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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Not me but i cross shopped this, a Murano, FX 35 and the Subaru Tribeca.
    Took the 7 pass Tribeca, with DVD, NAV and all the goodies, $0 down and $480/month inc tax.
    Wanted the Fx but too small, MDX nice but a bit bland and everyone has one, Murano very nice but again they are everywhere, so took the factory lease from Subie, initially hated the look, but it's grown on me, hence i considered it and the interior is superb.
    Eitherway good luck they are in the end all good vehicles.
  • I'm looking for one in California. Where do you get this price? Thanks!
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    It looks like I am seeing best prices of $33,000 base or $35,500 touring.

    I have a subscription to CR car buying service and it lists a dealer incentive of $1,000 that begins 4/3/06.

    Does this mean I could expect prices of $32,000 base or $34,500 touring?

    I was looking at a TL, but I could get the base MDX for about the same price. It seems like I would be getting more for my money with the MDX at $32K.
  • I found this forum very useful regarding the acquisition of my 2006 MDX with NAV including the destination charge @ the sale price of $38050.00 on 03/15/2006. I traded a 1997 Ford Explorer Limited for $3000.00 which brought my purchase price to $35050.00. My traded vehicle had 90K miles on it.
    I hope this info may help others looking for a reasonable deal.
  • mayhermayher Posts: 41
    Do you have any additional information on the dealer incentive to be available 4/3? Sometimes these are local or regional incentives designed to help clear up excess inventory. I am close to purchasing an MDX, but would like to take advantage of this if avail. to me. What part of the US do you live in? Any info. you could provide would be appreciated.

  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I saw the $1,000 dealer incentive listed on Consumer Reports Car Buying Website, so the incentive must be national.

    I e-mailed a dealership today asking about this incentive. They e-mailed me back a quote for a base MDX of $33,500, but didn't elaborate on the incentive.

    I e-mailed them back asking if the price included the incentive, or if the price would be lower next month when the incentive kicks in (according to CR), but I have not received a response yet.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    I wonder if the incentive expires on 4/3/06?

    Usually, even the dealers don't know about upcoming incentives.. If they did, no one would buy the cars now.. they would all wait..

    It seems counter-intuitive that CR would know about an incentive that hasn't been announced yet.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    You might be correct.

    I did get an e-mail back from the dealer and he said the price of $33,500 for a base MDX did include the incentive. He said that he has had this incentive since February, so maybe the date of 4/3/06 on Consumer Reports is the expiration date.

    I think this dealer may take $33,000 for the base if I make that offer. I am trying to decide between the base MDX for $33k or the base TL for $31k. I originally wanted the TL, but I am leaning towards the MDX now because it just seems like I would be getting more for my money.
  • mayhermayher Posts: 41
    Thanks to both yourself and kyfdx for the information. He is probably correct that this may the expiration date for this incentive. Mfg's purposly do not release future incentives until the day of to prevent dealers from sandbagging sales.

    33K for a base sounds about right. I have a price in the Chgo. area of $33,374 including shipping which translates to $700.00 under invoice. I also am fairly certain that this dealer would take about 33k.

    Still working with a couple of local dealers on better pricing, will let you know what I find.

    Thanks again
  • mlingomlingo Posts: 1
    Picking up in two hours the only thing not added was tax and $199.50 for destination fee. Baught in Littleton Colorado at Courtesy Acura. We have 4 Acura dealers I called the first one and got a starting price of 41K then called the other 3 the best one came back at 39,500 but was 70 miles away called back the first one that is only 3 miles away and they gave me the $39,750 Black on Black
  • lucyglucyg Posts: 3
    Thank you for the help. I bought a MDX with touring for $40,450 (out-of-door price) with a few free accessories from Champion Acura in Houston. Did all the negotiation online. Hopefully this info would be helpful for people who is shopping around.
  • lucyglucyg Posts: 3
    Sorry, a typo. It is Touring with Navigation. Thanks.
  • hankykimhankykim Posts: 3
    Criswell Acura in Annapolis, MD
  • smanduesmandue Posts: 1
    2006 MDX with touring+NAV+DVD, I just asked them to match's price, which is $40292.00. Plus a $600 leather detailing service. Is this a fair price? I certainly hope so and just hand over a case of cash for it. hehe.
  • needmdx1needmdx1 Posts: 3
    Does it include taxes? I heard it should cost something like $42K out the door for 2006 touring_NAV+DVD
  • needmdx1needmdx1 Posts: 3
    Any update on your buying experience, final cost, which dealer...I am also looking for MDX/NAV in the Atlanta Area.
    appreciate your reply
  • cnncnn Posts: 3
    you should bargain down lower than carsdirect not just match!
    i took one out tonite at
    $38,900+tax included running board...
  • joe104joe104 Posts: 15
    2006 Acura MDX YD1886JNW MDX w/NAV AWD

    Base Price-----------------37,507.00
    Running Boards---------------750.00
    Side Body Moldings----------286.00
    Theft Guard--------------------599.00
    Price Paid----------------$39,142.00
    Vehicle Inventory Tax--------99.19
    County Road & Bridge Fee-----10.00
    Documentary Fee--------------50.00
    Tax (6.25%)---------------2,446.38
    Drive Out ---------------$41,863.12

    Bought in Dallas, TX
  • tdringtdring Posts: 1
    I am also in Houston and am shopping. Can you tell me who you worked with at that dealer? Thanks.
  • jaymojaymo Posts: 10
    We are in process of trying to negotiate for either a Base model or a Touring/NAV model. We're considering the NAV model as there appears to be much greater inventory in the NAV model and we thought we might get a better (relative) deal for that than the Base. But so far, we're being quoted above invoice for both, in response to our offers below invoice, taking into account the dealer holdback and incentive right now. Any advice on how you were able to get a better deal? I've seen people talking about NAV for around $37 and the lowest we've heard from dealer is $40. We'd like to at least get closer to the good deals we're reading about on here! Anyone quote the deals they read about on here to help negotiations move forward with any success?
    Thanks in advance!
  • jaymojaymo Posts: 10
    Would you mind sharing what area in the country you bought your MDX? It sounds like a good price! Congratulations.
  • slurisluri Posts: 37
    The lowest I have gotten so far in PA is 38,500 for NAV. My advice is this. Go through the internet sales person in each place. Just send an email or call and tell them that you want to talk to the internet sales person. Even if you go in, in person, tell them you want to talk to their internet sales person and that you wrote an email. Either way tell them that you were offered 38,500 (including dest) by another dealer and tell them you want to make a purchase tonight and tell them to hit your mark of around 37 and change. Good luck... of course as long as there are a lot of acura dealers around you, you will be able to get a better deal.
  • Message 2993 gives all the details.
  • 97edwardc97edwardc Posts: 13
    The simplest and most effective thing to do is to contact multiple dealerships and make it known that you are doing so. Just log onto, find the 5-10 dealers closest to you. lists the name of the internet manager. Send an e-mail to the internet manager outlining exactly what you want and state that you will buy from whoever offers the lowest quote, and that you are ready to buy immediately (i.e. within a couple days once you've heard from everybody). Tell them that they should send their best quote, because whoever provides the best quote WILL sell you a car.

    That's more or less what I did. In the Bay Area I sent 14 faxes (did that instead of e-mail) and got 11 replies. The range was about $2k from top to bottom. Got a Touring, NAV, DVD for about $38.2 plus TTL.

    Telling them about prices you see on this site is useless. From their perspective, if you knew where you could get that price, then you wouldn't be begging them to match it.
  • nqknqk Posts: 1
    I purchased my 06 MDX Touring at Gillman Acura, Houston TX this past week for $35,700 including destination charge and before TTL. I did most of the work over the internet. Used Edmunds to get all my quotes from 4 dealers in Houston. Champion Acura did not give me a price, they said to come in to see them. Johneagle Acura gave an initial quote of $35,900 but did not return 3 emails that I sent after that. I am not sure of their reason but it made me feel like they did not want my business. Serling McCall did go down to $35,750. All dealers did mention that they will match/beat any price that I get. I picked Gillman because of the price and also because of convenience location for me. I do not live in Houston. I ended up very very happy with the sale lady and Gillman Acura. They have 2.9% interest for 36 months, 3.9% for 48months and 4.9% for 60 months.

    I also recommend follow suggestions given in Message: #3082 of 3083 Re: Negotiating advice? by 97edwardc, if you plan to use internet to get quote. He gave good advises.
  • miked3470miked3470 Posts: 25
    I received a price from Chevy Chase Acura of $32,700 for the base model and $35,119 for the Touring model (both prices include destination). Rosenthal was not competitive here, as they were asking $34,075 for the base model (which is dealer invoice). Criswell (of Annapolis) was $32,500 for the base model and $35,117 for the Touring. No one these days should be paying any more than $1,000 under dealer invoice! There is a huge glut of MDX's out there on dealer lots and they know the redesigned 07 model is lurking out there.

    You can't go wrong with a base model at just $32,500! It would make no sense to buy a late model used MDX when new can be had for this price.
  • deo1959deo1959 Posts: 1
    I looked at this model over the weekend and will get a quote today. I asked for a quote on the demo we drove, it has 2800 miles. Can anyone give me an idea how much the car should be discouted for being "used"? I'll assume I could buy a "new" with this equip for around $39-40K. Thank!
  • slarkinsslarkins Posts: 3
    last Thursday, my wife and I went to McGrath Acura in Westmont to purchase the 2006 MDX with Nav. I did a fair amount of research on here an else where prior to walking into the dealer for the buy. I did the internet quote approach and hit all 11 or 12 dealers in the greater Chicago area. I thought I had an unbeatable price for $38K but McGrath offered to beat it by another $125 making my price $37,875 prior to TTL. All my online quotes came from every dealer but McGrath. I dealt with them directly.

    Couldnt have been happier with the service at McGrath. They have definitely won my business for the next car which will be an acura as well

    Oh and I LOVE this car....

    Thanks for all the help.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Haven't been here in a while, but does anyone have any new info for the 07 MDX?
  • mayhermayher Posts: 41
    I just read earlier today that Acura will preview the 07 MDX at the upcoming New York auto show in April. Rumor is that it will look close to a larger version of the RDX that was introduced in Chgo. in Feb.
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