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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mmedicmmedic Posts: 15
    Has anyone bought extended warranty from and know is it worth it on the new MDX and knows how the process goes?
  • can you tell me where you got your car? I need a car and want to avoid the dealer in NJ mentioned in the previous post. Thanks
  • yarikyarik Posts: 9
    Check They have invoice price for all models....
  • My 2004 MDX lease is up at the end of this month. I'm searching for a new vehicle, and have come down to the 2008 base MDX or the Audi Q7. Any advice? The best price I got on the 2008 MDX was $37,995. I can't seem to find what the dealer invoice for the base model is. If anyone knows, please tell me. Thanks
  • After I picked up my MDX Tech from Sunnyvale Acura in NorCal, I tried to convince a friend in SoCal to lease a base MDX; she was set on a Touareg, and ended up leasing one of those. The sales guy I worked with at Sunnyvale sent a quote with a selling price (for the lease) of $36,975. According to, invoice (including $715 destination) is $37,229.
  • yarikyarik Posts: 9
    This forum has been really good resource. Just got my MDX so I would like to contribute...

    MDX with Tech. Price includes roof rails, bodyside moldings, all weather mats, installation.
    Paid: $40,644 plus $99 doc fee, taxes and tags.
    Since I bought before Feb 24, I took advantage of 2.9% for 60 month deal.
    I would stay away from physically going to dealership to negotiate. It's much more effective to negotiate by e-mail. Request a quote from as many dealerships as possible. It's likely that one of them can't move that particular combination (color, model) that you are looking for, so you can get pretty good deal.
    Good luck...
  • I did check out, and they had quite a bit of information on both cars. I have one week to make my decision. Thanks for the advice. If anyone out there is driving a 2008 MDX, are you happy with it?
  • Precision Acura.
  • Thanks for posting your information. We purchased a 2001 MDX from Crown Acura in Greensboro in 2001 when we were living there and paid retail for it, which I am still driving. We now live in Central VA and there is a Crown Acura in Richmond, the closest one to us, but they do not have a huge inventory and I figured they weren't worth contacting. My plan was to buy in Northern Va even though I would have to take the vehicle to Crown for service after purchase. Thanks to your post I will now talk with Crown when we are ready to buy our Tech with entertainment. I will most likely just send out an email to as many dealers as possible and hope they will be willing to negotiate.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    For all of you who are considering the MDX, DRIVE the sport, especially if you are going to buy the NAV anyhow. The difference in price is not very large and you get a lot for it. The magnetic ride shocks are amazing, especially when you push the vehicle a little bit. I have an '07 Sport and except for some very annoying warranty repairs, I love the Sport. I am amazed that they don't sell more. You get (much) better tires, better rims (easier to clean too), better leather, better dash (metal instead of more plastic), plus the amazing magnetic ride, bigger sway bars, self leveling headlights, etc. Just consider it.
  • We live in the Hampton Roads area and we tried dealing with local dealers in the area, via internet. They wanted us to come in to talk to them, I told them give me your best price out the door. No one wanted to give us an out the door price except Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, Va. After 4 days of haggling with local dealers, we just purchased a 2008 MDX w/Tech. $41,000.00 out the door. The dealers in the Tidewater and Richmond area couldn't come close. Pohanka was easy to deal with and easy to get in/out. We saved with a trade and purchasing a new vehicle over $5000.00. Hands down do your researching over the internet for your best price, it may take a little time and effort, but definately the way to shop.
  • Finally bought the MDX with tech/ent pkg plus tint windows, low jack, locking wheel lugnuts, cargo tray (not sure if thats what its called with the rubber inside liner), roof rails, body side moldings, and a moonroof deflector for 43,927 including dest. I did initially want the sport running boards, door edge guard, front and rear trim but they wanted retail for it so I took it off. Looks like I got some garage time and internet ordering coming up :) I ended up driving to the furthest dealership (Vandergriff) in the DFW for me, but it paid off at the end. I went to McDavid, and they were like "that price is under invoice, we can't sell you it at that price". Oh, I got the 2.9% @ 60months as well. Which McDavid would not match as well (trying to figure out how they stay in biz actually). Vandergriff was decent in dealing with, they tried some tricks like....when I got a internet quote for 42,597w/ dest. for a tech/ent pkg w/o any extras when I got there, it turned out to be much higher cuz they always include lowjack/wheel locks/cargo tray/tint with all the acuras....she tried to dance around it but I ended up paying just 200 more for that stuff and I figured that decent enough (since the mats are like 100 plus tint I figured I got the low jack free---with those numbers anyways). Send me a pm for the sales person name, overall she was very good. (Even though we had to dance around some stuff, it was well worth it) Love the new car many gadgets and the ride is great.
    Wanted to add...they offered me a 7yr/100k warranty for does that sound? I actually haggled down to that and then didn't buy it but I am considering it since it doesn't seem too bad.
  • Concerning the third row seating of MDX, I don't know if Acura already or in the future will make a rail track for second row seats far back to third row seat position. That would be solved the problem of many fan's concern of third row is too narrow just for kids, not use it in most of time, or decrease gas mileage. With the rail track, you can take off third row seat if not use, move your second row back as much as you like, so the second row passenger would gain a tons of space and be treated like in a limo. Really hope Acura can make it! :D
  • Thanks for replying. We lived in Va Beach from 98-01. Really miss it. It was my favorite of all the places we've been.

    From everything we have read on this, No Va does seem to be the most aggressive, and have the largest # of vehicles in stock.

    I will be traveling up there mid March for a sporting event and plan to talk with a couple of dealers while I am there, if dealing strictly be email doesn't work out. Pohanka is tops on my list as well as Rosenthal.

    We have a 98 Dodge Dakota pickup that we need to get rid of, but I was afraid if I offered it for trade, I wouldn't get as good of a discount off sticker price of the MDX. Since it's not worth more than a few thousand it won't make or break the sale.

    So, as you can see, we still have a few things to work out. I was hoping to buy next month and hopefully take advantage of the quarter end deals, but now I'm thinking I might be better off waiting until June.

    We'll see.
  • Couldn't figure out how to PM on this forum....hit me an email at martin_fielder at . I'm looking as well in the DFW area for a tech/ent. Offered the same price from Vandergriff (42, 597 + TTL), but want to discuss the extras they want us to pay for. (Lojack et al) Did you get the all weather mats, or just the cargo mat?
  • Hi All Northeasterner,

    MDX tech/Ent 's quote in New England area should be around 42000 +/- 1000 before any accessories, tax, and plate fee. Don't be stupid to raise the price over 43000!!! Acura Boston is the best dealer in Great Boston area. Price really different compare dealer to dealer. So be smart and firm for reasonable price.
  • Hi The previous suggested price for MDX tech/ent should be $42000 -/+ 100, not (-/+ 1000). Sorry for this mistyping. ;)
  • ahoviaahovia Posts: 2
    texasguy33. what did it take to secure the 2.9% over 60? Need help.
  • ahoviaahovia Posts: 2
    Anyone. Looking for buying experiences in Chicago market. In particular 2.9% over 60. Help please
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    The 2.9 60 month deal was a regional deal that ended last week. There is no 2.9 60+ deal going on through Acura finance right now.

    If the dealer gave you 2.9 60+ at this time they would just make it up on the front end by making you pay sticker on the car.

    Hopefully we see some new deals announced in March that run through April. A lot of it is going to depend on how well MDX continues to sell with the economy cooling off.
  • I Finally bought the 2008 MDX / Tech PKG from Mike Harvey Acura (Burlingame) Bay Area, CA.

    I worked with Steven's Creek Acura and Sunnyvale Acura in the Bay Area as well but got the best deal from Mike Harvery Acura. This included the best base price for 2008-MDX-Tech as well as very good price for the Accessories.

    I paid $39,618 + Accessories + TTL.

    I plan to buy Warranty from Barnardi.

    I really appreciate all the input I received on this forum.

  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Does anyone have info yet on March lease rates for the MDX?
  • I think it might be over, but you can still ask if they will offer it to you. They did offer a 0% option for either 60 or 72mths but there is 2 catches. 1. You have to pay MSRP and second is 30% down. Doing the numbers, 2.9% @ 60 @ invoice is still better than 0% @ 72 @ MSRP (see below). Initicing part of the 0% is the lower payments @ 72 but the 30% down kinda sucks. That's why I went 2.9% @ 60.

    example S/E pkg w/dest charge
    0% @ 72 =48710 msrp-14,613 down (30%)=48710 total cost after finance
    2.9%@60 =44302invoice-13290 down(30%)=46642 total cost after finance

    example Base pkg w/dest charge
    0% @ 72 =40910 msrp-12,273down (30%)=40910 total cost after finance
    2.9%@60 =44302invoice-12,058 down(30%)=39195 total cost after finance
  • Would anyone have any insight into a MDX leased in Northern New Jersey with

    36/32 Mo.
    15,000 Miles per Year
    $0 Down

  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    I don't believe that's through Honda Finance. Sounds like some kind of deal your local dealer worked with a bank/finance company.

    I don't have to buy until May but I am interested in the March/April deals as sometimes they are about the best seen all year until the new models come out and dealers start blowing out the old ones.

    Right now it's between Acura MDX and Mazda CX9
  • bugatibugati Posts: 14
    "... Acura reported February sales of 13,084 units, down 8.0 percent, based on the daily selling rate..."

    Feb 2007: 13,658 units / 24 days ~= 569.08 units per day
    Feb 2008: 13,084 units / 25 days ~= 523.36 units per day

    MDX sale:
    Feb 2007: 4,330 units / 24 days ~= 180.41 units per day
    Feb 2008: 4,545 units / 25 days ~= 181.8 units per day

    Anybody know ... How many Acura dealers are there in US ?
  • gtecgtec Posts: 4
    I was planning on getting a MDX/Tech. Are you still shopping around?
  • texmdxtexmdx Posts: 2
    This forum has been quite helpful, so I thought I would post the fact that I picked up a base MDX last week for 37.500 + ttl & 2.9% financing over 36 month. At the end the negotiation focused on the trade so that always makes these deals hard to compare.

    In addition, just some food for thought: for those of you who are undecided about which car you are going to buy, consider the fact that for any vehicle or class of vehicles a base model will always give you the best value:

    I looked at CX9, Highlanders, Pilots. The fact is that if there are a few must haves on your list, such as leather, power seats, moonroof etc... any of these vehicules will reach a price range close to that of a base MDX already loaded with all the goodies (and more).

    Case in point, the MSRP of an equivalent CX9 (GT AWD Moonroof) is for instance 37.250 vs 40.900 for the base MDX. If you negotiate I think that these days you will come out with about the same discount off MSRP in either case. Also when you take resale value into account you would have spent about the same amount of money driving an inferior vehicule. Because there is just no denying the fact that the built quality and engineering of these two vehicules just does not compare. No matter the amount of options you heap on the Mazda, at the end of the day a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig (if you may excuse the expression, the CX9 is not that bad, it just does not belong in the same league).

    That being said, the best car is one that you can afford. Also, a base CX9 will still be a great value, will be much less expensive than any MDX and will compare favorably to a loaded RAV4 for instance. Now, in my opinion the best value SUV in the sub 30k range is actually the new (09) Murano. I test drove one and at 26+k for a base model (and trying to avoiding useless dealer adds on) it is a fantastic deal (drives great, strong engine, very nice interior). Now, add leather, a moonroof and a few options and you are back in the base MDX range...
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    I've currently wittled down the herd to the CX9 and the MDX. Wife is starting a business so I'm looking to lease her a high quality, high safety, high reliability vehicle for three years with the plan to write a check and buy it at lease end if the vehicle has performed well over the lease period and then drive it another 5 years or so.

    Definitely resale is better on MDX. In my market the dealers all seem to be looking to get $1000 plus doc fees over invoice. I'm still shooting for invoice +$500 out the door pricing, but we'll have to see.

    CX9 isn't a bad lease option as residual is being propped up (52% on 3 year 36K lease I believe for the GT model) and the money factor is in the triple digits (.0008). If I went with the CX9 I would probably plan on turning it in at lease end and shopping again as I don't trust Mazda for long term reliability.

    MDX deals are "ok" but not great at this point in time. I was hoping we would see 2.9% 60 month financing (nation wide this time instead of regional) OR a lease promotion that took money factor down further. If either of these things happen in the next 45 days I will probably buy the MDX, otherwise it will be a bit of a toss up, with CX9 probably being $100 less per month for comparable equipment to MDX base model.
  • gtecgtec Posts: 4

    Me too, looking for a MDX tech package. Went to Steven Creek and Sunnyvale Acura too. Could you please advise which salesman you deal with? Is the best price you have heard so far? My best quote is 41K. I assume yours includes destination charge and no other hidden cost. Please correct me if I get you wrong. I would like to follow your pace, perhaps in a week. Regards.
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