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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    John, I had the same problem with my 01 Avant. The dealer claimed to have found nothing after claiming to have performed a variety of road tests. Four tires were replaced, along with front brakes and rotors..still no change.

    I suspected the wheel bearings were off based on previous posts. I went to three different independent shops, until I found one that performed a Hunter Road Force Test. My suspicions were confirmed. My extended warranty paid for everything minus my deductible and my Audi is running perfectly again. So have that test done provided you've eliminated the wheel balancing, alignment and brake issues.
  • john56john56 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the input. I just called an ind. shop today and have set up for Friday for a full check. Delaware Tire in Newark, DE. Have worked with them before and they are first rate both in performance and fair cost. Car was just at the dealer for the checkup and everything was OK according to them. Unfortunately, this is on my dime as I was over the warranty period anyway.

    Holtz Audi in Rochester, NY did 50K check - bill was about 230 which was mostely labor and included an oil change.

  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    For the same problems I have posted and from having similar experiences from what you have posted, I totally despise my Audi dealership (Alex VA) and will probably never go back there for service, if I can help it. But at least the extended warranty is a big cushion. I don't have any drivability issues as of this posting (56k). The car runs like a charm and, overall, I am very satisfied with its performance.

    At least I can do my own oil change and save $120 that the dealer charges. I pay about $45 to do it myself using Mobil 0w40 (7 qts), plus $10 for the K&N Filter. I'm tempted to get a genuine Audi/VW filter, for the next change, because it seems to have a longer service life (30k), according to the labeling on it.
  • duffy4duffy4 Posts: 18
    I would like some input on my dilemma. I have owned 3 A6s, with no problems and would like to move up.I know this is the first year with the new A6 and only the second with the A8. I also know next year the A8 will get a new front that will look like the rest of the line. The 4.2 A6 is about 55k with all the extras and the A8 is about 70k. Is it really worth the extra 15k? I do like the interior of the A8 better, and the little extra room would be nice for my kids---but it is so much $. Do you think the nose job change will affect resale values?

  • john56john56 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the comments, jodar. I will start to change my own oil as soon as I have a place to do it. The local Jiffy lube told me that they could not change due to no compatible oil. Find that hard to believe but will go to doing my own the next time around. Once the brakes are fixed and the shimmy is gone, I expect many miles of happy driving.
    Love the car - my friend with a Bimmer530 suggested the A6 over his. He was right. Better overall feel with only slightly less performance in the dry, tons more in the wet and snow.
  • stockradstockrad Posts: 6
    I have an Audi A6 2005 4.2, and about 4500 miles into an otherwise great driving experience,I have started hearing squeaks everytime I go over a pothole. These seem to be coming from the rear. The dealer was unable to locate the origin. Does anyone have a similar experience? Is there a fix?

  • halofanhalofan Posts: 37
    I just bought my 05 A6 3.2 and was wondering if anyone has figured out the memory seat process. I am able to get the system to work if I utilize the numbers on the door, but can't seem to get it to synch up with the remote...Help!
  • john56john56 Posts: 8
    Locked caliper caused all of it. Needed new rotors, pads and one new caliper. Over 500. Expensive and just past warranty.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    Anyone have first hand experience with the replacement of the serpentine belt on their A6? I have the 2001 2.7T -- very happy with it and the dealer. Coming up on four years and 60K miles. I was considering a trade this year (partially to avoid the high cost of the 60K maintenance) but I really enjoy the Audi.
  • john 206john 206 Posts: 4
    Yes, I took delivery of my 2005 A6 in December, and have occasionally experienced Tip Lag since day one. I have had the vehicle checked by three different Audi dealers, with no solution. I have also contacted Audi Customer Care center, again no help.

    Currently, I have 6120 miles on the A6, and still get tip lag occasionally. The tip lag only occurs from a standing start and between 1 and 2 gear. If anyone finds the solution, please advise.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Your serpentine belt would cost $17.00 part # 6PK1855 from bma auto parts 888-262-4019. I don't know about the labor fee, most Audi dealers charge about $106/hr. This same part runs about $70 from the dealer.
  • gechurchgechurch Posts: 1
    I have a 99 A6 and had the bumper recall installed in July 2003-- but just yesterday had the bumper separate again. Audi Customer Care is saying that because the recall was installed they are not liable for the repair. I believe that the recall must have been ineffective or improperly installed or both or the problem shouldn't have happened again.

    Has anyone had experience with Audi paying to fix a problem after the problem had been recalled and supposedly repaired?

  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    When I bought my Audi the sales person cautioned me that the the front of the car was low. I had some experience with this with my previous car - a '94 SHO. The car was low slung in the front and if I got to close to the curb it would scrape the air dam. So ... I have made a point not to park too close. Scraping the air dam on a $25K car is only half as bad as a $48K car and the the bumper didn't rip off on the SHO.

    IMHO - if you park too close to a curb and rip off the air dam you ought to be liable, not Audi. I thought this recall was very generous given some of the things they could have fixed. I didn't have the recall installed and haven't scrapped the top of a curb - simple.
  • Thanks for the advice but I don't have an advanced key, must be something else.
  • It sounds very much like you have an incipient bumper separation. That space should not be there, david
  • I cordially disagree with your opinion that the driver holds responsibility for the design flaw: "Bumper too low for many curb parking spot" After all, I have been driving cars without this problem for more than 50 years. Blame the Audi designers for this one. Obviously, they realize that flaw exists or they would not warrant the replacement. david
  • craigs1craigs1 Posts: 3
    I just test drove a 4.2 A6 and loved it. The navigation system seems to be lacking as many small towns in our area didn't show up or have main streets. Is the DVD navigation system that poor, or is it a matter of the dealer not loading the appropriate area?

    Since I didn't have a chance to spend too much time with it, I have a few MMI questions, like how easy it to work while actually driving? One thing I find myself doing in my existing car is 'surfing' the radio, but the MMI seems a little clumsy for this ... especially when I'm not in my home area, where I can have my favorites loaded.

    Also, any recommendations on bluetooth cell phones? I'm due to change wireless providers soon.

    Thanks for your help.
  • craigs1craigs1 Posts: 3
    I had a chance to read through some older messages and I will look for a cell provider other than Verizon if I go with the Audi.

    With all of the complaints here, I am asking myself if it is just plain crazy to buy an Audi? How can Edmunds rate the car as 'Recommended'? Surely there must be a few people who have purchased and enjoy their 2005 A6?
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    I love my 2005 4.2. I have the Motorola V710 with Verizon service. The phone has the 8700 1.40.0R software that came out last week. It has none of the problems that you have been reading about on the forum. It links well with the car and does not have the end call problem. The only feature not yet working with the A^ is downloading the phone book via bluetooth.

  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    When I took delivery of the Audi A6 turbo in January 2001, I had a car that Car and Driver hailed as top dog even over BMW 5, Volvo and several others. Four years later, I was delighted to turn it in and go back to Nissan....a Murano which I love.
    In the four years, on warranty, I had:
    AM radio failure
    Cracked radiator overflow tank resulting in fluid all over garage
    8 check engine lights
    Two radiator electric fans/controls going out
    Leaking transmission seals
    I live 120 miles from dealer. Several of these 250 round trips were to sit there and have the problem diagnosed, then "we have to order this part" and two weeks later another big round trip. Great acceleration, great gas mileage, great ride, great interior, but reliability is awful...indeed, Consumer Reports lists this once heraled car as "Avoid" if you are buying used. Never Audi again. Promise.
  • stedestede Posts: 1
    Just got a used A6 wagon - love it. Handles beautifully, ride smooth, etc. However, 3rd seat is missing. Does anyone have idea where to go to get one? Tried online junk yards, etc - no such luck
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531

    Yes, the navigation DVD is pretty poor. I have found many of the smaller towns near our metroplex aren't very detailed at all. My wife's Acura's nav is MUCH better. Something which I've complained to Navteq about...

    The car is a joy to drive, so fast and smooth. I love the interior and find the exterior styling very unique in today's "same here" generation of autos. I wouldn't take the comments in the "problems and solutions" pages as the whole story. It makes sense that you'll only hear complaints in this forum. Look elsewhere as well. There are many fan sites on the web and the overall word is that the owners are very happy.

    The radio is actually very easy to can scroll thru the stations on the steering wheel while looking in the driver's display. The C6 has the feature of picking up the top received stations in whatever area you are, so you don't have to surf per se.... If you truly want to surf, you need to go into the radio MMI menu then click "scan". It's not that difficult as people make you think, you just need to know which menu to get into, something that is easily learned. I'm overall very happy with the MMI and find it very easy to use. The only thing I cannot do while driving is enter addresses into the nav as it is time intensive and takes the concentration away from the road. Everything else is quite simple, so don't let the MMI dissuade you from looking into buying the A6.

    Best wishes. :shades:
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    On of my friends traded in his Chrysler mini-van for a Honda Odyssey last fall. Coincidentally I picked him up for golf on the Saturday after his picked up the new van and there he was standing in the garage door, clubs in hand, next to the new van with a soccer-ball sized dent in the rear hatch - right next the the door latch.

    You'll never guess what happened. The door on the Honda is longer than the door on the Chrysler and when he opened the door for the first time he did what he always did and left the door lifts open the door -- right into the garage door opened over head. Never happened with the Chrysler. Design flaw? Not likely.

    I take my Jeep to work from time to time and I can actually roll right up to the curb. That doesn't mean I should be able to do it with every car I own. We had a discussion quite some time ago on this board about who makes decisions at Audi regarding service intervals, etc. Sales and marketing, accounting, engineering? I believe the decision to issue a recall for front bumpers was a public relations move.

    BTW - I dropped my 2001 A6 (2.7T w/speed) off for 60K service last night. I've had three problems in four years: cracked nylon rail for right front window, relay for starter somewhere in the start chain (seat, clutch interlock, etc), and dash board display. None kept the car off the raod. I did have to way for the display. I though it was a loose wire - the dates flickered on and off occasionally. Minor annoyance. Audi replaced the whole assembly.

    I am looking for a new car. Likely won't be Audi. I'm not excited about the new A6. I am looking at the Acura RL and the Infiniti FX. Lexus GS is a distant 3rd.
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 221
    I agree, it's a great car. I have a 3.2 and no problems to date. I had a '99 A6 2.8 that was lemonized and then an '01 2.7 that was a rocket with zero problems. I had a Nav button replaced and I can't recall anything else. So it goes to show you that there are lemons out there in all brands and you roll the dice and sometimes they bite you.

    The MMI has a learning curve, once you get used to it, it's basically pretty good. There are some foolish redundant things like temp and fan readout on the MMI screen and on a digital readout next to the control button. I found the NAV to be a great tool to have, but there are holes in it. It sent me to wrong town even though I imputed the correct info. Otherwise it been on the mark.

    For me the 3.2 needs another 25 horses and then I'd be real happy. I miss the turbo rush I had with my 2.7. The 3.2 has a more sophisticated feel and beautiful interior, I have the ameretto. The suspension could be a tad softer and quieter.

    When it comes to safety The car is rock solid in all weather and road situations. I don't feel that degree of security from any other car I've been in. Unfortunately, I once had a 40,000 lb. garbage truck side me and push me sideways up on a 4 foot highway cement divider. When the truck was pushing me sideways up the barrier I could feel all four wheels fighting hard to resist, but in the end 40,000 lbs plus all that garbage muscled me over :cry:. I had to crawl out of the sunroof to exit the vehicle. Had I been in another car, god only knows what could have been the outcome. The cops and firemen who see lots of accidents could not believe how strong the car was. BTW I was not at fault, it was a zero pay out from my insurance company.

    Anyway, the new A6 platform is definitely the right direction for Audi and the car will only get better with each new release. I'm happy with my purchase/lease and look for any excuse to leave the house and drive it.
  • h8a6h8a6 Posts: 1
    If you find one let me know!
    I've owned an A6 for about a year and a half now i bought it with a little over 40K miles on it it has about 70k miles now and i have had nothing but problems with it. on average its in the shop about once a month. Ive dropped a little over $8,000 (roughly) in this short period of time and i have nothing but hate for the car. The worst thing about it is that you cant even get a straight answer from the mechanic, they have no clue what they are doing.

    I hate my a6 and vow never to buy and audi again, i dont care that its one of the better looking vehicles on the road to date, its just not worth the agony of dealing with the maintenance.

    if you get a petition going, or if you go to the better business bureau about this im ready and willing to cry foul.

    good luck, i cant wait to get rid of mine
  • bobemilbobemil Posts: 1
    On the 31st of March I took my Audi to McGrath Audi because of a check engine light on and severe problems in the rev of the engine. I was told that that was caused by the fact that there was the wrong oil filter put on my car which led to low oil pressure in the engine. My car was “fixed” and I was charged 300$. After nearly 40 miles of driving the check engine light came back on and the engine rev problem as well. At the second inspection I asked for the exact codes that the car shows. Even though before I was told that the computer had showed 6 codes they could not come up with more than 4 codes this time on the paper. This paper was produced at the same time with a second paper with only 2 codes. I was explained that the filter took care of only a couple of problems and some more work needs to be done on the car to take care of the codes left. are they trying to get some more money or their mechanics are just not qualified?
  • mchurchmchurch Posts: 2
    I just picked up my 05 A6 3.2. My TMobile Ipaq paired up easily and all functions work except downloading the phone list from the SIM card. TMobile just posted a system upgrade on their website for the Ipaq 6315 which has also resolved the problems I was having with my Jabra BT800 headset.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    My check engine light has come on twice in 60K miles. The first time on the Garden State Pkwy in NJ when the car was a year old or so. I was afraid to stop so I slowed to about 50 mph while my wife read the owners manual. It turned out to be a loose gas cap. The second time I assumed the same, even though I was back in MA and pumping my own gas. (For those on the west coast --- NJ is a full serve only state.) When the light didn't go out I took the car in for a look, even though the car was running fine. It turned out to be a failed heat sensor. Our service area is pretty good in my opinion. The service manager told me there were more than 1500 reasons (one thousand five hundred) why the check engine light could go on. I expect there is a reference manual that points to the problem or combination of problems for each of those codes.
  • I sympathize with you. Your message is excellent anecdotal evidence that one should buy an extended warranty when one buys a used Audi, david
  • Here's my story: Bought a maxed out 1999 black/black A6 Quattro w/38K miles in 2002. Paid 28K. Thought I was in heaven's the list after 130K of ownership:

    1. 39K miles - replaced driver door window motor $$350.
    2. 42K miles - replaced temperature indicator...would zero out while driving $$
    3. 43K miles - Passenger window motor malfunctioning and still malfunctioning
    4. 43K miles - PVC valves $$350
    5. 45K miles - new battery $$80.00
    6. 45K miles - radio code (wasn't listed on card when purchased) $$150.00
    7. 48K miles - replaced 6 cd changer $$150.00 + 30.00 switch
    8. 60K miles - replaced front right headlight switch $$150.00
    replaced left upper control arm (suspension) $$450.00
    9. 92K miles - "Big" tune-up $$1600.00
    10. 115K miles - roof window drain leak $150.00
    11. 128K miles - engine seals full replacement $$817.00
    12. 128K miles - timing tensioner bolt broke in two, engine went as a result
    $$3900 partially rebuilt engine
    13. 128K miles - Oil switch malfunction $$91.00 to replace
    14. 130K miles - outer tie rods, cv boots , oil change $$1450.00
    15. of course in between, front and rear brakes twice 450.00 each time, a pair of tires bi annually $$350.00, oil changes and flushes, radiator flushes, etc

    and the worse part is that I still owe more that it's worth for an upside down of 7K! Planning to park the car and buy a hooptie ( Honda or Toyota).
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