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Toyota Tundra Prices

richar1richar1 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota
How much did you pay for your Tundra?


  • breganbregan Member Posts: 8
    26.5 in northern illinois includes everything but tax...sr5accessv84wd cq,cz,etc....shopped around best i could do in this geography was 1500 off msrp...good luck

  • newman3newman3 Member Posts: 3
    I will be ordering my SR5, 4WD, V8, Access cab Tundra Monday after negotiating for the past couple of days. I've negotitated 4.25% over dealer invoice price. This is, of course, substantially less than MSRP by an order of over 2,500.

    Hope this helps you negotiate a better deal.
  • kdkc4uskdkc4us Member Posts: 1
    Do you know if MPC or Lund or any other manufacturer is making a bug shield or hood protector for the 2000 tundra as yet? Also inquiring about a class 3 hitch assembly as well.
    Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  • gmw2216gmw2216 Member Posts: 12
    The dealer told me the Toyota hitch wouldn't be available for awhile but they found an aftermarket Class III Hitch from a company called Draw-Tite. Seems O.K. Sorry I couldn't find a phone # on it.
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    I just installed the Lund Interceptor bug shield on my Tundra this past weekend. It is model number 18083. This model is specifically made only for the Tundra. It went on easy and fit perfectly, look great too.
  • lwflwf Member Posts: 223
  • hall2hall2 Member Posts: 40
    Where can I get a bug shield for my black Tundra?
    My local truck accessories stores said they don't have any.

  • walters1walters1 Member Posts: 2
    It appears the Oklahoma dealers want top dollar for Tundras. Also they are not very willing to deal via e-mail. I sent mail to all the Oklahoma dealers except the Tulsa area (too far) and only two responded, one only after I sent a second mail.

    After being told MSRP was fair and that other Toyota dealers are offering a profit of $2,500 to any dealer willing to give up a Tundra, we are going to wait a year and reconsider when the 2001 models come out. I told the dealer someone else will have to pay MSRP and that we are not addicted to 'looking cool' going down the road. First year Corvette body styles sell for a premium when released but those paying the prices take a big hit a year or two down the line.

    I would like to have one but not willing to pay a substantial percentage of a year's salary to bend over to a car dealer. My old '85 Chevy will suffice for another year.

    That Indiana plant will crank out enough Tundras to fill demand. Time is the factor.
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    I know what you mean about MSRP!!! I checked out www.carsdirect.com and even they only offer about $1000 under MSRP. Hopefully next year will look better.
  • hall2hall2 Member Posts: 40
    Thanks for the bug deflector internet site www.Detailshop.com . I purchased one from them with free shipping and they have it in stock. I pay $56. This is a very good site for this kind of info.

    Thanks again.
  • gbilhimergbilhimer Member Posts: 53
    I want a Tundra like many of you but, I won't pay list! I can wait til spring next year to order what I want. I think we all need to let them cool for a while and let the must have people pay list for there trucks. I believe by the spring the prices will come down to reality.
  • mhill5mhill5 Member Posts: 37
    I have a Limited Access cab 4x4 coming in next week and I'm NOT paying sticker. My truck is loaded without bedliner (I'm going to get a Rhino-liner sprayed in), woodgrain and the overpriced ToyoGuard. It lists for $31,105 and I am paying $29,063!
  • melfoxmelfox Member Posts: 1
    If it is not too personal ... where did you get your price? I live in Portland, OR and just found the dealer prices are "sticker, or better"! So, I decided to wait until Toyota is through milking the "gotta have it" market.

    On the other hand if I could buy at a $2500 +- discount to sticker ... I am ready to do it today!
  • mike_6599mike_6599 Member Posts: 1
    Just ordered my 2wd SR5 Access cab V8 w/CQ,DZ,CA,LF, and AL for 1558 under MSRP from Denbigh Toyota in Newport News Va.

    Now we wait and see just how long it takes them to get it here.
  • hopper1hopper1 Member Posts: 25
    Contact carorder.com. Their price was quoted$1,000 over invoice. I plan to order access limited List for $29,835 will pay Carorder.com $27,485. only add Tax/fees and delivered to my door. No dealer to hassle with.
  • jcraycheejcraychee Member Posts: 23
    looks like the way to go! I punched in exactly what I wanted and it came in at $2500 under MSRP. Also it tells you exactly what you will end up paying including tax, lic. etc. Not sure exactly how long it take for delivery since I am not just ready to order yet, but I assume it is in line with ordering one from the dealer.
  • ckski1ckski1 Member Posts: 20
    Ken, the $600 price adjustment is bogus. There is no mandatory price adjustments. Larry Miller places a hefty $2500 ADP (Added Dealer Profit). Also, some are charging a 2% advertising fee. I don't know how valid it is, but forget it.
  • 606zpx606zpx Member Posts: 75
    I went to my local toyota dealership in coastal sc and was looking to see if they had a limited in. Well, they didnt, but I happened to go look at a two tone sr5 v8 access cab without 4wd. It had captains chairs, abs, convenience package, fog lights, upgraded stereo, optional factory wheels, as well as distributor installed hitch, bedliner, and toyoguard. This amounted to a little over 27000. The dealership seemed somewhat eager to unload the vehicle and even though I expressed disinterest they had dropped the total price to 24000 not including ttt. According to my calculations this still includes a sig markup. This experience was enlightening but they said that there would not be as much discounting on 4wd or limiteds.
  • cdunleavycdunleavy Member Posts: 3
    For those that installed the bug shield how does it work with the grill on the Tundra 2000. Does it look like OEM equipment?
  • david6david6 Member Posts: 75
    That's funny, I thought that they only offered the two-tone paint on the Limited.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    2-tone is available on the SR5 also.
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    I purchased the Lund, model number 18083 bug shield for my Tundra. I went to the Toyota dealer in June and at that time they did not have a bug shield for it. The Lund shield went on fine, you must drill four 1/8" holes under the front edge of the hood. There are two L shaped stainless steel bracket that extend through the grill to attached to the shield. It went on easy and looks great.
  • cdunleavycdunleavy Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply #25. Does this bug shield rest on the paint. I am having a hard time visualizing because of the grill setup. Usually the grill does not come up with the hood. This must run above the grill? Does it extend to far on sides? Does it look like a Toyota OEM part of a after market add on? Thanks again.
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169

    I know what you mean as far as trying to visualize how a bug shield will work on the Tundra. It is very simple, there are two L shaped bracket. One is attached 6.75" left of center of the hood the other 6.75" right of center. About 2" from each end there is an extension of plastic moulding into the shield itself. All 4 extensions keep the shield from touching the paint. In fact, even at high highway speeds the flex in the plastic touch not come close to hitting the hood. It looks like OEM to me.
  • hall2hall2 Member Posts: 40
    Mr. Dunleavy,
    For any comfort, I ordered the same bug shield from detailshop.com where Cwirth had mentioned. It is easy to install and it looks great. The clearance between the hood and the shield is plenty enough to wax.
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    Just a note for everyone who is thinking about using www.carorder.com
    I tried to use them and they currently can't do business in Texas even though they are based in Austin, TX. They are working on it on a "Daily baises", but they can't tell me when.
  • kirbytkirbyt Member Posts: 39
    Glad to see that the Marshall dealer is after business. But what is the AA option? Live Houston too but not happy with local dealers attitude nor current price deals. Is this a bench seat or the captain's chairs?

    Truckless still
  • bob223bob223 Member Posts: 8
    I just bought a tundra from beck toyota in indianapolis. It's an access cab, 4x4, I paid 28,055. best deal i could find around here. bob223
  • ckski1ckski1 Member Posts: 20
    Have been pricing Tundra for about a month now. I've been using carorder.com and to my surprise last nite, the base is only a few dollars below MSRP! I'm a little disappionted, because it was so much lower before. At this rate, I'll need to wait until Spring of 2000. Dealers in Arizona are price gouging like bandits! A local dealer has now added a $3500, make me richer, ADP-added dealer profit on top of MSRP. What a waste! I guess now I'm feeling a little disappionted at Toyota for encouraging this.
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Don't get me wrong...I love my Tundra. But, I would NEVER pay MSRP for it or ANY vehicle. They will ALL come down in price sooner or later. Above MSRP is beyond my comprehension. Please be patient and shop around.
  • mlundeinmlundein Member Posts: 7
    Any info on pricing the TRD pkg. Checking KBB I have saw $ 95.00 give or take a few $, Is this a typo?
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    The $95 TRD package is for the Limited model only. The TRD is more expensive on the SR5.
  • jray38jray38 Member Posts: 9
    ckski, I did a little research myself and have found that carorder.com charges 1000 over invoice
    on a fully loaded LTD ACCESS cab.

    I know you can do better, but 1000 over cost is much better than some of these prices I have seen.

    I think I have seen a price as low as 359.00 over invoice from one message.
  • chuckstovechuckstove Member Posts: 14
    I ordered a loaded 2wd Limited from carOrder.com for $1000 over invoice on Wednesday, 8/31. They have a dealer for me. Quoted delivery to my house by end of October. Very professional. FedExed me a package showing all details of deal AND a carOrder.com Tshirt today! If I can wait that long, it'll be a good deal, I think. (Took a $500 CC deposit.)
  • clnguyeclnguye Member Posts: 6
    It's the Aluminum Wheel option with fender flares included.
  • clnguyeclnguye Member Posts: 6
    I posted earlier about buying Tundra from Marshall. The best place in Houston to get the Tundra is Don McGill. James Dawley, the salesman, gave me $1,000 off MSRP. The day the truck came in, I cancelled my order and told him about Marshall. He gave me additional $400 discount, but I still didn't take it.... Good think he didn't make me deposit $500.
  • ckski1ckski1 Member Posts: 20
    Sorry, the tundra I was looking at was a 4WD. I thing the 2wds are $1000 over invoice. Looking for a 4wd.
  • ckski1ckski1 Member Posts: 20
    Say, listen, I just was at carorder and they are selling at MSRP (maybe 30 bucks off). Maybe you haven't been there lately? I'f I'm doing something wrong let me know!! But it sure looks like its at MSRP to me and my wallet.
  • schroederaschroedera Member Posts: 13
    To:Andy and Clnguye
    Thanks for the feedback, I have been dinking around with Carorder and Carsdirect for weeks. I called your man in Marshall,Tx some 4 hours drive away close to Shreveport,La, " perfect distance to break in on a test drive", and he is COMMITTED to $600 over the actual invoice. I spoke with 5 Houston dealers who said they can't even buy them for that.
    Shame, Shame!!!
    I ordered my Truck which will be a White 2WD, Extended V8, with CK,WL,T-1,A-1,DH,DZ,L1,BL,LF and a few more for $23,260. The wait was worth every minute. now I can use the Continental special fares of $69 round trip and just use the one way flight of 20 Minutes and drive my truck back when it arrives.
    I feel very good about the service and price. Kudos to the Internet and you for sharing your fortune.
  • jcraycheejcraychee Member Posts: 23
    I just checked my SR5 4x4 price which I got a couple weeks ago and it's still around 1k over invoice. With tax and lic. it come to around MSRP - is that where the confusion is?
  • 3peasinapod3peasinapod Member Posts: 26
    When ordering from carorder, the price you pay depends on were you live (by zip codes).
    I live in Calif. the price I got was msrp 27,544,carorder price 27,414.

    WOW!!! A savings of 130.00.

    For your info........
  • ckski1ckski1 Member Posts: 20
    Carorder has price flucuations. I eventually found this out. Try waiting until next year (Jan 2000) when there is more supply.
  • jcraycheejcraychee Member Posts: 23
    Your right - I re-entered my options again and the price was much higher now!
  • cobuttelcobuttel Member Posts: 2
    I just bought the Tundra 4x4 access cab V8 this weekend in Columbus, OH. The first toyota dealership I went to said their policy for now was not to sell for less than sticker price. The second toyota dealership was willing to negotiate. I got approx. $1300 off the MSRP and drove it off the lot that day. Options included: DZ (cd player),LF (foglights), AL (5 spoke aluminum wheels), CQ, CK (all weather), carpet mats, and bedliner. Color is jade. Total: $27,500. This dealership claimed it was impossible until perhaps next spring to order a truck with custom options. They said they were taking whatever Toyota sent them. According to all 3 dealerships I went to, there were very few V6 available, just about impossible to get. There was a Tundra 4x4 access cab Limited at the place where I bought mine. Also, I checked out carorder, same truck with less options (no AL, no DZ)I was quoted a price of $1000 off the MSRP.
  • hopper1hopper1 Member Posts: 25
    Contacted Carorder within last 2 weeks and was
    quoted a price for Tundra access 4x4 limited,
    leather, for $1000 over invoice. Sunday got on
    Carorder and price was $475 over MSRP. Contacted Carorder and response was "sorry price only good for 7 days." Today (Tuesday) price is $500 under MSRP. Far cry from the $1000 over invoice from last week. Carorder rep said they are not sure why price has gone up so much and was told "Go to dealer if you are unhappy with the price". She must have worked for a Toyota Dealer before going to Carorder. She may be looking for new job when Carorder's orders go down/down/down. Checked other cars on Carorder and those prices are way up too. It's a shame that Carorder has done this. Also this change in price from last week had nothing to do with my zip code. Wish I would have place my order before last Friday.
  • paulfolsepaulfolse Member Posts: 4
    I bought my Tundra in Brandon, Florida for less than $500 over invoice through priceline.com. bought it from Courtesy Toyota. No hassle. Priceline.com and courtesy Toyota were both great.
    I love my Tundra.
  • schroederaschroedera Member Posts: 13
    Spoke to the Gulf States representative today and he sais "marketing research dictates" that most buyers wish for the convenience package V8 and Extended, there will be 1000's with this option ready for delivery. If you wish other options you will wait a while. I changed my order to the "CQ" and hope it will arrive sooner.

    Be patient. I can't...!
  • andygandyg Member Posts: 12
    Have you got a number for Gulf States? I'd like to
    call them myself.
  • atoyotatoyot Member Posts: 58
    Please offer up the number. I would like to see if they allow people to check out the facility and see how the port installed options are installed.
  • hall2hall2 Member Posts: 40
    For the Tundra Owners: Does anyone have the steel wheels and tires they want to sell for a reasonable price? Just the wheels would work. I want to put the snow tires on this Winter.

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