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Just saw this, looks like a twin of the Infiniti FX45. More competition for the Highlander and Pilot. I'm not sure how to post the illustrations, they are at:

Nissan announced plans to unveil the new Murano at the New York auto show on March 30th. Nissan described the Murano as a dramatically styled urban SUV, and said it will go on sale in Fall 2002 as a 2003 model. The name Murano is derived from the elegantly sculptured glassware that comes from the islands near Venice bearing the same name.

Nissan says the Murano will feature a large, highly functional interior with numerous storage compartments, such as a large centre console with room for a laptop computer or purse, a standard information centre monitor, sculpted front and rear seats with rear seat recliners, aluminum trim and a lightweight rear hatch for easy opening and closing.



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    the replacement for the Pathfinder, sine they use the word LARGE. They don't have a platform for a larger SUV, and it doesn't look like an 8 seater.
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    I read some info that said it would be priced above the Pathfinder.....seems like they want to slot it between the Highlander and RX300. Sketch has a bit of the "PT Cruiser clone" styling that MAG-X reported on. Interesting that the Murano, which we are just hearing about now, will be on the market in the fall, whereas the much-needed X-Trail, which seems to be available everywhere in the world except Canada & the US, is still a ? for our market......the latest rumour says maybe by November......Nissan, what's taking so long?
    oh, & BTW, "elegantly sculpted glassware?" as a name-source for an SUV (even a crossover?!) that supposed to reflect how fragile it is?
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    pretty foolsh, to have three $25-30k SUV'S in the same lineup, no? Infiniti has not mentioned ANYTHING......wait a minute. The Murano COULD be Nissan's version of the FX45 that IS coming our 'round the 1st of the year!!! A four seat full-sized SUV wih performance!! Very sneaky, Nissan....
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    The ultimate for soccer moms?

    The sticker on the drivers side sunshade --

    "Not to be driven off-road, as this vehicle may shatter"
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    Only 5 messages here. There are a lot of pictures and postings at

    Nissan will introduce a new mid-sized "urban" SUV at the New York Auto Show on March 30th. Nissan insiders tell us it will be a unibody design. We aren't sure if its based on the Pathfinder "mono-frame" or new Altima (SS-L) platform (more likely). One thing is for sure, it will have the now ubiquitous 3.5L VQ V-6 engine. Sources also tell us that the pricing will start above $30k, so we're pretty sure this will be a rung above the current Pathfinder (current MSRP is between $26,649 to $31,499)in price and dimensions. These concept sketches depict a highly angular and edgy design - with some cues from the new Quest concept. Sources tell us that 18" alloy wheels will be standard along with dual exhausts. Nissan will also need to make the Murano a four wheel independent suspension design to keep it competitive with the new Ford Explorer and Highlander for optimal on asphalt conditions. It's a remote possibility that Nissan may offer a V-8 engine like Ford's Explorer but its probably unlikely.

    Official Nissan Press information below

    NISSAN MURANO TO MAKE WORLD DEBUT AT NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW -The all-new Nissan Murano, a dramatically styled urban SUV makes its first public appearance at the N.Y. Auto Show March 30 and goes on sale next fall as a 2003 model. With its refined, sculpted exterior and thoughtfully designed interior, the Murano offers an exceptional balance of functionality, performance and advanced technology. The name Murano is inspired from the highly desired, elegantly sculptured glassware that comes from the islands near Venice bearing the same name. It is a fitting reflection of the vehicle's concept and design.

    NISSAN'S NEW MURANO SET FOR FALL LAUNCH - The all-new 2003 Nissan Murano, which makes its first public appearance at the New York International Auto Show beginning March 30, features a large, comfortable and highly functional interior. Its unique design includes numerous storage compartments, such as the large center console with room for a laptop computer or purse, a standard information center monitor, sculpted front and rear seats with rear seat recliners, aluminum trim and a lightweight rear hatch for easier opening and closing.

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    How many people will the Murano seat? If Nissan makes it only a 4 or 5 seater, like their Infinity FX45, I think it is going to die a quick death. Even GMC realized that they goofed with their new SUV only having seating for 5. Yes, sales are going fine for them but, they're rushing to bring an extended version that seats 7 to market.

    IMO for this vehicle to be a serious competitor in this segment it needs to have independent suspension (which it will), a great engine (which it will), AWD (which it will), good not necessarily great styling (which I think it will) and seating for 6 to 7 (which I don't know)?

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    I repeat Nissan Murano and the Infinti FX45 are not the same car. The are exact opposites.

    FX45 is built off the FM platform which is rear wheel drive and is also the bases for G35 and Z.

    Murano will be built off the SS-L platform which is FWD and the bases for Altima and the next Maxima. Also if Murano gets AWD expect Maxima to have as an option or standard too.

    I expect Murano to be built in Japan (great news) since Symra is a full cpacity along with Maxima being there.

    One thing I don't know is pricing. This thing will fail at 30k and up not to mention hurt FX45 a bit. It has to start around 25k.

    I am amazed as everybody to find out how quickly Nissan is bringing this thing to the market after just finding out about it. Welcome to the Nissan Century:)
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    How much Hp will Murano have anyways? It can't be 240? And will they dare to give it more then Pathfinder? Cause Pathfinder won't be going anywhere, it will stick around a few more months till it becomes the fullsize SUV. Nissan will not drop such a Prestigous(sp) name. I think the main reason for the Murano is because Quest will be gone and they need volume. So we might get 7 seating after all :)
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    The Pathfinder is becoming a full-size? How many $25k sport-utes will Nissan build? Will it be a VehiCross? What are they, Isuzu? The Pathfinder has the most brand equity and recognition. If they erode it's customer base, well...... they have truly earned the name.....Nissan (Bundy!).....
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    Looking at the photos of this high tech offering from Nissan I can't help but wonder where the headroom of this vehicle is. Unless the seat is integrated and part of the floorboard that sloping top and windshield seems as though this SUV is seriously lacking in headroom. Unless, of course, this is a concept version picture and not the real thing?
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    The Nissan X-Terra suffers from the same lack of headroom issue. That niftly little storage compartment above the drivers cab seriously limits headroom.
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    Quit your whining. Nissan will not drop such a prestigious name like Pathfinder. Murano will be an addition to the line up. Nissan only has one Sport ute starting around 25k and that is Pathfinder. Xterra ends around 25k. So what was your point may I ask.
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    There are some pictures of the murano posted on freshalloy;f=19;t=000152;p=2

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    Actual pictures today from

    This looks so much better than the artist renderings we have seen. I like the CVT transmission. A very nice vehicle. It is an SUV and not one of those Vibe/Matrix "crossover" things, and not ugly like the Aztec. Just proves how dated the "new" Honda Pilot is before it even makes its first sale.
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    That is one huge blind spot. Nice vehicle overall. I suspect it'll use the Infiniti G35's 3.5L V-6 260hp/260 lb-ft to go against the Honda Pilot.
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    Nissan is saying that the engine is the 3.5 but that it will make 240hp. Will the difference in hp come from regular vs premium gas or the exhaust system or maybe both?

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    Well, the 240-hp Altima uses premium, so I would guess the 3.5L engine will also use premium in the Murano.
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    Question then, what does Nissan do to the G35 that gives them an additional 20hp? (Sorry this is off topic)

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    I have no idea. I'm even more curious to see what they do to the Z to get 280+ HP out of the same engine.
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    Doesn't list Nissan's V-6 engines year after year as one of the best engines on the market for nothing.

    If the Murano is to have only 240hp, I hope it will then use the Pathfinder's torquey V-6.
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    I wasn't questioning the quality of the engine. It has proven it's bullet proof. What I'm wondering is how Nissan gets 240 hp for the Murano and Altima, 255 for the Max, 260 for the I35 and 280 for the Z. As far as I can tell it is with the exhaust changes and the use of premium gas. Oh yeah, and that whole waving a magic wand and killing a chicken thing:)

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    It is a wonder how Nissan can come up with so many different HP scenarios on a non turbo or supercharged motor. I just do not buy into Nissans ratings any more. I would like to see each vehicle dyno tested at the drive wheels. That would tell the true story!
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    I posted this at the PF forum also

    Saw the new murano at nissan website. It looks like it is the size of the pf and the hp is the same. Will it replace the pf? Although as being projected, the pf will be bigger. So maybe the new murano will take the place of the pf (in size like we have today and enjoying it very much) and the new pf a bigger 7 seater
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    When is the Murano scheduled to debut?

    This is a link to a nice set of pics:

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    reading through the link given by troyy2k, the Murano will be available in November as a 2003 model
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    Is the rear glass fixed? I really want a liftglass like my Pathfinder - It's so damn useful, and I'd probably have a gas-guzzling Xterra by now if it has a separate glass. It appears that they cheaped out on the rear hatch and kept it fixed.

    Will there be a 2.5 175 hp four? If the Murano is premium-only, I'll have to scratch it off my list.
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    Why not make this an Infinit? Does Nissan need another $25k SUV? What will replace the QX4, which isn't selling? This was made to challenge the RX300/MDX. More questions than answers from Nissan.
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    Is being released in 2003 - that's going to challenge the RX300/MDX. It's the SUV that's supposed to look like a cheetah.

    Anybody hear about the G35 coupe? It's suppose to be under $30, Infiniti biting into Nissan Z territory?
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    The simplest probable answer is that dealerships have been asking for something to compete with the highlander/rx300. That would be a car-like ride with AWD and room for 5 -- pathfinder is truckbased, doesn't offer a soft enough ride. Crossovers are the current big thing.
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    I really like the interior of the Murano. Particularly the burnt orange leather with aluminum (Titanium?) trim. I can live with the odd shape of the rear window though I think it would look better in a more traditional shape (a photoshop version was posted on

    My one problem is the gaudy chrome grill which looks totally out of place on such a clean and stylish looking vehicle. What possessed Nissan to drop that ugly piece of metal on an otherwise beautiful design. Right now I feel that grill is a deal breaker for me. Unless it looks less grotesque in person I'll have to keep looking. Love the G35 coupe but have a feeling they will be in short supply and over MSRP when my lease is up this November.
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    At the NY auto show on Friday, you can't sit in the Murano, but you can look closely at the SUV, with the driver's side door open, and also see the power train display in separate area, just like Nissan showed off the Altima a year ago in the same spot. I own a 4yr old Pathfinder now, and I was trying to like the Highlander, but now I think I will wait for the Murano in the fall. I needed a little getting used to the curvy, almost retro lines, but my wife likes the styling and I loved! the interior. Outside, The PF would look boxy next to the Murano. The size of the Murano is two to four inches bigger than the PF in length and width. They have glitzy brochures to pass out at the auto show, if you go.
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    That is one FINE looking auto, regardless of category (suv, sedan, etc). Is this what it's really gonna look like inside and out? I hope they really offer the dark tan interior ... looks to be straight from a British roadster :-) I'm so sick of the usual suspects of black / grey / light tan.
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    The 2003 Gremlin!

    And who said the Japanese couldn't build a better Aztek?
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    I had the same impression when I saw the drawings. The pictures changed my mind. I have decided it is worth waiting until the fall before making a purchase of something else just so I can see it in person.
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    both the Murano and FX45. Both are superb looking in person. Nissan, having risen from the ashes, is clearly on a roll...

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    I need to say the Murano looks great! It will not replace the PF as it will not have the offroad capabilities. I been looking at the BMW X5 as I need a 4X4 but do not want a boxy truck or a cutesy wimpy suv(RAV4, etc). The Murano has the aggressive look of the X5 but not the sticker shock.

    The Xterra had my attention but I feel for $26000 I should not have to put up all that plastic siding or cheap interior.

    My only beef is I want a manual tran. The CVT sounds cool and I will still consider it but shifting gears without a clutch does not feel the same.

    Maybe they will add a 6 speed manual for us people who love to drive!!
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    Did anyone get a peek inside? Is the interior better than the Altima?
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    V-6 engine will be from the Altima, not the PF or G35.
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    I think the Altima, Maxima, Pathfinder, QX4, G35, I35, and the new Z all use the same VQ35DE engine. They have different hp rating because of different piping.
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    Do Nissan Dealers typically offer an pre-ordering incentive programs? Also, are there any Nissan Sponsored Discount Plans, like Ford's X-plan?
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    There's a Nissan-sponsored discount plan called VPP. You have to know someone who works for Nissan or a Nissan supplier to get the VPP price.
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    I ran across this while cruising through the web.


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    I read on Nissan's web-site that the Murano will provide comfortable seating for 2 couples... does that mean it will only be able to seat 4 ?

    Kinda weird ... why would one want to create a vehicle designed to seat 2 couples ... unless maybe you are going on a double date and want to carpool?

    If this 4 seating only arrangement is true then I would have to cross this vehicle out of my list since I need a vehicle that can seat 5.
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    If you look closer into Nissan web site, and check out the picture for the rear seats of the Murano, I think you definitely can seat 5 people just like a sedan.
    I am also waiting to see what the price range is going to be for the Murano when it is on sale this fall. I heard it is going to be between mid 20K to high 20K. If this is true, then Murano will be very competitive in its market segment.
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    Thanks for the info sliang...

    I sure hope the Murano is indeed in that price range... but that would put it in the Pathfinder territory price-wise. I hope Nissan does not price it above $30k to differentiate it from the Pathfinder.
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    If it's intended to compete with the Toyota Highlander and Ford Escape, price can be anywhere from 23k to aeound 31k +

    Looks kind of cool. Anyone see any specs on it?
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    Never seen an estimate below $25k.
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    i thought i heard or read that it will have 3-row seating?

    I saw it at the NY show, but the doors were closed and it was kinda high off the ground to really get a look in the windows. Maybe it was my perspective, but i really felt like it wasn't a big sport ute. Kinda felt more like a beefy wagon (i.e. crossover) to me. I was immediately drawn to it, though. I think it looks great. IF they can offer 3-rows and start it under $25K, then I'll be taking a serious look when it comes around.

    I missed the person's name who posted it and don't want to look back, but who said it is bigger than the pathfinder? Did you find and compare actual dimensions or are you guessing? Thanks for the info.

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    Seating will be for 5. No third row seat. There is rumors of the replacement for the Pathfinder being larger with a third row.

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