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Infiniti G35 Accessories and Modifications

faenorfaenor Posts: 99
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
Is everyone else seeing a mid May date for things like the factory front end masks? I was just curious as to wether or not it is actually available now from certain places...

I do alot of freeway driving and the route I take is festering with idiotic gravel trucks that love to bump along in the fast lane... What the heck is up with that?

The other day I saw a BMW 740IL absolutely PELTED with stones from a big dirt truck with a full load... I was in the fast lane and passing just as the truck hit a bump and dumped a huge amount of dirt and stone debris from the back end... I saw at least 5 or 6 spiderwebs on the BMWs windshield... That could NOT have been one of that driver's better days :(



  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Faenor, obviously that BMW driver wished he had a mask and, maybe, that he'd stayed in the garage. But bras are a mixed blessing, unless you plan to leave it off except when you're going to get hit by stones.

    Well, yeah, I know that's ridiculous. But if you leave the bra on all the time the little particles you're trying to avoid -- dust, grit, etc. -- washes down beneath the fabric. As it moves slightly in the wind it grrrriiiiiinds the stuff into your paint. And, yeah, you can see the damage, especially if you're a paint and polish freak who keeps your car washed, because your washing adds to the problem!

    Since you plan to use synthetic oil, I suspect you're planning to take good care of your car. So don't use a bra except when you're planning to be on gravel roads, long trips, etc. Otherwise, a good coat of wax/polish is the best protection so far.

    Good luck.
    Joe W.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Posts: 77
    Freshalloy has had some postings about the Invinca shield for the nose of vehicles. The second shortcut is for another similar product which has one for the G35 already. Well it would but the damn poster will not let me post it. Says it is too big. Check out the G35 forum at and look for the topic 'Invinca Shield'

    Link to the Invinca site.


  • maxcat1maxcat1 Posts: 27
    I don't know much about this product compared to others like ClearBra and Stonguard and X-Pel but I think that there are qualitative differences between them that are worth checking out before you decide on which one you want. For example, I have heard that some of these require slitting the plastic to go around tight corners; others go around the corner by being pulled tightly. Obviously the latter is the preferred installation method. You might want to go onto a forum like and do a search on X-Pel and read the posts and cautions. Good luck.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Posts: 77
    was the site the Edmunds poster would not let me post. Said it was too long. The Freshalloy topic has the links to both the Invinca and X-pel site. X-Pel has a kit for the G35 already.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    Any web site that you know of?


  • dmmattixdmmattix Posts: 77
    I will try to post it again.. I will strip the http: stuff off the front maybe the poster will allow it this time.

  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    Got it! Especially interested in the bumper and headlight kits. Thanks!

  • jethrog35jethrog35 Posts: 14
    We didn't want the extra stiff suspension, so we passed on the sport package which came with a spoiler.

    Does anyone know of any aftermarket spoilers that are available yet?
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    Does anyone know anything about whether or not the G35 even uses one with their "multi-link" suspension? I'm interested as my past experience with cars shows that one can improve handling without sacrificing ride quality. I just don't know if it still applies.

    Who is going to be supplying the "performance" accessories?

  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Scott, "roll bar" refers to a piece of heavy frame that goes over your head to protect you in a roll-over accident. Do you mean stabilizer bars? Maybe Infiniti can sell you one from the sport suspension kit.

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41
    I can't beleive the amount of web info available on this relatively new car.

    I suggest you use for your search. I could spend the entire day reading and still not get to the end of the list. Lots of good pics too.
  • tonyg35tonyg35 Posts: 52
    Check out They have the real deal oem factory spoiler.

    Good luck
  • jethrog35jethrog35 Posts: 14
    Thanks Tony!
  • tonyg35tonyg35 Posts: 52
  • pfrank1pfrank1 Posts: 3
    I was just wondering if the factory stereo (the fancy 120-watt one with the changer) that comes with the G35 can handle MP3 CD-ROMs from my computer.

  • rjprjprjprjp Posts: 12
    I hear that the base model has audio controls on the steering wheel. Then I hear the the base model does not have audio controls on the steering wheel.
    Can someone who actually has the base model clarify this for me?
  • blinkerblinker Posts: 38
    The audio controls are on the left side of the steering wheel. The picture of the base model interior posted on freshalloy had no controls on the left. (The right side has the cruise.)
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    None of the stereo options on the G35 play MP3's. For that matter, there are not very many, from any manufacturer, that do.

  • pfrank1pfrank1 Posts: 3

    Thanks for the reply. That's really disappointing, as I refuse to carry my CDs in the car because of previous loss. MP3 car players are in fact common now (carried on at least half a dozen display units in every Best Buy, Circuit City and any other car stereo store in the country).
  • stooge2000stooge2000 Posts: 96
    I have been looking for a G35 Leather with Xenon but without premium pack. It seems that such configuaration does not exist. So now I am thinking about getting one without either xenon or premium and try to retrofit xenon later. How hard will it be, and how expensive? I welcome your input.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    Ok, don't take this as anything other than an opinion, but...

    If you go out to you should be able to find xenon upgrade bulbs that fit into halogen headlights. They are expensive (~$400++)! However, I don't know if they will work with the G35 or not.

    faenor is supposed to be trying the PIAA Superwhites to replace his standard halogens and they may be a much cheaper alternative (~$40 each). However, he hasn't reported back with results yet. (Can also be found at

    Let us know how it works out.


    PS. I have no financial interest in any of the companies/sites discussed above. They are just one source I know of.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    As I understoon faenor's plan, he is replacing only his high beam on his (already) xenon lights. I hope I'm not wrong.

    Replacing the lights isn't just a matter of switching the bulbs -- if you want more than the look. The hard part is the self-leveling device that they have for safety (I don't know about legality, assume not). Audi/BMW both charge around $1500 for the switch -- inflated prices, I know.

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • dmmattixdmmattix Posts: 77
    Joe W's comment is valid for BMW and Audi but the G35 is a fixed level Xenon installation. The real problem will be finding an aftermarket setup for the G35. You will probably have to replace the the lens and add a balast for the HIDs. Since I have the Xenon's on mine I have not been looking...
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    Yes, he is replacing the high beams. That is the reason why I said he was using the "PIAA Superwhites to replace his halogens". The only halogens on a Xenon equiped G35 being the high beams.

    dmmattix - I think that the kits at do have the ballast. I don't KNOW that you will have to replace the lens as that would be just about impossible on something as new as the G35 and on the high beams (faenor's situation). :^/

  • kd6aw1kd6aw1 Posts: 116
    Discover Infiniti in San Diego lets you trade in your wheels for chrome plated ones for $807. for four. It includes installation, balance, and tax. I had it done this morning and it enhanced the look of the car greatly and was well worth it to me. Have a red G with luxury package and navigation. The wheels are beautiful! See below for picture.


    El Cajon, California

  • yongbryongbr Posts: 6
    I have noticed that the G35 does not have a means to hang my clothes. My infiniti dealer did not even notice it until I mentioned it. Has anybody else heard about this?
  • dane4dane4 Posts: 107

    Apologies to all for such a huge delay in getting back about the headlights. In truth, I haven't had any time to work on the car with all the other stuff going on, but I am still fully intending to do the swap in of the PIAA superwhites for the "highbeams"

    Just to clarify, My G has the Xenon's which are of course, mounted at the top of the headlight stack. What I am replacing/substituting, are what Infiniti refers to on this car as "foglamps" lower bulbs in the stack, which are actually just standard headlight bulbs (highbeam/lowbeam H4 type bulbs)

    When these lower lights are on, they are called and aimed like foglamps or more accurately "auxiliary lights" and when you flick on your highbeams they go high like regular headlights. The Xenons just stay happily on and you can only turn them on and off. Xenons that have a dual filament and can go "highbeam" are referred to as "Bi-Xenons" which has nothing to do with their sexual orientation :P but everything to do with their price!

    So, in short... I am replacing the lower set of bulbs which are standard H4 type bulbs with no ballast and no special wiring.

    I PROMISE to let you all know how it comes out... I've promised to do it this weekend, and while I'm in there, I'm going to try and aim the Xenon's a little bit higher as well...

  • dane4dane4 Posts: 107
    Hey all again!

    Just for grins, I got myself a G35 front end mask. I put it on once just to see how it fit and it fits very well. Plus, on my White G35 it ends up being a very impressive looking contrast with the black white combination.

    I've heard FAR to many horror stories about how masks ruin the paint by grinding in particulate matter that gets underneath it, and so I will probably just keep it in the trunk until such time as something happens to the front that I can't rectify and I have to as a last resort, cover it up *laughing*

    Just in case anyone wanted to know though, it is a great fit, it is well made and well fitting, and it looks like they did a grand job at engineering the design so that areas that look like they would be prime candidates for "flutter" are well battened down.

    I was a little disappointed at the Infiniti logo not being on a factory mask, but it looks great all the same.

    I was thinking seriously of getting the xpel or invinca shield material put on, and then putting the mask OVER that so that there is no contact with the paint and the mask... That might end up being the optimal setup...

  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41
    I'm considering Lojack for my G35 when it arrives in about two weeks. Any opinions on the adequacy of the standard G35 equipped theft intrusion system would be appreciated.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    The adequacy of the theft deterent system is kind of hard to judge until the car is broken in to. Don't know of anyone who has had one stolen yet.

    Personally, other than the GPS option for the Lojack (carjacking and the like), I find that using something like the Autolock Pro ( is more than adequate. However, milage may vary.

  • fntfnt Posts: 31
    I agree that it would be great to play MP3s in the CD player because I have hundreds of songs in that format on my hard drive, and they're relatively compact.

    However, can't you burn your own CDs? If they get stolen, you're only out the cost of the media.

    Also, you can play MP3s in any cassette player using a device called the Digisette ( It's basically an MP3 player that looks and works like a cassette.
  • jvalentyjvalenty Posts: 41
    The Infiniti dealer in SD jazzed up a basic G for the showroom floor. It's black with the willow cloth interior, wood interior trim all over, chrome 17 low profile rims/tires and tinted windows.
  • bg11bg11 Posts: 2
    Can anybody share with me their thoughts/opinions on the navigation unit for the G35? I took a test drive and it seemed very difficult to use. For those of you that have been some driving with your car, what are you finding?
  • dvdedmen1dvdedmen1 Posts: 1
    Was wondering if there are any mods to that will enable the dvd rom part of the navigation play dvd videos.

    Just bought G35 emerald mist fully loaded Premium, Sport, Winter, Navigation. This is the most fun to drive car I have every owned. Previous cars I had, Camaro SS, Mustang Cobra.

    This car is much better car. Excellent
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    While I haven't pursued it, I had a patient of mine tell me that he could convert the DVD player to play DVDs on the Nav screen. He works at a large Car audio and Electronics shop here in SC. Didn't get into the details though. Let us know what you find out. I thought the software would be propriortory (?sp) and only operate for Infiniti DVDs.
  • allanpallanp Posts: 3
    Re: DVDEDMEN1's comments, obviously the G35 is more refined than the Cobra, but, how do you feel as far as power, etc. goes, given that the Cobra sports about 115 more ponies than the G35?
    As for pricing, seems about the same, but, when you go to insure it, that's where the TRUTH comes out!
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    Anyone heard anything about a chip mod to get more performance? Curious minds want to know... :)

  • fnsilvafnsilva Posts: 3
    I do not have Xenon lights on my G, but I am interested in getting them. From previous discussions, it seems like the $500 Xenon option is just the bulb itself ? There seems not to be any self level system. It is possible just to buy the Xenon bulb at Infinity and replace them? Someone told me about PIA Super Plasma bulbs; they are much cheaper ($80/pair) and give the same illumination. Is this true and has anybody tried them? I would like any feedback on upgrading the headlights. PS: Does anybody know the TYPE (H4, etc) of bulb the headlights are?
  • 4grandpa4grandpa Posts: 7
    What I found was there is alot more to Xenons than just the bulb. Wiring harness, high voltage transformer, mounting boot etc. I just raised the lights a little and this has given me the improved down the road visability I wanted. The bulb is H1 55W (owners manual). I couldn't find anyone that made a super bright replacement bulb.
  • To answer someone's question about NAV use, I find it easy to use and quite accurate and fun. It is a little cumbersome to enter in street names one letter at a time and I wish there was a remote keyboard or voice interface.

    The Nav system also solves the problem of the clock that cannot be seen since the NAV system has a digital clock always displayed.

    Anyone figured out how to play DVD yet?

  • webbnathanwebbnathan Posts: 13
    Have not gotton to use my heated seats as of yet, being down in Texas doesn't leaned itself to that till around November, but a quick observation tells me that his feature could be better. You have to click the button one way or another for low/high, but then looks like you have to click it to off when you get out of the car. So, if you turn the car off, leave the heated seats on, then it will also be on when you start up the next time. I've been in other heated seats where you turn the car off and it shuts off the heated seats upon the next start. Just looks like it is going to be a pain......
  • willjamwilljam Posts: 22
    Are you sure about this? I just checked mine and if the indicator light is an indicator that the system is on, then my light goes out when the ignition is turned off. I had similiar seats on a Chrysler 300M that was traded for this car and the seats worked the same way. They stayed on until they were shut off or the ignition was turned off. I like the location of the switches on the G better than the Chrysler. The switches on the Chrysler were located next to the power seat control on a trim panel around the bottom of the seat. Not quite as handy and also out sight. So you did not readily notice the seat heater being on until you felt the warmth.
  • I truly enjoy my G35, which I got two weeks ago. My prior car was a 265 HP FWD, and the G35 handling difference is amazing. I now love tightly curved highway off ramps as I don't have to worry about the torque steer I used to get.
    Now the questions...
    1) The burglar alarm does not have a motion detector, making the car vulnerable to being taken by towing. Has anyone put a motion detector in? If so, I'd appreciate details.
    2) I am a little person, so the left footrest is too low for me. No, I am not sitting on a phone book to see over the dash. Has anyone found the same issue and has anyone found any way or aftermarket product to raise the footrest?
  • g35guyg35guy Posts: 6
    Did anyone get an instruction manual for the Navigation system? I prefer just playing around to figure it out, but I thought I'd double check just to make sure I got all my toys with the car.
  • willjamwilljam Posts: 22
    I got one -- which I have read parts of it. But the system is somewhat intuitive and easy to figure out.

    Talk with your dealer.
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    If I remember correctly, ours was in the glove box (wife has the car right now). It is in the black "pouch". The owners manual is separate and larger.

  • jsspearsjsspears Posts: 17
    Anyone tried to remove these yet? Dealer says the result will not look good, but somebody must be able to do this.

    While I was nervous about doing this on my 01 Corvette Z06, the result was fine.
  • nnylecnnylec Posts: 6
    You can download both the G35 Owner's Manual and the Navigation Owner's Manual from this site:

  • mmanganommangano Posts: 3
    Has anyone installed (or had installed) XM Radio in your G35. Just wondering where all associated parts were mounted and how it looks!!! Photos??


  • atluskaneatluskane Posts: 22
    has anyone added any performance parts to their g35? If so was it a great increase in performance
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