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Dodge Ram Accessories and Modifications

lamaratworklamaratwork Posts: 10
edited September 2014 in Dodge
Anyone out there with an '02 Quad have information on the best looking / best price on nerf bars / running boards and tonneau covers?


  • nit1195nit1195 Posts: 9
    My personal opinion is the Westin Platinum Stainless Steel Nerf Bars. They have a lifetime guaranty and got them on Sale at the ATV store in Long Island for $425.00. They dress up the Mayor very nice.
  • yank2yank2 Posts: 49
    I had them on my 2000 Dakota Quad and now have the same on my new Ram Quad. An ARE Tonneau cover and Starboards Running boards all top of the line.. For a look at Starboards go to
  • ram4x4ram4x4 Posts: 24
    I have a 2001 Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab with rear drum brakes. Needless to say, they suck and don't stay adjusted for more than a couple weeks at a time. By 28,000 miles I already went through one set of front pads and the rear shoes still looked new. I remember reading a little over a year ago about a conversion kit to change the rear brakes to disc brakes but I can't find the info now. Does anyone out there know anything about it or where to find the info? Thanks
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    You guys might think about checking out Enter the info for our truck model and all these nice items appear. I think it's mostly the accessory catalog on-line, but the prices are a bit better than what they offer in that hand-out I'm sure you got when you bought your new friend. Prices are about 10% less.

    If you remember back, I mentioned a Mopar magazine in which a new Quad owner had tricked out his truck, adding hp (up to 350hp on a 4.7), handling goodies, and I think a nice bed cover. Check it out.
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    Can someone with a cd changer in their '02 Quad tell me where this bad boy is mounted? I just got an aftermarket CD changer and would like to install it in the exact spot that the factory uses. Any info appreciated.
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    Magilla, which brand of CD changer did your buy? I need to purchase one but haven't had the time to do any research. states that their changer mounts behind the back seat or under the driver's seat, hope this helps.
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    I bought a USA Spec that Crutchfield said would hook right up to the factory cassette stereo. I don't know this for fact, but my guess is that the one sold by and in the dealership is a USA Spec model, rebadged. Both 6-cd changers, and the specs are pretty much identical. I bought mine from a guy that sells on Ebay. It was new and I got it for MUCH less than Mopar's $345 price and the dealership's price of $380. Kind of leary of pulling my dash apart to find the plug. I'll call the dealership and ask them where the plug is. Should be pretty simple. I'll let you know how it performs once I get it in. Still love my mayor!

    Now looking for some step bars. Something durable and yet good looking.
  • wsmoorewsmoore Posts: 14
    I called Crutchfield to order the USA Spec, and they ended up recommending the
    Kenwood changer and an adapter to connect it to the factory radio. I went with
    their suggestion, and the total cost with shipping came to about $280.00. The
    installation was very simple. I put the changer under the drivers seat. The center
    section of the dash (02 QC) comes off by just removing one screw and then
    pulling the whole piece out. This exposes the 4 screws holding the radio in
    place. Remove those screws, slide out the radio, plug the adapter cable into
    a plug in the back of the radio, plug the cd changer cable into the adapter, and
    reverse the disassembly process. Crutchfield actually included some very detailed
    instructions, complete with pictures of the dash disassembly specific to the Ram,
    so that made it very easy.
  • wsmoorewsmoore Posts: 14
    Anybody added tow hooks (front and rear) to the 02 Ram 1500? If so,
    what kind, and where did you mount them? Thanks...
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    The only screws I saw anywhere on my dash were two screws at the top of the instrument cluster. I can't find screws anywhere else? My wife says I don't look (for things) very well, but I looked closely. Can you give me a clearer hint where the screw is located? Thanks.
  • wsmoorewsmoore Posts: 14
    The black cover panel in the center of the dash (that has the control knobs
    for the heat and a/c) has a single screw on the right hand side, towards
    the bottom of the panel. There is a hook right by the screw that looks like
    it is probably designed to hold a trash bag. After removing that screw,
    you just pull the panel straight out. It takes a little bit of force to pull it
    out, to release the snaps that hold it in place - a little scary the first time
    you do it. I lowered the cup holders, lowered the ash tray, and gripped
    it by the recessed storage area under the a/c controls, and pulled firmly.
    Hope this helps...
  • has anyone installed a navigation system in the new dodge ram? if so, what brand and model did you purchase? thanks
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    Man, I don't know how much easier my installation could've gone. The hardest part was routing the cable, but I popped off the driver-side plastic piece on the floor, ran it through there and under the seat, and out the pre-existing hole under the drivers' seat. It's definitely spooky pulling on plastic parts that are held in with clips on your brand new truck. Toughest is actually mounting the changer to the floor under the seat, but that's really no big deal. BTW, I got the USA Spec for $215 shipped. It's brand new and the clarity is great. Works like it came from the factory. I thought about the Kenwood, but just couldn't pass the deal up. Anyway, thanks again for the tips and the confidence to open her up.
  • wsmoorewsmoore Posts: 14
    I'm glad your installation went well. That sounds like a great deal on the
    USA Spec changer. Crutchfield was about $95.00 more than that with shipping.
    I'm sure you will enjoy it... I know I really like having everything still looking
    and working like it came from the factory. It seems to me that no matter
    how expensive an aftermarket stereo is, it always looks a little cheesy
    in the dash, plus it is a thief magnet.
  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    Just installed a set of chrome Westin nerf bars on my Quad. They look great. I saw a Quad the other day with a set of nerfs that looked like they should go on a four door truck in which the back doors open from the center. The step pads were too far forward. Didn't look like a good match. I bought mine on Ebay. Got a good deal. My kids used to look like cliff climbers when getting aboard. They, as well as my bride, can now get in without a struggle.
  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    Just added a new Xtang cover. Snapless. Looks great! Fuel mileage will be tested on a trip to the coast in the morning.....
  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    Where did eveybody go? You got that CD player installed and just left me here......
  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    I checked out a really tuff looking t style grill/hood bra for the 02 Ram Quad on Any advice?
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    Hey man, these boards have gotten really quiet. Sorry. Still looking for some tubular runners (nerf) for my quad. Almost bought some (3") from a group on Ebay called Lawson's, I think. They were only $149. Sounded like a deal. What do ya think? I can't imagine paying what I've seen for Westins (upwards of $300+). Can they be that much better?
  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    I paid $250 ish for my Westins. They are chrome. I really like the look. My buddy has stainless steel ones and you cannot tell them apart. They all look pretty much the same to me. As long as they match the truck and you like 'em, who cares? I took my Quad for a trip to the beautiful beaches of Alabama this weekend. The new Extang bed cover kept things dry...not a drop of rain in the middle of two days of heavy downpours.
  • wwhiiiwwhiii Posts: 1
    I bought the $149 nerf bars from Lawson on EBAY. They look exactly like Westins, but they are called Wildcat Flash. Very easy install. No drilling required. I also bought my trailer hitch and tonneau cover through EBAY, as I was having a difficult time finding accessories for the 02 quad anywhere else.
  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    My friend with the HD2500 Chevy has stainless Wildcat Flash nerfs on his truck. They look great. The only difference is the screws for the step pads are exposed on his. Not noticable and not a problem. Ebay is full of cool stuff for the 02 Quad. I will getting the T shaped hood/grill bra from Mopar for Fathers Day next. It is the best looking one I have seen. Maybe I can find one on Ebay before then for less. It runs close to 100 bucks. The graphite headlamp covers are also interesting......
  • jlamarjjlamarj Posts: 19
    If anyone has photos to share of their 02 Quad I would like to see them.

    Much appreciated.
  • brnzbkbrnzbk Posts: 33
    I picked up my new shell today and I must say that I am very pleased. The ride is much smoother, it is a noticeable difference. I purchased a Glasstite cap with a sliding foldown window and a bed mat. I need the covered space because I do a lot of camping and I have two dogs which are part of the family. If anyone needs info on this cap let me know. My truck is a '02 QC SLT 4WD 4.7 Auto with 3:55 locking gears.
  • rttunneyrttunney Posts: 1
    Any suggestions where I can find better visors then what my Quad Cab came with. I have Melanoma on my left ear and MUST keep it out of the sun.
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    I was in the dealership today and guess what nerf bars this 5 star dealership sells? Wildcat Flash. Guess if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.
  • Has any owner of the new 2002 quad cab 4X4 1500's found a way to raise the front end just a bit? It looks so un trucklike the way it is. I don't want to ruin the alignment, or handling. Any custom houses that have kits, or know how??
  • FYI - I got a pair from ebay. The seller is from a company based in Canada and I think the name is discounttruckaccessories. The bid is currently around $45. The seller has like 5 of these items on auction.
  • I have an 02 dodge 1500 quad cab and elected to have running boards with the end lights put on it. The truck looks great with them on, however, the lights don't work right. When I unlock the doors with the remote, the running board lights come on, then they fade off in sync with the interior lights, but about 10 seconds later they flicker on then off again. According to the installer, the lights are overloading the computer module that regulates the lights so he suggested the old style plunger switches that fit in the door jam. I personally don't like this since they won't allow the lights to come on when you remotely unlock the doors. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is there a beefier module I can use to power these lights or another simple solution? Thanks.
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Just purchased an 03 1500 ST shortbed with 4.7L/auto tranny.

    I'm considering some mods to improved gas mileage, e.g. air intake sytem, performance exhaust, and maybe high performance computer.

    Anyone have any luck with any of these mods? Will they affect my warranty?
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