fuel consumption calculations in Europe are done to some European artificial norm. Anyway, what I read concerning the V6 is that it can consume even more if a pushy driver is using it. As the speed limits in the US are lower than in Europe I suppose, that the official fuel consumptions may somewhat be accurate for the US.

    Generally don't expect a car not drinking when buying a Touareg.
  • Can you give us some more details about your driving impressions for the V10 (and V6 if you've driven it too). I'm sure everyone else is chomping at the bit for more info at this point. Thanks.
  • tbrethtbreth Posts: 8
    Okay, well, your wish is my command.
    I have only driven the V10 until now but I do plan to try either the V6 or the R5 TDI which will be available in Austria soon (can already be ordered) and which is my choice of engine (little fuel consumption, sufficient "punch").

    I had the chance to drive the Touareg in an off-road area and a little onroad. (For anybody to know: I am driving a Mitsubishi Pajero, I think its called Montero in the US with a 2,5 liter diesel engine in the short edition)

    First, when you get into this car, you have to admit that VW was able to show quality. Everything is looking, feeling and sounding quality. Seats are covered with cricket leather which is a kind of grainy leather so you wont see those usual cracks in aging flat leather. everything feels fine, except the foot rest for the left foot, as VW has introduced a parking brake activated by foot (as Mercedes has since ever) and the pedal is somehow disturbing when placing the foot, not when resting it. Controls are very self-explaining.

    Driving off-road:
    Well, as the V10 has the air suspension I must say it did not feel too much off road. I am not saying that is good, when really on your way in hard terrain, but it is good for most gravel roads and the Touareg won't see much more off-road. As the front hood is quite high, you don't see the terrain close to the car in front, which I really hated when the terrain was tricky. I heard others say that the view was good. Well I don't know american SUV's but the Montero feels better concerning control over things.
    So closing I would say that the type of off-road usually driven with a car that price and size won't be a problem, harder terrain would not be a problem as for the capabilities of this car, but it doesn't feel good. For that kind of off-road driving take a Wrangler or Hummer.

    Best SUV-feeling I ever had. Even better than X5, except you really like it hard and supersporty. But for most of us that's the driving we want. Only thing to say is that the V10 is pausing some milliseconds before accelerating from 0 as the Turbo-hole is feelable. But afterwards the pressure's on.

    Hust to say how lucky you guys in the US are: the car is cheaper than in Europe and in Austria we do have taxes, you would like to run away. For the Touareg it's 39,2%. So if I can settle for one, it will be the small R5 diesel. And I read that the normal suspension is almost as good as the air suspension, only in fast turns you can feel the difference and on very bad roads.

    So thats it for now, questions welcome,
  • tbrethtbreth Posts: 8
    when I had my long test drive with the Touareg. But its a very searched for car, I'd say, as a test drive could not yet be arranged.

  • tbrethtbreth Posts: 8
    A quite good homepage would be

    Its the Austrian VW-Homepage for the touareg. It should be quite selfexplicatory, even when not german-speaking. At least some Information. There is even a configurator, but be told that the prices do already include all taxes (39,2%).

    Also bear in mind that these are Austrian Touaregs. There are even differences to german ones, as eg in Germany, the V6 is sold without leather and leather as an option.

    Most of the words on the right should somehow be understandable, which will only be really diffcultm when there is a lot of text.

    But there you may find all weights, speeds, consumption, colors and so on.

    Hope you have fun.

    Translation questions german-english can be answered ;-))

  • idletaskidletask Posts: 171
    has been made by the Belgian magazine "Le Moniteur Automobile". Proof that EPA or EU cycle is very short of reality, they averaged 18.9l/100km with the V6 and 13.5l/100km with the TDI (resp. 12.4 and 17.4 mpg). Note that at the lowest the V6 could not even achieve the V10's average consumption (14.1l/100km minimum). Both cars were not broken in (none had more than 3000 miles). The V10 outperforms the V6 easily, and on average, it is much more adapted to the 2 tons of the Touareg than the V6 is (the V6 has 303 Nm torque at 3200rpm whereas the V10 TDI has... 750 Nm at 2000rpm. Night and day!). Both were equipped with the automatic transmission (the 6 speed ZF found on the 7 series, S Type and new A8, among others).
  • I read somewhere in a US magazine that VW would be offering behind the steering wheel, paddle style shifters (like on the automatic BMW M3) for the T-reg, either this year or next. Do they offer this option in Austria or any other European country? If so can anyone confirm if they will be offered here? Thanks.
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