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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I was going to buy from Rosenthal but just wasn't comfortable with them. We bought a Nissan from them before and were really dissatisfied. I bought mine from Pohanka. I don't know if I got the best deal, but I got such good service it was worth it to me to cross over the bridge into VA. I agree with the other posts, if you thought you had a good deal when you walked out of the showroom, you should be happy. Someone will always do better. It's not like you paid thousands more. You paid a couple bucks more on a very expensive vehicle. The dealer is in business to make money, they deserve a profit. You deserve a good car and good service. If you were happy with the service, buy it from Rosenthal, if not, go somewhere else. You have a written offer, you won't pay more. Good luck.
  • Just curious, it's not even 2008 yet, how can some dealers already sell the 08 MDX at or even below invoice just weeks after they came out? Big heldback or incentives from Honda? Not that I am complaining.
  • I would also like to know how is everyone buying the 2008 MDX at invoice or below?

    We tried to get a dealer to sell at invoice 2 weeks ago -- the best deal we could find was $250 over.

    Really curious how the dealers are able to sell the 08 models at invoice?
  • alex45alex45 Posts: 4
    Question, are you sure??? I've never seen or heard of a deal like that before on a 2008 MDX Tech lease with 22k miles for 42 months...and I should know, I'm shopping for the same SUV with 25k miles for 36 months. My price is $742 with $3,999 plus destination Down, $4,714 total. I'm also getting the running boards and roof rack/cross bars.

    I'm located in New York and shopping in Brooklyn and Jersey, don't know where you are, but even if your in Timbucktoo, I might just have to take the flight and ship my MDX back, LOL. Do you mind revealing where you are and the name of the dealership and salesman?
  • Like I said in my last post, I am skeptical of anyone who has posted here on a 2008 MDX that they got below invoice I would have to think it is either A) a demo with mileage on it or B) a fabricated price. What is real, however, is a current month end promotion at Springfield Acura in NJ now until 10/31 - through the internet department you can drive off with any '08 Acura at invoice price - better hurry, though as I understand that they have sold most of their in-stock inventory of MDX's in the past 24 hours as a result. Ask for John and he'll hook you up.
  • dont get me wrong i dont think that is a good deal. the reason y i think like that is
    678 x 42 = 28476.00
    upfront cost+ montly payement = 28476 + 1816 = 30292

    say u r buying this vehicle it may cost u 42000 on actualy u r only saving 12000 dollars. i guesss it is better off for u to buy this car right now since i feel after 4 years even if the car has 90k miles u can sell it for more than 12000 dollars. this is just my thought. i bought a delear demo with 4k miles for 37500 that is the price before tax in NY. any way good luck
  • Is $37,000 a good deal for a 2007 demo Tech/Entertainment with 5,000 miles?
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    I would treat that as a used car and price it accordingly. If that's what a used 07 MDX goes for, then it's not good. Not bad but not good.
  • hey guys! well, i guess they are doing it in other parts of the country. I am from southern california, and i got my 08 tech at $40,100. i had $1500 out the door which included $480 towards cap cost red (a.k.a. down), and at 36 months, 12k miles, my payments are $600 and some change/month (that's including tax of 7.75%). It is possible to get it under invoice. i do have a couple of friends who tried to get this similar deal, and the dealership now wouldn't do it, but i'm sure that if you haggled the heck out of them, they would get close. I was e-mailing and calling 3 different dealerships for a week before finally settling.

    oh yeah..i got mine in the middle of September. also, when i was haggling, i was haggling to get an 07 MDX tech. So, after we finally came down with the numbers i was somewhat happy with, i went to the dealership, and found out that they didn't have the color that i was looking for (gray with ebony). but, i knew that another dealership had it. so, instead of losing my business to another one, they gave me the 08 instead. At first, i was really happy, then i got home and got a little suspicious...i mean, it was just WAYYYY too easy to get the 08...but i kept going over the numbers over and over again, and now i'm super satisfied.
  • I'm ready to purchase an 08 MDX Tech in Pleasanton, CA. They offered me $41,800 before T/L is this a good price. Should I research in another location nearby. They told me best time to buy is around Thanksgiving/Christmas.
  • $600 per month on a lease? Are people really paying this crazy money on a lease? Wow...assuming that's a 36 month lease then you are paying over $21000 to "rent" a vehicle with nothing to show at the end of the term. You could take the same $1500 you used at lease inception and pay only about $180 more per month on a 5% rate 60 month vehicle loan and own the vehicle after 5 years then you would own a vehicle with high residual and have something to trade in or sell when/if you decide to get a new car later...
  • hahaha..that's what my dad keeps telling me to do! but, I LOVE (and i admit...a little bit addicted ;) ) to new cars. also, i'm in an industry where (i hate to admit it) "looks" are a factor (not a large one, but it can make a difference!). So, since i'm taking my clients around all the time, it's pretty good to update my car often. I've got to look "successful"...and i feel like i'm still too young to be driving a mercedes or lexus, and i don't like bmw's. Besides, My husband and I are pretty good at making deals...we always return our cars a few months early, and we have yet to be under...we actually have gotten money to get out of a lease early. hahahaha...weird..i still don't know exactly how that works out, but eh...i'm not complaining! ;)

    see...i understand that we can buy the car by paying $180/month more, but that would bring us into a price range that we are not comfortable with. this way, i can drive a nice car, impress my clients, and still pay what i feel comfortable paying. :)
  • Leasing and purchasing each have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Leasing comes out much better in financial terms than purchasing if you plan on an intermediate lease and you don't put many miles on your car. It's even a greater advantage if you invest your down payment, which you would have used for a car purchase. Moreover, leases satisfy people who like to drive new cars fairly often, such as yourself.

    I prefer purchasing autos myself, but less so for purely financial reasons. Ironically, I am an investment banker and get ribbed by my coworkers all the time for not leasing.

    The key in leasing is to treat the leasing process almost exactly the same way you would a purchase (i.e. ignore the monthly payment and focus on the purchase price, and money factor.)
  • I decided to surprise my wife for her birthday with an MDX. I sent out for quotes requesting no calls because it was a surprise. However the site required a phone # so I put in a fake one and explained it in the note. Every dealer responded well and offered to deliver the car, wrap it, balloons, you name it. All but 101, they responded with "no # = not a real buyer." I was so put off by that. I actually live and work 7 miles from them and they cost themselves a deal.
    Eventually I decided to try Keyes. The service was great and they had the car I wanted. The sales guy helped me load it with balloons and we put a bow on top and stuck it in the garage. My wife almost fainted, it was great!
    I read this forum alot to get ideas and price info and the deal Keyes did was fair. I don't think I could have done any better going elsewhere.
    So that's my story - thank you forum for helping me get a great deal and a happy wife! :blush:
  • sounds like you're going to be pretty happy for next week too. :P
  • geez..lucky lady! i asked my husband for flowers, and he gave me fake silk flowers. good move!!! ;)
  • Sounds like your husband is going to be pretty unhappy this coming week. ;)
  • Can anybody reccomend a good dealership in the Baltimore / Maryland area and received prices on a purchase for a 2008 MDX Tech package.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Whoever it is, I bet they are more willing to unload now than 2 or 3 weeks ago in light of fall in stock market and run up in price of gas !
  • bill124, you obviously haven't lived in the NY area very long...if you did, you would already know that the NY/NJ/CT economy is unlike any other in the world and virtually impervious to stock market fluctuations and gas prices...I'm talking about the Westchester, Fairfield, Nassau and Suffolk county crowds...ask the small business owners and soccer moms in Scarsdale, NY or Greenwich, CT if they give a crap about $4/gallon gas when they are filling up their gas guzzling Land Rovers, Hummers or X5 Bimmers...I think NOT.
  • bill124bill124 Posts: 242
    Well, I think 46 years is long enough to know that Acura is not a high end luxury car and that its sales will be affected by the economy. Early seventies, late 80's. The street's bonuses will not be as good as last year, dollar is low, etc. You think this area is invincible? It's not. I can't tell you how many houses are for sale in my area, on North Shore. Realtor friend said half her office has turned to other employment and those still there are looking for part time jobs. So, better prices are on their way (IMHO). Will be away on vacation for a week and won't be able to reply but I will upon return.
  • Hello. This person requested a quote from us with a fictitious quote from another dealership that they could not verify when I said that I would match it. They would not provide any of the relevant information for me to confirm the quote. Therefore, I could not match the quote and hence they became angry and thus, blogged this site.
    Our sales staff has an outstanding reputation for customer service.

    Thank you for reading this.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Good job, juli714!!

    You've just dredged up a post that is over 2 years old. It was gone and forgotten, but no more!! I'm sure you can remember every detail of a deal from 2005!

    Google is a wonderful tool, but you have to learn how to use it.. :surprise:

    Moral of the story: Let sleeping dogs lie


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I'm in the market to get my wife a 2008 MDX Tech/Entertainment. I'm thinking that she probably drives about 12k miles a year, so a lease probably looks like a good idea. We live in Southern Calif and am looking for a dealer who you think would provide the best financial deal. My buying time is in the next 30-60 days. Please provide all details, ie. sales rep name and specifics on the deal. Thanks! :)
  • Looking for anyone who has purchased n '08 MDX Tech in the Memphis/Jackson, MS area. Stopped in to Acura of Memphis in early Sept and they didn't offer invoice or below for an '07 - thought I'd wait for the 08's to come out. Just wondering what kind of deals being offered in the area.
  • mdx08mdx08 Posts: 1
    I went to Springfield Acura in NJ with a price quote of $37,299 (including destination) for an 08' MDX base. It was not a good experience. Waited in the reception area for 30 minutes, and the receptionist called for a sales guy to come at least three times, still no one showed up. Finally met some one, but was told that they don't have the color I want in stock. Before going there, I have confirmed with them twice. Each time they said it is available. Then they said they made a mistake on the inventory. I will go to other dealerships and would rather pay a higher price for a better service.
  • flevyflevy Posts: 18
    I just purchased a 2008 MDX with tech for $39,800, plus taxes, license and tags (destination was included). I needed the car quickly, having my 2006 MDX Touring was totaled the week before. I called around on October 29th to dealers in Md and Va and received quotes $39,900 (including destination) to $42,000 (without destination), with the understanding that I would buy the car by month's end. Both Radley and Pohanka were eager for the business and were willing to make the deal do so easily and with no add ons. From the other posts, I was expecting to pay around $41K and was surprised by these prices. However, I was given quotes under $40K with no haggling. I just picked up the car from Pohanka and there were no games played. The car was exactly as discussed and I would highly recommend either dealer as a place to shop for the MDX.
  • How much shall I offer for a certified pre-owned 2007 MDX sport/Ent with 15,000 miles? The dealer asked for $43,000.
  • We purchased a 2008 MDX with Technology package for $40,000 from First Acura in Seekonk, MA. They were running a very aggresive sales campaign this past weekend. The internet sales manager was very easy to work with.

    We were earlier considering to purchase from Herb Connoly Acura in Framingham, MA. However, when it came time to discuss pricing, they quoted the Invoice at $40,900 whereas everyone else was quoting $40,403. They attributed the mark-up to "port charges". Had never heard of such a thing before. Anyway, it supports the comments made in Message 5549.
  • merckymercky Posts: 15
    I just bought a mdx tech package brand new for $38500+ttl.
    this is in bay area.
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