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Infiniti G35 Accessories and Modifications



  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    just about g35jones
  • g35_wangg35_wang Posts: 21
    Hi, everyone,

    I really like the rear spoiler on a G35 Sedan, but I don't want the sport package. Did anybody tried to install an aftermarket rear spoiler and could you give me some suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    I have the sport package.

    However, I believe you can purchase the OEM rear spoiler by itself through your dealer's parts dept. and have them install it. I'm not sure of any aftermarket options.
  • Hey guys,

    What I mean by "notchy" is how jaydoll put it. It takes a little effort to go into each gate (be it 2nd or 6th or whatever). All shift gates should have some sort of resistance to them, which provides tactile feedback to the driver that the transmission is actually going into gear. The G35's shifter gates just provides more resistance than others. My old Acura's shift gates were light -- you could tell they were there, and they provided the right amount of "feeling"...

    So far, I like my coupe. I'd have to wait until I've put 10,000 miles on it before I can say that I "love" it. But averaging 26,000 miles a year, that milestone will come pretty quickly. I bought it 3 weeks ago today with 30 miles on the clock (it was a showroom model and exactly what I was looking for in a coupe, so I bought it then and there without waiting for an order), and now it has almost 1700 miles on it. Great highway car!

  • Hey there fellow Beach person! I live in Myrtle Beach just off Forestbrook. I have a twilight blue sedan 2003. Just turned 15,000 miles. Dealer is Baker Infiniti in Charleston. I would love to attend any sort of G35 rally at the beach. I have only seen a white with sport package G35 one day at Circuit City. I know my sales guy said someone here in MB got the first coupe sold from that dealer. Maybe that was you. Very few here at the beach though. IF you want to contact me my email is [email protected]
    Happy driving!

  • Does anyone know if the 2004 Sedan has an option for Body Colored Side Sills (including bumper as well)?

    For the 2003 model, the Areo Kit package was required (which priced around $2,500).

    Edmunds doesn't show option for an Areo Kit. It has something for the Areo Pkg but that package says nothing about body colored side sills.

    Also, Does anyone know why the Coupe comes with body colored side sills but the Sedan doesn't?
  • if I understand what you meant correctly :)

    But, the color is black though (exterior color is Ivory Pearl).
  • If you body color is Ivory Pearl and the side sills are black, then it means that the side sills are not body colored.

    In order for yours to be body colored, your side sills would need to be Ivory.

    You will find that all the G35 coupes come with body colored side sills. But not the sedans.
  • Hey All,

     Has anyone tried to install a vanity plate or shield on their G35 Coupe? I bought a regular chrome trim plate with the mounting bracket and shield for my license plate only to find that Infiniti has a metal bracket holding these two lights on the rear of the car that I had to remove before mounting the plate. I was able to somehow rig the lights into place by wedging them between some foam and the bumper. Very aggravating design if you ask me. Anyway, mission accomplished and the tag is in place. Consider yourself warned if you attempt the same.
  • I'm in the market for some aftermarket wheels, for my coupe (silver) does any one here have any good suggestion's or have seen any on the street that made the car standout. Also wheel size stay with 18's or go to 19's and wider. Thanks AL
  • Tirerack ( has a great simulation where you pick your car and color and do the "barbi dress-up" thing with your G.
  • I have a 2004 Coupe and was wondering if anyone has the splash guards installed. Are they worth it? Does it look good? Have they helped keeping stones or other road shrapnel off your car?

  • I got the splash guards for my coupe. I love 'em. I think the car looks better with them. Visually lowered and widened the car, especially in the back.

    The front ones help with spray and stones; not sure about the rear ones.
  • Thanks for the reply. Did you install them yourself? The dealer wants $204 for the pair plus installation. It's only a $200 option on a new car, so I ordered them from for only $150. Figured I would install them myself.
  • Yes, I installed them myself. Took about 1 hour. The most time-consuming part was jacking up the car and removing each wheel. Several of the G35 web sites have people who have posted very clear instructions for it.

    I got mine as a dealer "throw-in" to compensate for a Sat radio mix-up.
  • b718b718 Posts: 9
    not sure if this helps in regards to the aero package. You can get the sedan with the aero package which really only includes the spoiler and some stuff underneath the car. Or you can get the full aero package which includes the rear spoiler and the front side and rear spoilers on the bottom of the car for around $2500. I thought the best bet is the aero package with the rear spoiler since in my opinion it makes the car look perfect.
  • I am getting a Diamond Graphite G35X which doesn't offer the aero package as an option. I am thinking of having the dealer add it but it will cost around $650 (including labor).

    Does anyone think I should look into buying an aftermarket spoiler? Will it look good and will it cost less? Anyone have pictures?
  • I am thinking of getting a infiniti g35 sedan but I cannot stand the current interior.. I was wondering if there are any aftermarket interior dash/center console kit that fixes the interior of the g35.. anyone tried these kits? any feedback would be appreciated..
  • I agree. However, I do like the titanium trim which comes with the Sport Package. Unfortunately for me, it is not avaible for the G35X.
    I have the same question posted in the G35 Infinti thread.

    However, in my research I have found several companies the do custom trims for the G35 Sedan.
    The link below is just one example. Do a search on google for G35 DASH. You will get many hits. dash-trim-kit.html

    I would also like to see some close-up photos of those who have added these.
  • Does anyone know how they get the extra 20 Hp on the coupe with the same engine thats in the sedan? I heard it was a different exhaust system but not for sure!!!!
  • Actually, it might not be as much as 20 hp. C&D magazine recorded nearly identical acceleration with the g35 sedan versus the coupe. I think it's at least partly a play on numbers, between the g35 coupe and sedan, the 350z, and probably the maxima and altima too. the 350z is only a tick or two faster than the g35, and it weighs a couple hundred pounds less, too...
  • Exhaust is different. Coupe has an electric not a belt driven secondary fan. The drivetrtain is shorter on the Z so that will account for some gains over G and the intake is slightly different for the Z as well. There are also possibilities about regarding the ECU being different for each and this is where the real change can occur.

    There are differences for each application of the VQ even among the FM platform.
  • kdleekdlee Posts: 6
    Are there default removable floor mats that come with G35? I think they are missing. If you have those, please let me know. I am not talking about the optional rubber floor mats.
  • I thought the floor mats were standard.
  • scottlpscottlp Posts: 21
    OK this may sound silly given all you performance nuts out there, but one minor add on that the BMWs have that I'd like to add to the G35 if I can find an aftermarket add on is the sensor that one can use when backing up or parking that lets you know how far you are from the car (wall, etc.) behind you.

    Anyone know if is this is available?


  • Saw them on ebay: Try "Infiniti G35 backup sensor". I believe they run around $80-$95 for a set of 2. Add $15 for addition 2 sensors.
  • anhnanhn Posts: 4
    I purchased an early 2003 G35 6MT coupe that does not have the arm rest center console. I notice that they are available for about $300. Have anyone installed this? Please let me know if this is a relatively easy swap.
  • jacksonjackson Posts: 3
    Does the oil in the K&N air filter void my vehicle's warranty if it enters the pollution control devices?
  • bigtenbigten Posts: 1
    Love my G35 but cringe every time my big slobbery dog jumps in the back seat . . . pet-store seat covers are only somewhat satisfactory, does anyone know of custom rear seat covers for the G35?
  • chrisbothchrisboth Posts: 493
    No possible way
  • mparsonmparson Posts: 2
    Anyone knows if G35 Navigation system can be used as the DVD player. What kind of modifications are needed to make it happen?

    - mp
  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    The answer is: "kinda."

    The DVD drive can not play DVD movies. You will need an aftermarket DVD player of some sort. You can get it to play through the Nav screen and stock radio, though.

    I haven't done this myself, but from what I read on other forums, the nav's video display has a second video input. A popular box to aid the hookup is an AV Electronic unit ( If you don't like sound through an FM modulator, and aren't using the Sat Radio option, PAC is about to ship an AUX adapter that plugs into the Sat port on our headunits.
  • vancmtvancmt Posts: 22
    Like to get some all season floor mats for my '04 G35x. Debating between Infiniti all season mats vs. Weathertech mats. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  • jim14jim14 Posts: 4
    Just picked up my 2004 Twilight Blue Sedan...Looking for a place to store my cellphone and saw a post (#79). Was there ever a reply on the request for more info on the Pep Boys holder such as a model number or something? Since this post is old I am wondering if someone has found something better in the meantime that doesn't mar the car and looks fairly stock.
  • Found a G35 specific cell phone mount at proclipusa. Haven't got it myself, it's a little pricey. The right side option seems more feasible since I would think the left side version would rub against the driver's right leg. One good thing is it wouldn't block the vents.
  • siegesiege Posts: 8
    I just picked up my 2005 G35x and love it! It has the black obsidian exterior and I'm considering the paint protection. I do a lot of freeway driving and, this being Michigan, there is a lot of debris, salt, rocks, etc. The dealer offers LLUMAR paint protection film (rather than the 3M). Any advice on which I should get? And how much I should pay.

    Its $499 dealer-installed for the front part of the hood, the side-view mirrors, and a bit of the front bumper.

  • I've had the 3M film over my hood, bumpers, mirrors, A-pillars, and headlights (the latter are the easiest to install and most recommended) on my last two cars, and I think it's a good investment. $499 sounds like a fair deal; I've heard estimates anywhere from $400 to over a thousand, but those pricier ones usuaully come close to shrink-wrapping the entire car with the stuff.

    I'm not sure how the LUMAR compares with the 3M film, but probably anything is better than nothing.
  • Just this morning I asked the service asst. mgr. about upgrading the hi-beams on the '04 and he said that any super bulb would fry the wiring harness and I quote: "even the supposedly safe PIAA bulbs". I've got the Xenons, so I'll just live with the yellowish high beams. I not going to take a chance on burning things.
    FWIW, I've used both PIAA Xtreme White and Sylvania Silverstar in my old Accord and both were great; I preferred the Silverstars and they were about $50 the pair at Autozone.
  • My G35x came with the instrument storage (where the nav unit would go). Has anyone ever tried to install an XM or Sirius docking station in this location? Doing so looks as though it would allow the radio unit to sit below dash level and still be easy to take in and out. Or, has anyone tried the same with the ashtray/lighter hole in the dash?


    Didn't want to get the sat radio from the dealer, want to be able to move receiver from car to home, etc, and not have to pay for the extra receiver.
  • I just had a Delphi Roady2 (XM) installed in the storage bin. The swivel mount was included with the Roady2 and was mounted on the underside of the storage bin cover. The bin stays open when the unit is in place but may be closed when it is removed. You also need to unplug 3 wires every time but it's not a huge deal.
  • neo6neo6 Posts: 24
    Anyone have a good recommendation on car cover for the G35 sedan. There seem to be a lot of choices. I am looking for something for outdoor use.
  • Has anyone installed a Bluetooth cell phone car kit in a 2004 (or other year) G35? I have a Treo 650 and I'm thinking about buying a Parrot CK3100. Supposedly, it works with any car audio system but I wanted to see if anyone else had tried it.
  • I have G35 sedan, automatic transmission with 1300 miles on odometer. Bought Beltronics Vector FX2 accelerometer to test how my new performance sedan performs.

    So far I am getting from 0 to 60 mph in 6.03 to 6.6 seconds (Car and Driver performance data indicates 6.1 seconds for automatics).

    I was also able to get 0.81 g going through a very sharp and tight turn at about 32 mph, using winter Blizzak WS-50 tires installed for the season, with tires just starting to loose their grip (Car and driver claims 0.86 on a 200 ft skid pad with stock tires). Was a bit surprised by a relatively high number for these winter tires: credit definitely goes to G35s chassis design. When testing on a gentler curves, at higher speed, these tires begin to give way much earlier - not a surprise.

    Does anybody else done any G35 testing? What is the mileage of your car and what are the numbers you are getting? I assume that 0 to 60 times should improve for a car with higher mileage.
  • I would like to see numbers for the 2005 G35x. I'm wondering if the AWD and extra weight slow it down some. I'm hoping it's still under 6.5.
  • Trying to measure max horsepower for timed runs 0 to 60 mph, using Beltronics FX2 accelerometer ($129.99 through an on-line retailer). In order to perform proper measurements there are several car specific variables which need to be entered. The one I am getting trouble finding is aerodynamic drag which is product Cd x A, where Cd is drag coefficient (0.27 for sedans without aero package) and A is frontal area of the car in square feet. Did multiple searches on the Net for any data on G35 frontal area, all without any success.

    Does anybody knows what G35 frontal area is?
  • Check Car and Driver. If memory serves, their full road tests include this information now, and if not, check their archives. I remember reading about it somewhere in the past couple of years about frontal area and how they calculate it.
  • Thanks, Colonel35

    Will try to search Car and Driver site. If successful, will post measured hp. Very curious how close to the rated 260 hp will I get...
  • I'd be curious as well, but I wouldn't place too much faith in that box, since its methods for these calculations is indirect. Horsepower, especially, without knowing precise engine speeds through the acceleration run, is an educated guess at best. The only precise way of measuring, of course, is with a chassis dyno.
  • cuambacuamba Posts: 8
    Does anyone have any suggestions (or fixes) to improve the WELL below 15 mpg I am getting on my 2004 G35x doing mostly suburban short hauls?
  • jlamjlam Posts: 2
    Today, after I got my oil change at the dealership. I noticed that my taillight was busted. The thing is I didn't notice it until I got home. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't busted before I took it to the dealership, because I put my mat covers in the trunk before going tp the dealership, so they could vacuum and I didn't see the busted taillight then. I called them but they said I had to call Monday morning to talk to the service manager. I doubt they will own up to it, and was wondering how much a taillight cost???
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