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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gtecgtec Posts: 4
    Thanks to all pioneers. I have learnt a lot in this forum before buying my 08 MDX Tech Package. It's time for me to share...

    Bought @ Sunnyvale Acura. $39752 + fees + tax. The sales was nice and helpful, not pushing all.
  • daven2daven2 Posts: 1
    Did you pay any additional delivery charges ($715) or this included del. charges. Thanks
  • Can you define "fees"?
  • Thanks to this forum and experts in this forum atlast i was able to get Acura MDX 08 with tech/Ent with pro pack at 44726 ( including sales tax + destination price+ documentation fee) it was final out of door price in PA

    Thanks once again :D
  • quoting tylerdurden99: Can you define "fees"?

    fee. noun. payment asked or given for professional services, admissions, licenses, tuition, etc.; charge
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Nothing like posting drivel that adds nothing to the discussion. Obviously what was implied is that if the "fees" previously mentioned by the other user were ridiculous in nature then they didn't get a good deal at all.
  • mtairyordgemtairyordge Posts: 144
    What is a 'Pro Pack'
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Usually that would be the mats, cargo organizer or rear liner and wheel locks. About $200 worth of stuff.
  • I am trying to purchase an MDX. The dealer is telling me they have a Dealer Conveyance Fee of $349. Is this bogus? Appears to be the old prep fee. Also what should I expect to pay for assessories? I see a price on the Acura site. Is this the price I will be paying. The dealer also appears to want to add labor on these so that I would be paying over $900 for back up sensor which lists for $582. can someone provide feedback on Acura of Avon (CT). Which are the best dealers in this area (North Haven, Berlin, Manchester, Avon). Appreciate any and all feedback.
  • I'm in FL and two dealers here in Central FL also add $500-600 is dealer fees. Trying to get anyone to tell you a straight price is next to impossible. I am, however, getting closer. They also have told me that everyone gets an XX package which is an additional $500. It appears to me they are just looking to add $1,000 to the price of the car beyond what that first price is they give you. The problem is when you run the numbers yourself and compare it to the price, they don't work out. That's because on that price, they haven't told you everything.

    The game we all play.....
  • Yes Pro pack is whee locks/ All weather floor mat/ Crago net , price for this would be around $299.

    What do you guys think about this deal
    $44,726 ( Out of door ) price Acura MDX with tech/ ent package
    42,050 - Sale price
    2523 - Sale tax ( 6 % )
    153 - Documentation charges
    total = 44,726
  • mtairyordgemtairyordge Posts: 144
    Thanks for the info on the Pro-Package.

    I am in the Baltimore Wash DC area

    I think the deal you are getting is fairly typical for the area. I was looking when Acura was offering 2.9% for 60 months and the prices you quote are consistent.

    If you don't mind traveling there is an Acura dealer in Fredrickburg Va that can do a few hundred dollars better.

    What type of financing are you getting?

    Also have you looked at web for Acura parts. I have seen anywhere from 18 to 24 % markup at dealerships. A google search should help you here. :shades:
  • zed44zed44 Posts: 2
    Here is the deal I got this weekend:

    '08 MDX w/ Tech Package
    Preferred Accessory Package I (Floor mats, Cargo Tray, Wheel locks)
    Body Side Molding (Installed)

    $40,600 (including dealer fee and destination charge) + Taxes, Title, Tag
  • mj89mj89 Posts: 4
    I've been to Acura of Avon but ended up getting my mdx at some place else. Didn't like the way they play the game... Didn't pay the $349 fee either. Only got the side steps installed by the dealership, bought cargo liners and floor mats on-line. Sometimes they throw them in to make a deal. It's a great car.
  • janawjanaw Posts: 1
    where are you? I am in Houston - how did you manage to get this deal? Getting ready to "start dealing" - Thanks
  • zed44zed44 Posts: 2
    I am in Florida.

    I think I got the deal because the dealer had a full lot of MDX's (with more arriving) and was facing slow march sales (gas prices, economy).
  • no need to attack me personally by calling my posts "drivel".
  • What dealer are you referring to in Fredericksburg? When I do a search on Acura the closest one I get is Karen Radley in Woodbridge. We are planning to buy in No VA and have heard good things about both Pohanka and Rosenthal. We are going to drive up in two weeks for initial look.

    Thanks for any advice you can give and would love to hear from other posters who have purchased in No Va. We are looking for tech/ent.
  • 9mine9mine Posts: 3
    After read lots of post here, it’s my turn to add the useful information:
    Brought MDX(sterling gry) 08 base last weekend.

    sale price $36500 (include Destination)
    window etching $149
    tax 2565
    nj titling fee $334
    doc fee $258
    motor vehicle tire fee $7.5

    total $39813.5
  • lmfao... you got scammed into window etching!!??!! that's the oldest dealer scam in the book. you can get a do-it-yourself window etching kit for a few bucks at pep boys.
  • phil1668phil1668 Posts: 1
    Hi! How much was your destination fee?

    I just got a base model -black/black from Power Acura in Torrance,CA for $36,883 with $250 gift card from Homedepot. It seems you got an even better deal. Did you get any accessories for your new MDX? There is a seller on ebay selling the OEM sport running board for $395 and the OEM tubes for around $450 (Shipping included.) I went with the sport running board. All weather mat ($90) and body side molding ($185)
  • 9mine9mine Posts: 3
    may be like you said, the window etching is a scam, but I got $5000 additional insurance if you got stolen. plus the sale price I got, I use this to tip the salesman.
  • 9mine9mine Posts: 3
    $715 for the des
  • Friends....I would like to know some experts help in buying an 2004 MDX touring with RES & Nav along with side steps & sproiler ..this has 30k mileage and got an offer for 25k from a private it a good deal ?? Please help.
  • Son, if your car is stolen, the $5,000 extra insurance will be little consolation for all the headaches you are about to endure. As for tipping the salesman... forget it. They are the scum of the earth and don't deserve one extra penny.
  • djdocdjdoc Posts: 1
    Where did you get the deal in FL? (dealership)
    Do you have suggestions on which salesman to work with?
  • rpowers1rpowers1 Posts: 5
    have been quoted $700 down and $700 per month for a 08 MDX Tech; Moulding; Side Steps and Full roof rack (12k per year)..any thoughts?
  • we're allowed to include delaership name on this board BUT

    "please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information."
  • jimmy2xjimmy2x Posts: 124
    1st of all you are being pretty harsh. I have no affiliation with the auto industry but calling people the scum of the earth is uncalled for. I presume that you work for a living like the rest of us. I guarantee that whoever you work for makes a profit or they do not stay in business.

    FWIW, I always tell them upfront that I am not interested in the old "Rust and Dust, Mop and Glo" stuff. I am also looking for a Base on and looking at app $37,300 plus PA tax and tag. No other fees. So far as I'm concerned, in the current market that is a pretty fair price based on the difference I see between Edmunds TMV and real world selling price.
  • wilsongkwilsongk Posts: 6
    Hello All:

    Found a 2005 MDX touring with nav & RES w/ 38K miles. Dealer (toyota dealer) asking $23,900. Looks and drives great, but missing the nav disc. Is there anything else I should look at before making offer?

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