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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    hows your service?? mine was bad so far im looking for a good dealer in michigan any suggestions. page toyota in michiagn left oil all over the inside of my car is this normal. should i be grateful that they serviced my car. should i just go to valvoline or do i need that toyota oil filter.
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    went to get my oil changed at Valvoline and was told that my 2002 toyota corolla was leaking oil really bad and to
    take it to the dealer. Took it to the dealer and was told that it was glycerin that they spray on the engine when it
    was new???? Ive been checking the oil before and there was no sign on losing oil(no puddles dipstick looks good)
    The dealer did the oil change and said everything was okay(no oil leak) should i be worried????
  • iontrapiontrap Posts: 139
    Where is the A/C compressor located under the hood of a 99 Corolla? I think I have a clogged drain line.
  • mpyne,
    The Toyota folks are correct. It is an undercoat they spray on the underside of the engine. It looks and feels like a black thick heavy grease.
    I would not take my vehicle to a shop that can't tell the difference between leaking oil and an undercoating.

    The drain line won't be on the compressor, it's on the fire-wall near the passenger side. Look from below by the steering rack and you will see a small rubber hose sticking out of the fire-wall. This is were the moisture from inside the vehicle drains out.
  • iontrapiontrap Posts: 139
    Thanks Joe, I'll check it out when my wife gets home.
  • I got a Corolla CE 2002, 7000 miles on it, one service done. The car makes a lotta noise over 70 and has a scary humming noise which is kinda deep.This is not the road noise which is high all the time (dunno why people praise Toyota for low road noise, even edmund reviewers). Returns to normal sound when speed is below 70. Showed to dealer, the guy just wrote on the sheet no noise observed.

    Is it normal for CE auto to do so (its only 3 speed). I saw a similar post but that guy had a 3 year old car and 50,000 miles....
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    this noise thing/problem is hard to spot/fix. you have to ask yourself - when you were driving the car above 70MPH that particular day, was it windy at all, raining, sunny, good paved roads, etc.

    when u say noise, are you referring to wind noise, engine noise, etc.? with a 3 speed going 70MPH (roughly 115KPH), you would have some wind noise or buzzing. the engine would be somewhat loud at this speed as well.

    toyota cars are quiet compared to other cars! corolla's are quiet but not as quiet as a camry or avalon or sienna. if you want a super quiet car, try buying a Lexus LS400 by toyota! :)
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    thanks for the reply, i feel allot better.
    i never will step foot in valvoline again with my car
  • My '76 Corolla was running fine until it went on the highway one day. After sitting a morning, the starter didn't engage. Cleaned off the battery cables and it worked again. Then the same problem occured. Got the alternator tested and it produced 11 volts, so there is something else going on. I replaced the alternator anyhow and the starter engaged and it ran again. But then stalled with the same result: the starter solinoid clicks in, but the starter doesn't run. I haven't tried it for about three weeks. Is it the voltage regulator? Thanks.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    it sounds like your brush for the starter, maybe its worn out.
  • I had same problem, however after I replaced
    new battery the trouble went a way for good.
    I suggest you replace with new battery.

  • I have a 2002 Corolla CE Auto.
    I had a a left front tire damaged the other day which got a hole in the sideawall while driving on the freeway . Got it replaced from Firestone (all tires are same brand).

    When the tire was flat it had become very hot.

    Now the new tire story.

    A week after getting the tire replaced I felt little low pressure in the tire. Checked it. It had lost 2psi in a week. Filled air in in the morning.

    Came back from work in the evening, after a drive of 40 odd miles, from Los Angeles to Orange county (relatively empty freeway at 65mph). Touch the bolts on the front 2 tires. They are HOT, the tires are little warm. The bolts on the rear tires are cold (its night time, so thats ok)!!!.

    Check pressure again. The left tire had lost 2psi since morning and right one had lost 1 psi.

    Whats the problem here? Could someone please tell me.

    I dont want any of my tires to be gone again.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    what you are describing sounds normal to me.
    strange it may sound to you but i believe its normal.

    the air in your tire expands/contracts. if the temp. is cold (early in the morning), you will find that your pressure is a few psi lower but when u start driving around and test it again, you will see that your psi have gone up. this is normal. when u check your pressure and it's low in the morning and u fill up with air - drive around for a few mins. and check again - you will find that your pressure is now too high!

    as for "hot wheels/bolts/nuts", it could be normal, could be abnormal! if your brakes are overheating, you will smell something and your wheels will become very hot! this normally happens if you "ride" on your brakes. your wheels/nuts/bolts do get hot when you drive around - i suspect what you are describing is also normal. if in doubt, ask a mechanic to check it.
  • Thank you very much for ur imputs jepox. In fact i went to the Firestone dealer and they inspected the tire and said it was fine. And they gave me the same explanation as urs. ;)

    One other thing.

    If i try pushing the car over 73 mph the engine makes a knocking sound.

    I drove a friends corolla and it was fine. He drove mine and did hear a knocking sound at 75mph and above though the acceleration was normal.

    Since i dont have an RPM meter i dont know if the engine is going into the RED Line zone of high revs.

    Otherwise the engine is very quiet below 65 mph and slight sound can be heard over 70 but approaching 75 it starts to moan like knocking.

    My friends car has a constant noise between 60 to 80 mph

    When i travel Interstate its difficult to drive at 75 because the noise from the engine scares me off. Its not road or tire noise. Its like something is about to break, kind of noise.

    I went to the dealer and they simply put no noise detected over 65 in the comments, though i had told them it was 75.

    I appreciate any responses.
  • Hi,
    I have a 2002 Corolla CE auto. It does not have an overdrive switch, though that portion seems to be covered by a plastic patch.

    A friend of mine rented a Corolla CE 2002 from Hertz and that car had an overdrive switch.

    Could someobody tell me why is that some CE cars have overdrive and some dont?
  • Since this is the same car as the Corolla, and the Geo Prizm board gets relatively little traffic, I thought I'd post here.

    I've been dissatisfied with the brightness of my headlights lately, so I bought some replacements. Getting to the bulbs is proving to be a bit of a problem, though. I can't find any way to get the front cover off, and I certainly can't get my hand behind it to pull the bulb out. Can someone post a process or a link to a process for replacing the headlights? Thanks!
  • I have a 2002 Corolla LE. Both high beam headlights throw beams of light up at a 45 degree angle. It is really visible when driving with the high beams on in light mist conditions. I have had the car into the dealer and they have adjusted the headlights, with no correction of the problem. I see on the NHTSA site that there are two other owners complaining of this problem.
    Are there any other 2002 Corolla owners who have this problem? What has the dealer done for you? If you have have this problem with your 2002 Corolla log on to and let them know of the defect.
  • Is there any one can help me to release the hood of 1999 Toyota Corolla CE.
    Some reason or another when I pulled hood release from inside, it is not releasing the hood.
    I can not find any place in front to release the
    hood. I called dealer near by, told me to bring in for repair, no other way I can open the hood
    by manual release.

  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    The latch might be stuck or in need of lubrication. If the cable's not broken, try having someone hold the release handle out while you whack the front of the hood with the heel of your fist (obviously not hard enough to dent the hood).
  • You need to go in from the back.... you also have to take out the battery.
  • I had posted this problem sometime ago, and it was brought up in #523.

    The engine noise becomes very loud over 70mph. It is not road/wind noise, as i have tested it in various situations. Showed it to dealer few times but they say its the 3-speed automatic causing the engine to rev high.

    Using 89 octane gas helped, the engine revvs smoothly and gives a bit more power now. Noise is little lower, but not gone completely. Also, i try to use only Texaco gas.

  • Has anyone been using 185/65R14 on 199x corolla models?

    OEM size in the manual is 175/65R14 OR 185/65R14.

    Have to buy new tires, not sure if i should go for the 185 size this time. Any benefits/disadvantages???

  • I use 89/91 octane fuel and use Shell/Chevron/Mobil.

    Do the high revs damage the engine? Hondas are high rev engines by design. Have not heard the same for the Corolla.

    Does it also mean that Corolla CE 3 -speed auto should not be pushed over 70mph? If so how do you travel interstate where people zoom by on 80+ speeds?
  • I am not saying you can't travel over 70mph. It is just that the engine generates a lot of noise at that speed. This is probably due to 3-speed auto trans.

    Newer corollas have an overdrive gear, which helps.

    Exceeding the rev limit definitely can damage the engine under most circumstances in different ways. Refer to older posts on that topic.

    Older corollas did not have tachometer, so can't see how many rpm's the engine is running on at 70mph in 3rd gear.

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    My Corolla came standard with the 185/65/14 tires and the car rides very smoothly. Tried the 195/60/14's a while back but hated them so changed back the next day. Go for it!
  • I have a 2002 type S. The left high beam shoots at a 45 degree angle. It is the prism in the headlight. I have not gone back to the dealer yet. If they replace the headlight assembly, it might be the same.
  • I have a 98 Prizm Standard. Replaced gasket on trunk but still finding water in wheel wells and spare tire hole. Any suggestions? Anybody else have this problem?
  • sandman46,

    I am thinking of buying GoodYear Acquatred 3. I put them on my 99 camry, and iam really happy with the ride comfort, performance, very low noise, and wet/dry/snow traction.

    Iam not sure if my wheel rim (originally came with 175/65R14 tires on it) will support the 185/65R14 tires...

    Any disadvantages in terms of handling (185 size)??
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    The 185/65/14 tire size was an upgrade on the DX's and current LE's. But even if your Corolla had the 175, the 185's should fit with no problem. My car handles great. When I put on the 195/60/14's, I noticed a difference right away and it was not good hence the switch back the next day. Someone I know even has the 195/65/14's on their Corolla. Good luck!
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Check the gaskets around the tail lights.
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