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Infiniti G35 Accessories and Modifications



  • kjlauerkjlauer Posts: 2
    Here are some numbers for the G35x.

    Top speed : 151 mph
    0-60 mph : 6.5 sec.('04), 6.3 sec.('05)
    0-¼ mile : 14.4 sec @ 94.3 mph('04)
    60-0 braking distance : 120 ft
    200 ft skidpad : 0.84 g
  • phxg35phxg35 Posts: 5
    I have it on my GC, but the price can scare people away. Speaking as a cop I can tell you that it makes recovery certain, as long as they dont get to mexico before you activate it.

    downfall is that I, as a Police officer cant activate it for you. You are going to have to call and have it done, kinda a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] since Im the one doing all the paperwork to recover it. But I got a break on my insurance.


    [email protected]
  • phxg35phxg35 Posts: 5
    I dont think it difficult to navigate at all. Go to circle K and get a sixer and play around in your garage its really quite easy with about one hour of self instruction.
  • phxg35phxg35 Posts: 5
    I also had a camaro ss. I would call the camaro more power with nothing else. My gc is a very adequate car. It pleases me in most areas and I am glad I bought it. Im not overly pleased with the power but its better than most and the overall package is much more appealing then my ss. Plus the exhaust doesnt suck like the ss.
  • jayellesevenjayelleseven Posts: 150
    how come nobodys herre?? is everyone drivin their G35s?! haha, well tell me about audio system upgrades guyz, i like a lot of bass_
  • geekaygeekay Posts: 51
    Hi,Planning to buy a G35 with navigation. Cannot see much info on it.would appreciate links/leads and if posible comparo with navi on Acura TL and TSX
  • I am really torn about buying a 2005 to replace my 2003 vs. waiting for the 2006 model. Does anyone know a source which would give me some info on the new models, or if not that, then when the announcements are made for the 2006 G. My 2003 was miserable in the snow this year and I have discovered that It was a mistake for me not to get the NAV system when I bought my car. I will appreciate any responses. The dealers don't like to talk about 2006 yet... Thanks..
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Posts: 412
    There's no news on the 06 G yet. Assuming it is released for sale in September, it will be a couple of months before we hear anything..Nissan probably won't release a full list of changes until just before the cars go on sale, but on other forums some things usually slip out. In any event, I would not expect major changes since the 05 got upgrades, and the next generation G is most likely coming in 2007.
  • whywhywhywhy Posts: 13
    I got hit by a stone that got launched as a truck went over it. A huge dent on my left door. Ugh!, wonder how much it will cost.
  • whywhywhywhy Posts: 13
    I kno whwat you are talking about and I notced that on my G35 sedan 6MT. I have owned toyotas, hondas, and beamers and never had that happen to me. While I love the g35, I must admit it irks me that I get that slight bit of resitance while shifting. At first I thought it may be because the car is new (though I never had that problem with other new cars). Now I have some 5k miles and i still get that resistance. Till now I have found the Honda/Acura shift to be the smoothest. Just my opinion.
  • esuleymanovesuleymanov Posts: 18
    well, I think you can go to Sound In Mption. I heard they are one of the best in US.
    You can install 2 JL audio 8W3 V2 subs with zapco reference 1000.4 amplifier. If you want to change the speakers go with Focal 165 k2p. Zapco amp is powerfull enough to support subs and speakers. I was told this at Sound in Motion. It will cost $4,000. but you can leave your factory speakers and install the subs only. the speakers cost$950. so subtract about $1,100 and it will cost you 2,900 or 3,000 dollars. You can also buy some staff online and save some money. The amp i was talking about is $900 at Sound in Motion. But I found it online for $650.
    If you will not install speakers then you can install different amp which costs less. For examle JL Audio 500.1 mono. it is around $500.
    As a conclusion if you only want to add bass to your system I think it will cost you less than $2,500.

    I need a help! Can anyone tell me why the red light flashes if you don't switch the gear after 2,500 rpm or whatever it is called. Does it flash in your car? I am talking about the red light which is flashing under REV on the screen or speedometer, whatever it is called.
  • neptungrllneptungrll Posts: 48
    Hi all. I was at the dealer for a 30,000 check a while back. They said I would need new tires at 40,000. I am 39,000 and just want to check to see what everyone is replacing. I have the Goodyears 17 inch that came with the car. I forget the exact name at this time without going outside to the garage. What are people using for tire replacement? I have heard of a few brands but wonder if I should just stick with what is already on it and replace the exact brand and name. :D
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Posts: 412
    I'm assuming you have the sedan..... I am about the same exact mileage as you. I was planning on replacing my Bridgestones with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. They are pricey, over $200 each, but I've had them for over two years on my Maxima and am very happy. Then I came across the Avon M550 A/S at the TireRack. They are $110 in the OE size, and have had some very good early reviews from users at Tire Rack. I actually ordered them today.
  • neptungrllneptungrll Posts: 48
    Thanks cheerioboy. Yes, I do have the sedan. Right now I have the Goodyear Eagle RS/A P215/55R17 on them. I don't know a lot about tires but they have seemed to be okay except the dealer said they were "cupping." I think others have said the Michelins were great tires as well. Have you heard anything bad about the Goodyears? I read a while back that someone posted they wanted anything but Goodyear. I just wondered why. I will try to track down that post.
    Thanks for your your input. Did you have a local place put them on instead of the dealer? I hate to go to the dealer and pay $$$$$$$. Thanks. Pat. :)
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Posts: 412
    I don't know anything about the Goodyears. My tires will actually arrive tomorrow at the place that will install them which is in my town. I ordered them Monday. - on you can get a list of local installers, that hopefully have reviews from others you can use to choose an installer. You get the tires direct shipped to the place that will install them. I've used tirerack before, but not this local installer. It will cost me about $20 plus valve stems and state fees to get the tires mounted and balanced (each).
  • neptungrllneptungrll Posts: 48
    Thanks for that great info. I am going to now to check it out. That is a great price for having them installed. I will let you know how it all works out!
  • I agree about being hesistant to put a bra on the car. I also do an large amount of interstate driving at high speed well 80 to 110 if you think of that as high speed. It's also the beloved "love bug" season her which is aweful on paint. However, if you put a bra on the car the paint will fade on the remaining part of the car and when you remove the bra you'll have a lovely two toner. It's aweful....I have a 1990 Miata (red) that is "two toned" from the prior owner's bra. Not really a problem since i'll be painting it soon, but just say no to bras...I'm curious if there are other alternatives other than just keeping a good wax on, etc....

    Acero Caballo
  • Does anyone happen to have a wiring diagram for an '05 Coupe with the premium package? In my prior car (99 Benz E320), i had three sets of Boston Pro Series 6.5's and a twelve pro series Sub powered by two digital blaupunket amps and a MTX Sub amp. I do not have the Nav or SAT options. I do however have a Roady II which I had in the Benz wired into an aftermarket radio which had DVD and a seven inch screen. I'm going to try and keep the factory radio in the dash for a change as it peturbs my wife to see me take a brand new car and rip it apart. Plus it would be a pain to make a plate for the radio in the 05 Coupe although it would be simple thanks to the fact the factory was kind enough to make the dash flat. One could easily be made of either wood or plexan and then take aluminum flashing from home depot or like place...anyway, i'm going to stick with the factory radio, but i've got to get rid of the Bose "no highs no lows" speakers...looks like the thing is set up fairly nicely to take the bostons. I'm thinkng i'll put the sub into the spare tire by incorporating a box that clamps onto the tire for the seal. (Boston subs need a sealed enclosure of one cubic foot). I also plan to integrate my cell phone, and Garmin GPS into the system and have it mute when needed for the phone, GPS, and radar detector. This is easily accomplished through a PAC adapter with some minor mods. I haven't had a chance to look at the setup yet so I'd like to know if anyone's tore into the dash yet. I did notice that it appears that the factory amp is located under the plastic cover to the left of the spare. Looks like they even have a sort of circular air venting system to cool the amps which will be nice if I add either a fan or maybe a solar panel powered fan which will both cool the amps and the car in the summer. I live on the coast and things get pretty darn hot and humid down here. Anyway, i'm curious what others have done on the stereo mod side of things in the coupes. I suspect a home DVD player would fit nicely in the upper glove box which would allow me to get surround sound 7.1 in the car along with my music DVD's which is love. The sound quality of music DVD's is truly impressive compared to a regular CD.

    I think someone asked about the factory player playing burned MP3 discs. I have found it works perfectly and even displays correctly the title and song info which is nice, but of course, unnecessary. Looks like i could nicely drop a LCD screeen in the NAV compartment. Anyone done this yet?

    Also, a nice natural cell phone mount is the ash tray. I've got a Motorola A630 and if you remove the ashtray liner thingee and open the phone is sits in there perfectly with no rattles and i've been unable to get it to fall out even under ahhh, "aggressive" manuevers...~smile~... Also noticed that if you remove the cup holder in the center console you'lll find that a beverage with a coolie or hugger will fit perfectly in there. Someone thought that one out...God bless them....or if it was just a happenstance, well a good one. Also, much to my surprise, the cell phone doesn't freak out the radio when it's tranmitting like on most aftermarket radios....

    Sorry if I'm rambling, just doing some preliminary brainstorming as I missed dearly my bostons although i have to admit i'm fairly impressed with the Bose system in the car. But i'm going to go crazy if I don't get some thump in there and get that wonderfully "love it or hate it" bright sound out of those wonderful boston tweaters......

    Anyway.....if anyone can save me the burden of tapping and popping the wires in a quest to determine the what where's of the wiring of the factory unit, i'd be most appreciative. If not, i'm glad to share my findings once I get a chance to tear into the thing...

    I'm also a self proclaimed expert on the Benz E-320 and 1990 Miata as I have virtually disassembled both cars and put them back together a couple of times. Should anyone need any audio help with either of those wonderful cars..i'm glad to be of help. The Benz in particular is a very, very, finicky car when you go to dropping high end electronics into the car and stress the electrical system.

    Anyway, i'll shut up now...

    Night folks and happy motoring.....

    A.C. "Acerro Caballo" "Iron Horse" car's name
    "Rue B" or tricked out "B" package is my little red miata's name....she loves her new big brother next to her in the the G and still love the thrill of throwing the little "rue b" into the twisties...
  • colonel35colonel35 Posts: 108
    Yes, a good alternative is the range of 3M films known as "invisible" bras. They are semi-permanently installed, but are transparent and help protect the paint and headlights from rock chips and other small debris. Prices vary depending on the material thickness, extensiveness of coverage, and self vs. professional installation, but I've been very happy with the stuff on my last two cars.

    Here's a few places that offer it:
  • manaboutmanabout Posts: 25

    I have an '05 5AT Coupe with the standard 17" wheels and tires. I want to swap out the OEM rims for a set of ADR 17" wheels. I'm planning to put the OEM rims on a set of Blizzaks (I live on the East Cost). My question is can I fit 17 x 7" wheels with a +40mm offset on the OEM tires (225/50/17 front, 235/50/17 rear) ?

    I know very little about the relation between tires and wheel sizes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • On my '05 G35 MT you can vent the windows by holding down the unlock button on the remote. I have had cars before with Clifford alarms wired to close all windows when you lock car. Does anybody know if the Infiniti remote can be wired to do that? I am not very technical but it seems it should be pretty easy since it can already roll them down!?
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    On my 2005 G35X 5AT with the smart key remote, this is an option. I'm not positive on the 6MT without smart key though.
  • hrlaw50hrlaw50 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of a good internet source for G35x etc. The prices from the local dealer and the infiniti site seem high and the selection is not very extensive.

  • hrlaw50hrlaw50 Posts: 2
    Thanks for this info. I checked out the websites and had an xpel dealer install on my 2 week old G35x. A much better choice than the vinyl/leather bras. Nearly invisible.
  • kurtblekurtble Posts: 1
    I bought a alpine mono amp with a12 alpine subwoofer in a band pass box. I bought everything from best buy and had it installed by my local stereo shop. One problem you might run into is inexperienced installers not knowing what there doing when it comes the the Bose Stereo System. Best Buy didn't know. Circut City didn't know. Another private audio and aftermarket accessories company that had done my last 2 car audio systems didn't know. It wasn't until I went to this little whole in the wall shack by my house that said " AUDIO " on the wall that I got it hooked up properly and within an hour and for less than $100.00. Anyway, the Alpine combination is excellent. It thumps plenty!
  • I have added bass to a couple other factory systems with modest success. I want to add it to my G. Just curious, did you port any holes from the trunk (up through the rear deck) or does it vibrate through enough? Your "Audio" store sounds scary but sometimes those places no their stuff. That's a good story.
  • A friend, today at lunch, told me that most new car stereos have a dedicated output to add bass which makes it really easy. Does anybody know if the 2005 G35 has such a thing?
  • rjb6rjb6 Posts: 29
    Unfortunetly they did not have the color & option set I wanted and so I ended up getting the g35x with no wood trim. Has anyone had good luck having the wood trim installed after market? And how much did you pay?

    The Infinity Dealer I bought my car from siad they wouldn't do it...

    Tomorrow I am goining to look at some built in radar detectors...anyone install one yet - and if so which one and where did you install the LCD display?
  • sd_diversd_diver Posts: 20
    Okay, so I have the Bose system without a cassette. Live in an urban area with crowded FM frequencies. Any way to get my iPod playing thru the stereo? Any way to use the sat. radio input?

  • harmeetharmeet Posts: 1
    Hey guys,
    I recently bought my 2005 g35 coupe and took it to two different futureshops and a bestbuy. I went for 1 12" MTX sub but the sub enclosure wouldnt fit in the trunk. I was wondering if there was anyway to bypass this thing and get the subs in....also does it void the warranty in any way getting subs installed?
  • Yes, they sell a wire harness that will allow you to connect your IPod through the SAT connection in your car. You will still have to use the IPod controls, but the audio will go through the car speakers.
  • alloydalloyd Posts: 6
    Hey I just got a used 04 g35 4 door with the premium package, without navigation. Im just curious to the prices including installation of an aftermarket navigation, and the quality of and aftermarket one compared to the infiniti offered one.
    also, how much would a window tint or back light tint cost?
  • colonel35colonel35 Posts: 108
    There are a number of after-market nav options, and some of the more expensive ones are comparable in features and capabilities of the OEM nav. However, what you gain in portability (and price) you lose in dash, stereo, and trip computer integration.

    Window tint can vary quite a bit depending on the installer and type of film (non-metallic, metallic, ceramic). I'd suggest asking your dealer (and nearby Audi/BMW/Porsche/MB dealers) who they recommend for tinting. Don't skimp on some lowball offer; you don't want to end up with purplish, streaking tint. My tint job, using 35% metallic all around, was around $350 or so.
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    2006 g35 coupe details and pictures now available! Bi-Xenon projectors, bluetooth, new spoiler,bumper,tail lights,intelligent key and more!
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I hope the spoiler isn't standard, I think the coupe looks better without a spoiler.
  • alloydalloyd Posts: 6
    So are there any nav systems that you would recommend or a good website or something?
  • alloydalloyd Posts: 6
    i live in the L.A. area and I was wondering if anybody knew of a good place to tint windows or smoke out tail lights. I think smoked out lights would look sweet on a black g. Thanks guys
  • k2hk2h Posts: 7
    Is there anyway I can install a Power Rear Sunshade on an 2005 G35 Sedan?
  • What did you ever find out about this? Has anyone installed one by now? I'm thinking about adding to my 2005 for my Treo 650 and wondering what luck people have had. Hoping the sound and volume are better when using bluetooth and the car's speakers.
  • Thats stupid dont bother with that overpriced metallic tint. I got 5% tint on my back window and 20% on all the sides for $200 with a lifetime warranty against fading, discoloration, bubbles, or any defects in the tint and it probably looks better that the metallic overpriced tint. I had mine done at Alta Mere but there's tons of places in the phone book that could offer something comparable. I can send you pics of the tint on my 99 silver infiniti G20 if you'd like to see what it looks like. 35% is also not dark enough for most people, the factory privacy glass that cars come with now is 20%, any lighter than that and your still driving a fishbowl!
  • recently leased the g35 before realizing there are no roof racks from the majors that fit. any adivce on how to configure something for surfboards? (soft racks just don't work as well) tks! M
  • I'm trying to find an adapter to connect my iPod directly to the Bose radio in my 2005 G35 with satellite radio. I haven't been able to find any that will allow me to control the unit through the head unit.

    Has anyone had any luck doing this?

  • Hello-I recently bought a 2005 g35x w/ the bose system (no satellite) i really want to connect my ipod to the system, but have not been able to find a viable solution. Local car audio folks are suggesting a 'wired' fm modulator, but ive heard mixed things on this. does anyone have any suggestions on other solutions? Please advise....Thanks
  • ocopyocopy Posts: 3
  • ocopyocopy Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2005 sedan without sports package. After reading more articles I wish I had one. Can I buy an aftermarket for a decent price?

    I hate the bose stereo, is is the deck good enough to just upgrade speakers and subwoofer ?
    Does the deck have a seperate subwoofer output?

    Dealer wanted to sell me teflon and clear bib package for for $700 each. Do you think they are valuable additions. Are spash guards a valuable additon?

    Thanks you fro your help
  • Anyone get this to work? Thanks :)
  • I haven't heard back from anyone. Posted to a few other forums and am surprised there doesn't seem to be much interest or that not many seem to have done this already.
  • alloydalloyd Posts: 6
    anyone know a place in L.A. where i can tint my windows at a good price?
  • I ended up getting the Parrot CK3100 installed and am loving it. Cost me $475, which felt steep, but the functionality and ease of using it are great.
  • Hi,

    I am about to buy a brand new 2005 G35 (probably Sedan) MT6. I am wondering what options there are for upping the horses. Is there a re-chip available? Intakes? Exhaust?


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