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Infiniti G35 Owners Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your G35!

My name is KarenS and I am the host of the Owners Clubs. Please let me know what discussions you would like to see in your Club folder. I will create them ASAP. You may want to take a look through the other clubs to get ideas for discussions.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • Morgan from Dallas. Silver G35 w/ 1100 miles on it. Look forward to having some good discussion here. If you see a silver G speed past you with Baylor plates on it in Dallas... that's me.
  • c3po33c3po33 Posts: 67
    Fernando from South Florida (Pembroke Pines)
    Brilliant Silver/Graphite G35 w/ Premium / Xenon / Wood. Around 1,700 miles on car now.
  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Posts: 116
    Hello to all the happy G35 owners. This is Paul and Joan Babcock from El Cajon, California which is 20 miles E. of San Diego.

    Our pride and joy is a red G with the premium package, xenon lights and navigation feature. Our car is the best we have ever had. We love everything about it. We now have 1,150 miles on her and did the first oil change with mobil 1 5W30 at 1,000 miles on the clock. After all this is our baby and she deserves the best goop in her fine motor. Ran a toyota truck on mobil one before for 400,000 miles with no oil consumption so wouldn't give her anything else. Best to all!

    Paul and Joan
  • mdurenmduren Posts: 5
    My lease just ended on my 99' BMW 328 so I just bought a G35 on Monday. Its silver with Sunroof, Sport Package, and Aero Package.
  • Pembroke Pines, eh? I lived there for about 3 months while I was on a project in Miami. Not quite close enough to S. Beach for my taste but not a bad little suburb.
  • wallyg35wallyg35 Posts: 11


  • punky01punky01 Posts: 3
    Picking up my new Garnet Fire/Graphite G35 in two weeks, and I can't wait. The wait is killing me, but hopefully the Sport Package is worth it!

    Garnet Fire/Graphite
    Loaded w/everything but Nav and Aero.
  • realsox3realsox3 Posts: 10
    Hello G-35 owners. I plan on buying in May. I live in Chicago, and would like to know what kinda deals (prices) everyone is getting. Looking to get silver with premium package. P.S. Don't need winter package got a beeter for winter. Thanks.........
  • grapplegrapple Posts: 2
    G35 is about a month old. 1500 fast and furious miles. The car's a stormer!!!! I bought it through the VPP program - unbelievable deal at $100 above invoice!!!!
  • gator37gator37 Posts: 6
    It is great to be a Gator fan and a new G owner. Picked my desert platinum up last Monday. Its a heck of a car, but hard to drive slow. Gainesville is a small town, so my biggest problem is getting to drive enough miles! We will plan a Sunday drive this weekend to enjoy sunny Florida.
  • tonyg35tonyg35 Posts: 52
    What can I say? I love this car! I just broke a 1000 miles, woohoo. Money well spent, worth every penny! I hope everyone is enjoying their new baby :)

  • faenorfaenor Posts: 99
    I think that my G35 might be the highest mileage one so far on the boards! maybe in all of California! *laughing*

    3600 miles on mine, and I took it into the dealer to have the standard maintenance and they have it in their body shop fixing up a seal in the rear window pillar so that it doesn't creak when I go over bumps... But I want my car back! :) The brand new I35 they gave me to drive in the meantime is great, but its no G35! :)

  • Bought my G35 3 weeks ago, Desert Platinum, Willow interior, Premium, Sunroof, Nav, Xenon, Wood Trim, (Winter Pkg. came with it), about 1200 miles. Loving every minute of it - great handling, very responsive. Have people stopped you to ask you about the car? Lots of fun.
  • Bought my Desert Platinum, Willow, Prem, Sunroof, Sport Pkg, NAV, Xenon 3 weeks ago. Not a single problem at 1200 miles. Best car I've ever owned. I'm waiting for first oil change at 3,000 miles to switch to synthetic and high efficiency filter.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Posts: 77
    I bought my Desert Platinum, Willow Leather, Premium, Wood, Winter, Sunroof on March 16. I have around 2600 miles on it. My wife has put about 50miles of that on it (she has an I30). I love it and can't wait to drive it everyday.

    The biggest question I get asked is: 'What IS it?'

    I love it.

  • sjredsjred Posts: 18
    Hello fellow owners! I got mine one week and 1500 miles ago. We celebrated with a great road trip to Napa Valley in No. Cal.

    She's Desert Platinum (like the majority here!) with willow leather and nothing else, a sweet deal at $28,400. Swapped new 235/45x17 tires and 17x8 alloys off my Maxima...looks and handles fantastic! Shopping for a wood kit now, maybe lowering springs later...

  • maxcat1maxcat1 Posts: 27
    I've had my G for two weeks--have about 700 miles on the silver/graphite/premium/xenon/wood beast. So far so good (although my garage door managed to scrape the bumper last week) Ouch. I'm having it fixed tomorrow.

  • sawjaisawjai Posts: 21
    Silver G35 in San Jose, CA.

    I've had my G for two weeks now and have 1200 miles on it. It has Graphite Leather, Premium, Winter, STS, Sunroof, and Nav. It is a hoot to drive... I'm glad to have picked up the Escort 8500... it has saved me a few times already. Will be getting my oil changed at 3k using Mobil 1.

  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Posts: 48
    My name is Phillip and last Thurday at Lokey Infiniti in Clearwater, I bought my Ivory Pearl Leather with sunroof and bose. It's a great car and I look forward to many years of pleasure.

    And to M.Duran (silver G35 in Clearwater) who was your salesperson? That is if you went to Lokey. I had Beverly Wilson.
  • mdurenmduren Posts: 5

    I bought my car from Lokey too. My sales person was Jim Smith. I don't know about you, but I had a good experience there and would recommend them.

  • pfschimpfschim Posts: 29
    Hey G35 owners,
    We're in Livermore, CA, 50m SE of San Francisco, 30m NE of San Jose.

    Desert Platinum/Graphite ... all the good stuff except Nav (don't care and too expensive)and sport (G's already way sporty for me).

    Ours is 2 weeks old and only has 300, albeit very fast, miles on it. Will play it safe and go as easy as possible :=P for the first 1k miles.

    Expecting to put the deflector on the roof hole and may look into the Infinitiparts bra and spoiler. I've seen the spoiler, and it looks good to me. The bra is more for front chip protection than pure looks.

    Looking forward to being a member of the G35 club for many years to come.
  • boomer23boomer23 Posts: 125
    Hi all. I live in Southern Cal and have the gorgeous blue, graphite, premium, wood, xenons, sunroof. Love the car, especially when I can get on the gas.

    We're planning a driving trip up the coast to SF via Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Morro Bay and Santa Barbara this summer. Can't wait. Maybe we'll see some of you Giant fans on the 101.

    Not a hint of a problem so far in 1450 miles and a month of driving.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285

    We (uh, my wife) have a white, graphite, xenon's, premium, aero, nav, winter, wood, sunroof (can you buy one WITHOUT the sunroof?) G35 that is <2 weeks old and has >2800 miles on it. Wife just got back from a trip to West Virginia (>1500 miles, round trip) and had a blast. Nav system was a great help in NAVigating there and back.

    Glad it is back so I can drive it too! :)

  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Posts: 48
    I had a great experience with Lokey Infiniti. Beverly Wilson was great, even the other sales persons treated me very well. I look forward to testing out the service dept. I came from Quinlan/Autoway Nissan for my last vehicle and their service was excellent.
  • punky01punky01 Posts: 3
    Might want to scratch my first post. I may not be getting mine after all.

    Just got an email from the dealer saying that now I will have to wait until JUNE for my G35, which was supposed to be in at the beginning of May. The explaination I was given was that the Sport Package was extremely hard to get, and that Infiniti wasn't making many with that particular option.

    Of course they were kind enough to offer to sell me an available one with the sport package PLUS more options...

    I guess I'll just have to see how I feel about things when I calm down from my initial anger.
  • I got my G35 a week ago. Brilliant silver, charcoal leather, sunroof and xenon lights. Went on a road trip to Houston and boy was it nice to go down interstate I-45 in the G35. Hard to respect speed limit is so smooth and fast. I had some challenges on the interstate from BMW, Audi and Lexus. I think those guys were surprised by the G35 engine power. Anyway it is a great car to drive and thanks to my wife for suggesting that car. I was ready to buy a Volkwagen Passat GLX and at the last minute she asked me if I heard about a G35. She then asked me if I can test drive one before buying the Passat. She thought the G35 was the best looking car in that category. I did test drove the car and fell in love with it. The G35 is now My Ultimate Driving Machine. See you BMW.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,802
    ...Good luck with the new G35. I too was contemplating the Passat before buying my brilliant silver G with titanium(charcoal)leather, moonroof, and premium sound. The Passat is also a nice car with a very similar overall shape to it. I found that for the same money, the G has a bigger engine(vs. the 1.8L turbo)and greater Japanese reliability and better dealer service.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    He is right. They are VERY hard to get. I used to race cars (road track) and, personally, did not find the sport package to be worth the minimal $450. Others love it. IMO, the difference is minimal.

    I WISH they had a $1200-1500 sport package that was worth the cost, ala the BMW 3-series. The seats in the BMW sport package are the best I've ever sat in. Unfortunately for BMW, their sport package doesn't handle nearly as well as the standard G35.

  • dmmattixdmmattix Posts: 77
    I am with Scott. I would have waited until this summer if they had a sport package with 17x8 wheels, 245/45 tires, and the coupe seats. They did not. I am still holding out hope that I can convince my wife to take the sedan(she currently has an I30) and let me get a coupe this fall/winter. I am not holding my breath..

    The only way the BMW sport package outperforms the G35 standard is in pure cornering power(the 245/45 rubber) and the seat butt holding power. In normal and even reasonably abnormal driving conditions the G35 standard is just as good if not better than the BMW sport package. To me the only way the BMW is better is if you are into Autocross or Solo II type things. I am not any more so the standard G35 was just perfect for me.
  • lama1lama1 Posts: 3
    Picked up a white exterior/graphite leather G35 last week. Been delighted so far..........
  • jmtbkrjmtbkr Posts: 1
    this car is a rocket!! Picked it up on Wednesday-Desert Platinum, Premium, winter,sunroof, wood trim. Took it on the parkway for a shakedown and was driving along, commenting how slow everyone was driving that day. Looked down at the speedo and was going 110!! YIKES!!! 110!!
    The speed limit should be raised to 100 to allow this car to do what it was intended, effortless high speed crusing.
    Love it!!
  • rjprjprjprjp Posts: 12
    Has anyone purchased or seen the cloth interior on the G35? What do you think?
  • dmmattixdmmattix Posts: 77
    Check the sedans G35 forum. Someone just posted there that they had gotten a cloth interior G35.
  • JingleJillJingleJill Posts: 120
    I went test driving the new G35 over the weekend. Dealer actually had 3 to 4 cloth interior 35's in stock. It was okay looking, but to light for me. I prefer a dark cloth, with they do not offer.
  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Posts: 48
    Hate the dark piping on the side of the seat
  • punky01punky01 Posts: 3
    My wife and I stopped by the Infiniti dealership to see if we could either make things work out with the incoming G35 w/additional options or to cancel the order when we saw...

    A Silver/Graphite loaded down with everything but the NAV System sitting front and center on the lot.

    We took it in the shorts a bit on the trade-in, but we're picking it up at 6:30 tonight. Despite my disappointment with the deal, I have to say that there is no other auto out right now (realistically) I'd rather spend my money on.
  • clothcloth Posts: 52
    Actually I love the piping on the cloth seats and I found the cloth seats more comfortable than the leather. Since they are manual adj. theres no plastic crumb catchers and they are a little bit wider than the leather. They also adjust beautifully. But if you don't like, just get the leather, it is a nice quality leather
  • pwyllpwyll Posts: 1
    One month old now 1500 miles
    Silver, graphite, winter, bose, sunroof.
    The best car I ever owned!!
  • rjprjprjprjp Posts: 12
    Can someone tell me all of the difference between the base and leather model? I am specifically wondering if the base model has audio controls on the steering wheel and if it has a power driver seat.
  • tonyg35tonyg35 Posts: 52
    Base model has audio controls on steering wheel, however it does not have power driver seat.
  • rjprjprjprjp Posts: 12
    Any other differences (aside from the leather seats ofcourse)?
  • pdrumans1pdrumans1 Posts: 48
    Base model does not have audio controls on steering wheel and does not have vanity mirrors. Has 16" wheels and cloth interior with manual drivers seat.
  • clothcloth Posts: 52
    leather model gets you; leather, 8-way power diver seat, audio controls on steering wheel, 17" wheels and tires, illuminated vanity mirrors
  • tonyg35tonyg35 Posts: 52
    I stand corrected.
  • jonalan323jonalan323 Posts: 4
    From what I understand, you cannot get ANY options with the base model.
  • jethrog35jethrog35 Posts: 14
    I'm Geoff from Ontario, Canada. We have the G35 with the Canadian Premium Package (wood trim, 17" wheels, full-size spare, winter pkg, etc.) in Desert Platinum. We were our local dealer's first sale of a G35.
    The car runs great and has a really solid feel to it. We're getting about 19 mpg to the U.S. gallon with a mixture of city/highway driving and 24 mpg with 95% highway driving. Infiniti was correct when they increased their mileage estimate to 26mpg.
    I think that we've run into our first problem. For the first 2 weeks, I could have sworn that the doors locked automatically at about 5mph. Now they don't. I'm going to have the dealer look at it on my first oil change. If this is the worst of my problems, then I'll be a VERY happy customer!
  • khl68khl68 Posts: 10
    Just bought the G35 last month and paid $32,000 (before taxes, license, registration, fees, etc), $35,000 out-the-door. Bought it from the fleet manager, other sales reps wanted MSRP which was $33,565. Just curious what other owners paid for theirs and if I paid a fair price.
    Luxury Leather, Premium, Sunroof, Desert Platinum, Xenon Lights, Wood trim package, and including $695 LoJack.
  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41
    I just placed my order for a G35. I wanted to save a few bucks and buy the basic model, but when my wife saw the car, in particular the nav system, she wanted the whole bag. I'm glad we made the upgrade. I've read "every" web article and review on the G35 and the only issue seems to be a few individuals who think the interior is less that top quality. I checked it out thoroughly and can't find any issues with the interior quality. Am I missing something?
  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41
    I worked out the number for my G35 with leather, Bose, Nav System and wood trim and asked for and got $900 of the total price. I think I could have gotten a better price, but I had to order one because I would not compromise on the color and other options. I negotiated my deal on the last day of April. Suposedly, the end of the month is a good day to buy. Sounds like you got a good deal.

    The point for others reading this board is that the price CAN be negotiated below MSRP.
  • rjprjprjprjp Posts: 12
    I hear that the base model has audio controls on the steering wheel. Then I hear the the base model does not have audio controls on the steering wheel.
    Can someone who actually has the base model clarify this for me?
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