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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After test driving the civic and mazda3, I decided on a manual corolla.

    I was pretty tired of shopping around and wasting time, so I walked into the dealership and said, "I want otd below 16k with power everything and remote keyless, along with auto."

    Saleslady said that simply couldn't be done (she actually wearily laughed), but she said she could get me a manual phantom grey with 3 miles on it with ev package 1 and the 6 cd and cruise for 17.3k otd. I told her no way...I got it down to 16.9 + floor mats (woo-hoo, floor mats!) plus a few free oil changes and car washes (woo-hoo! car washes! lol).

    It was a manual, and I had to pay more than I wanted, but I got decent financing on it, and I'm done buying. I wouldn't have bought the car but the manual was SO much smoother and peppier than the auto. Additionally, I had a clunker of a car with a broken trunk with accident damage, two broken doors, keyed paint, broken windows, and it barely ran...they gave me 600 for it PLUS they opened the trunk for me so I could retrieve my Christmas presents for the first time! I stole a peek at the paperwork and although they tried to get me on some other stuff, it appears (I could be wrong) that they lost money on this. I figured that I could probably get them to come down more, but I was tired of negotiating and just wanted done. The saleslady from the internet dept was really nice, actually. THe financing fellow was furious bc I told him point blank, "I don't want anything else. Just the loan for the car."

    Anyway, I think the manaul runs so much better than the auto. Here in the tricounty area gas prices have caused the corolla to be VERY much in demand. It's crazy what some dealerships wanted. I laughed and walked out on more than a few.

    Camry also has huge discounts now too as they're trying to shove them off of the lots. I know you can buy an le otd under 20k, which is not bad a'tall.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    The dealerships I'm speaking of are Boch Toyota and Ira Toyota in Mass. Both have one brand new "stripped" Corolla CE listed on each of their lots for under $11,000 in this week's Sunday Boston Globe. They appear to be automatics as well, as neither dealership has listed any manual Corollas on their websites for as long as I can remember.

    Based off of this pricing (well below invoice), I can't see why you wouldn't be able to negotiate somewhat similarly on a Corolla with options.
  • Paid $15,074/- OTD for Corolla 2006 CE with all power and floor mats, NO Extras.

    I got $400 for Student Financing and $500 for customer rebate.

    I bought @Charles Maund at Austin, TX.

    Similar config costed 16,500 and 17,200 at Champion and Classic Toyota.

    Charles Maund rules..thanks.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    "Similar config costed 16,500 and 17,200 at Champion and Classic Toyota"

    Seriously? I can't believe places are charging that much. I could get a loaded LE around here for less than $17,200 easily. Anyone who pays that for a CE with minimal options should be put out of their misery.

    I wouldn't even pay that in Canadian dollars.
  • Dear all,

    Trying to get a 06 LE (auto)
    AB BE FE VV P4 M5
    So far quoted at 17,000 before rebate
    need help

    Got another "invoice" from a dealer in Dallas. Listed
    TMF--(what is this?) $200
    Base-Veh-HB (base vehicle hold back)$322
    TAF--(what is this?) $295
    PIO-HB (port installed holdback) $18
    Finance Reserve $161

    I want to get ride of these fees, but need to know what TMF and TAF is. I assume TAF is also known as TDAF(Toyota Dealer Advertising fee). They should not charge any hold back at all since by doing so they are double charging. If the car is going to be delivered in 2 weeks from Gulf State Toyota(distributor), they shouldn't have any finance cost either. But TAF or TMF... I am lost in how to argue my way out.
  • I was offered 16500+TTL for a Corolla S with all of the options that I wanted, Moonroof, EVP #1. Is this a good deal or should I see if I could get something better?
    I live in AR and edmunds quoted at 17328+TTL

    Thanks for any info.
  • Hello my name is CJ Im trying to get a corolla S and I need advice since this will be my first car. What price should be paid for the Corolla S with rebates before TTL.
  • In N. California, I recently paid about 16,300 (plus TTL) for a Corolla S with auto, side air bags, Extra Value Package and ABS. In addition to this, I got the $400 grad rebate through Toyota finance. They are not offering the other rebate here, just the low finance rates.

    Since rebates are paid for by Toyota Corp., you should definitely negotiate the price of the car before including any rebates. They don't cost the dealer anything.

    We negotiated entirely on the phone by comparison shopping through Internet and Fleet managers, who tend to be much more straight forward and knowledgeable than regular salespeople.
  • leo12leo12 Posts: 5
    HI cooldoc:
    I would appreciate the name and city/town your dealership is in?
    thank you
  • Whatever they are, I did not pay them when I purchased my matrix in October. I am beginning negotiations on a corolla LE now. If I get these fees to I'll let you know.
  • did u have to show that u grad to get the student discount?
  • Avoid this dealership, they are dishonest and practice bait and switch tactics even up to the day you come in to take delivery. Starts with the salesespeople and is sanctioned by mgmt. Toyota Corp. won't back you up, saying that they'll take note of your complaint but that this is an independently owned and operated dealership and they are limited in their jurisdiction.
  • I just negotiated a great deal over the phone for a toyota corolla LE auto with side airbags, audio value package, and antilock breaks, for $17069 OTD.

    I had the sales guy put it in writing and faxed the pricing to me. I gave him my Credit card to charge my deposit to hold the car.

    Problem? He won't give me the vin number. He says because the number can change between now and the delivery date (which is march 3rd). I know that is crap. I can go on line and see the exact car he is describing to me and its the only one they are getting in, so I know the vin number just by going on Toyota's inventory site. I know the vin doesn't change once it is assigned.

    So, any advice?
  • delsdels Posts: 4
    Today, I just picked up an 06 Corolla LE (auto) with upgraded stereo pkg w/ cruise control, the weather pkg, floor mats for $15, 499 here in MA.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    Great deal, dels.

    I'm assuming you went to either IRA or Boch?

    These are the kind of prices I was talking about earlier. This further strengthens my argument that people that are paying the same or more than you just did for a loaded LE when all they are getting is a base CE are throwing their money away.
  • I paid $15,011.32 (internet deal), plus TTL, from Ourisman Chantilly Toyota in Chantilly, VA. This wasn't their price but rather "matched priced" from another dealership nearby. It is an 06 "S" model with Value Package #1. Maybe I could have done better but am happy with the deal and don't feel that I got screwed over.
  • I'm here near Atlanta, GA looking for a base Corolla CE and one of the dealerships has stated that they are willing to sell for $500 below invoice on a CE ($13,100 + TTL) (Atlanta Toyota).

    It seems like I should be able to get them lower than this. Would it be worthwhile to catch a cheap one-way flight out of state and pick one up elsewhere? I can't believe people would be willing to pay $15,000 + for a CE!
  • delsdels Posts: 4
    No it wasn't one of those. I went to Tri State in Dudley. I had an offer from Fox in E. Prov that was really good and used that as leverage in negotiating. They did have a doc prep fee that was a little high that they wouldn't budge on so I got them to lower the price of the car to match the Fox offer. Then after making the deal, I got a $200 coupon emailed to me from Fox that would have made Fox the better deal but . . .

    I basically went in and when the salesperson started talking about sticker price I stopped him and told him that it was bs and we should be talking about invoice price and work from there. He was ok with that. Just go in with knowledge and this site is great for getting educated on prices.
  • delsdels Posts: 4
    I think the problem with the base CE model is that there isn't a lot of room for the dealer to make a good deal. You could probably do better by opting for the LE model.
  • I'm going to either buy a Corolla LE, Civic LX or Sentra S. Based on the best deal I can find. The Corolla salesman seemed a bit wishy-washy. They advertise $100 over invoice... so doing my homework, I had the math all figured out. When I called - he came in $1,000 higher (not including the TTL and "documentation fee"). I questioned the price he gave me, he said it included options that were "not removable" such as floor mats - he said the invoice price online doesn't include these things and "unfortunately, they come with the car". So what are they? MANDATORY OPTIONS? That's not right, is it? So he also couldn't tell me what Title & Reg was - he said at least $400. I questioned if that was high (06 Civic quoted me $315)... then he said maybe between $300-400. He said his doc fee is $359 - also higher than I found elsewhere. Then he said he could get me a base model 06 LE manual transmission for "AROUND $16,400 OTD". First of all I'm tempted to go with the Civic, because I like the salesguy there better... but I kinda like the Corolla better than the new Civic. Any input on Corolla LE prices for me? Thanks.
  • Be insistent on your price, so long as its reasonable. I just got a deal on a Corolla LE auto with side airbags, audio value package, and antilock brakes for $15500 with my trade in, plus TTL. Ended up being 17000 OTD. The guy tried to come up with a lot reasons why he shouldn't give it to me for that price, but he finally had to give in.

    I always incorporate doc fees into their profit.
  • I talked to the salesman again, he transferred me to his GM right away. He said he was going to look into it, when I asked if he could give me a break down for the "around 16,400" he mentioned. GM says, I don't know where he got that figure. He broke it down for me and said it would be about 17242 or so OTD. Figuring in the 359 doc fee and the approximate Title, Lic, Reg he quoted at $283 (+/- $10) and the 8.35% tax... I still come up with a total of 17123.12 OTD... unless I figured wrong.

    The GM said he could get me a CE for about $16677 OTD with the upgrade pkg (power windows/doors, cruise) and the mandatory all weather pkg.

    After researching on Edmunds and finding the invoice with destination at $14439 and them telling me $100 over invoice. When I brought up that their invoice seemed higher than what I had researched, he said that there were some options that you have to take on the vehicle that aren't considered in the online inventory price.

    I'm gonna take a look at the CE now and see if that would be worth it.
  • The best thing you could do is to hand them an itemized listing of the costs of everything and include EVERYTHING so that both sides have an out the door agreed upon. This is how I do it. This way no one can hit me with any other "fees" or whatever else I may not expect at the last minute.

    So if you come up with 17123, hand them your itemized costs with that as your OTD. Good luck!
  • p.s. they should tell you what those "options" are and you should be able to research the pricing. If they are for things like undercoating then I wouldn't pay for it.
  • Frustrated. I called him back and said I didn't want his options and that I would give him 11000 plus my trade in (BB 5095) and call it even. He then said best offer 11725 with my trade-in (of course based on a looksee). I said I needed to think about it. He's got some options on it also that have value, but I don't need/want them. So I said 11,500 plus my car (pending his looksee) and I'd come down today. He said 11625 if he can squeeze a little more out of my trade in. I don't care where it's squeezed from. So anyways, 11500 was my best or I'm getting a civic ;) So he said he couldn't do it, he had shaven the price off everywhere he could. Oh well. So there you have my experience. Man car buying is stressful if you don't wanna pay the sticker! :)
  • About an hour after I talked to the dealer, he called and asked me to bring my trade down for a looksee. I asked him how long it would take to look it over and tell me if he would accept my offer. He said about 5 minutes. I said I'd come down in a bit. I went there, he looked at my trade as promised it took about 5 minutes. He came in said we had a deal. So... I got a 2006 Toyota Corolla LE with tinted windows, all weather guard packaged, audio value package (6 disk cd, cruise control), auto-dimming mirror, cargo mat, 4 piece floor mats. It's a manual transmission as well. I got it for $11,500 plus my trade-in (KBB trade-in value was $5,095). I know they can bump and adjust all the extra little fees and even my trade-in. I think I did alright...I hope! ;) I did all my negotiation over the phone, I only had to be at the dealer for 1 1/2 hours doing paperwork and everything.
  • Received quote from wholesaler for $14985 OTD (out the door). Good deal?

  • Got a new one yesterday. I use Cars Direct to find the car and also to negotiate prices. Nice transaction never talk to a salesman just agreed over the phone on price offer. We went in the next day at 11:00a.m. to sign the paper two hour later we drove home. Base model CE this was for a commute car only. We drive 80 miles daily to work down and back up the Cajun pass and needed power and economy.

    Purchase at Longo Toyota this place is the Wal-Mart for cars. They dont even get commission they just take order. My sale writer said they sale 100+ car daily over 150 on weekend place was a mad house. Anyway paid $14574.43 OTD use the 4.9 apr for 60 month 500 down. I was happy in and out 2 hour would have been hour car was ready when pull in. But wife cnange her mind and want gray color not silver so the had to wash another car. Did not matter to them another lady drove of in it (silver) before ours was wash and ready to go. Anyone is So/Cal looking for a car this is places to go. I ask one of the guy who own this gold mine and found out it part of Roger Penske Inc.
    Here is a copy of there offer email (car direct).

    Thank you for your vehicle order.

    To view your Vehicle Pricing Confirmation, please click on the below link and log in. Once you are OK, respond with I agree. Please contact me if you have any questions. I will contact you for additional details

    Loan Amount $ 14,574
    Down 500.00
    Term (Months) 60

    Interest Rate 4.90

    Days to First Payment 45

    Loan Details
    Total of Payments $ 16,462.20
    Finance Charge $ 1,887.77
    Amount Financed $ 14,574.43

    Monthly Payment $ 274.37
    America's #1 way to buy cars online
  • Sounds like a stress free deal. I almost did that, but the pricing was higher than I wanted to pay and they told me that the dealer could still charge a fee. I didn't want to deal with an unknown.

    Congrats on the car.
  • Excellent job! Holding out seems to do the trick.
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