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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • 1matrix1matrix Posts: 47
    Thanks for your reply. Finally heard from Toyota U.S., and their answer was the same. I'd test driven the XR a couple of times, but never bothered looking for those lights. It's good to know that they're there.
  • coakleysdcoakleysd Posts: 32
    Check out
    Great resource for matrix/vibe owners.
  • I test drove an XRS 6 speed at a Pennsylvania dealer and it had brushed aluminum pedals (just like the concept car and as mentioned in some reviews I've read). Every car I test drove at New Jersey dealerships had plain rubber pedals. The XRS 6 speed I bought (in NJ) has plain rubber pedals. The dealer says he doesn't know anything about the pedals. I know the PA dealer did not list these as an added accessory.

    Anybody have these special pedals from the factory?
  • I could have sworn that every Matrix I've sat in at a dealership had brushed aluminum pedals and not rubber. I've been in two XRSs, and probably four or five XRs.
  • southpaw1southpaw1 Posts: 34
    My XRS doesn't have aluminum pedals. It is not standard. Just as well because they can be slippery, esp. when wet.
  • So far to take I have few complaints.

    Tup, I have a noise too when opening the truck after a while I think it's the round peice of rubber that goes into the hole. It simply fits too well and sticks when I first open up.

    Radio, Does anyone's radio make a weird sound when braking while listening to a CD?? I read someone else's post about a scratching sound. My does the same but only when braking hard, is this an anti-skip feature?

    Rotten Egg smell. I found early on in the life of my XR, now 4500 km's, that I'd park, get out and get the rotten egg smell. I haven't noticed it in a while, what exactly causes this and has anyone else had similar?
  • The CD player in my XR is really good. Not as good as my home system, but I don't expect any car stereo to sound like a decent home system. I have no noises at all, although I haven't had to panic stop and do not drive aggressively enough to need hard braking for turns. I would have the dealer check it out.

    I too had the rotten egg smell when the car was very new (< 700 miles). Others here have stated that it is the new catalytic converter. I would give it 1,000 miles or so, and if it's still a problem, have it checked.

    So far, not even one "new car" defect. You gotta love Toyota quality control!
  • potroastpotroast Posts: 13
    What does LOL mean ?
    As far as power in my experience Base 5 sp. plenty. easily creeps over 100 klics. on hyway.Have 2 watch it don't need radar test monitored by RCMP.
    Anyone have any ideas on mat for cargo area ?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    LOL is computerese for "Laughing Out Loud". :-)

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  • It's not even panic breaking it's really any breaking at this point. When I go for my oil change I'll get them to check it out. Thanks!!!
  • Does anyone has clicking sound from the driver side dashboard. The dealer stated it was the Washer problem and they replaced but the sound came back after second day. Also the sound only comes on 2nd gear and up and if I hit minor minor minor bumps.

  • Nope. Haven't had these problems. I was getting a slight burned smell after over-reving when starting out up hill (hope I haven't hurt the clutch too much while I got used to the car).

    The 6 disc CD player works great for me. I am hearing a noise now under the driver's side dashboard during drives on uneven roads. But I think it's plastic on plastic rubbing of the instrument pod in its dashboard mounting. I have to get it looked at.

    1700 miles on and no other problems besides the squeak and the rear washer nozzle not working (it comes out in a gurgling stream instead of a spray).
  • I have just the single CD player so it may just affect that model?

  • potroastpotroast Posts: 13
    While driving home a few weeks back I heard a noise when I hit a speed bump or pothole coming from pasenger side dash ,like something loose. turned out to be sunvisor not clipped in after use .it bounced against clamp and sound traveled down to dash where it apeared to come from.Took couple days to solve but all is well.
  • I have a '01 Corolla and have about 26,000 miles. The other day while I was driving to work, the malfunction indicator light came on. I took it to the dealer and the outcome was that I needed a new charcoal canister. It was still under warranty. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem. Any thoughts or suggestions? I would like to know if this is going to be a constant problem in the future. Thank you!
  • Mine also does not spray. It just drops a stream down the center of the glass. I seem to be getting adequate coverage though. The rear washer on every Toyota I've ever been in works the same. How about the rest of you? Maybe it's a Canadian vs. US thing?
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    The best way to prevent this is to avoid overfilling the gas tank. Don't top it off, but if you do, not too much.
  • cheapo1cheapo1 Posts: 3
    does anyone know where i can get a rear view mirror for the driver side. any website or store aroung san francisco will be appricated. thanks
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391 (for used Toyota parts)
  • xr_matrixxr_matrix Posts: 96 is a general thing, the rear washer on the XRS I picked up yesterday does not spray simply streams water in one line.
  • qualia8qualia8 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Prizm (Corolla that depreciates like a Chevy) is pulling left too, like someone else here... Also used to have a Metro that went straight, although otherwise there is no comparison between these cars that favors the pitiful Metro.

    I just got new tires (after 40K on originals) and had alignment double-checked. Still, at 60+ mph especially when accelerating, the car pulls left. It'll take me around a bend on the highway... a major pain.

    It's almost like the front right wheel is getting a disproportionate amount of power from the engine. Any ideas?

    Also, about high speeds, with my 5-speed manual, I've been up to 95 while pretty stable on the highway. 80 is rock solid.
  • themanzthemanz Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Corolla S model and have already put on 20K. My problem is that ever since the first 5K tire rotation, I been having a very rough and unstable ride. I have a feeling the tire company has been rotating the tires in an X-pattern rather than what the manual recommends and that is front to back & back to front only. After spending 4 hours a day driving and tired of the rough ride I had the tires replaced and still have the same problem. Wheels are not bent and I had the front end lined up. Any suggestions?
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33
    Does any one know where is the feul filter
    located in engin compartment?

    Your help is appreciated.

  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    jsleesi: try underneath the air box (you need to unbolt the airbox), typical location for toyota

    themanz: the X-pattern is a bit better, than the front & back method (which is easier to do). Just check each tire carefully for even wear.
  • inkiinki Posts: 15
    I'm on my 3rd tank of gas and my mileage has been getting steadily worse: 1st tank=25 MPG; 2nd tank =21 MPG; 3rd tank=18 MPG.

    My car is the base with auto, and I drive in heavy Atlanta traffic, A/C on most of the time because it's already hot here. Also, I'm still in the breakin period. BUT I'm still concerned about the MPGs. How are your Matrices doing for fuel efficiency?
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33

    Thanks alot for the information, however I have one more question.

    Where is the air box located at? Are you referring to the air cleaner casing?

    Your help is appreciated

  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    air cleaner casing

    I call it the air boxYou're be needing some flare nut wrenches also (can't remember what sizes)
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33

    Thanks million for your information, now I am getting little bit smarter.

    God bless you

  • dogtrainerdogtrainer Posts: 96

    That shouldn't be happening. I haven't used the A/C much because it's not that hot here yet, but even the combination of traffic and A/C shouldn't drive mileage down to 18, IMHO. I'd suggest a trip to the dealer.
  • 1matrix1matrix Posts: 47
    I have owned a couple of Toyotas, and all of them had/have gas mileage equal to or greater than the EPA estimates. It does depend on how you drive the car, but 18 MPG is probably close to just 50% of what you should be able to get.

    What method are you using to figure out MPG?
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