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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tekongtekong Posts: 2
    hi i bought the same car toyota corolla S with extra value package on it ( alloy + spoiler ) with floor mats ( phanthom grey ) i got with $16348 + TTL and they conviced me to sell the extanded warryanty..took me about over 1 hurs trying to sell that warranty for $2000 + but at last i bought that platinum warranty 7 yr 100 k bumper to bumper no deductable for only $ that worth it ? and am i get the good price for that car??? thanks for the replys... :D
  • tekongtekong Posts: 2
    sorry i forgot the info about the price..i didnt take $500 cash back ..coz if i take i will have to pay 6.1% apr..if i take it it would go down to $15848 but i chose to get 4.9% from toyota finicing program..but finicing guy wants to sell the warranty so he gose down my apr to 4.5% and gave me $598 for extended warranty..i guess my deal was great...any comment please.
  • art22art22 Posts: 4
    I just bought a new 2006 Corolla CE, automatic, Toyoguard, power windows and locks, CD, air, for $16,000 out the door. By the way, I was upside-down about $2,500 to $3,000 on my trade and owed over $12,000 on it. $16k includes everything such as the bogus $700 Florida dealer fee and the $500 rebate. I bought their car for $16k including all fees and such and they bought mine for the $12k+ bank payoff. After shopping around the Toyota dealership gave me the most for my trade.
    The deal went something like this:
    $16990 price of car
    -1700 discount or trade enhancement
    -500 rebate
    +700 dealer fee
    +500 tax difference & title misc fees
    -1000 down payment
    15000 left over

    I reduced my montly payment $75 but increased my debt $4K plus interest. I figure since my trade was a gas hog SUV, I should save a significant amount of gas money.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    $16K for a CE? I just threw up in my mouth. That's mid-level LE pricing when you include the Toyoguard....
  • art22art22 Posts: 4
    I suppose you missed the part when I wrote that I was upside down $2500 to $3000 on my trade which was absorbed into the price of the Corolla. So if you deduct that amount from the $16k, the price of the Corolla was actually around $13K to $13,500.
  • revelandreveland Posts: 2
    What is a good price for a Corolla CE with just auto trans as the only option? I live in southern Illinois and my dealer just quoted me 15,100 plus TTL which would put it about 16000 in this area. I offered a Chevy Cavalier in trade and he offered me 3100 for my 2001 LE Cavalier which left me owing him 12,900 diff. Any suggestions? Any help on the price I should be paying?
  • revelandreveland Posts: 2
    What is a good price for a CE 06 with the only option being auto transmission? My dealer wants 15,100 plus TTL in southern Illinois? I think he is way off. Any help out there for a novice?
  • magdtmagdt Posts: 3
    I'm also curious what a good price for a 2006 CE with no options but auto. I was shopping around this weekend and best price I could find was 14,400 + TTL. Southern NH.
  • evelinaevelina Posts: 2
    I got a quote for a new Corolla LE-$14900+TTL. I leave in Chicago, the dealership is located in Joliet, IL.
  • pondeponde Posts: 2
    This ia a base automatic CE model.
    Power steering, power mirror, AM/FM/CD, A/C, floor mats. No power windows, no powder doors, no keyless entry.
    $11,777 before tax, with tax, documentation fee, liscen fee... total OTD price: $12,957

    I need a cheap and reliable car to commute. As for driving experience, it is not as smooth as my 2000 CAMRY(65k mileage), more bumpy on freeway. Power is adequate if you don't mind driving below 75mph. Room is not too small. The roof is actually taller than my 2000 CAMRY.

    I'm in Sothern CA, bought it at Power Toyota.
  • It's got cruise, CD Changer, hmm something else.. It was $13,995 After all the paperwork, extended warranty, Custom Plate, it came out to $17,030

    I went in looking at a Yaris, but this was only $1,500 more than a stripped down Yaris, and from what I hear will get about the same MPG. Too bad they stuck the Scion tranny on the Yaris instead of the Echo tranny. It really lowered the real world MPG of the Yaris.

    I was wondering if I got a good deal till I went to and saw that a used 05 had a retail price of more than I paid for my 06, not including my warranty...:) Got it at Spartan Toyota in Lansing, MI - Joe
  • magdtmagdt Posts: 3
    Nice deal ponde. I was wondering what price you started from? Dealers around me (southern NH) are claiming they can't go below $14,000 for a base automatic CE. $11,777 seems exceptional.

    What is a good deal for a base automatic CE?
  • lcomplexlcomplex Posts: 17
    Just got the car a month ago - it was a great deal so I just wanna share it and help some people out

    Corolla CE with AT, no power locks or windows options available here in South Cal.

    Mats were provided with first free oil change

    price was $13100 + TT&L (L.A. county tax rate)

    OTD = $14,400

    would like to know if someone else in California has gotten a better deal ;)
  • danotadanota Posts: 1
    hi, hope u all will help me to know for what price can i get a base model toyota corolla CE 06model here at Norwalk,CT.
    Am planning to go for it within a week.
    pl advise.
  • pondeponde Posts: 2
    It is hard to bargin down the price. TOYOTA dealers are the most arrogant ones around. I watched newspaper in my area. I saw an ad at such price and I went down there and bought the car. Car prices at CA are normally lower than some other states. I paid $954 tax though. you don't pay tax at NH, do you? :)
    Pay attention to newspaper I would say. Whenever there is a deal, go and buy it.
  • Hello folks... This is my 1st post here...I'm all excited about the outlandish deals some of you guys have landed just like Ponde's(#1045)... Seems the dealers may post some ads like that once in a while in local newspapers...I'm wondering if any folks in Nashville area have ever seen anything alike in the newspapers and which papers...Tennessean maybe? Must be the paper version cause can't find anything on their website. :(
  • samanysamany Posts: 1
    I plan to sell my Toyota Corolla CE 2003 4DR Sedan.It is a metallic beige colored vehicle with 39,000 miles on it and a clean title and history.

    The interior and exterior (a scratch or two here and there but otherwise glossy exterior) is in great shape and I have purchased an upgrade on rust proofing on this car.

    I would appreciate if people on this forum help me with pricing this car just right.

    Here are specifications on the vehicle:
    Toyota Corolla 2003 CE, 4DR,SEDAN-Clean title and history, No accidents,no dents no rust
    Miles: 39000
    Engine Specs: 1.8L I-4 130HP
    Transmission: Automatic
    Fuel Economy City: 30.0 mpg
    Fuel Economy Highway: 38.0 mpg
    Power train Warranty left on this vehicle:
    2years/21,000 miles
    Rust proofing warranty: 7 years transferable
    warranty remaining
    (non standard feature)


    Your help and advice would be deeply appreciated.

    Look forward to hear from you.
  • southfl1southfl1 Posts: 3
    Hi all. I need a cheap & reliable car to commute. I want to buy a basic automatic corolla 06 CE (power steering, power mirror, AM/FM/CD,
    A/C, floor mats, no power windows,
    no powder doors, no keyless entry)

    How much should I pay before tax? And how much should I pay for total OTD price?
    I live in South Florida.

    One dealer offered $14,954.77 (everything included) and another one offered $14,900.00

    Thank you
  • magdtmagdt Posts: 3
    Was wondering if anyone was waiting for the 07s to come out in hopes there would be a discount on the 06s? I think toyota offered $1500 cash back on the camerys. Maybe they will do something for the corollas?

    Like a few others I'm looking for a 06 corolla CE with just automatic, I'm quoted between $14,400- $14800 + TTL.

    Maybe I don't know how to haggled but dealers basically ignore me or come down about $50 bucks when I try to pit them against one another.
  • I just got a 06 Corolla LE with FE CK VV and CF options. The sticker on the window was $17.053 The dealership was selling them for $13,995 Over $3,000 off wasn't bad at all. It had $1,250 in rebates, but those went to the dealer at that price. I went to and book priced a used 05 LE at more than I paid out the door for my 06 model including an extended warranty. I can live with that. Got it at Spartan Toyota in Lansing, MI My first tank I got 32MPG in town. No highway driving yet during break in. Should get 34 after break in.

    I went in looking at the Yaris, but this was only $1,500 more than a stripped Yaris, and this had a CD changer, keyless entry, alarms, etc.. I couldn't turn it down. - Joe
  • jstern1jstern1 Posts: 9
    If you live in the SE zone for Toyota they add two charges to every toyota sold...

    SET Administration Fee - $414
    SET Destination Charge - $45

    What is this for?
    Why would anybody pay it?

  • I paid 15,100 with all taxes included for 06 Corolla CE Automatic transmission+power windows+power doors.

    This was at Austin,TX and bought in Jan06.

    You have room to negotiate for another $200 as my title document says the price paid is 14945(rest is document fee ).

    So stick to 14,900-15,000 OTD.
  • southfl1southfl1 Posts: 3
    Hi all. I am in Florida. Someone offered me a $14,000 OTD. I intend to go with the deal. Is that a reasonable decision?
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Is this OTD? Including destination charge?
  • maganmagan Posts: 18

    More questions: Did they offer you any special finance rate?

  • andy1281andy1281 Posts: 1

    Can you tell me which dealer in Houston you got the deal?

  • xkmailxkmail Posts: 36
    Claremont Toyota in Los Angeles offered me 12,490 plus tax license for a CE with stick, Valley Hi in Victorville wanted $13,900
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    What is it? Is it an extended warranty?

  • diljaeydiljaey Posts: 1
    I just found out that Toyota is giving a $500 rebate this month. :)

    Any idea what that rebate will increase to in the coming months before the debut of the '07 Corolla? I want to buy but waiting for the right time to get the best price and then pull the trigger.
  • dam1damdam1dam Posts: 1
    I live in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Area. I am very interested in purchasing a Toyota Corolla "S". It must be the "S" model with a automatic transmission and have the following options:
    Anti-Lock Brakes
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with inner mirror and driver and passenger side and curtain airbags
    The extra value package #1 which includes 15" Alloy Wheels w/P195/65P15 tires, Rear Spoiler, Power windows, Keyless entry and cruise control
    Carpet floor mats as well as the trunk mat
    The all weather guard package
    Last but not least something similiar to the Viper security system and not the cheap one that comes with the car.
    With the items listed above I am asking if anyone knows for sure what the lowest price I should pay for this car. No offense but I ask that only those people who know for sure what I should pay or have already purchased a car like this with these options please respond to my question. Thanks to all and safe driving.
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