Honda Accord - 2003 Redesign

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Is there any interest here about the redesigned 2003 Accord?? I'm surprised that there hasn't been any discussion as of yet. Supposed to be more of a drivers oriented sedan w/ possible 3.2 or 3.5 liter v6--220-240hp??--and a possible 6 speed. Believe to be released in Sep. Hopefully will have actual pics and not drawings sometime before then. If anybody catches anything out there. . please post. And a wagon too??--Honda better bring it back. Now is the right time for a wagon. Early-Mid 90's wasn't w/ the starting of the SUV craze. . just my thoughts


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    Hasn't this been discussed off and on for about the last 6 months in the regular "Honda Accord" thread?
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    Pure speculation, but if you look at the differences between a '00 Civic and a '01 Civic as a clue, I would expect the new Accord to go away from the double wishbones up front, have a shorter hood, grow slightly, and be roomier inside.

    I've also heard that the next 2-door Accord will be sportier and even further differentiated from the 4-door than currently. It will be a de-facto replacement for the Prelude in the Honda lineup. I would guess the 2 door would get a 6-speed but the sedan might not.

    Also, I agree about the wagon. It would be well received, IMO.
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    I would be stunned if the Accord moved away from the double wishbone. Civic did it to add interior space. No need to do that with the Accord. Plus it really give it a sportier ride then the Camry. I do hope they improve the front leg room or offer a tilt/telescoping steering wheel. Either way they should not go to far from the current design esp. after the success of last year sales. They are killiing the Camry and I expect that to continue.
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    I wasn't sure if the demand for info concerning the remodel warranted a new discussion. I thought that there would have been enough discussion to post a new topic on this vehicle. . I'll go back to the "Honda Accord" discussion and post there. . .At some point, though, the differentiation will need to be made between the current and future generation discussions
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    Well, I guess we'll see in about 6-8 months, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it doesn't have the double wishbones.
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    Honda needs to pay close attention to the Nissan Altima. As where as they probably never felt threatened by the VW Passat when it first came out back in '98, they do certainly need to look up to the new Altima.

    The current Altima puts both, the new Camry and current Accord to shame. Honda needs to go back to their 1980's ideology of well made, sporty, innovative and interesting cars. Today's Accord is a good appliance to get from point A to point B, nothing less, nothing more.

    Honda can and it is capable of producing a very good Altima contender with better interior quality, better engines, etc.

    But for 2003 I am not holding my breath. Honda has become the "Sleeping pill" company per excellence, what a shame.

    Honda needs to bring back the Accord Station wagon. Not everyone wants an Oddessey, Passport, Pilot or CR-V as their daily commuter.
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    teo- According the automotive press, the New Altima is a mixed bag.. both Car and Driver and Consumer Reports rate it lower than the 02 Camry and Accord. What is unanimous is that the New Altima offers a better driver's experience, not a better quality or overall experience. When purchasing our new Camry, my parents test drove all three. Which one did they rule out first? The Altima. (but due to Nissan's agressive marketing, I got a really cool Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag out of the deal!)

    What sales stats are you looking at? Since the full inception of the 02 Camry, it has been outpacing the Accord in sales. (Nov, Dec, Jan). INDEED, the Accord over took the adimittedly tired last gen Camry, and the higher sales of the 02 model couldnt overcome that in Calendar Year 01, so the Accord wound up on top.
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    Yes there is interest, i've asking about the 03 accord on the other accord forum for a while with a little insight, granted to have two forums for accord may be redundant but i'll look at both. It's the number 1 selling car this year, when camry and accord sniff, others get pneumonia. I love hondas got a 96 dx accord for my son with 29k miles from a little ol' lady that didn't want to drive anymore--no joke, no wear on the seats or anything--one of those once in a many moons situation. she needed to sell in 15 days or pay 6 months of insurance. right place right time. I've had to put cruise control (major challange since honda doesn't make it available, bought it from Rostra, then they tell me they discontinued it boy was i lucky) My son doesn't need the power windows or locks, but it gave me a chance to drive the base engine compared to my previous ex vtec engine. vtec much better but this will do nicely for the next 8-10 years. My wife an I are looking to buy the new Pilot. So i would love to know anything about the new accord.
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    Dear Honda:

    Keep the Accord "low" looking. Don't raise up the roofline like you did with the Civic, and how Toyota did with the new Camry. The Civic and Camry might as well be Subaru Foresters, they are so tall and awkward looking. I always thought that the Accord was the most boring looking car out there. After seeing the new Camry - I prefer boring over goofy. :)
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    I tend to agree with alpha in post 8. The Altima may appeal to enthusiast drivers more than a Camry or Accord, because it has the most horsepower, but I still think the average family sedan buyer is looking more at reliability, safety, comfort, room, durability, etc... over "sportiness".

    Just for me personally, the Altima doesn't turn me on much in the styling department. I don't like the rear end, the tail-lights look like some aftermarket parts from a "slammed" Civic. All it's missing are the ridiculously huge wing and the No Fear stickers
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    Bring back the wagon!!
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    With the recently introduced Altima, redesigned Camry and soon to be released Infiniti G35 (My favorite out of the three), I hope Honda has it's eyes and ears open. I, for one, love to drive and want a driver's oriented vehicle. . .with Honda quality and reliability. I hope that Honda's new Accord is a step in the "drivers" direction. . .otherwise, I'll be looking @ a base G35 for $27.6k w/260hp/ft lbs of torque....and a 6speed. For those who haven't seen a rendition of the 03Accord, here is an artists rendition of the front and rear. This site updates their info frequently--I believe it's Japanese based
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    I don't think comparing a G35 to an Accord is apples-to-apples at all. I doubt you'll see a G35 leave a dealer's lot for much less than $30K. Good luck trying to find a "stripped" or "base" model G35. I bet the average transaction price for an Accord will be around 20K or less - (obviously, more like $25K if you get leather, V6, sunroof, etc..., but the typical Accord LX is around 19-20k)
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    I saw a drawing concept of the 03 Accord and it looked like a bigger 2001-2 Civic. A higher roof and all.

    But, what it really will look like is one of the best kept secrets of today's car world.
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    The Japanese seem to do a much better job of keeping the looks of a new car secret right up until the launch.
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    I still think the average family sedan buyer is looking more at reliability, safety, comfort, room, durability, etc... over "sportiness".

    Why why make it an either/or comparison? If you could have a sporty family car that was also safe, reliable, etc., wouldn't you choose it over a boring one? Isn't that pretty much what Nissan has done with the Altima?
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    If mag-x is right, the 2003 Accord will have a lot in common with the new Mazda 6, which will become much more sporty also. It should be interesting to compare the two.

    I sure hope it doesn't look like a bigger 2001-2 Civic...YUCK!
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    You're absolutely right. They are not in the same segment. I have owned Hondas all of my life. I currently have a 01 Civic EX and my wife has a 98 Accord LX-V6. Both are great cars and I wouldn't trade them even for any Toyota. Nissan and Infiniti are starting to come into their own, though, and It will be interesting to see what they come out with in the next couple of years. What I would like to have and what I can afford are usually 2 different vehicles. Isn't this always the case?

    In any event, I am impressed with Honda's build quality and solidity. I'm sure the new Accord will trounce any further thoughts of that G35.
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    As I posted in the regular Honda site, Mag X was surprisingly close with their pre-release sketch of the new Subaru Forester.

    There would be more of a buzz about this revision if Honda weren't so good at holding its cards close to the chest. They have the discipline to keep a secret until they want to pop it out.
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    i think it's a good idea to start this topic. there was one for the new altima and there's one currently for the mazda 6, so why not one for the accord 03? whenever a new accord debuts, the auto industry takes notice.

    since the current mazda 626 isn't selling very well, mazda will have more information available on their next car. since the old altima didn't sell very well either, you basically knew everything about the new car way ahead of the cars release. the only speculation left was about gas mileage. the accord is a different story, honda wants to sell as many of the current accords as possible.

    my speculation (all you can do at this point) is that the redesigned accord will have the most radical departure from the current car in it's history. i read rumors to that effect anyway. v6 engine displacement will go to at least 3.2l with at least 225 bhp. remember, a honda vp said the altima's 240 bhp won't be enough. they'll keep the double wishbone suspension since the redesigned tl will be based upon new accord. and yes, the new coupe will be a replacement for both the prelude and current coupe.
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    No doubt - Honda worries about the Accord more than any other model it makes. Nissan had the 'luxury' of having 'no where to go but UP' with their Altima. Honda - on the other hand - has no where to 'go' but DOWN. Being number ONE is a tough position to be in. Honda sells 400,000 or so Accords each year. Obviously they're doing SOMETHING 'right'. Still - what's available TODAY is much better than it was when Honda FIRST introduced 'todays' Accord. More and more people are starting to seriously consider [so called] American cars - again - and the competition [from Japan and Germany] is MUCH tougher than it used to be. My guess - Honda won't take too many risks with the next Accord. Sure - maybe they'll give 'it' more power and even add a gear to the transmissions [both automatic AND manual] but probably not much more than that. In fact - and as far as I'M concerned - that's all they SHOULD do.

    Speaking of engines - I bet honda sticks with the 3.0 litre V6 as the top engine but increases the horsepower. [probably to 220] The basic TL has 225 so Honda will [probably] avoid crossing THAT 'line'. Then again - the Acura MDX in 2003 is supposed to have a 3.8 litre V6. [up from the current 3.5] If that's TRUE - AND the TL ALSO gets that 3.8 litre engine - then maybe Honda WILL stuff a 3.2 into the Accord.

    I'm glad someone started this topic.

    Craig!! :o)
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    "Still - what's available TODAY is much better than it was when Honda FIRST introduced 'todays' Accord."

    As someone else mentioned, a recent review by C&D had the current Accord, which is basically a five year old design, beating the newer designs from Toyota and Nissan.
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    Yeah, I doubt they'll mess too much with success. Like the old saying - "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I bet it will be basically an "evolutionary" change, like the difference between a '00 and a '01 Civic, not a "revolutionary" change in looks. Like you said, if you have the consistently #1 or #2 best seller, you don't need to make alot of radical changes to it. You're already delivering what the marketplace wants.
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    Forgive me for not keeping up to date with the individual monthly sales (actually nice to know that info, I just don't where to look it up). I just went by the end of the year sales. i hope Honda does not feel they have to change too much. All they need now is a freshening on the side, maybe a tweak here and there on the interior. Put a bigger 4 cylinder in it like 180 hp and there set.

    If anyone gets a look at the actual pix, please let us know.
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    I read an article in Business Week quite some time back that said that Toyota's Product Development VP relies on MagX to keep up with industry rumors! Also the article quoted the MagX chief saying that he triple checks every sketch/picture for accuracy. Chances are excellent that those latest pictures are in fact what the new Accord will look like.
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    Is there a different Accord for the Japanese domestic market versus the North American market?
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    Just take the one from the 3.2 CL and voila.
    Please, Honda. make a sports sedan!
    A 5 speed 4 banger will not be enticing enough
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    I check MagX frequently. The problem I find with it is that their drawings are far too artistic. They made the '02 Camry look absolutely beautiful. I think the new Camry is just fine, but it sure doesn't live up to the MagX pictures. The same seems true of all the cars they show, and I am sure the new Accord will not be nearly as sleek looking as they show it.

    That said, I am not putting down the Accord. It will no doubt be a fine car, but I wouldn't expect exactly what MagX is showing.
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    Yes. Currently, there are three variations under the same name - Honda Accord. The Japanese and European Accords are smaller than American Accord.
    European Accord: Choice of 1.8 liter (140 HP), 2.0 liter (150 HP), 2.2 liter (210 HP), 2.3 liter (150 HP) engines, 4 and 5 door models.
    European Accord - 1

    European Accord - 2

    Japanese Accord: 1.8 liter (140 HP), 2.0 liter (150-180 HP), 2.2 liter (220 HP, Euro-R model), 2.3 liter (150 HP/200 HP, SiR wagon)


    For 2003, rumor is that Honda will merge European and Japanese Accord, and manufacture them only in Japan (European Accord is currently manufactured in UK plant which will shift its production line to Civic 3/5 door and CRV for Europe and export to NA/Japan).
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    I completely agree with canadacraig's (#23) speculations. Changes will be evolutionary as machiavelli pointed out. However, completely new engines and possibility of a sport model (something on the lines of Acura's Type-S models).

    I will not be surprised to see Honda give up doublewishbone suspension upfront, but they will keep the 5-link rear suspension. There will be some of us who would be disappointed, but a properly tuned suspension is all that will matter in the end.

    Engine choices will be 2.4 liter for sure in the four cylinder models, and may or may not be tuned to make more than 160 HP (although there may be a 190-220 HP version for European and Japanese Type-R models replacing the current 2.2 liter DOHC VTEC). 175 HP is a possibility though, even if it means only in the EX trim.

    The V6 will likely be brand new 3.0 liter DOHC iVTEC, pumping out 210-220 HP, mated to a five speed sportshift automatic transmission. A few months later, TL/CL will be redesigned, and may start using the new 3.5 liter DOHC iVTEC that Honda has already developed and could deliver 240-260 HP in base trim, and 280-300 HP for Type-S (the prototype at 2001 TMS had 300 HP @ 6500 rpm). This could also be the time when Honda releases a Sport model for Accord with the 3.0 liter V6 pumping out 240-260 HP with a 6-speed manual. In coupe form, it could be the potential Prelude replacement that Tom Elliot mentioned a few months ago.
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    The European Accord berlinas have a strong resemblance to the Opel Omega/Cadillac Catera sedans....hmmm some copying going in there..LOL

    Anyway when I went to Europe last year I saw very few Hondas and just some Accords. The biggest concentration of Hondas perhaps is to be found in the UK. The most common Accord there was an ugly 5 door hatch (I love hatchbacks but this one was uglee) and some American made right hand drive Accords as well. It seems that in Europe buyers can get the Euro Accord or the American model of the same.

    The Euro 'ccords shown in those links certainly look much better than the sleeping pill they sell here. Those cars look almost like luxury cars, not like Rubbermaid renditions which are what the American Accords emulate.

    The Japanese Accord also looks nicer, specially the rear door window treatment. It also resembles more our Accord but in the photo it looks longer. May be a longer wheelbase?

    The current Accord wagon sold in overseas market is very sweet. Too bad we missed it in this current, boring and dreadful generation of the car.

    Truth to be told, Honda sells its best and most interesting products outside of North America.
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    "I will not be surprised to see Honda give up doublewishbone suspension upfront, but they will keep the 5-link rear suspension. There will be some of us who would be disappointed, but a properly tuned suspension is all that will matter in the end."

    C'mmon Robbie! Give me a break! Double Wishbone suspension has been a Honda TRADEMARK ever since they came to our shores. I have owned a total of 6 Honda/Acura products and each and every single one of them had a double wishbone suspension in all 4 corners.

    Honda is going the cheapo way and most people claim that the current Civic doesn't handle as well as the old one.

    I remember reading Honda's sales literature where they bragged to no end about the advantages of Double wishbones and how McPherson strut suspension were basically now they changed sides? How convenient, eh??
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    All of your speculations seem pretty accurate. Here's my prediction on the new accord, much of this are repeats from other posts:

    1)Car will not grow in size from the current one. Better packaging will allow more room inside

    2)Strut front suspension will replace current double wishbone. Don't know what the fuss is about, I have a '93 civic and the car handles like crap.

    3)Car will continue with a larger version of the 3.0L V6 ~ 225hp. 4-cylinder versions will be ~ 160hp. Possibly the same engine in the CRV?

    4)Coupe will be very different from the sedan, will have a much sportier and agressive look to take the place of the Prelude. Manual/V6 option?

    I have heard many rumors that the next TL/CL will be based off the next RL platform which would be RWD. Makes sense since a 280hp/300hp FWD car would be quite stupid. I wouldn't bet that the next TL will be accord based.
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    I do not think Honda has always stuck double-wishbones at all corners. They seem to like playing with the suspension setup more often than others do. And not many probably know that the 5-link rear suspension in current Accord is not really a double wishbone suspension, but a modified version.

    As for going cheapo, we don't call BMW or Porsche cheapo for using struts, we don't think VW is cheap using the same and beam axle rear suspension, so I do not understand the hoopla about Honda's move. It is probably because some of us like to talk about it, and the press thinks it would be a cool thing to cover. I would bet that many agree that RSX handles better than the Integra, and Civic Type-R has been raved about in handling department. Suspension done right can work. If not, it can back fire. With Civic, Honda tried going softer, and that was the problem. People don't buy Civics to have a Corolla like ride. Last I heard, Honda was going back to stiffer springs.

    And you may not have noticed that some models, using the same platform as current Accord, are using McPherson struts upfront. The vehicles... MDX and Odyssey. I would like to experience how a suspension works rather than guess.

    I doubt TL would move away from sharing platform from Accord, CL might. One of the reason would be that RL is manufactured in Japan. It would get its own production line, and for TL to move to the new platform, the production would have to move to Japan as well unless the current production lines are also re-tooled, which is less likely, IMO. CL is a lower volume car (~25K) so it may be easier (and makes more sense) to move its production to Japan, and/or there may be another sedan to share the production line and platform with RL that we do not know about.
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    As someone mentioned earlier, the renderings of the 2002 Camry indeed looked great, but what a disapointment in the flesh. It looks like a hunched up rodent when viewed on the road.
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    "One of the reason would be that RL is manufactured in Japan. It would get its own production line, and for TL to move to the new platform, the production would have to move to Japan as well unless the current production lines are also re-tooled, which is less likely, IMO."

    But isn't Honda known in the industry to have a very efficient re-tooling scheme? I think I read somewhere that it only takes them a couple of months to re-tool an assembly line whereas other manufacturers would either need a completely new factory or take much longer to re-tool.

    I believe the rumor about the TL sharing platforms with the next RL is true. With Infiniti and the new G35, Acura must either have a true RWD sedan to compete or something similar to the G35 (a sort-of-but-not-really mid-engine sedan).
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    Whats the problem with producing the next TL in Japan? With the yen as weak as it is, it may be smart for Honda to produce the TL in Japan. Also, moving the TL production to Japan would free up capacity at the N. American plants for more Accord based varients.

    It doesn't seem like Honda is coming out with any true IS & 3-series fighters any time soon, so I think it will be likey that the TL will fill the void. Also, a 300hp FWD car is bad news and there is no doubt that Honda knows that. Heard the next RL will have 350hp.
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    YTD numbers


    1 Toyota Camry 36,124

    2 Honda Accord 25,947

    3 Honda Civic 19,854

    4 Ford Taurus 18,414

    5 Chevrolet Cavalier 15,471

    6 Nissan Altima 13,682

  • robertsmxrobertsmx Member Posts: 5,525
    I agree, it doesn't make sense to push horsepower in FWD cars. I feel the potential of the current TL/CL Type-S 3.2 liter/V6 is also wasted, but thanksfully, Honda has been doing a good job at keeping torque steer at a minimum or almost non-existent in those cars, and some of it is due to use of somewhat taller gearing.

    However, Diploid, like you pointed out, Honda uses a very efficient re-tooling process. The latest example is moving the production of European Accords to Japan, and dedicating the European facility to produce only 3/5 door Civic and CRV (may be HRV too). Now is the first time that Civic hatchback (3/5 door) is completely designed (Germany) and manufactured (UK) in Europe, and will be imported into Japan (and NA).

    So, they have done mass move of a platform from one country to another. So TL could very well be the next car to move (back) to Japan. Or it may happen that Honda will continue to make TL here and also export them to Japan (as Inspire or Saber), and either Inspire or Saber could move to RL platform and exported to us from Japan. Or, we could get a completely new compact sport sedan to go against IS300/G35/3-series.

    I have a feeling that brand new RL will be launched next Spring as a 2004 model, and could there be another RWD sedan/coupe pair in store? Let us hope so. And given that Honda uses platforms quite well, a few RWD cars are a good possibility in next 2-3 years. Whether it will be the TL, I doubt that however. It is selling well, and is the volume car for Acura, that goes against ES300, A4, S60, easily forgotten I35 etc.
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    they're going to keep the double wishbone. and when the new accord comes out, i'm going to say "i told you so". we need to put some money on this. remember, when the last accord came out it had the same engine as the acura cl at the time. just because the current tl has a 3.2l engine doesn't mean the accord won't. until the redesigned tl debuts, the accord 03 will have the better platform. just like when the accord 98 coupe was clearly better than the acura cl at the time. i think the biggest improvement in the new engines will be low end torque. that's why i have a hunch they'll bump up the displacement.
  • storytellerstoryteller Member Posts: 476
    On the matter of MagX art looking too good, the fault might not be in the sketches but in the fact they are artistic renditions. Architect's art depicting proposed buildings usually look sensational when compared to the building that goes up. Art looks different than photos.

    I doubt Honda satisfies the enthusiasts with this next Accord. Their competition is Camry, a really mainstream car. Don't be surprised if the front double bones go to make more interior room without increasing overall car bulk. They'll probably bump up power modestly just to keep even with competition, now including Altima. And I bet the new Accord will be very attractive, looking almost like a near-luxury car.

    I fear the best enthusiasts can expect might be a really nice coupe to pick up Prelude mourners.
  • bobbyknightbobbyknight Member Posts: 121
    The average family car is moving up market. Altima is overlapping the Maxima, Camry is almost as luxurious as a Lexus (optioned out to 30K), and you can now get a 275hp W8 passat. Just like the trend says, accords will become more powerful and luxurious. If Acura wants to keep the TL where it is now, then there would be little to differentiate the Accord from the TL. It just seems logical that the next TL will benefit from a RWD platform that seems much more in tune with where the entry-luxury segment is going.

    Just my thoughts...
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    I have my doubts about this one. Neither the Camry or Altima have it. I think they will be stepping on the TLs toes if they do. The Odyssey can have it because there is no Acura counterpart.

    If they do have it, they will stand well above the competition (as they probably will even with a 4 speed) and I'll certainly be in line.

    If they do go with the 2.4L I hope they don't give it too much hp, my CR-V with the same size engine will feel slighted :-( .
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    "The Odyssey can have it because there is no Acura counterpart."

    Actually the Odyssey's Acura counterpart is the MDX. The MDX is an Odyssey with the same exact platform and powertrain. One is shaped as a Minivan, the other is shaped as a SUV.
  • machiavellimachiavelli Member Posts: 260
    The new Honda Pilot will be the direct counterpart to the MDX.
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    Like most here I am familiar with the Honda product line.

    The MDX, while it shares many of the same mechanicals as the Odyssey is not it's Acura counterpart. One is a minivan, one is an SUV. As machiavelli pointed out the Pilot will be the MDX's counterpart

    My point was that I don't think the 7G Accord will have the 5 speed auto tranny because the TL does. One caveat, if the Pilot has a 5 speed auto tranny, then my theory is out the window.
  • machiavellimachiavelli Member Posts: 260
    One thing - the Accord is designed to a price point. Maybe they will offer a 5-speed auto on a top of the line EX-V6 for $28K, but I think they are going to want to keep the "average" 4-cylinder LX around the $20K mark, so they might stick with a 4-speed auto.
  • bobbyknightbobbyknight Member Posts: 121

    Better fuel economy

    Competition doesn't have it yet

    Better acceleration from all speeds

    Quieter at hwy speed since RPM's would be lower in 5th

    Not much more expensive to produce(if at all)

    Give it an advantage over others in a car the sells 400K per year!


    TL has it.

    I think that the next Accord would have a 5-speed auto because it doesn't make much sense not to. If the TL is going RWD, then the accord will be the flagship of its FWD platform. I'm willing to put money on this...
  • bobbyknightbobbyknight Member Posts: 121
    I totally agree with your point.
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