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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • Well, I am afraid it may be a big problem. Get them to repair it, do your trans service as scheduled. And hope for the best. I think it will affect '02 and '01's - not '03's+. Ask the dealer if there is a TSB on it. Let us know how it ends up.

  • Hi inemer; I have the same problem but was not sure what it is. I wonder if the dealer charge you for this work? I am thinking to order a goose neck and have it installed myself.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Has anyone upgraded their stereo? speakers? in the MDX? I would like to get MP3 capabiity in the truck and was wondering about putting better speakers in it.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Not exactly the ultimate high-tech solution, but you can spend 20 bucks and get a cassette-style adapter which will allow you to plug in an MP3.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Quite a few folks have upgraded the speakers with good results. Trick is finding low-ohm speakers to replace the awful Bose ones.

    For adding MP3 capability, Acura just introduced their iPod link but the jury's still out on whether it works on MDX's earlier than 2006 or 2005. It does let you control the iPod somewhat via the steering wheel controls, though there is apparently no display capability (e.g. doesn't show on the trip computer of nav screen).

    Most folks have bought the Blitzsafe adapter ( and done a DIY install so they can plug in their iPod. On another forum, there are some pretty detailed photos of two self-installation methods. The preferred one seems to be the "Not an Ashtray" method, where you don't even need to remove any of the plood to get to the connection with the head unit (you do need to remove some plastic trim). Folks have routed the input into the center console where the iPod resides and gets charged up (requires drilling two small holes). There are photos that show how to run the cable without anything showing, a very elegant install that only takes a few hours depending on skill level.

    With the Blitzsafe, you can't control the selection of the iPod with the vehicle's controls, just the volume. But most folks seem quite happy with it, and it's relatively cheap. The sound is clearly better than using an FM modulator or the cassette adapter (which also results in cables hanging out).
  • I am considering buying a used 2003 MDX with 15,000 miles on it. The dealer has replaced the front tires (the backs are original and have 7/32 of tread left) and the dealer has also redone the front brakes. My question is what kind of tire and brake life are MDX owners seeing? The salesman told me that owners see 30k for both. If thats true I'm struggling to understand why they would have to replace the front tires and brakes at 15,000 miles. Any advice/comments?

  • gotribegotribe Posts: 101
    Well I have an 03 MDX with the Michelin Cross Terrains and replaced them at 50,000 miles, pretty typical according to the tire dealer. Could have easily gotten 5k more but not in winter. Also at 50k still on original brake pads front and rear with probably 70/30 city/highway mix. Dealer says brakes have another 5k left. So...its possible the 03 you're considering has OE tires other than Michelin that are not as long wearing, or the prior owner didnt rotate them--the fronts wear a lot faster than the rears. As far as the brakes, only explanation could be prior owner was real hard on them, or due to sitting a lot with little use, front rotors got rusty and caused vibration. I'm only guessing. Given the concerns you have, I'd have the MDX checked out by an independent garage familiar with Acuras, or another Acura dealer.
  • I was out food shopping the other night, and when I got into my MDX (w/ just 250 miles on it...), the first thing I did was lock the doors using the lock button on the driver's door. I'm 9 mos pregnant so I want to be sure I'm being safe since I can't run very fast...

    Once I locked the doors, I turned on the car, drove home and into the garage, turned off the car, and pushed the lock button up. The locks on the door went up and immediately went back down. This continued to happen each time I hit the lock button. I even re-started the car, drove around my circle, and then tried again when I came back home. No luck. I could not lift the lock myself- nothing. I finally used the lock button on the front passenger door and was able to climb out that door.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I am going to call the dealer- just thought I would check in here first. I have been able to replicate the problem if I go through the same sequence of events described above. Thanks!
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297

    I am emailing them with some questions...i.e. does the CD player still work with the MP3 adapter/player hooked up. The Cassette option isn't very good, I have used it before for plain CD Players back in the 80's and the sound is poor. FM Modulation? I am not sure? I will get the music selection, but not the sound quality...not sure if it matters while driving though.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    hmmm...I have never heard of that before. Sounds like an electrical short or cross wiring.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Yes, with the Blitzsafe the stock CD changer should continue to operate. You press the "CD" button to cycle between the CD changer and the Blitzsafe input.

    I understand it also works with the single CD player as well. The only compatibility issue I'm aware of is with RES equipped units, but they provide their own inputs.

    The Blitzsafe input will sound better than either FM modulation or the cassette adapter.
  • I have an 02. 56,000 miles, original tires and brakes. Probably got at least another 10000 on mine... 60% highway 40% city. good luck.
  • Hi, has anyone's dash light for the temp control (little red and blue buttons above the NAV) gone out? Mine just did and was wondering how to replace them. Thanks.
  • Engine began by hesitating, check engine light came on. I shut it off & waited approx. 1 hour.. Restarted, check engine light not on, car ran great. 5 miles down the road, check engine lighta as well as the VRM-4 (4wheel drive )light came on and the car began bucking badly. I was worried to get home. car never stalled out.
    Local all makes shop ( Naples, Fla. Acura dealer 2 weeks out for appt.)checked for fault codes & said that 3 cylinders were misfiring. The car sat for the morning there waiting it's turn to be looked at. The tech said that he found a vacuum hose off, reattached it, car ran great.
    We then put approx. 500 miles on a trip. car ran great. Back in Naples, same exact problem occurs. Car bucks badly, both dash lights back on. I an concerned to drive it. I might have to rent a car until the Acura dealer can fit it in. Any thoughts? Pete M.
  • I have the same problem with 2005 MDX. Went back to the dealer and they did not know. If you find a solution, please post.
  • I have a 2002 MDX that has just over 65,000 miles. For the past two months, the transmission had been slipping but not enough to register a code. (I had the recall performed at about 35,000) Finally it stranded me and finally registered a code and the check engine light came on. Acura replaced the transmission. It was covered under extended warranty but Acura took care of the balance of the rental car, etc. I have no complaints with their service. . . BUT now the car makes a "wind-up sound" and another constant clicking/rattle which sounds like it's coming from the front left. Has anyone experienced this problem? It wasn't there before. :confuse:
  • I have been having a funny sound like metal clanking. I had torque converter replaced after having the trans recall done.
  • I purchased a 2004 MDX last weekend (24,000 miles). Last night the same thing happened to me. I inserted the key & cycled the ignition twice. After that it let me out, but I'm not sure if that is what did the trick.
  • just a thought. Change gas station in Naples. Sometimes bad gas will make an engine mis-fire.
  • On 2 occasions the key cannot be removed. Take to dealer and they manage to remove it without doing any corrections to mechanics they just keep on trying until they are successful.

    You can be sure every effort is made to remove it before bringing it to dealer. Any suggestions
  • My 2005 MDX touring w/ Nav was badly damaged recently, including a broken windshield, when my neighbor's tree fell on it. My car insurance company, Geico, gave me an estimate for repairing the car. It quoted the cost of "quality replacement part" for the windshield. I was told by a friend that since my car is only a few months old, Geico should pay for OME parts for all repairs. Could anyone clarify for me the rules on this (i.e., OME exclusively vs. QRP for the repair of a brand new car)?

    Also, the original windshield has rain sensing capability, but the quote from geico indicated the QRP is a windshield w/o rain sensor. Is it possible they can use the original rain sensor on the replacement windshield? Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Check out the Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • t8kteezet8kteeze Posts: 1
    The problem lies within the shift lever on the console. Apparently some PIN is not locking or unlocking into place all the time. My sis had the problem with her 2005 MDX and the service guys rolled their eyes a lil. However, when they looked at the shift lever they notice the fault. It is not with the ignition entry area but with the shift lever when you put it into park. The service guys at Acura of Boston fixed it
  • I've had my 05 MDX for about 8 months and could not be happier with it. However, one thing annoys me about the MDX is the liftgate height. I'm 6 foot tall and probably smacked my head on the liftgate about a dozen times. Is there a workaround for this? Maybe the dealer can install longer control arms?
  • desertkevdesertkev Posts: 76
    Try GlassMax....they replaced my back glass at my house, for hundreds less than the dealer and it was good work...looks good as new.
  • I have the same problem and was told that the main dashboard panel has to be removed to get to the light bulbs in the back of the A/C control unit. I started the job, but it seems rather involved. They could have made it easier to get to them, although I had good success replacing bulbs on the drivers side. I guess it's time to check out the shop manual. Good luck.
  • I am thinking of replacing my Explorer with an MDX. I use it for fishing on the beach. In the past the Explorer has had no trouble driving on the beach (it has 8" ground clearance) the MDX also has 8" clearance but the exhaust system is at the 8" level leaving it very suseptible to damage from rocks etc. Has anyone used this vehicle on the beach? If so please describe the experience. I like the MDX but must consider the realities of my requirements. Thanks for your response.
  • had a similar problem in a 2002 mdx. they replaced the front engine mount and the problem stopped.
  • r10r10 Posts: 6
    I have a 04 MDX and on three occasions, the transmission has got stuck in reverse with the lever in D. Of course the dealer could not find anything wrong with the car. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • mnsheamnshea Posts: 10
    I'm thinking very seriously of buying a 2006 MDX. However, one of my concerns is what I'm reading here on gas mileage. Although many say they are disappointed with mileage, I would appreciate hearing what kind of mileage you are actually getting compared to what the sticker says.
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