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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • southfl1southfl1 Posts: 3
    I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida & I bought a car from 1 of the local dealers. It was an Automatic 2006 Corolla CE with Power Windows, Door Locks, Keyless Entry, Carpet Mats, and a full tank of gas for $15,000 OTD (including tax, transferred tag, and title)
  • imdanteimdante Posts: 4
    Hello, I just bought a Corolla last Sunday (4/23/06)
    @ Claremont Toyota just outside Los Angeles. Here is the deal that I got:

    2006 Toyota Corolla LE Phantom Gray

    BE Side Airbags
    VJ JBL Value Package
    CT Carpet Floor Trunk Mat Set

    Total Sticker: $18,087.00
    My Cost with the $500 Rebate: $15,034 (Plus Tax & License)

    Note: I believe I got this deal by playing Claremont Toyota against there competitor Longo Toyota (#1 in the nation). One more took about 3 hours to get this deal.
  • I do have to admit you got a good price on your car. I used to see if anyone could beat Longo on their prices but I finally just gave up. I just go through their internet sales dept now at Longo. I've bought my last 7 Toyotas from them and will keep buying from them. Plus they always have what I want in stock or it's on the truck coming in.
  • imdanteimdante Posts: 4
    I got a quote from Longo Internet sales Dept too. I was on my way over to Longo when I stopped @ Claremont Toyota just to see if they could match the quote so I wouldn’t have to drive the extra 20 miles. After a long time of going back and forth about the price they finally matched it.

    To my surprise, my original quote from Longo, was for an LE Corolla without (BE) Side Airbags and (VJ) JBL Value Package for $15,034. So in the end Claremont Toyota ended up beating Longo. But it was a hard fight! The time that I spend aside, I had a good experience with Claremont Toyota. The sales guy was very straight up with me, and the finance guy did not try to pressure me into buying the extended warranty or the LO-JACK option. Turns out that Claremont Toyota gives free oil changes for life with a purchase of a new car. So overall I’m happy with my experience with Claremont. Ill always go to Longo first and then shop their quote around to see if anybody wants my business bad enough.
  • aebsaebs Posts: 1
    I just bought that car (in dark blue) three weeks ago. I didn't get was the weather guard package or the extra security you mentioned. With tax, license, etc. I paid $18,900. Try calling Sansone's Route 1 Toyota in Woodbridge, NJ.

    Good luck!
  • ckone0814ckone0814 Posts: 71
    SE Pennsylvania. 2006 Corolla LE, 5 spd, 6 CD changer. $13200 otd. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • Yea, jump on that deal before they sell the car. I'd be down there right now signing the paper work for that price. That car sticks for about $18,000 and you're getting it for that price?? You're stealing it from them.
  • ckone0814ckone0814 Posts: 71
    msrp on the car is +/- $16,400
  • Ok, the MSRP is $16,400 so you figure plus 10% of that with tax/license at least in Ca you do. Ok, $18,000 OTD you roughly figure....$4,800 almost $5,000 off is still a great price for that car. 1 thing I look at is on the door jam to see what mo/yr the car was made. You can usually estimate on how long the car has been on the lot for. If a car sits too long then the dealer is paying insurance/interest on that car for sitting there and they need to move it. I don't think my dealer (Longo Toyota) would sell me the car for that price and they're the #1 Toyota dealer in the nation.
  • ckone0814ckone0814 Posts: 71
    that's sale price. i didnt include tax and tags cause they're different everywhere. i thought i'd offer 13k figuring if they say no, i know thery're at the bottom. make sense?
  • ckone0814ckone0814 Posts: 71
    They took $13k+TTL. I put a deposit down - Now hopefully they'll follow through. I'm expecting they'll try to make $ up at delivery but I got the $ so they can't screw with the financing and i will decline any extended warranties, paint protectant, etc. You never know what they'll throw at you though.

    If it goes through I believe I got an absolute steal (regardless of when it was manufactured and how long it's on the lot). It would've been tough to by a Cobalt with all the rebates for that $. Thanks.
  • pr1canpr1can Posts: 4
    i just bought my corolla s in mass for 15000. After taxes(750), documentary prep.(298) and title prep.(86) it all came out to 16134.
    options include:
    FE 50 state emission
    EV am/fm/6 disc in-dash w/6 speakers
    CK all weather package
    VP extra value package #1
    15" alloy wheels w/195/65/15tires
    rear spoiler, power windows, keyless entry
    and cruise control
    CF carpet floor mats (4pc.set)
    i tough i did good on this one can anyone tell me if its a good deal or i could have done better.
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Is this from Boch Toyota?
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    The $298 was the giveaway. I've been pricing used Corolla's there, but live about 90 miles away in WMass. How much discount was that? Is the $500 discount in effect yet or did you take the low financing?
  • pr1canpr1can Posts: 4
    the sticker was 17788. i dont think i got the 500 discount or at least they didnt tell me about it and i didnt finance the car through them.
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Wow! That's $1000 less their "dealer cost" listed on their website.
  • pr1canpr1can Posts: 4
    i went to bernadi toyota in framingham and they would only go to 15800 i didnt try wellesley because boch gave me that deal i think because it was the end of the month they wanted get the car out of there. i really had to fight for it. they told me 15000 right there but they wanted me to finace through them and i didnt want to i had the money they were trying to convince me to finance, make one payment and then pay it outright i just wanted to pay the car they didnt like that but after an hour when i was really going to get the hell out of there they took the 15000
  • tmoney25tmoney25 Posts: 2
    I have an offer from dealer for a fully loaded S corolla for 18,800 OTD...what do you guys think? I have researched that $17,500 as the cars invoice(including options).

  • ckone0814ckone0814 Posts: 71
    06 LE 5 spd w/ All Weather, Audio Value, Preferred Accessory...$13,000 sale price, $13,912 otd.
  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    Very good price for LE. Can I ask you where did you buy this at.
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Has anyone bought a Toyota from a dealership around Boston? What has your experience been?
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Is that manual transmission?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    It is manual - Corollas only have a 4 speed automatic. Yet another reason to get a stick!! Of course, I would still buy a stick, even if a 6 speed automatic was available!
  • cargirl13cargirl13 Posts: 22
    Where in Mass didd you buy? I am looking for a corolla, automatic with ABS brakes? Do you think I can get something in the 13K range?
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Boch seems to have good prices and they list "their" price on their website. I have not bought one yet but am also very close to it. If you can do a search on these threads for Boch, I think you'll come up with something.
  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    Boch dealer in MA seem to have very good pricing. I have the quote for 2006 Corolla S Auto, Extra Value Package, All weather pack, Six disc CD, Floor mats for $15700 + TTL extra. Probably if I pursue seriously I could easily get couple hundred dollars off. But the thing is I live in Michigan. Is there a way that I buy from Boch and pick the car from the local dealer in Michigan. I guess this would be a possibility if the dealers across the different states have some kind of understanding or something like that. Please share your experiences.
  • ckone0814ckone0814 Posts: 71
    Yes, it's manual. I bought it at Sloane in Devon, PA. I'm very happy with the car. 37 mpg on my first tank with zero highway driving!
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Check out post #1046 (and other posts by joelansing). Not sure if you're near Lansing, but this seems like a good deal. I was thinking of bringing this figure to Boch to see if they could meet it. I still have to get some details in order.
  • samy1samy1 Posts: 10
    Is this auto trans? Aslo do you mean the Audio Value package with Six disc & cruise. Could you please list the options you got. I live close to Lansing and the price seem to be very good, I might buy from them
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