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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tyggertygger Posts: 59
    Sounds like you got a pretty good deal. What was their original asking price? Dealers around me don't seem to be negotiating on price by more than a few hundred dollars.
  • Thanks for the update. I was quoted $38,200 plus fees.
    Were you asked to pay for a Polymer Coating for $349?
    How about a dealer doc fee for $395?
    Theft gaurd for $599?
  • Original price was 22,877 w/o wraparound to 100k warranty. They had just gotten that MDX in on trade the week before I stopped in. Talking with dealers, it seems they are being stubborn and just wont move on some prices. In the past year with the SUV prices dropping so much in value, they gave too much money to trade ins and didn't have much room to move. This one I'm guessing they didnt give more than they should have on trade in and so I could get a better deal.

    Just watch the dealers like hawks and wait for one to come in!

    I live in the midwest, so maybe the coasts are different with prices.
  • rider6rider6 Posts: 4
    I got my car sport mdx with enter. for 39900+ttl from austin. that was a very easy deal took me 45 minute to test drive and do the paper work. :)
  • lyongulyongu Posts: 4
    Hi tkv,

    Would you mind telling me where you bought the car, and the name of the salesperson? I'm in MD too. My email address is

  • nikshaniksha Posts: 3
    Hi. I will be buying a 2008 Acura mdx with the sports and ent package with the luggage rack and running boards as extras by the weekend. can someone suggest a decent price i should end up paying for it and a decent dealer in the Portland Oregon area. I am just SO tired of all the games that the dealers play. From all accounts on here the going price is around $38500-39000 nationally.Thanx.
  • Dude you gotta use the the Request a Quote feature on the main site. I did and have absolutely no regrets. I received 2 quotes and an email seeking a callback, all within 4 hours. From the 2 "serious" dealerships (who were within $400 of eachother), I was able to snag a 2008 Nimbus Gray/Ebony Tech for 35998 (WTF, right!?!). All of this via email without any of those irritating come-on-down-and-we'll-see-what-we-can-do-for-ya phone convos. This was probably the most beautiful purchase experience I've ever participated in. Seriously. I'm in the DC metro area, though.

    BTW, I'm totally lovin' my MDX. I call it my Stealth Fighter--a term coined by my buddy, Ryan. It looks like a Stealth Fighter, no? Yaaaah man.
  • kevin34kevin34 Posts: 39
    I think they add something to the look of the car, what do you think? My only concern is that they may cause added noise.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,586
    I think you pegged it.. better looks in exchange for more noise..

    And.. where there is wind noise, there is probably a small fuel mileage penalty..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • sounds exactly like the reason ricer boys set up 5 foot spoilers on their $35,000 souped up civics.
  • kevin34kevin34 Posts: 39
    You're right, less aerodynamic.
  • kevin34kevin34 Posts: 39
    A happy medium may be to get just the roof rails without the cross bars which I think is the cause of the noise....
  • dmac22dmac22 Posts: 6
    I think the rails are a must in terms utility. I'm looking right now at adding either the Acura cross bars myself ($170 online) or going with a Thule or Yakima rack (~ $200) so I can add a ski carrier or cargo box. The aftermarket stuff can be taken on/off more easily and they make a fairing to reduce wind noise.... plus they should be more versatile. Has anybody added a cargo box to the Acura cross bars?... I worry that they might flex too much.
  • Thank you for the info. I got the same deal.Bought the last one. I went down yesterday, about 500 miles away from where I live. I enjoyed the drive back though in my new MDX, got about 18mph. I added roofrail for $400 for the looks. The transaction was smooth,thanks to you, the saleman is funny and spend more time showing me the features of the MDX. Buying a car should be this painless. This board has been so helpful. I was looking at 09 pilot but I am glad I went with the MDX. thanks.
  • nikshaniksha Posts: 3
    Just bought the 2008 from salem oregon . black on black-sports and ent tech package with rails and nice running boards. out of the door at $41650 with 0.9% interest over 36 months.
  • Wow...I just purchased yesterday in Phoenix, AZ and got black with the tech package OTD for $42,100. This was after negotiating and the dealer not giving in anymore. Did you negotiate a great quite a bit?
  • Thanks for everyones info and advice. I have been going over numbers. Here was the deal I finally took. The price was with knowing I was going to buy the accessories!!

    Acura MDX tech/ent: $38,597
    Side Molding + Side rails + Cross bars + Sidestep running boards + Full towing package = $2,934

    I have a MDX 2003. CarMax offered $7500. It sounds funny when starting the engine and has a few dents. Had this car since 2002. The dealer offered $9000. With the tax savings equal to around $9500.

    Not many tech/ent left in my area (Houston). This was their last one. Don't know if it's a great deal but felt it was very decent and wanted a tech/ent which seemed limited around me. Only 9 miles on the car. Thanks again for all the info everyone.

    Out the door including trade-in was $34,841
  • Did that price include taxes and tiltles? If so that's an amazing price.
  • nikshaniksha Posts: 3
    I called another dealer in Portland and he said $40600. Quite naturally, when i went there yday they did not have the black on black and they did not know anything about the $40600 but did give me a price of $41650 with the running boards. In Salem they had one black on black left and i told them that the Portland dealer had one at $41650 and faxed it to him showing the running boards but told him that he was gonna throw in the rails.I told him if he wanted to do the same i would buy it . if not i would buy the white one from the Portland dealer-(Yeh Right!!!) .BINGO!! We had a deal))
  • Please give me the phone no & name of your dealer. I am really interested in purchasing one.My email is
  • suv66suv66 Posts: 1

    I am being offered a Base 2008 MDX for $33,700 +TTL or one with Technology and Power lift gate for $37,500 +TTL. Both can come with the special financing of .9% or 2.9% being offered by Acura.

    Are these a good deal or should I try to negoitate. These were quotes right off the Internet sales of dealers without any phone contact. Thanks for the help.
  • This is the second Acura I've purchased from Radley Acura in VA.
    And apparently I just walked into a ridiculous no haggle price.
    I started shopping yesterday for an SUV since I'm a new daddy and after almost
    buying an X5 '06 for 32K all said and done, I got a brand new 08 MDX for 35K all said and done.

    It was MSRP at 40,095 or something and BOOM the dealership with incentives gave the price at 32,095. Of course u add in tax/tags/stuff and we get a brand new
    MDX for 35K.

    We ended up paying extra for extended warrenties and my wife loves to buy protoection plans for leather so we did pay 1580 extra for those two things.
  • I just bought what seems like a similar deal.
    From Radley Acura in Virginia, they were giving 32,995 and that included destination/freight. This is the second Acura I've bought from them and they said thats why they didn't charge me...

    Outta principle I normally would haggle a bit, but the deal just seemed too good.
    They did throw in 2 year free oil change. I think I got a free detailing on my other Acura too. Full tank of gas.
  • I test drove an MDX today in Beaumont, TX. The salesperson told me that they are selling 2008's for 20% off the MSRP. The one I was considering had the TECH/ENT packages and was $46K so that would be $36.8K with the discount. I prefer white and they had none so I would be willing to drive for it. What city were you looking in?

    Thanks! :)
  • This is in Fairfax, Virginia
  • Should be able to buy an '08 Tech/PTG for $36,000. plus tax and title. If the dealership charges more than $100 for the doc.fee. Just give the dealer a total price you are will to pay including the "doc/adm. fees) Let them write it up how ever they want, just tell them the max you are going to pay. It is ridiculous to pay a dealer $200-$300 even up to $500 for them to take your check, print out an invoice, and cash your check. If you are using their financing and are spending time with their Finance person, I can see paying a another $50-100 for their time, but paying an additional $200-$300 for them to fill out some finance papers??? Also, when you're talking to the salesman, tell them you want the car without any additional dealer options/accessories added. If they say they are already on the car, don't include them in your pricing. The dealers are adding these options to put more profit back into the car. There are some good acura on-line sites you can go to see how inexpensive you can buy most of the accessories for, So when your salesman tells you the bodyside molding is $350, you can say "that's odd, I saw where I can buy it on-line for $190 and install it myself" Good Luck.
  • I'm looking to buy either base '08 MDX or w/ tech in the Salt Lake City area. Does anyone have any buyer's experience or prices paid you want to share on any of the two area Acura dealers? Thanks.
  • billyk1billyk1 Posts: 15
    I'm looking at two Certified Pre Owned 08 MDX's. The first is maroon w/tan interior and the tech package and 15k miles on it. I figure if new ones in this configuration are going for $36k then I should be looking at an extra 20% off. That would take it to $28800.

    The second is 08 Base in black/black with 8800 miles on it. Dealer is asking $34K which is 2k more than I figure you can get a new 08 base for. Using the same formula, 20% off of the more realistic $32K asking price would take it down to $25600. Am I off in thinking that there should be a 20% depreciation based on the cars being used?
  • Billyk1, IMHO how much the delaer is willing to come off that price depends on how the history of the car. Did he acquire it from his "loaner fleet" or from an "auction"? Almost all Acura dealers provide free "loaner" cars for service. Once they get 7-9K on them pull them from their loaner fleet, they are detailed, and sold as certified used cars. They really haven't made any revenue with them unless Acura (factory) credits them so much per mile. Which I don't know for sure. From what I have observed the dealer puts on a couple after market accessories and tries to use the additions to bump up the "list price" of the car. The reality is he may have just as much, if not more, into that certified car converted from his "loaner" fleet as he does in a new one.
    On the other hand if he aquired it at an auction (off lease fleets, etc) he may not have as much in the car. If your looking at Carmax, they put about $2,500 profit in each car and they don't move off the prices.
    I tried to buy a '08 with 8500 miles on it and came to the conclusion that MDX was going to be sold to some uneducated consumer. The Acura salesman would make him think he was getting a great deal compared to the list price of a new MDX.
    If you can get it for under 30G I would be surprised. Good Luck.
  • billyk1billyk1 Posts: 15
    mdxrrrrr, I think it is a fleet car. There are only a few Acura dealerships on Long Island. There is a good amount of inventory on new 08s. The 09s are parked right behind them. MDX sales were off 26% in September and are down 14% for the year. I'm positive that October will end up being absolutely brutal for all car makers. Carmax prices seemed out of whack with the current economic times. I don't think they are big in the northeast.

    Thanks for your input. I'm going to swing by the dealership tomorrow and get the background on the car. Is there a way to tell how long a car has been at the dealership without asking the dealer?
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