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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Cool.. congrats on your MDX.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 99
    Anyone knows when are they showing up at dealerships?
  • My sales rep said due to the production delay, the earliest they will be shipping 2014's is July. Based on previous production delays, it will end up being more like August.
  • gkapoorgkapoor Posts: 4
    May I ask you to please share where are you getting 1.74 rate for the refinance. I might be interested in the same rate if the bank allows out of state refinance.

    Thx - G
  • thanks... i actually ended up buying a 2013 Mercedes Benz GLK 350 for $7K lower than MSRP. If anyone is interested, you can talk to Saad or Vas from Hoehn Mercedes Benz in Carlsbad (north of San Diego).

    awesome vehicle... and i'm enjoying it on my drives along the coast/ beaches!!!
  • dcikhaeddcikhaed Posts: 1
    May I ask if this is a good deal?

    $39500 includes destination
    $695 Preparation (Same as Document Fee?)
    $650 Financial charge (I'm going to put $5000 down and do financing)
    $425 Registration and License
    $3625 NY Tax

    Total: $44895
    OTD: $44500
  • pash22pash22 Posts: 1
    Can anyone comment on this deal below..? I had a tough time to get any dealer in CT to come down on sell price for mdx.

    negotiated price with destination = 38, 300
    dealer conveyance = 399

    trade in (2006 honda crv SE with 132k miles ) = 6700

    total OTD = 32000 + 200 (registration, transfer of plates) + tax (6.35%) = 34, 244
  • I am not sure prices in CT, but to me it feels couple of grands more.
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offering 1.74 up to 72 months. I just checked the rates and they are still valid for June. If you do not meet the qualifications to join for free, you can make a one time donation (15-20) to one of their charities.
  • roys1981roys1981 Posts: 3
    I was able to get 35500 plus ttl till last month for the base mdx. I called rosenthal and pohanka and they have both given me prices of 36700 and 38600 respectively. Do you all think its because its the first part of the month and I should be able to get a better deal end of this month. Also i was expecting the prices to go down a little bit with the new model coming out next month. I am a bit disappointed. Could you all give me your insight as to the best time to buy for he best price.
  • tmk786tmk786 Posts: 5
    What should I expect to pay in Dallas TX area??
    sticker is about 55.7K. I got offer of 49.7K
    I heard they had 8K of in Memorial weekend on any MDX.
    How about 10yr extended warranty??
    Thank you for your help.
  • gkapoorgkapoor Posts: 4
    thanks a lot! I will give them a call to see if I refinance @1.74%
  • siusidesiuside Posts: 7
    Anywhere between 7k-8k off MSRP is a good price.
  • offcityoffcity Posts: 6
    edited June 2013
    Anyone who made a deal for 2014 MDX?

    I made a refundable deposit for 2014 MDX (AWD + Tech) recently to secure the first batch.

    But, I'm still interested in some features of Advanced package. Sadly, $8000 difference from Tech isn't small money to justify. I believe it's bloated at least $1000. From the tech pack, the advanced package has: RES($2500, a bit better than Tech+RES package) + Exterior features (roof rail + parking sensors = $1000) + Driving assistance (CMBS + AAC + LKA = $2500) + Ventilated seats ($700) = $6700. Maybe different wheel is worthy of $1000?

    So, I'm trying to find a dealership who would do any discount on the advanced package. Do you think it's gonna work at this time?

    I'm in SF bay area, where 4-6 dealerships are there. Any information for buying 2014 will be appreciated!
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited June 2013
    Advanced Pkg requires getting the new 16.2" split screen Res system, which unfortunately does not exactly have hi-res, and Acura like you said is pricing it ~ $2500.

    So, if you want entertainment for the kidos in the 2nd row, a much better option would be to get the Tech Pkg + get two 10" iPad 4's, Wi-Fi w/16GB w/retinal display w/superior res (iPad 5 is rumored to be released soon) at a cost of ~ $500 ea. ( link title ) + two iPad backseat car mounts/holders ( link title ) available for a nominal fee (b/n $12-40 ea = $80/two for best) + $30-50 ea for ear buds/Kidz Gear headphones (link title ) for the iPads = $1,000 (pair iPad4's) + $80 (pair iPad backseat mounts) + $100 (pair Kidz Gear headphones) = $1,180 total for a very nice MDX Res alternative, with lots of versatility and potential to entertain the kidos (big and small)!


  • offcityoffcity Posts: 6
    Yup, if I wanted the rear entertainment system (RES), there is no reason to buy the advanced package. As you suggested, iPad is much better option.

    But, I want some features in the advanced package, not RES. That's the problem. I just hope if a dealership does some discount on that. I believe at least a couple of months it won't be easy to get a discount on MDX 2014 models.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
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  • jimfireftrjimfireftr Posts: 26
    What would be your choice. Obviously pricing has not been revealed for the 2014 Highlander Limited, but I believe these will be similar to the current sales prices of the 2013 MDX w/ Tech package. Your thoughts?
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited June 2013
    IMO, performance and styling/cosmetics (ext/int) goes to 2013 MDX w/tech, whereas value (feature content) and pricing (anticipated) goes to 2014 Highlander LTD w/AWD.

  • 3rowsuv3rowsuv Posts: 12
    2 months ago negotiated a 13 MDX Tech for $37.9k plus dest/proc/tax/tags/etc. (About $40.7K OTD (VA 3% tax))

    Now the same dealers (Pohanka & Radley) are up to 38.9k due to the delay in 2014s.

    They sold their 13s fast thinking the 14s were coming. The delay left them short of mdx's so no need to blow out the few remaining 13s they have left in stock.

    You can still get one of their black or silver models for $41.6k OTD (3% VA tax/tags).
  • driven8driven8 Posts: 4
    I, too, live in the Bay Area and am interested in the awd tech model. Were you able to negotiate any off listed MSRP?
  • offcityoffcity Posts: 6
    I don't think so. They don't do any discount at this moment. It is true that there are several people (for each dealership) who made a deposit to secure either first batch and the next batch on July. But, I'm gonna try to negotiate for Advanced model.
  • ag75034ag75034 Posts: 5
    The lowest the dealers are willing to go at this time for the 2013 base is around this a good deal? Will the prices go lower if I wait for another week...when the 2014s are here?
  • 3rowsuv3rowsuv Posts: 12
    edited June 2013
    38k for a base out the door (all in) is pretty good, but if you are adding fees/tax/etc. on top of that it is not.

    You can get a13mdx tech for 38k plus all the fees/taxes in md/va.

    (if need be, buy it over the phone from md/va and spend $500 to ship it to you).
  • ag75034ag75034 Posts: 5
    38k in dfw ...This is without taxes and fees but includes destination...
    Who is the dealer in md/va that I should talk to? Are there any state requirements I should be aware of for registration?
  • 3rowsuv3rowsuv Posts: 12
    Pohanka & Radley in Virginia
    Rosenthall in Maryland.
    I believe the above 3 dealers are top 5 in the country and they all compete hard against each other.

    The problem is, most of their supply is dry, so they are not dealing hard right now until they get 14s.

    Your best bet is to look at new inventory on corporate websites, if they are loaded in the particular model you are looking for, call the gm directly and tell him what you want to the penny.

    Until 14s come out I would guess 36.5 for a base (plus tax) and 38.5 for tech (plus tax) are about the best pricing you will get.
  • tmk786tmk786 Posts: 5
    Any one had luck with one lately??
    I can not get deal on 2013 mDX tech. less tha 43 +++
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    edited June 2013
    I haven't seen any super deals posted on any of the forums lately. Supply is dwindling...dealers that historically held 100+ of these are down to 15-20 and many are base models. I may have predicted this.....gloating just a little. Now hopefully my other prediction comes true and the resale value rebounds on the late models once the '14's actually hit the ground. There's going to be a $8-10k difference between what many of us bought our '12/'13 models and what a '14 is going to run for awhile.
  • tmk786tmk786 Posts: 5
    I was told by some sales guy at Goodson Acura that he will beat the lowest price on MDX by up to 500.00. when I sent them the quote from other dealer, They could not even match or come close to it........Go figure !!
  • The best deal i have gotton via eprices in chicago land is 45,500 for an advanced package.

    Getting close to the 10k off.

    one thing to consider is that the gas mileage difference will save you about $6,250 in about 75,000 miles with the 2014.
  • ag75034ag75034 Posts: 5
    I don't the math is right... the gas savings will be a max of 3k over 75k miles..
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    one thing to consider is that the gas mileage difference will save you about $6,250 in about 75,000 miles with the 2014.

    The only way that math works is if you're comparing the hwy rating of the FWD '14 to the city rating of the AWD '13.

    Using the combined mileage between AWD would save about 600 gallons over 75,000 miles. You can do the math on your local cost of fuel.

    This is also assuming the EPA numbers actually work out in the real world...I get right on the money with my '12 MDX. My experience with Honda VCM engines is that they do very well for the EPA test but not so much in real world.
  • ag75034ag75034 Posts: 5
    The best I have heard as of now is about 2000 off MSRP.. Anybody buy one yet?
  • offcityoffcity Posts: 6
    Can you let us know more details? Which trim? which location? Any trade-in? Currently, I have no good for negotiating the MSRP for AWD/Advance trim.
  • hkny79hkny79 Posts: 7
    tried negotiating for 2014 with tech/entertainment package, but no luck, selling at MSRP for now and that was 2 days ago. not willing to pay full MSRP, anyone have any luck getting any discounts?
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 439
    edited June 2013
    Bad timing for Honda Motor... With the stock market tanking they won't be holding out for MSRP for the 2014 MDX for long...
  • ven2013ven2013 Posts: 1
    I got a quote on 2014 MDX Tech + ENT for $50550 in Chicago area.
    It is $1000 less than MSRP.
    Any thoughts on this price?
  • scuba01scuba01 Posts: 29
    new in demand car will be tough to get deals until much later in the year.
  • mtns2seamtns2sea Posts: 4
    10,000 off MSRP is what I'm looking to get on a '13.

    Might have to wait until all the local dealers have '14s on their lots. There is still a good supply of '13 locally.
  • offcityoffcity Posts: 6
    I think this is a good deal unless the dealership slashes the trade-in value (if any). I'm unable to get any discount from MSRP in SF bay area.
  • abokhariabokhari Posts: 26
    67 & 66% for 10K & 12K mi. 36 month. Dealer giving minimal discount ($500-750).MF 0.00160. Is the residual likely to be set lower later on when the prices are likely to go down (with the result that lease payment remains comparable to what it is now)?
  • jaybowazjaybowaz Posts: 2
    Nocive on lease ... and I have feeling I got killed on a lease deal end of Apr (unfortunately felt pressure to deal before a certain date for variety of reason and so rushed w/ dealer … not ideal but in deal now of course)

    2013 Acura MDX Tech Package
    Window tinting for pass & driver side included by dealer
    Gross cap cost $47,113
    Net cap cost $44,276

    Amnt pd at signing: $4,700
    (equals amount for trade in of 2006 Kia Sorento w/ 118k miles )
    Capitalized cost reduction (cr for net trade-in allowance) $2,836
    1st Month Payment $620
    Title fees $794
    Docs $450

    36 month lease
    10k miles per year
    (added miles 0.20 per mile)
    Residual value $25,360 (that 54% then?)
    Money factor .0062
    Payment (incl tax) $620

    Please let me know where I screwed up on this deal – looking to avoid mistakes for future deals

  • deanniedeannie Posts: 13
    Dealers need to make a profit, so it's understandable that they're holding out for MSRP (or within $500-$1000). Each and every 2014 MDX they have is worth approximately a dollar a pound in profit give or take (please put your calculators away - I'm just making a point). It's a once in a blue moon event for them.

    But I've never paid more than a grand over invoice for a car. So, I wait. I hope that everyone interested in purchasing an MDX near MSRP does so asap so I can purchase one (maybe $1500-2000 above invoice) before the summer ends. Does anyone remember how long it was before the then-new 2007 MDX started selling at more relaxed prices? It would be nice to have a frame of reference. Thanks!
  • uclaboy82uclaboy82 Posts: 1
    I live in Los Angeles and I am looking to purchase a '13 MDX with Tech (Black/Parch). I have seen that dealers in the area now have a good supply of 2014s and was just wondering what a good price to pay for a '13 with Tech package would be?

    When I look on Truecar, it says dealers are offering them at $41,150. Would this be a good price or do you think I could find a better deal?

  • tmk786tmk786 Posts: 5
    I got a offer of (47850-7200) 40650.00 from a dealer in Houston Area. New with 0 miles.
  • bigmike51bigmike51 Posts: 2
    Acura in Westmont(Chicago area) has 26 new 2012 MDX's in stock. Has anyone bought one lately? I would like to know what anyone has paid for one of these 2012's - especially one with a technology and entertainment package.
  • ag75034ag75034 Posts: 5
    edited June 2013
    36000 for tech.. I got one last month..

    P.s this is for tech w/o ent .. How much are they asking..
  • tmk786tmk786 Posts: 5
    do you get full warranty from the purchase date??
    i would like to get one....Please post dealer name & #.
  • hkny79hkny79 Posts: 7
    where can I get 2013 mdx for base $36,000 and tech for $38,000. located in dallas area.
    If i can find this deal I am willing to travel to get this.
    which dealers have inventory in stock?
  • 3rowsuv3rowsuv Posts: 12
    You can probably get $41k OTD (including 3% VA tax) at Radley in Falls Church, VA (2013 Tech).

    For you Virginia residents car tax goes up to 4% July 1st.
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