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Infiniti G35 Accessories and Modifications



  • I ordered the G35 with the winter package. I didn't mention the full size spare. Does it come with the full size spare?
  • The winter package does come with a full-size spare.
  • But I thought you had to get the full size spare in order to get the winter package, no?
  • opimaxopimax Posts: 73
    I belive use to come w/it, no longer

  • I just got my first, small chip on the hood. Courtesy of an 18 wheeler and what looked like bark.

    Beyond the preventative measures, what is the process to fix / cover the chip and what has been learned? (i.e. types of paint, steps involved, blending, is it noticeable)

    Any information is appreciated, my other cars have been older and I never worried about chips and dings.
  • Does Infinity offer an additional window tint on the G35?
  • stsurbrookstsurbrook Posts: 285
    So far as I know, they do not offer any factory window tinting (I wish they did). However, you can, obviously, get it from the dealer for between $190 (local) and $250 (other places and in specialty shops).

  • For irabuddymo, yes I have raised the height of the footrest about 1 1/4 inches. I added a spacer made of 3/4 inch wood and then added an aftermarket pedal on top of that. The whole thing was bolted and screwed together on top of the stock footrest. I find that I can plant myself in the seat better and feel more secure in aggressive driving. BTW, I'm around 6 feet tall, so its not just the short people who have a problem with this.

    To see some pictures of the installation steps, go to my picture site and go to pages three and four. I have since painted the whole thing flat black, so it looks much more subdued and less cheap.

  • When I purchased my G35 I negotiated with the dealer to include "Splash Guards, probably take two weeks to get".

    To date I have not heard from the dealer or the factory - Did anyone get them with their G35?
  • I did the same. I have been told there is still no release date on them.
  • Has anyone heard if/how it is possible to play DVD video through the Dvd Navigation System?
  • Nothing happened. The software running the disc is proprietary, and not the exact same as on a DVD.
  • The splash guards still haven't been released--word is that they are having difficulty matching paint.

    As for the DVDs, you can get aftermarket products which allow you to play DVDs. Be aware though that it is illegal in most (if not all states) to have a TV/DVD in the front seat.
  • Hi- I'm new to the group. My wife and I have had our Twilight Blue G35 for around 8000 miles, and we are having a blast with it. My question is, and forgive me if this has been answered, when will the aftermarket segment kick in for this car? What can I hope to accomplish in terms of overall performance? I know Nismo makes parts for Nissan...can I expect anything from them? Thanks in advance...Matt
  • I'm still waiting to see what will come. I understand K&N has an intake (maybe a CAI) in development. Supposed to be pretty good.

    However, what I would like to see is ATI release a procharger for the G35 or, at least, for the VQ series engines. You can see their stuff at

  • I've seen the currently discussed performance mods in advertisements on the net and have some questions I'm hoping the group can answer.

    Specifically, I've seen ads for cold air intake mods and exhaust mods. Each of these, depending on where you read, claims to boost performance by 20HP. If I do my math right then that's a potential of 300HP total for a relatively minor investment.

    First question: Are the claims of boosting performance by 20HP true for either mod?

    Second question: What are the negative impacts of each of these mods in terms of engineering? (I always assumed that a certain amount of backpressure from the exhaust was designed into the system)

    Third question: Will either of these mods compromise the manufaturer's warranty?
  • Here are my thoughts regarding your post. Keep in mind they are probably worth what you are paying for them... :)

    1. I would rather doubt it. Especially with the Coupe. Typically either type of mod is worth ~5% improvement in HP/torque... at most. However, together, they will likely be able to achieve the ~10% (20+ HP) improvement. Also, your gas milage will probably improve slightly.

    2. Such mods SHOULD consider your concerns (assuming they are done by a reputable company). With the exhaust, sufficient backpressure still exists. However, you will likely notice an increase in engine noise (from both the intake and exhaust).

    3. This is trickier. You may want to talk to the mod manufacturers about this. Technically, you may be able to add this aftermarket equipment and have the law stand behind you regarding your warranty, but you may have to spend much time fighting to get them to provide the service.

    From what I understand, Nismo (Nissan's aftermarket arm) will be providing this type of equipment in the 1-2 quarter 2003 and there should be no warranty problem. However, in my experience, manufacturer "aftermarket" mods do not perform as well. However, for what we are talking about (non-turbo/supercharger applications), you probably would not notice the difference.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Scott,

    It does help to confirm what I anticipated. The added engine noise is something I hadn't considered but would probably be something I could live with having downsized from an Isuzu Trooper and having been a convertible owner before that.

    ~10% more HP/Torque with a possible improvement in gas mileage may be worth considering if I can get it for a small sum without violating my warranty may be worth considering for me. I'm not ready to sink significant cash into turbo/super chargers or cast my warranty aside.

    I'll check Nismo out too.
  • Many do not find the noise objectionable. You may even find it more "sporty". I would guess that 3rd parties will be significantly less expensive than Nismo. However, time will tell.

  • bhnbhn Posts: 13
    I am looking to add am HID kit to my 2003 g35. Does any one have any input. Thank you.
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    Has anyone seen a G35 sedan with the optional aerodynamic front bumper and/or do you know where there are any good pictures. I have seen the "one" picture on the Infiniti web site where you can build your own version, but it is not a good picture. Thanks.
  • ljt3ljt3 Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed a hands free kit in a sedan? My dealer and two installers I talked to said there are no kits available for a Nokia (or any other phone for that matter) and they would have to do it by trial and error. The error part worries me.
  • bobp11bobp11 Posts: 24
    Has anyone yet installed the equipment necessary to get the satelite radio up and running? Where did the receiver go? Under a front seat I hope. How much is the set back for all of this?
  • I have a G35 coupe/leather on order w/o the sport wheel & tire package. Do any of you know if there is a suitable aftermarket titanium dash kit available?
  • Hi, Is anyone experience that the G35 door is very easy to scatch by other vehicle? I'm looking to add a thicker door molding. Do you guys can suggest me where to buy it? My G is silver color.

  • bobp11bobp11 Posts: 24
    Just a tip that has worked really nice. I found a cell phone holder at Pep Boys that has a flap that slides very easily (and holds) under the center console. I inserted it just in front of the gear shift on the driver side. I also slipped in a small leather case in the holder that keeps the cell phone very snug when driving. It is very easily reached and looks very cool. I thought others might consider this since there really is not a good place to keep a phone.
  • chineechinee Posts: 50
    Hey Bob...any more info that would identify the cell phone holder more clearly? I've been using the ashtray but I really would like something more suitable...sounds like you have the answer.

    Give us some more info or post a pic somewhere...somehow....please.

  • talawalatalawala Posts: 1
    I am new to this site and even newer to the G35C. I am looking at the various messages and was wondering whether there is a site that sells after market exterior enhancement(mostly for looks)like body kits,sportier mirrors,flashy shift knobs etc. I was looking around the web and did not find much to chose from. I did however found a few pics that was rather intriguing. In short, if you don't know of any that currently exists, but will in the near future, that will suffice. Send me an email, title it "responding to body kits for G35c" it's much easier for me. Thanks
  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    I, and I'm sure some others, would be happy to respond to you. However, you will need to make your email address public in your user profile if you want an email response. I know Nismo makes a body kit, and Gialla Corsa(sp?) as well.
  • ksummittksummitt Posts: 3
    03 Black/Wheat Leather 6M, perf/winter pkg

    Hi..I am 5'11, and it seems the clutch pedal is too short...meaning I have to take my heel off the floorboard to depress it. Ball of my foot is getting quite sore already. Do not have to do this w/the brake pedal. anyone else notice this? Is there any way to adjust the pedal down?
  • I've recently purchased on with the complete package, can send pics if you're still looking
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    effinponderous...thanks for the offer, but I have seen the bumper now.

    Where in Alabama do you live? I live in Huntsville and have not purchased a G35 Sedan yet...where did you get yours and were you happy with the dealer?
  • gdog3gdog3 Posts: 4
    Here some good places to shop for accessories and at a cheaper price.

    I've tried both (i.e. floor mats, wheel locks). Products are the same but cost anywhere from 5-20 dollars cheaper. Shipping also cost cheaper.
  • I don't know why it says that.
  • i have owned my g35 since last july and i am on my 4th cd changer. each time the problem has been that cd-r's get jammed in the changer. i know that it say's in the owners manual that they "may" jam the changer but you can't read the owners manual till after you own the car and the salesperson never mentioned it. all i own is cd-r's. i buy all my music off the web and burn them myself. how can such a technologicly advanced car NOT PLAY THESES THINGS!!!
    i have have been round and round with infiniti and they have basiclly told "to bad, it's in the manual".
    in the last 8 yrs i have owned 2 Q45's and a QX4, this will be the last infiniti i own because of their lack of concern for the problem and their failure to address it.
    if i sound pissed it's because of the way the regional manager addressed the problem (did nothing) and after countless telephone calls and 3 registered letters the home office in CA has not responded.
  • don725don725 Posts: 47
    I do the same thing. Most of the time I have my changer fully loaded w/ CD's that I've recorded from iTunes w/ music that I've purchased off of Apple's music service. I've never had a problem w/ my G35 changer. I'm not saying that it has anything to do w/ my Mac's. Just saying that I use CDR's in my changer on a daily basis too. No problems here, knock on wood.

  • Just wondering how long into having the car did you expierence this problem. I just purchased mine 2 weeks ago and knock on wood so far no prob with cd-r. Could it be the brand of cd-r that you are using? there are thickness and quality differences with the cheaper brands and also how you store them. Good luck and I hope it works out for you
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120
    Just wondering if any of you that own the 6MT have gotten used to the very notchy/klunky feeling of the shifter. Also, after a while, do you ever seem to get used to heavy clutch pedal?
    These are my only complaints that I could find on my test drive. loved the car other wise and I don't care if my kids have to climb in back. As far as passengers beyond +1, if they are over 5'4'', it's their stiff neck not mine. Shifter and clutch observations are compared to my Audi A4 6 speed which has a very smooth shift and much softer clutch pressure. The trade in on the Audi seems to be very reasonable (I am working with a Audi/Infiniti dealer). Quatro doesn't mean a thing to me because I can't drive the dam car in snow without a tire change due to the LP/high performance tires on it. Looking for something that is fun to drive everyday. So G35c owners, please ring in. Has it been worth the 35 grand? Would you buy one again? If I didn't need the back seat, I would be driving a 350Z right now.

    Thanks for your input.
  • chrisbothchrisboth Posts: 493
    Now there are two places that have less in common than france and england.
  • hey jaydoll

    you get used to the clutch -- my last car was an Acura with a real light clutch take-up. When I first got my coupe, I immediately noticed the stiffer clutch (with a bit longer travel), but now I don't think about it anymore.

    Same for the notchy 6-speed shifter. In fact, I think I like it better than my Acura's shifter (though Honda makes the best shifters overall, IMO).

  • Hi Supra,

    I keep seeing the phrase "notchy shifter" popping up a lot in this forum and wondering if you would explain as to what the term means. Or perhaps, explain the differences between a normal shifter and a notchy shifter. Thank you in advance for your input.
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120

    I cna tell you what I meant in my post and can also tell you that by Sura880's response, he knew exactly waht I was referring to. When you shift from 1st to 2nd, or any gear com forthat matter in my Audi (A4 02/3.0 6 speed) the shifter movement is very smooth with very little if any feel of resistance from the shifter. When I took out the G5 coupe, shifting from 1st to second or any combination, I could feel resistance hitting second gear. Ther ewas like a notch or bump that I had to push the shifter a little bit harder to overcome at about 80% of the travel or the point where it was just about to go into second gear. As Supra pointed out, like anything else, I would imagine that after awhile, you get aclimated to it and don't even notice it unless you drive something with a much more smooth shift like the Audi.

    By the way Supra, how long have you had your coupe and would you get another one? What do you really like about it sofar?

  • I too am now on my 4th cd changer in 14 months of ownership. I have used regular cds and i've used cdrs and its jammed either way. They gave me the same B.S. about using cdrs saying it's not compatable -- what a load of crap -- its the same exact technology. The players just suck and they are looking for excuses. I too will never buy another infiniti -- not just because of hte problem, but because of they react to it. Which is to say they are doing nothing, except telling me I'm using it wrong. Please, thats such a lousy reason I dont even know where to begin.

    I've already convinced 3 people that were considering an infiniti NOT TO BUY ONE. This and the hot air issue being completely ignored are just ruining this car for me.

    INFINITI are you listening? Are you reading these boards. Three cars sales and counting that you have lost because you won't even acknowledge the problem!!
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    and am not yet convinced that there really is a problem except that the players are more sensative than the ones in other makes. Some people have noted some posts back that the thickness of the CDR is important. A good quality CDR does not jam and a poor quality one does. Are you buying cheap quality CDRs? I have never heard of any problem with original CDs.

    I am still considering buying a G35 until I determine if this is a real problem or not. I am willing to buy good quality CDRs to make it work. My QX4 has not had a single issue with the CDRs I use.
  • Well I'd agree with you that their can be differences between CDRs, but my point is that it should not matter. I have put all kinds of cds in all kinds of players and not a single one has ever jammed except the infiniti one, and at that its jammed 4 times.

    Now its even exacerbated by frustration by the fact that they WONT fix the actual issue, they just keep replacing it with another crappy, born to fail, head unit. Plus im out a CD player for a month and i dont get my 6 cds back for 2 months. I mean for god's sake, at least have 5 units for spare parts, when you know they are gonna fail every 3 months.

    This is a known issue and they can't handle it. I understand its not as serious as a failing engine or transmission, but their inability to handle just this simple issue in any reasonable manner does not give me much faith in them.

    I mean really, how hard is it to have a couple of replacement parts in stock for an issue that YOU KNOW will affect a majority of your cars. Nope, instead I have to wait an extra month.

    My 17000 'GM' saturn gave me less problems then my 35000 infiniti.

    Also, its not just the cd player, other issues have led me to very dissapointed. I would urge you to look at other cars.

    Its not the severity of the issue, its their response that leads me to have little faith in them should a severe issue appear.

    If you still want to get a G, make me an offer ;)

  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    I went to church with a Bryan Snyder a few years ago. You ever live in SC?

    My Infiniti experience has been the best car buying and ownership experience I have EVER had. Their service has been impecable. It is also been widely publicized as being second to none except maybe Lexus. Yes, there are some issues that they do not address but they usually have a good reason. I had an issue with the wireless headsets for the DVD player. It was easy to fix myself so I just did it. They didn't want to tear into it since they didn't manufacture the headphones. They wanted to send them back to the manufacturer. Brake pads don't last very long but its because they are designed for maximum stopping performance or shortest stopping distance. I prefer longer life but I know I can just change pad types at the first change.

    As far as your CD player problem, its clear to me that you are using the wrong brand of CDRs. Buy some better ones. When you've jammed 4 units, that should have become obvious. I never have a problem with Memorex in mine. Could you have just gotten a bad unit? 4 of them? Not likely. Maybe their unit should be less sensative. BTW, do you have the standard or the BOSE system?

    I can't make you an offer on Townhall.
  • Hey, the first time mine jammed was with memorex, ive since stuck with either memorix, tdk, or officedepot brand.

    And nope, never lived in S.C., nor do I goto church ;)

    I suppose one's experience is very related to service and support, and everybodies experience will vary greatly by dealer. After I bought the car I heard alot of bad press about my dealer.

    Anyway, it is of my opinion this unit jamming this frequently regardless of the quality of cdrs is not acceptable. I could almost believe it if it were due to shoddy cdrs all the time, but its happened to me with good cdrs, with generic cdrs and with REAL store bought cds -- i think they are just making up excuses.

    Either way i'm off to the beach for a week -- happy labor day everyone ;)

  • Oops sorry forgot to answer your questions -- I have a sedan bought may 2002. ie: its an original 2003 and I have the premium package + 900$ bose upgrade.
  • bigorange30= saw your post to Brian about being in SC. Where are you in the state. I am in MB and looking for other "G" owners in the area. I would like to get a meet on the coast of other "G" owners. ANYONE ALONG THE SOUTH CAROLINA COAST OR IN LAND PLEASE RESPOND.
    Never any problem with cd changer or my dealer. Thanks in advance for your response.
  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    I'm on my 4th player. I'm only using music CD's, no CD-R's at all, so cheap CD-R's is not the issue here.

    I, too, am getting tired of the long wait for another bound-to-fail replacement, and the lack of a loan car while it's being fixed.

    As for keeping head units in stock, don't get upset with your dealership. That's an Infiniti/Clarion thing. The dealerships are not allowed to stock the head units, and they can't order one until they have a customer with a failed unit. My dealership is trying to find a way to circumvent the system and keep a couple in stock, but they're not successful yet.
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