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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Take a look at the Acura MDX Owners: MPG-Real World Numbers discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • Yes! I found out that replacement is relatively easy for all of the bulbs (5) behind the wood grain panel that surrounds the nav/display unit. The panel is clipped to the dash and can be CAREFULLY pried out. The bulb you referred to can be found at &catcgry2=2001&catcgry3=5DR+MDX&catcgry5=AUTO%2BAIR%2BCONDITIONER%2BCONTROL&List- All=All&vinsrch=no

    illustration no. 5. I've had to replace a lot of the bulbs in the dash. This vendor has good diagrams and good prices. Good luck!
  • evanmevanm Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 MDX with the factory MDX rubber all-season floor mats.
    Problem: coverage seems inadequate. when you have your foot on the gas pedal, your heel leaves debris. the rubber insert in the carpet for your left foot is also exposed and gets quite filthy. any suggestions???
  • mdx4mdx4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 MDX,I got into an accident a few weeks a go.It was fixed very badly by a local body shop.If anyone out there has a digital camera and is willing to e-mail me a picture of the gas cap area as well as the fuel door when it is closed.I have an appointment with the owner of the bodyshop in the morning.I would like to show him what it should look like inside the fuel door.
    Thank you, Marty
  • I'm seriously looking to purchase a 2006 MDX Touring and I see great reviews at the various consumer sites, but consumer reports gives it a con for the emergency handling and braking distances. Do any of you owners out there have experiences to share along these lines?
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I do a lot of time on Nantucket. I use my Isuzu there. I see the MDX out on the beach, but not in any of the off the beaten path areas. I have seen several in action though...I think there are a few things regarding the MDX in sand. First the lower profile tires look like they are on the rims when I see people driving at 15 psi. Second, the MDX 4wd system is good enough for regular sand, but I would worry about it overheating in really deep stuff. I am not sure the MDX could handle chugging along in 4wd low for 45 minutes through thick sand.

    So if you are going to regular sand spots where CRV's, Lexus 300's and other AWD vehicles go, I am sure you will be OK...or spots where you don't need to airdown. If you are fishing in remote rough terrain, I don't think the MDX is the right vehicle...although I am not sure I would take an explorer there either :-)
  • c1238c1238 Posts: 2
    I have a problem regarding my 2005 MDX around 15,200 miles with Navigation System and DVD Player. I was very happy with it until there was a problem.
    The problem was: at least four times, in the past two month’s period, I could not start my car after a short period of waiting time, approximately 35 minutes, with the radio on but engine off. The sub-woofer and DVD player were also off. It needed a quick contact jump in order to be able to start again. I have been driving this MDX in the same manner as it used to be and it never happened like this before even with the sub-woofer and DVD player both on with the engine off. I brought the car back to the dealer and I was told that nothing was wrong. They told me that I can not listen to the radio while I am in a waiting period with the engine off. I can not believe that I paid more than $45,000 and I have to pay the cost of the gas each time I listen to the radio inside the car. According to the dealer, I can not do anything about this but run the car when I want to listen to the radio.:mad: I am just curious if anyone have had a similar problem. Thank you in advance for helping me to solve this problem.
  • progerproger Posts: 44
    I had similar problem. While waiting in the garage and listening to music w/o engine running for approx. 15 music, it suddenly stopped. Tried to start engine but there was no contact, just sudden flashing lights w/o even a sound. Waited for 2 hours and it started again. A week after, I tried again and it happen again. Complained to the dealer but did'nt find anything wrong. This time after a month or so at the parking lot while waiting for a friend, turned on the music, and after 15 min it died on me. Luckily my friend had that starter kit to start it. This time I went to my Dealer and complained about it. And explained the scenario. They said there was nothing wrong but, since it still under warranty, they changed the battery with a new one. I haven't experienced dying on me as of yet. Hopefully it is the battery.
  • c1238c1238 Posts: 2
    You were luck that your dealer agreed to replace the battery for you! By the way, how long you own the car? I brought my car back to dealer three times for the same problem. They used the battery test equipment and found out my battery which was in good condition. The last time I dropped by the dealer 20 minutes before the appointment and listened the radio with the engine off, test the battery after 20 minutes. The battery test computer came out with: Battery Good but not fully charged. They told me that better leave the car for a low amp long jump and see what will be happened. I decided to run over hundred miles on highway and backed to the dealer for another test. The test printout which indicated my 550ccamp battery was charged to 576ccamp which meant not only fully charged but 26ccamp more than the battery 550ccamp indicated. Nothing wrong :confuse: I asked why the problem did not happen until two months ago. (Car is only one year old) They told me that the brand-new battery was in top efficiency, the efficiency will be lower and lower by the time pass. They also told me that they can not replace the battery even the car is still under warranty. According the test printout, they can not have the battery defective code to report to the Acura. I asked if I paid the battery cost my self can this problem be solved. They told me that it will come back again when the time pass by. I had talked to the Acura and I got the similar answer without any help. I have either to carry an emergency portable power jump starter whenever I drive the car or not to listen the radio with the engine off. I don’t want to replace the battery every year just for listen to the radio. I think I have to listen the portable radio instead the nice Bose subwoofer system which designed by Acura! :mad:
  • enayatkenayatk Posts: 1
    I bought my MDX 2002 and in my first winter experience on the road, I almost crashed to the front car when my ABS did not work at all.
    Dealer tested the car several times and they say there is nothing wrong with the ABS system, but not to me since I have two other cars from different brand. Abs system is designed to work and stop the car under sudden stop to avoid the accident but when it starts raining and in my experience more than three times I survived a very bad accident since the ABS did not work properly, break makes a rattling sound under my foot and not much power to stop the car with confidence.
    several times I brought this issue to the dealer and each time they say they can't find any problem with it and it similar to the other MDX to them
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Dude: sounds like you need to slow down in the rain.

    Maybe you wouldn't have to test your BRAKES so often.

    Good luck.

  • progerproger Posts: 44
    My MDX is 2004 and still under warranty. As of this date, I haven't experienced dying on me. I try to avoid turning on my radio or other accesories while the engine is off. I begin to be paranoid. I will perhaps do it again in the future, but, I make sure I have a battery booster on the side, just in case.
  • popejohnpopejohn Posts: 11
    I have a 2003 MDX with about 34K miles. I hooked up one of those DC tire inflators into the lighter jack, turned off the radio and the lights, and started putting air in the tires with the engine off. Battery went completely dead after two tires. (Reset the radio!) I jumped it from my wife's car and haven't had trouble since, but that doesn't seem right. Lesson learned - leave the engine running!
  • shopper8shopper8 Posts: 21
    6 month old MDX (10k mi) and right running board popped off under normal driving conditions. Normally I would assume board was installed incorrectly since it only needs to support weight of two children under 6 years old, but i was shocked when i looked at board and it appeared that bolts had popped through the channel on underside used to hold board to bolt. we have not hit anything such as a curb. has anyone had this odd experience? struck me as very cheap material. i wonder what can i expect in another 50k miles ?
  • inemerinemer Posts: 44
    We have '04 MDX with NAVY, no DVD. One morning my wife can't start car. Nada. Called AAA and towed car to the near Acura (2 ml) - they check and found battery is dead... Replaced by warranty - no question ask. 18 month old car need new battery? :confuse:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    a battery should remain optimum for 3-4 years.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • alee1078alee1078 Posts: 1
    I just bought the 2006 touring package MDX and when i drive i always feel the heat by my foot and it's kind of annoying. I tried turning on the circulation button but all it gets is hotter and when it's off there is still heat. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Are there any adjustable vents near the floor?

    tidester, host
  • Is the MDX quieter than the Pilot, also compared to a 2006 Acura TL?
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Dealers often swap batteries around the lot for test drives...or so I have seen when I wanted to test drive a car with a dead battery and they pulled it from another on the lot. I doubt you got a brand new battery, that is probably why it died.
  • 2 days after delivery, I noticed a high pitch, whistling noise coming from the driver side of the vehicle. I immediately took the car back to the dealership but was told the noise was coming from the “fuel pump” and there is no fix. They could replace the fuel pump but if no problem is found with the old pump, they would charge me for the replacement. So I got scare and decided to wait and see what happens. Anyway, since then, the noise has intensified. I checked online and it appears to be a fairly common issue but If it is a common, how come not every MDX has it?
  • sailor1sailor1 Posts: 8
    I also have noticed this fairly loud and constant thud. It seems to happen when braking, and I even get the noise when pulling forward. Relatives going for a ride in our "new car" ask about it. Service Tech said its normal. Yeah, right. I can't imagine manufacturer designing in a noisy braking system. I never had this problem with my Tahoe... and I never had any problem with my Tahoe.

    What gives? :mad:
  • progerproger Posts: 44
    Has anyone experienced steering wheels shaking as brake is applied at around 55 mph? I have a 2004 mdx and this is the second time it happened to me. A year back when it happened, they changed the brake pads and turned the rotors. It worked just fine. This time, about two days ago while on a long trip and raining, it did the same thing again, and complained to the dealer. This time they changed the rotors, but I have to pay for the pads. I brake normally as I did in my other cars and I did'nt experienced something like that. Has anybody experienced the same problem?
  • jaymojaymo Posts: 10
    We've only had our new 2006 MDX w/ nav for 1 months now, and yesterday the onscreen buttons kept pressing themselves, first changing the air venting (from flowing at face and feet to just face), and then it decided to pull up the calculator and type in a bunch of numbers! This happened several times in a row. It almost seemed like the sunshine coming through the sunroof may have affected the screen as when I waved my hand in front of the screen (causing shade), more buttons appeared to get pressed. Anyone ever heard of such a strange problem? I'm guessing I need to get it back to the dealer but I wonder what would cause this or if this is "normal" behavior, which I would doubt?

    Thanks for any input!
  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    Better call acura busters.It's haunted!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jaymojaymo Posts: 10

    My husband's joke was that the car was trying to do the math to double check the gas mileage it reports on the trip computer. I called the dealer and will be taking it in in a week or so when another part comes in for another problem (SRS indicator light). Kind of disappointing to be in the shop so much in the first month of owning a new car!
  • redsockredsock Posts: 1
    the same thing happened to me, but it was more mysterious, my car was parked in front of my house and the rear window broke. Very expensive to fix.
  • buddynmaribuddynmari Posts: 1
    Happened to my TL some years back. Apparently I parked it under the sun in such a way that the screen was exposed directly for some time. The touch screen is heat sensitive/touch sensitive so it interpreted the heat signature as fingers touching triggering all sorts of commands.
  • jpdegjpdeg Posts: 7
    Just picked up my 06 MDX on Saturday. Later, rolled down the passenger side rear window, a few inches and it rattles. When the salesman called Monday AM to ask how it was I told him about the rattle. I told him it was no big deal, I'd take it in to the local dealership (I bought it 50 miles away) later in the week. He insisted that he drive down, leave a loaner and take mine back to fix the problem. It is very importantto him to get 5s on the post purchase survey.So he does that. He brings it back with a chip on the front driver fender, and tells me they cannot locate the problem. They drove it all over and didn't hear anyhting. I got in, went around the block, and heard the rattle the whole time.

    What pisses me off more is the chip. The only reason its there is because they insisted on taking the car in to fix the rattle, which they couldn't do anyway. Arrgh!
  • oren1oren1 Posts: 17
    I have 2004 MDX with 21,000 miles on it. AC stopped working. I took it to the dealer. Dealer have to replace the compressor. Did any body knows is this a common problem with MDX. My knowledge of compressor going bad is a very rear occurrence
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