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Honda Civic Hybrid



  • Has anyone heard anything about a hybrid Accord, if, and when? Our lease comes up in 18 months and I'd love to make our garage all-hybrid.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    It will happen, but not in the next 18 months. Eventually, virtually everything in the lineup will have some sort of hybrid drivetrain, but that is years away. In the case of the Accord, I would venture a guess of at least 3 years, perhaps not until the next-gen car [5 years]. In any case, not in the next 18 months...
  • spratt1spratt1 Posts: 53
    For what its worth, I heard from a Honda representative that within the next 3 years hybrid versions of all their vehicles will be offered. Not sure if that necessarily means in the U.S. We've already decided that whenever the Accord comes out, we will get it.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    is that a 5 spd or CVT? if it's the CVT automatic, that's a great price. all the dealers i talked with [never got really serious into negotiating] said they get *at least* sticker, and often up to 2k above. once the car hits the lot, it is gone within 3 days. honda isn't delivering enough of them to stay in stock and drive the price down.

    story (not sure is true): one salesperson said he brought an offer for sticker on their last hybrid, his manager said, "no way, we want at least 1k over sticker since they are flying out." (having sold previous ones for sticker) sure enough, 2 days later, they sold it for 1k over sticker to someone else.

    for this reason, my wife and i opted for the 2003 Accord. yes, a very different car, but it cost us less than the Hybrid would have cost.
  • The price was for the HCH automatic CVT.

    We are also thinking about a CIvic EX, and will take a close look at the Jetta. I have looked at the Mazda Protege and liked the 0% interest and the pretty good ranking in its class, but the car still does not have the refinement of the Civic or the Jetta.

    Tell me more about the 03 Accord you bought. Was it easier to make a deal more in your favor since there are lots of Accords out there (unlike HCHs which not being delivered in great quantities)?

  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    you can look at some of my prior posts, but my wife and i were strongly considering a Civic Hybrid or EX initially and ended up with the Honda Accord EX in the end.

    the price you have on the Hybrid is good one. if it were offered to me, i may have given the Hybrid a more serious look [which dealer, btw, do you have this offer from?].

    rough prices we had on the board in considering the different cars were:

    Accord EX auto : 20.8k
    Civic Hybrid CVT: 21k
    Civic EX Auto: ~17k

    the problem with the Civic EX is it is harder to find one on the lots with side airbags; hence, again, there seems to be less room for negotiation.

    but as you can see; the Civic EX and Accord can be had for close to invoice pricing while we were only able to find Hybrids at MSRP and above. Definitely, low volumes of Hybrids make it tough to get a great deal. maybe this will change in the future...

    my wife and i both liked the Hybrid a lot: not quite as peppy as the EX, but quieter, better mileage, and a MUCH smoother transmission. [aside: i normally drive 5 spd, but this is primarily my wife's car] At the same price, i think the Hybrid is a better car than the EX.

    BUT, we didn't think the Hybrid was 4k better: that was too steep a price differential for our pocketbooks [even with the small gas savings and tax write-off and feeling good about being green].

    Then, after driving the EX Civic and comparing it with the Accord, we were quickly won over:

    For the Accord...
    - much quieter, refined ride.
    - cleaner car: SULEV/PZEV vehicle
    - still decent mileage [we've already gotten 35 mpg driving 75 mph on a highway trip and it isn't even broken in yet!]
    - much more amenities: nice alloy wheels, 6 disc in dash changer, overall interior is better quality, 4 wheel disc brakes, side airbags standard.
    - smoother, more effortless engine
    - FABULOUS automatic 5 spd transmission: this is very smooth and is 10x better than the one found on the Civic. although i still like driving 5 spd, i don't mind driving this automatic at all. BTW, the CVT on the Hybrid is also very nice. a big improvement from the discrete 4 spd automatic on the EX Civic.

    - lower mileage than Civic EX
    - costs about 4k more

    the bigger size: toss-up: both a plus and a minus.

    If we could have gotten the Hybrid for 17-18k, it probably would have been the car we had chosen. but with a 4k difference between the EX and Hybrid Civics, we ruled it out the Hybrid and were left comparing the EX Civic and EX Accord.

    good luck in your decision process. like i said, 20k is a better deal than i came across; but after having the Accord for 3 weeks, i have no regrets buying it instead of either of the two Civic models. it is a *much* larger car than either Civic, though. that has some positives and negatives associated with it.
  • Just wanted to post an update. I was one of the first to get a Hybrid (standard) and post in this thread back in May. Since then, I have been commuting with it regularly, and taken a couple of road trips (from Northern Calif to British Columbia for one trip, and to Arizona for another, plus many down to the LA area), and we are still very very happy with our Hybrid. No problems whatsoever. :)
  • What is the "no way in 18 months" verdict based on? Do you have some inside info? Thanks.

    Second, what about a hybrid Camry? I was under the impression Toyota might be a little farther along.

    Thanks again.
  • Derek:
    Thanks for the comprehensive answer. It will help me a lot in my decision. When comparing the EX to the Hybrid in terms of cost and gas mileage, you only save about 350 bucks in gas over 5 years. Not a good payback.

    Coincidentally, the price of the HCH put me in the mood to start looking at Altimas, Accords, and Camrys as well as the Civic EX.

    I am glad you are so happy with your Accord. It is a fine car and was improved this year with the new design.

    I received pricing of 20.3K from San Leandro Honda and about 300 bucks less from Dublin.

  • flj168flj168 Posts: 12
    I was quoted $19.6 for a automatic last week from a San Jose Honda dealer but I decided to wait a little longer. I want to see the other cars at the International Auto Show in San Francisco during Thanksgiving week before I decide.

    If you go to the Toyota site and input you zip code for the nearest dealer, you could see how many cars they have in their inventory. Dealers will low inventories will not deal too much below MSRP.
  • Got a new one with CVT and was able to shop around to get it at $60 below INVOICE. The cost is $19,600 before Tax and tag. I have checked the dealers in south Jersey, Philadelphia and wilmington(Delaware).

    Getting about 42.5 MPG on highway
  • Paid only $19,500 for it on 6/29/02. Included window tinting, scratch guards, floor mats, and rear cup holder (also window etching but I don't really think that is worth anything). Getting 46mpg overall. No problems at all. Great ride and handling. Very quiet ride.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    glad to be of help. There are a lot of good cars out there, but it depends on what you put your value on : ride, size, mileage, interior, exterior, etc.

    from the looks of your post and others, the prices of the Civic Hybrid may have just come down. that's a good sign. interestingly enough, while going by Honda of Stevens Creek the other night, i noted that they still do not have any Hybrid's in stock. But perhaps Capitol, Dublin, and San Leandro Honda have more frequent shipments of the Hybrids.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    You asked - I gave you an opinion, though I do think it's more informed than most. I read everything, have a few contacts in the business, and I suppose you could say that this is my "job" these days, having been retired for the past 10 years from my original career.

    If you have a source that says that Honda will be offering a hybrid Accord in the next 18 months, I would be happy to be corrected. No one I know in the business thinks it will happen that soon. I got the impression you wanted this information because you needed to buy a new car in this timeframe - if so, you'll have lots of choices, but a Hybrid Accord will not likely be one of them.

    By the '06 model year, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Hybrid Accords and CR-Vs, and possibly even the Pilot/MDX offered with such an option. But not much sooner than the end of calendar year 2005.

    Nobody holds their new car plans more closely than Honda, so speculation is all most of us ever have until the last 12 months or so before a new model appears.
  • On this new cars,Do you have to replaced the battery? at what interval and at what cost?
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • In reference to the inquiries about other Honda Hybrids. My job is dealing with alternative vehicles, hybrids, alternative fuels and fuel cells. I have heard from Honda representatives that all Honda models should be available in hybrid versions in the next two or three years. I would pretty much count on it, though like others say they don't say much publicly.

    About the battery. It is warranted for 8 years/ 80,000 miles. Honda says it should actually last 100,000 miles. Present cost is about $2,000, but by the time it is ready to be replaced it should be about $500 to $700.
  • I currently drive a Nissan Maxima.

    I have been considering trading it in and buying a Honda Civic Hybrid.

    I know it will be a big adjustment in terms of comfort and ride, but I think i can deal with it.

    I live in Texas, so currently there is no incentive to purchase a hybrid vehicle. With the Federal tax incentive expiring by 2006 - I'm not sure I can wait for the Accord Hybrid to come to market and how much more expensive will the Accord hybrid be than what is available now?

    How close are FCV vehicles to a reality. I ahve seen stories about the vehicles that use liquid hydrogen, but I have also heard of vehicles that will convert gasoline to hydrogen.

    I don't want to buy the Hybrid technology if it is just a stop gap approach until something better comes along.

    Also, does anyone think the Accord Hybrid will show a reduced cost for the hybrid technology and will the tax incentives be re-established?
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Honda will start selling FCX in a month or two, in extremely limited numbers, and in South California and Tokyo metro area only. This limit is due to refueling facilities. So, FCVs are still a few years from going a little further as a mainstream option.

    I think hybrids are here to stay for a while.
  • Fuel Cell vehicles are the vehicles of the future. Unfortunately that will be a while off in the future. Honda, Toyota and Daimler-Chrysler claim they will sell some in 2003. The total from Honda and Toyota may reach 30 or 40 vehicles. They will be sold only to fleets in extremely controlled fleet environments, primarily in Southern California and Tokyo, and will be hydrogen fueled. There may not be any serious availability to the public until about 2010, at which time they will still be very expensive. As robertsmx says, hybrids are here to stay for some time, probably at least 20 to 30 years. It is much more than a stopgap technology, unless you are planning on keeping your Maxima for another 15 to 20 years.
  • What is anyone's best estimate for an Accord Hybrid?

    Are we talking Model year 2006 or possibly sooner?

    Does anyone think Honda will come out with multiple hybrids at the same time or will it be model by model?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    That's all. I'm sure at some point, Honda will expand hybrids, but no one knows if and when at this point.

    Or if they do, they aren't talking!
  • has anyone had a chance to drive the HCH in cold weather or snowy conditions? How does it do? How does the cold affect the batteries and miliage?
  • The factory recommended HCH tire pressure is 30 psi. I've read in a few places to bump that up to improve mileage. I was running at 34 but recently went to 40. I'll report on ride quality and any mpg improvement.

    I'm curious what others have set ther tires to, and the results. Thanks.

  • glc1glc1 Posts: 1
    Drive with mine at 36 psi front & rear. Have read some postings where people drive with 40-42 psi in their tires. Also read postings where some have reported near blow outs (this may be on a HC Insight). Figured it's safer to drive & lose some mpg & live to drive again rather than die trying to get exceptional mpg (someone else would just beat it anyway).

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Do not exceed the tire manufactures maximum air pressure reccomendations or you could have a blowout!

    Not only that, your car will dribble down the road like a basketball.

    And for what? Another 1/16 of a mile per gallon?
  • kcisivkcisiv Posts: 23
    > Do not exceed the tire manufacturer's maximum
    > air pressure reccomendations or you could have
    > a blowout!...And for what? Another 1/16 of a
    > mile per gallon?

    Heck, for another 1/16 of a mile per gallon, I'd drive with the windows open in the winter! ;-)

    Not really, of course, but this car really sucks you in and makes you want to get the very most out of it!

    There's an important distinction between the *car* manufacturer's recommended air pressure (30 psi) and the *tire* manufacturer's rated maximum (44 psi for the Bridgestones on my 5-speed).

    The car manufacturer may have a variety of reasons for specifying a certain pressure--one is that they want their prospective buyers to feel that the ride is smooth and comfortable. (Remember the Ford debacle, where the manufacturer recommended *under*inflating tires so the customers wouldn't think their trucks rode like trucks??)

    The *tire* manufacturer gives a max. pressure based on safety (and probably with a wide margin, since the primary definition of safety these days is safety from liability suits!).

    So, while I wouldn't recommend exceeding the max. pressure for the tire, there's no reason not to experiment within this limit. I initially raised mine to 36 psi and found that my 5-speed handles noticeably better (less oversteer), gives a better "feel" for the road and gets better mileage (at least 2 mpg for the same route and conditions). Next trip to the gas station (still weeks away...), I'm planning to try 40 to see if it makes a difference.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    I am curious if Hybrid owners/fans would purchase a Honda diesel if it were available? They are sold in Hondas in the UK. Engine is 100HP, top speed 113 mph, 64 mpg and is a low emissions diesel.

    I noticed Honda does not offer the hybrid Civic in UK and has gone a different direction to achieve minimum fuel usage.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Diesel is much cheaper in Europe compared to gasoline, so even if a comparable gasoline-hybrid obtained slightly better mileage than a diesel, the market would still take diesel over it.
    The diesel in Civic (CTDi) is an Isuzu unit, and Honda plans on releasing its own (first) diesel in 2003 Accord next year. Now, it would be interesting to watch if Honda decides to experiment with diesel-electric motivation.
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    Toyota has a diesel powered hybrid (just came out) for sale over seas that gets 100 MPG, on the PSI (tire pressure) subject I run 35 PSI all around on my plain ole 00 Civic and have from day one for the above mentioned reasons (better ride & handling, increased MPG)+ the tires seem to wear better (evenly) and I can adjust the pressure anywhere. (can always let a little air out can't always add some) The vehicle manufacturer (Honda) recommenders 31F 30R for my gravestone's (Firestone's) Rob in Houston
  • I would not purchase a diesel Honda or any other light duty diesel vehicle. Diesel vehicles put out unacceptable levels of particulate matter (PM). PM contains a large number of toxic materials in high quantity. In the EPA green vehicle guide the Jetta is rated a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best). Fuel economy can be attained in other ways without such a great affect on our health. I was going to suggest a few sites for information, but they are too numerous. Just go to a search engine and type in "diesel health effects."
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