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Dodge Ram Accessories and Modifications



  • i was wandering if anyone had a suggestion as to where i could place subs in my 2003 1500 qc.also any help with accessories such as nerf bars,fiber glass covers,and engine mods. i eventually want to race my truck.
  • I had a customer bring back his truck to the dealership to show off his new subwoofers. His truck didn't have the flat fold out trays in the back and he mounted his speakers under the back seats, his amp under the driver's seat, I think he had 2 10" woofers mounted on a solid plywood sheet, covered with matching carpet and mounted into the underseat storage. Aside from that I don't know where else you'd put them.
  • If the standard extending visor's aren't enough, you may want to try a small generic visor mounted above the door that you can drop down to protect your ear. I don't like the sun in my peripheral vision so I just swing the regular visor around to the driver's door and slide it back to block the vision. Hope this helps.
  • has anyone installed the hard,4 piece,folding tonneau cover from Mopar? And how do u like it? Can u put any weight on top of the cover ?the dealership has no clue. Anyone installed the Roll N Lock retractable cover? Experience?
  • Does any one know if the parts are available to add the wheel controls to your ram ?
    Sure would like to get some!
    Please let me know
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    I was under the impression that the factory controls are only available from the factory, and only with the premium Laramie stereo. I'm sure somebody will put out an aftermarket set to clip on the steering wheel sometime or another.
  • Has anyone out there installed a lower degree thermostat. My 96 1500 with 5.9l w/ auto trans runs in the 200 to 210 range year round. It has run that hot since I bought it with 40k miles on it 3 years ago I now have 110k miles. I have a Mopar Performance PCM, Accel Cap(Brass contacts), Rotor, and High voltage Coil. High flow air intake, I run synthetic engine, trans, and rear end lube. MSD 8.5 MM plug wires and Bosch Platinum +4 plugs. My next mods will be a set of Summit Racing truck headers, and a cat back dual exhaust. I am thinking about a JET Powertech 180 degree thermostat. It is supposed to meter the water through the engine better for a more consistant engine temp. I just wonder if it will cause my truck to run in a closed loop all the time. I know that it goes to an open loop(runs off the sensor data and not a preset program) when it gets to a preset engine temp and I don't know if 180 degrees is to low. If any one knows or can give me a good source of info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • wtcmaswtcmas Posts: 2
    Can anyone give me some information on how to increase the horsepower on my new Hemi without voiding the factory warranty. Do you have some suggestions? Thanks for the help
  • iaajiaaj Posts: 6
    Love my 03 Ram 1500 QC 4wd hemi Laramie Sport w/ 20" wheels...1200 mi so far, getting 12+ mpg, no problems to report, Infinity 6CD decent/acceptable.
    I thought it sounded pretty decent stock but added FlowMaster exhaust with dual pipes, now it sounds AWESOME! But now it needs more power! Where can I get a bolt-on supercharger (I would expect additional exhaust mod)?
    Also, since I wanted 20" wheels I couldn't get the Off Road pkg - I don't like the lean/roll on corners - any recommendations to mod the suspension, without sacrificing the fine ride I get now?
  • amoralesamorales Posts: 196
    Try Kenne-Bell or Blowzilla. They did a set-up for the Chrysler 300. Want to kick it up a notch on my recently puchased Ram 1500 Hemi-express Club-cab....May check into the Flow-Master set up and also see if K @ N has an air intake system
  • pizza442pizza442 Posts: 110
    Any opinion on bedliners---drop in's or spray in's? How about between dealer/Mopar liners vs. aftermarkets? The fleet mgr. offered to drop one in for $280 cash price, my buddy thinks that's great for a dealer install and Mopar part. My other buddy says to go to a bedliner place and get one for $99 and just drop it in myself, but what about fit and quality diff? I just bought a Ram 1500 "Work Truck" SC shortbed 3.7 5spd man strippo, which I love; bought it for light work duty for my pizzeria.
  • mcl01mcl01 Posts: 4
    I had a SpeedLiner sprayed into my 2003 Ram Quad. Looks great and well worth the $399 I paid to have it blown over the rail. Chose it over Line-X and Rhino because of the Kevlar. Took longer to dry but worth the wait. Just put a Retrax rolling tonneau cover on too with a lock for the gate. Looks fabulous together and the quality is outsatnding. Best prices I found for accessories is Check them out. The guy (Jon)is great to deal with.
  • pizza442pizza442 Posts: 110
    I would like to add factory fog lamps to my 2003 Ram ST. I was told by the parts counter guy that the Mopar kit has one flaw; the switch it comes with is just a tacky toggle switch, but is the only part diff from the factory installed version. But, he told me the thing to do is order the Mopar foglight and jumper wire kit which connects both fogs to the driverside headlight wiring harness in an existing pigtail in the harness, and then you just buy the dash headlight switch with the knob that pulls out for the fog lights. That way you use the existing wiring and don't have to run an additional wire to the dash and use a cheap toggle switch. Ends up a little cheaper than the other kit, too.
    My question is: anyone do this yet? I see only the kits with the add-on switch on Ebay. And I would like to find a used dash switch to save $.
  • iaajiaaj Posts: 6
    Can someone tell me the differences in sway bar and/or springs and shocks that would come with the off-road pkg on the 2003 ram 1500 4wd quad hemi laramie? I wanted the 20" wheels (great looking) so the off-road pkg was not available; I'm wondering how I could reduce the lean on corners without sacrificing the comfortable ride too much.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Not sure. On my Dakota the heavier suspension (6100 lb.) with front and rear sway bars, wider wheels and larger tires, came with the Sport Plus package. So its part of the "standard equipment."

    I don't believe there's a "Sport" equivalent in the RAM series, but I've seen one with front and rear sway bars so Dodge at least does offer them.

    You could simply buy the sway bar(s) and necessary mounting hardware and install them yourself. That would make a noticeable difference, I would think. In fact, I know someone who did just that on their Chevy and it really made a cornering difference. I don't know if I'd elect to replace the rear and front spring with heavier versions, but you could do that, too.

    The last thing I'd do is install load leveling shocks. My son did that to one of his Blazers and his '91 Dakota. It made both of them ride like bricks.

    Best of luck,
  • hemithzhemithz Posts: 1
    Try the MTX 10" woofers. They come in a premolded case that will securely fit under your rear seats. It comes in two colors which will match your interior. There is an option of purchasing the speaker system with or w/o an amp. I'm going to pick one up for myself. It's a neat fitting system that will look and sound good.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I witnessed a RAM Quad 1500 the other day that I thought was a Hemi. Later I was told that this RAM was supercharged and was an '02, so it must have been a 287 (4.7) motor. I was impressed with the performance.

    Anyone know who makes this accessory?

  • juriasjurias Posts: 9
    i have a 4.7l 02 ram 1500 what can i do to improve performance without spending thousands and w/o voiding warranty.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Not voiding the warranty is the tricky part - search the pages of any truck magazine for vendors - there's a zillion of them all selling parts to make your truck faster. There's plenty of things you can do relatively inexpensively - I think I'd start with a cat-back exhaust system, and maybe a less restrictive air filter. If you've got an automatic transmission, be extra careful - they're probably the weakest point in the Ram - if you put more than stock power thru there without extra cooling you're taking a chance.
  • Probably a Kenny Bell system.
  • Has anyone found an inexpensive air filter to replace the original. I have visited several auto shops and none have a replacement.
  • I've noticed that the new 2004 Quad Cabs now have head rests on the rear seats. Do you suppose that they could be retrofitted into a 2003 Quad Cab for a reasonable price??
  • dako1dako1 Posts: 18
    Would anyone know how to disconnect the dash speakers on an Infinity CD/radio system in a 2002 Ram (regular cab) Whe you drive down the road and turn up the volume the dash speakers which are small and have limited sonic ability take over and the system sounds "tinny"- only sounds good when one is sitting. Also any idea how to get at the speakers in the doors? Any help would be appreciated.
  • dako1dako1 Posts: 18
    Thanks for your response and help "Renegaded" but I'm kind of lost at this point. I do have the Infinity badges on the pillars. I recently bought the truck used with 22,000 miles on it. It has the 4.7 and auto (I presume it's a 4 spd.)and I absolutely love it. Don't know what my mileage, primarily highway will be. I previously owned a club cab Dakota (bought it new) and drove 90,000 trouble free miles except for rotors and dried up universal joints. It still has the original Wrangler tires. Anyway, maybe its my taste in sound but in the Dakota I had an aftermarket Blaupunkt head unit (with a nice equalizer)and aftermarket speakers in the doors and it would absolutely blow this Infinity system away. I'm having a little trouble following you but it sounds like all the speakers go through that amplifier so one might have to bypass the amp altogether. I would just like to somehow disconnect the dash speakers and go from there if I'm still not satisfied. When you say instrument panel cover is that the entire dash cover and how does one do that? Also can you be more specific as to the removal of the door panels, it looks like the section holding the speakers is a section all to itself? Sorry to be a bother but if you can advise it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • You can find the Mopar Service Manuals on Ebay in CDROM format for $10 to $20. Show you how to disassemble the doors/dash and shows all the wiring diagrams. Rick
  • I just bought a 2004 Quad-Cab 1500 2wd Hemi. My buddy has the same truck in a 2003. His exhaust sounds louder and has more rumble than mine. I noticed that my truck has a small muffler between the large muffler and the tip, while his does not have this. Can I remove this small muffler and get the same sound? Will removing it damage the motor or void the warranty?
  • Another question about my truck, a 2004 2wd quad-cab. Is there an easy way to lower the rear so that the truck sits level?
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    You can change the exhaust system . the only warranty you might void is for the exhaust system if you damage it removing it and of course they wont warranty the aftermarket system
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    After noticing the huge gash in the condenser of my Dakota, I searched online for a fascia insert and found one I hope I like from This is a powder-coated screen that comes in black or stainless.

    If anybody has used one of these I'd appreciate a comment. The online description said they attach with cable ties, and I'm having a hard time imagining how this is done.

    If not, I'll be glad to report to the forum how this goes.

    Best of holidays to everyone.

  • I recently installed a set of 33x12.5/17's and Gibson Extreme dual exhaust on my 02 Ram QC. You have to see this to believe it...

    email me at the address listed in my profile and I'll send you some pics.
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