Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram for 2000

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I am thinking of a new 1/2 ton extended cab 4x4
loaded with all of the goodies. I currently have a
Dodge dakota that has been fantastic. Right now I
am leaning toward the Silverado, but with such a
positive experience on the Dodge I am not sure. I
can't get any info on the features or price of
either truck for 2000. Dealer will take my order,
but I can't get the specifics on vehicles. Any


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    does that mean? Oh I get it. That was not nice Timmy. Be good now.
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    Not much changes for Chevy.

    1/2 ton Flares option
    4th door in December
    More HP

    Nobody has info...right here is your best bet.

    Order now! can always change the order before you get a build date..which is about 6 weeks or so. At least you will have your place "In Line" then.

    Chevrolet is the Only way to go for me. Their truck is farr superior in many ways right now....except that 4th door..Doohhh!!!
    But I don't care about that.

    Can't give any info on the dodge...sorry

    Good Luck

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    Chevrolet has all the specs and prices in their system right now.

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    Not considering a Ford? Blasphemy! Well, left with the other two--Edmund's has alot of info.
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    Does "in their system" mean that it is available elsewhere to the public? If not, any idea when?

    Thank you.

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    All dealer computers come from the same database...I think?

    My dealer in Romeo,Michigan has specs AND prices for 2000's...he printed me out a sheet as well.

    I would think all dealers would have it as well?

    Check out
    Compare 99 to 00 prices....some sites just have the 99's carried over for now....if they are different(higher)..then those are the 2000 prices.

    When i priced out my truck last had EXACT MSRP prices as well as Invoice costs

    Good Luck

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    In my opinion the only thing that chevy has over dodge is the 4 wheel disck brakes. I have a dodge 1500 4X4 quad cab that after 20,000 miles hasn't given any trouble at all. The cab is roomy and with 4 doors its qiet and no shakes or rattles. Ford makes a good product also. Actually from reading these boards I think that a lot of people feel that chevy quality has slipped quite a bit in recent years. There seems to be a lot of problems that have come up with the new silverado.
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    I think not...You'd never hear most of this stuff without talking to a nation like this...this is the Chevrolet Section...Go check out Ford and Dodge Topics...same amount of problems.

    You're right about 4 Wheel anti's being the only thing Chevy has over Dodge...Ohh..wait a minute..Rear seat head restaints,Biggest cab,Most comfortable rear seat,Most Powerfull V-8 in it's class..(even more HP than all the V-10's!!),Most reliable,highest percent still on the road,Best Styling..(unless you like a Truck that looks like a Bad cartoon!),etc...

    But other than that...I guess Dodge is on Top!
    ..of who??...I don't know?

    You enjoy your Sloppy 4 door weak cabbed Truck

    ....oh yeah...Dodge had a HUGE amount of trucks on the road before the re-style too!..(when was the last one you saw before the re-style?)

    The contest will always be Chevrolet Vs. Ford....Period!

    Run along now..

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    ...Just defending my long time Belief!

    ya may not like the way I do it....but that's the way it's gotta be..

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    Well let's see- after a major redesign the chevy still looks like it rolled off a 1970's assembly line. It still has classic chevy box dash with poor ergonomics. The interior has more room front to rear than dodge but not width wise. I've had six in my truck many times without a problem. I would want to take an extended trip with six, but none of the extended cabs are intended for that. If you want that, get a crew cab. As far as chevys engine, I have a good friend that went thru two engines, both faulty and finally turned the truck in under the lemon law. Faster isn't better if it can't keep going. If you want long lasting stay with dodge or ford. Chevy styling best- what a joke! Chevy dropped the ball big time coming up with a redesign without four doors. That is what the consumers want. Ford recognized. Chevy is blind to what its customers want.
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    Chevy wanted styling that was recognizable as chevy and they did. If you like it great. The rest of us find it ultra conservative and BORING. By the way, not a squeak out of my quad cab, quiet and solid. If they are so weak, why is chevy scampering to try and get the concept enineered and into production so quick. Duh! From dodge's old design to the present their sales has gone up FIVE times. How about chevy increases? Chevy is slipping big time.
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    Not according to today's Wall St. Journal, which says GM profits and earnings per share are up five-fold over this same quarter last year.
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    Tim, I'm glad you took it so well. But I'm not a diehard Chevy person but I lean that way. I've had 3 Dodges and 4 Chevy's. 2 of the Dodges were trucks and three of the Chevy's. None of them held a candle to my 61 VW bug. Most trouble free vehicle I ever owned. But what vehicles had for a reputation yesterday doesn't count. How are they made today? Do they have the features that are important to each of us and what is the reliability. We each give different features different weight. But we can still look at the design and functionally here to help one another. Anybody know of a site on the web that compares the factory radio's of Dodge and Chevy? I like the radio in my 97 Chevy and the 1999 Silverado radio was the same I believe. But Chevy has a new top radio for 2000. Has a new feature of picking up National Weather alerts. Also picks up signals from stations that indicate if news is being broadcast. You can be lisening to a CD and if your favorite news broadcast comes on it automatcally switches. I have a amplified 6" bazooka tube mounted under my rear seat. Will it fit the Silverado or Ram? I'm an old fart but I still like rock & Roll. ...... Rich
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    Your favorite VW ain't gonna tow a Fifth wheel though!..LOL!!!

    ..Nothing wrong with Rock and Roll....It's great to hear a "boom Boom" stereo blasting Hendrix,Creedence,Aerosmith.....instead of that crap they play now!

    Thanks for the Encouragement Dave40!

    When I get back...I'll take possession of my New Truck and be gone from here!
    ..Everybody cheer now!


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    Creedence and Aerosmith? Ouch! Only Led Zep over here!!
    Now the buisness: I've owned more trucks (34 or 35) during the past 10 years than you my man. Being a roofing contractor tends to eat up trucks. It also probably doesn't help that the guys that drive 'em don't really give a damn.
    Chevy has cost the most to run. Period. We work these suckers not admiring their "pretty" look. Work doesn't include an occassional 400lb load and mostly commutes to our place of occupation. Clowns dropping tar everywhere and backing into light posts at the 7-11. Crew,regular and extended cabs have been here with the occasional Mack Dump.
    I favored Chevys for years because of my dad and friends and also because of looks. Yet, Ford has changed my faith in GM and I now stand convinced of their quality. Not one truck---many trucks have made this enlightenment. We only have two chevys left with the rest of fleet (18) consisting of Fords and Dodges. Bottom line counts here---not HP---not "torque"----not weenie differences between cab sizes and "comfortablility" of some clown seat!
    Take this from a man who works and owns a fleet. Yeah, I've been told that opinions flow from me as well---yet they tend to reflect more of reality than fiction.
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    I only state the facts and what works for me.

    .."wheenie" differences??..where did that come from?

    ..So what you are saying is that Fords are good for the person who just don't give a damn??..(like your drivers??)

    Led Zep is way cool too...BBC sessions Rocks

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    Why you throwing the 5.9 in with the 5.3 and 5.4?

    Only one that will compare?

    - Tim
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    I will still NEVER buy anything but a Chevrolet.

    ...Based On Reality....NOT fiction.

    Enjoy those Fords.

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    Hey potty mouth, the last charts I looked at showed that the Dodge and Ford put out more horsepower to the rear wheels than GM. If you can't get the power to the ground what good is it? Sorry, that's just the way it is!
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    mgdvhman: Enjoy your "Trip with a Chevy" right to the service bay having the ABS brake recall or the frontr end shimmy fixted or the sticking lifters replaced or the interior panels that are falling off replaced. Somebody got to buy chevy and thank god its you and not me. Your "facts" are only opions that you convinced yourself to be fact.

    quadrunner - profits should be way up for GM from a year ago - they were on strike then.

    rickinks: If you really enjoy your music I find it better to buy the entry level sound system, pull it out and replace it with what you really want and not what a carmaker thinks sound should be. It is usually less expensive.

    rocles: I appreciate your candor regarding long term reliability as opposed to talking horsepower and inches. How well does it hold up and how well does it fit your needs.
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    I CAN and WILL freeze and delete postings/topics within the conference, if that is necessary!

    Front Porch Philosopher
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    Fact is that the reason that I can't possibly consider a GM product has to do with frying a transmission on a '92 GMC van built on a 2500 chasis and a 5.7 engine. I was towing a 3600# camper and had 38,000 miles on the odo when it happened. My mechanic advised me to have the dealer service the trans and request assistance from GM since it was premature failure. The van was 2,000 miles out of warrantee at the time. GM offered no assistance and after pressing for a reason I was told by the district rep that the service manager said in his report that "Anyone ignoran tenough to tow a camper with this rig deserves no consideration". This was a large dealership in northern illinois. The van was purchased there and was purchased for the purpose of towing this camper that was well within it's rated capacity. The statement from the service manager I was told was based on the hitch that was on the van as he never saw the camper that it was towing. The van was out of warrantee and that's the breaks, but this was a 3/4 ton rig that couldn't handle towing a 3600# camper. I'll stay with dodge or ford from now on.
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    you do realize that the local service manager is the one that screwed you. It sucks that it happened, and it shouldn't have, but you just got a bad tranny from Chevy, which happens. GM has the most reliable transmissions over the pst 12 years. i've heard of all makers doing warranty work slightly outside the warrant period. you're letting one guy make you bitter? by not considering GM, you're not affecting that service manager one bit. he could obviously care less about customer service or opinions. you may be hurting yourself because they may have something you would like, but you never took the time or attitude to look...

    I do understand, when you get steaming mad how you want to point fingers at someone big.
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    I do understand that the service manager screwed me. And I also understand that ALL makes will have thier problems and that some are just flukes. It's also true that I may be missing out on something that improved over the years. I'll be the first to applaude GM on the 4wheel disk brakes regardless of the recall. Still, chevy isn't the best thing since sliced bread. Dropping the ball on the fourth door was as stupid as when ford came out with the redesigned windstar without the second slider. People want accesability.Chevy wasn't paying attention. To me, dodge had the best styling of the three. The local dealer has an exellent reputation. And I will also admit that I have a very long memory.
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    Busted by the fight cops..

    So we end our brawl....I'm still Buying a Chevy

    Good luck to all

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    I would have agreed with you on the aftermarket radio until the manufactuers started making non-standard shape radios so that the aftermarket radio cann't be installed in the same hole. I went that route with my 94 full size Blazer. Had to get a new dash part to mount the new radio where the tape player was on my factory radio. Looked like crap having two radios in the dash. ..... Rich
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    Led Zepplin, Aerosmith...?

    As Shania Twain says, "That don't impress me much."

    Where is Marty Robbins when you need him?
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    Rich, I was in a car audio store two days ago discussing pretty much the same thing. The auto manufactures use whatever fits into an available space. Ever hear of 6X9 or 5X7 speakers in anything other than a car. They produce more sound than the smaller round speaker but not as good quality of sound. If thats the space available for a speaker or dash unit they will find some way to shove it in. They are in the transportaion business. Consumer convenience is not a high priority to the auto makers.
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    As I said before I don't disagree. Just aftermarket radio's don't fit. Also when I upgraded my 94 they put the same dimesion speakers in the same location. It didn't really sound any better because the 94 full size blazer has the front speakers mounted on the dash. I later discovered the real problem with my system sounding so tinny is those speakers bounce off the windshield. But I am satisfied with the sound of the 97 Chevy pickup I have. With 4 speakers in the doors and two mounted in the rear pillars it is fine. Its bass is a little less than I would like but since I had the bazooka tube from my 94 I installed it under the back seat. Fits just perfect. I only turn the amplifier up slightly on the bazooka tube. Now if it will fit my next truck. Dodge also has a 6 speaker system. When I test drove a 99 I didn't pay much attention to the radio as thats not the number one thing I'm looking for but it is important. I a couple of weeks I will be revisited the Dodge dealer. I will try to check it out then. I also will recall my Chevy salesman. But Chevy has so many constraints right now. I don't know when Chevrolet will recover from the strike and the new production truck problems. Also I have heard that Dodge will have the same size cab, 3 1/2 inches bigger, 5 1/2 inches bigger? Maybe when production starts 8/2 dealers will finally get some info. My last Dodge was a 85 Ramcharger. I liked the radio it came with. ....... Rich
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    Shania twain??..Marty Robbins??

    I guess you weren't at the Kiss Concert either?

    Can't wait for Metallica and Ted New years!

    All depends on individual taste I guess?

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    Ever hear of the Nascar Craftsman Truck series? Dodge has the top 4 pole positions this weekend. ... Also the Dodge ramcharger of the early 60's was the most feared street machine. Either the wedge engine of the early 60's or the hemi of the mid sixites would take anything else, even the 65 GTO I drove then. Put your foot in it again didn't you? But whats that got to do with todays trucks? Enough said. ..... Rich
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    Truck racing??...I'm talking REAL Nascar!

    What dodge Musclecars you ever see nowadays?

    Chevrolet and Fords are all you see....when you see one..(getting harder each year)

    The wedge or the Hemi..oh boy...that's a lot of cars right there!....we can bring out all kind of Ford and GM low number produced engines...I'm talking mass production across the's a super rarity whenever a Hemi comes around.

    Dodge had some killer doubt...but overall when you take the entire spectrum....kinda lame.

    Put my foot in it?..I see there is no way we are ever going to see eye to be it.

    This typing BS is not my forum for a good argument. Let's go back to informing each other about trucks.

    ..I need a beer anyway!

    Enjoy man

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    Its good that you are at this forum. I wouldn't be nearly posting as much if there was a bunch of guys like me here!
    I'll disagree with your unwavering love affair with the SECOND brand of trucks because it'll raise the wrath of Tim.
    Back to trucks since I have to agree with Tim that Dodge doesn't have a leg to stand on when comparing history with the Big 2. The only thing wrong with Tim is that in the Big 2 is:
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Did someone actually say in their post that they AGREE with me??

    Oh my god......It's a miracle!
    ..Not sure what your trying to say....but yeah..the big 2 IS GM and Ford.

    ..."Wrath of Tim"......You guys kill me..

    ..I kinda like that though.....Wrath of Tim..Hmmmmm
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157

    At least we agree on the big two...gotta work on you some more for that order though...

    A few more months..and you will all be trained!

    BOW to the Wrath of Timmy!!

    ..It's sticking least for a little while?....
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    What's this Category about anyway??
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    This category SHOULD be about the superiority of the Toyota Tundra!!!! Tundra rules!!!! This ought to get all you guys up in arms. Have fun.

    P.S. I am just trying to keep the arguments lively. No offense intended to anyone.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Nice try......but Toileta isn't even worth pulling into this Conversation. Much lower than even Dodge!

    We all have to meet at some Bar someday and rip the place a new one!

  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    Well, I tried my best. Enjoy your trucks fellas!

    P.S. Tim,
    That Dodge comment was kinda harsh!
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I know....But I gotta be me!

    If the Tundra works for you..Glad to hear it..(seriously)

    See if an American Car will work for you next time though?

    - Tim the Wrath Giver
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    Have you seen the Tundra commercial where the claim is it will pull more than a Chevy or a Ford? The commercial shows the Tundra pulling a boat passing a Ford and a Chevy pulling boats. When is lying in a commercial going to be prosecuted. ....... Test drove a 3/4 chevy 4x4 this morning. It rode slightly better than my 97 Z71. It rode much better than a 3/4 4x4 Dodge I drove earlier. But it squeeked terribly. Sounded like everyone of the cab mounts to the frame were bad. It was a base model regular cab long bed. I was disappointed in the power of the 6.0 3.73 compared to the 5.3 4.1 Z71 I test drove earlier. But the half ton is pulling less weight. Seemed to have more go that the Dodge V10 I have drove. But that was a used V10 as the dealer had no new ones on the lot. If I order the Chevy it will be with the 4.10. Also tried the tow haul mode. Ok. This dealer told me the options cann't be changed after order and before the build date. Not sure I believe that. He said they get their allocations on Tues and cannot make changes after that week Friday. I will see what my other dealer says. I know last spring when I had an order he called me weeks later to see if I had any changes to make. But I think he was just then getting an allocation for me. ...... Rich
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    I gave some serious thought to buying a domestic(Chevy or Ford). The Silverado was just too big for my garage and I am still recovering from the problems I had with my wife's 1995 Blazer. Still a little gun shy about GM right now. I like the Ford 150 also but EVERYBODY and their brother has one around here and I'm sick of seeing them. Don't get me wrong, they are sweet...just kinda burned out on them. I opted for the Tundra instead. I like the novelty aspect to the Tundra and it is big enough for me(I am moving up from a compact truck). If I am not happy with the Tundra AND I buy a house with a bigger garage in the future, I'll try the Silverado next time. Happy trucking to all.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Trailer life magazine had good things to say about the Tundra. But its more like 7/8 size and will only pull smaller trailers. From what the article said I think anyone looking for a truck should at least give them a look see unless you need heavier pulling. ..... Rich
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    I've drank alot of beer in my time--yet I'm not burned out on it! You can never have too much of a good thing--like beer and Ford trucks. Driving a Silverado is like popping down a wine cooler after 7 Millers---not a good feeling. Of course getting a Toy is like ruining a good buzz when the mother-in-law stops by.
    I don't know if Todd is ready for Chevy yet....We all have to see if they can produce a full year of trucks before another strike looms. Chevy getting back on top is like waiting for the Lions to win the superbowl,eh?

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I know I need beers before I see the Mother in law!..LOL!!

    I'm not sure I understand your comment about getting back on top though....when did they ever LEAVE the top??..hehehehehe

    If i had to stray....I guess it would be Ford over Dodge....How about you?...(honestly)

    - Wrath of Tim
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    Boy I nailed the wrath part-huh?

    Honestly? I would heavily consider the Sierra over Dodge any day of the week. Reason being with the grille over Chevy. I keep thinking of all those guys who gushed at my firm when the re-design hit the press.

    Hey--go to #204 and consider bashing trucks there! We can go head-to-head without scouring all over for your prissy bow-tie.

    Ford:America's truck.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Prissy Bow Tie? kill me!

    See ya!

    .."I didn't mean to take up all of your sweet time..I'll get right back to ya..One of these days"..."I don't need you no more in this World...I'll meet you on the next one...Don't be late!"

    - James Marshall Hendrix
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    .."Cuz I'm a VooDoo Chile..."
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    One serious difference is braking distance. I understand the Dodge takes 30 feet longer to stop with its optional 4 wheel anti lock brakes. Whether this is because the rears are drums I don't know. I always thought the advantage of disk brakes is that they don't fade when repeated hard braking as bade a drums do. Rich
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    I'm a Dodge Ram owner, believe me the brakes are horrible!!! need to change front pads to carbon mettallic type to even stop as good as a GM product..Dodge really screwed up big time on the '94-'99 Rams!
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