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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Harmstrong and WCD,

    Congratulations to you guys. Even I haven't step into water yet, I like to see buyers feel stronger like you to play this in car dealers' market, win a better deal, and buy a happy ending. Best wishes to you two!

    Is that 41990 OTD or they will add fees later? Any accessories you guys going throw in? Where you get that 2.9% 60 months policy? Please keep me posted when you guys reach the final deal. My email is I may follow up later.
  • wcd1wcd1 Posts: 15
    Thanks frank but by no means is this a done deal. The 41,900 is not OTD. There will be a document fee and of course sales tax and plates. I will post final numbers once I close the deal.

    I do not have any information on the 2.9% rate other than it starts tomorrow in MA. All of the MA dealers are offering the rate.

    I'm planning to install all of the accessories myself.
  • Could someone tell me how much they paid for a 2008 MDX with Tech/Entertainment package in the Los Angeles/Ventura area. I called Acura 101 in Calabasas and the salesman was arrogant stated that they sell only for MSRP for 46K. I couldn't put with that annoying discussion, I pretty much dropped the line.

    This is my first post so please forgive me if this information is elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance.
  • can you link to something where I could print this out to bring in? Im not finding it on the Acura website. Thanks!
  • hi, can't find it on the Acura website anywhere ... is that nationwide, or where? On cars on-site already only??? Thanks!!
  • For Tech with Ent I found Glendale Acura with the best internet price below $43K Also accessories at very close to dealer cost. They were great to talk to with no sales pressure or games of any kind.
    Keys Van Nuys was willing to match the price but tried to charge more on the dealer installed accessories and were very high pressure.
  • Anyone about to buy an Acura of any kind or even better a MDX in the greater Sacramento, CA area? I'm about to buy a MDX and would like the buying power of two people, as others have used in the past.... email me at if you are within a month away from purchasing a new Acura.

  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Until you see a promotion advertised in print or on TV, radio, etc, I would take the whole "2.9%" thing with a giant helping of salt.... after all, you heard about it on the Internet.
  • wcd1wcd1 Posts: 15
    I got 2.9% for 60 months today. Call your dealer and ask.
  • wjzwjz Posts: 3
    Be careful to buy MDX. I bought one a couple months ago in Bellevue Washington. The car has been back to the dealer shop multiple times for multiple defects. Defected mirror, defected gus door, defected steering wheel and defected roof molding. Last weekend, the roof rack cap flew away while driving on highway. unacceptable for a brand-new luxury car. Think twice and compared other model before you buy MDX.
  • wjzwjz Posts: 3
    I bought MDX two months ago. Having multiple defects. Consider other model before you buy MDX.
  • hey kumar what the out door price u paid with everything included ..did u have any upgrade if u can please send me the quote they sent u. i would be realy apprecrate email address is
  • SacramentoJATT, let me knwo what you guys come up with, I'm about to buy in Sacramento Area too.


  • Greetings!
    This forum helps me a lot in purchasing my MDX. Yesterday me & my friend bought two vehicles from Pohanka Acura (Chantilly, VA). Here are the vehicles we requested:

    My Car: Acura 2008 MDX Technology w/Entertainment
    Color Requested: Nimbus Gray Metallic/Taupe Leather
    Accessories Requested: Roof Rails (w/o cross bars); Running Boards;

    My Friend's Car: Acura 2008 MDX Technology w/Entertainment
    Color Requested: Dark Cherry Pearl/Ebony Leather
    Accessories Requested: Roof Rails (w/o cross bars); Running Boards;

    The final price we got is $44,300 OTD (including accessories + Tax + Tag + any other fees).Last night I paid the advance and today i am planning to complete the paper work. They offer me 2.9 APR for 60 months.

    I believe, i made a good deal. What do you guys say?
    If you want sales person name please email me sunilkag at gmail dot com

  • Help me out. Can you itemize the deal you got? Ddid they tell you aboutt he 2.9% for 60 months? Was it a dealer financing or was it through Acura?

    What is the taxes in VA. I am in Md close to Va, can you tell me who you spoke to?
    What extra fees did Pohanka try to get in the deal?

  • wcd1wcd1 Posts: 15
    The 2.9% finance rate is through American Honda Finance Corp and is only available through the weekend. You can call them directly to confirm it. I finalized my deal today. Sale price for Black on Black Tech/Ent was 41,900 with and OTD for me of 43,309 (Sales tak adjusted to trade-in). 2.9% for 60 months
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Stopped into two seperate Acura dealers today to inquire about any finance deals or promotions going on. While I didn't talk to the finance manager I was told that the current deal is 2.9% on 36 month loans only, 3.9% on 48 months or 4.9% on 60 months.

    I was told in both cases that there was absolutely no 2.9% deal for 60 months now or anytime in the past on the newer model MDX.

    This was in the Denver, Colorado area.
  • wcd1wcd1 Posts: 15
    I can't imagine why but it must be regional.
  • Hi Sunil,
    I sent you an email requesting the name of the sales rep just in case it went to to spam. if you didn't get my earlier email could you please send me the name to bujji1 at gmail dot com

  • I found out that the 2.9% is good through Feb 24. Can you tell me where you got your deal from and the contact.

    Did you get any accessories?
    Contact me at (Mtairyordge at yahoo dot com).

  • The 2.9 was available in the Central Florida areas when I bought mine on the 9th..
  • FYI..
    DEALER cost on those 19" latitudes in Fl (I am in the tire and rim business) is 226. Nice chrome 19's, like the ones that the dealers here are using are about 190-210 each, whole package costs dealer about 1800.. Less $1000 for OE wheels, SHOULD cost you a net of 800, plus dealer profit!..
  • yes22yes22 Posts: 6
    Yesterday, I first stopped by Bridgewater Acura, and waited almost an hour and didn't get a sales advisor. I left even I drove a long way there.

    I then went to Open Road, and they gave me a ridiculous price on my trade in, at least $5K less Edmunds' trade-in value.

    Anyway, the best quote I got so far is $42000 plus tax.

    I was told that the 2.9% up to 60 months ends on the 24th.

    Good luck all! Please provide your experience as well.
  • impage2

    I am in Denver as well and no dealer in the area had knowledge of this 2.9%/60 deal. It's frustrating right now here. I am ready to move on an 08 MDX with Tech/Ent and dealers don't want to seem to discount much here. Have you had any luck with discount pricing?

    Any other experiences in Colorado?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    I have talked to both Courtesy Acura and Mile High Acura and both want nearly full MSRP on their cars. They both claim that the cars are selling extremely well, although you couldn't tell by the amount of inventory they have on hand.

    I have a contact at Honda corporate in L.A. and he might be able to get me a contact who can assist in getting the car for invoice price.

    Alternatively I get VPP pricing from Nissan/Infiniti and will simply get my wife a loaded new Murano for invoice price.

    In my opinion the MDX is due for a major features overhaul and isn't worth a penny more than invoice price at this time.
  • We got it! On a deal we'd already made but not picked up the car yet!
  • hey, you are in my area. We had a good experience at Springfield Acura and got 2.9% for 60 months. Good luck.

    Don't know about tradeins as we did not have one.
  • wcd1wcd1 Posts: 15
    What features are you referring to? One of the main selling points for me is that the technology seems best in class.
  • u045777, can you provide details of what you got from Glendale Acura? I'm located in Orange County and am looking to buy in the next 2 or 3 months for a Tech/Entertainment. Were you able to get the color that you wanted or was it something off their lot inventory? Please fwd to
  • Wiz,
    I would assume that you meant GAS cap, not Gus cap..? Also, remember, the roof racks, etc. are dealer options, not from the factory
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