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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    I have to say, that's not too bad.

    Up to 100K miles, the car has a reasonable repair history. And the warrant should have covered it up to 50K. Actually, between 50-100K, you only spent ~$600, not counting routine maintenance. I don't think one can expect a car with >100K miles to be "low cost" unless its an accord... :)
  • fox2fox2 Posts: 1
    At 25,000 miles my '04 A6 Avant's steering totally failed. I would be dead if I was driving on the highway.

    It happen leaving my driveway to take the car for its 25M service. Any others out there with similar experience?

    This is not a safe car.

    I can't buy another one. This is the second new Audi I have owned that had serious failures. :lemon:
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    "Not too bad" ??

    Do you really feel that way or were you kidding?
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    It's hard for me to say how much a car with 130K miles should experience. And it's difficult, too, with out a qualitative assessment of how well the car has been maintained. My neighbor up the street never, ever, took his last car in for an oil change. A Ford - it died in place. Brand new when he bought it, too. Now he has a Mercedes, treats it with kid gloves. My 3rd car is a '93 Jeep that I bought new in the fall of '92. A couple months ago I had coolant on the driveway. $550 later a new radiator. Is that a problem? Don't know, but I do know I can't remember when I had the radiator flushed.

    New battery on a four/five old car - not unreasonable, especially if you live in the north. PVC valve is (I think) a normal replacement item. Big tune up - should have known that in advance. Brakes - how do your drive? Lots of city driving? Auto or std? Timing tensioner went? Should have got your moneys worth during the big tune up.

    Not saying some of this can't be chalked up to reliability but I haven't seen anyone on this board take any responsibility for any problem they encountered or acknowledged some degree of normal wear and tear.
  • wtmakpwtmakp Posts: 1
    I have a 99 A6 3rd seat if you are interested in it.
  • csgcsg Posts: 1
    Am considering a certified 03 A6 3.0. 16,000 miles @ $31,900. I liked the car but am concerned after reading all these horror stories. Should I be?
    I currently have a 2000 S80 that was also certified. It had some problems but all were corrected and the dealership handled professionally.
    Am I wrong to consider the Audi, any other recommendations?
  • kpk2kpk2 Posts: 1
    Sunroof probably needs greasing. You can take cover above mirror and dismount drive, three bolts. WD40 will help. I am guessing that mechanical gear tripped on overload tripping mechanism, but you can reset it yourself if you care about position. If you need more hints I can provide.
  • joeydejoeyde Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 1997 Audi A6 quatro, 105,00 miles. Honestly just recently has this car begun to cost me $$ is repairs. I too have a noise in the front end. Took it to my dealer, ( only place it has been serviced) & had the service manager do a test ride with me. Here is the quote for repairs, 3 of the 4 wheels are out of round & causing a vibration, new shocks front & back are needs & a litney of other parts & labor approx $3,000. I am looking for an independent audi qualified repair shop within 25 miles of Newtown, PA. zip 18940. Can anyone help? I appreciate any leads for a my new best friend, an Audi A6 repair person. I do not think I can afford the dealer at this point?

  • iggybiggyb Posts: 1
    I bought my 2000 4.2 almost 2 years ago. During this time, I was told that I need:

    2 cv boots (replace entire axle) - I did it myself and saved about $300
    rear brakes - Did it myself and saved about $600
    Pixels missing the in NAV display (warranty), but took 2x to get it right, finally had to reset the gps myself to get it working.
    MAF sensor - Warranty
    Some weird brade - $200 (Told it was cheap. yeah, right)
    Several check engine lights
    Broken tail light

    The cv boot required a lot more work then anticipated so instead of saving $600, it cost me $300 as I ended up requiring helf from the dealer.

    The car ride is nice. Realibility is good. The service price and quality of work is horrible. Why does a $8 braid cost $180 of service? Most dealers do not offer a loaner, and those who do are expensive.

    As with one of the prior posts, I miss my old Nissan dealer. I would call them, and they would have the part in a day or two. I have a dealer who I bought from, which claims it takes them 3 weeks to get any parts, and another dealer by my house who can get the parts in 2 days. They are 15 miles apart so what gives?

    I will keep my Audi, only because I will fix everything myself once the warranty runs out. (Except for engine and stuff.) I do not recommend this car for non car buffs.
  • scaplanscaplan Posts: 1
    Saw your post on using the Motorola V551 with the A6. I have the same phone and it's not working. Really frustrated, but perhaps i'm doing something wrong? I went to the v551's "settings" option - then to "connection" -- click on "bluetooth link" - then "setup" - then "find me". Nothing happens. Am I missing something? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  • My 1999 A6 Quat. (46,000 miles - 2nd car) has been treated like a princess. Easy driving, excellent maintenance. Yet today when I took it in for an oil change I was told that ALL the seals (differential, engine, cams) were leaking and that replacement would be $2300!! I said, "That's just wrong!" How can all the seals need replacement at 5 1/2 years? I was told that this is a "recognized problem with the Audi." I was assured that new and improved seals would be used as replacements and then everything should be in good shape. $2300 for seals that are recognized by Audi to be defective? Did I hear somebody mention a class action lawsuit? Anybody else have this experience?
  • I have the V551 with my 2005 A6 4.2 and have had no problems except two numbers (of 49) did not down load into the directory - be sure your phone has its bluetooth power turned 'on' in 'setup'.

    1500 miles in two and 1/2 weeks - and 'not one glich' since leaving the dealership. I look for reasons to drive the car (spending more time with the wife taking her on errands.)
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    Did you notice any seepage, leaks, cracks to back this up? Whatever the case, I'd get a second opinion. You know how some of these dealers will take you to the cleaners if you aren't careful. If there has been a recall issue, it should be a bulletin on the NHTSA website. Or, if you subscribe to, they should have that and any technical service bulletins applicable. If you're going to make a claim, make sure you have your oil change/service maintenence receipts to document that you have properly maintained your vehicle. Just out of curiosity, which engine do you have in your A6? I hope its not the 2.8 V6.
  • General question for the board-

    In January of '02, I purchaed a dealer certified '98 A6, new off lease w/ 33,600 miles. The lessee had been a client of the dealership, which was a good thing as all maintenance records were available for verification. As I am an accountant by trade, I enlisted the help of a personal friend (auto tech) to go over the exterior, check out the sterring and undercarriage, etc. The car ran like a dream the two times I test drove it, made no strange noises, passed muster on inspection (dealership even let us use their lift) and acted enough like my mother's 98 that I was satisfied it was the goods.

    Within a month and less than 500 miles, I was back at the dealership complaining of a 'squeaking' noise coming from what I thought was the steering column. The dealer informed me that the car needed a tie rod assembly and new set of upper control arms (I needed my auto tech friend to interpret this for me, and basically hit the roof when I realized they were telling me the steering was effectively shot. Wallingford Porsche/Audi (where I purchased) wanted to charge me fifteen hundred bucks to fix the whole enchilada, but I screamed, pointed to my 2 year/100K mile extended warranty as well as the fact that my family was currently into them for three other Audis. They eventually fixed the problem free of charge.

    The car served me reliably with absolutely NO problems until about three months ago when, you guessed it, I started to hear that same squeaking sound again. I just got around to bringing the car to the dealer yesterday (this time New Country of Greenwich) and was informed that:

    1) The tie rods are shot, and that I need new assemblies;
    2) The upper control arms are shot, and I need new ones;
    3) The outer axle joint boots are shot, and I need new ones.

    For this, they wanted to charge me $3,000 (labor at $250/hr!). Leaving aside the question of whether New Country is ripping my eyes out on price, I would like to know if such repairs could be construed as 'normal wear and tear' considering this is twice within 75K miles. Our roads are lousy around here, and I do go through a lot of stop/go traffic, but haven't hit any big bumps or potholes that I would construe as causing heavy damage.
  • can anyone give me directions (or point me to a URL) on how to remove the plastic "dust cover" under my A-6. I would like to change my oil. I suspect this is simple-- but I don't want to mess anything up. thanks. Paul
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    If you have the 2.8 V6, this is what I do..

    You don't need to remove the entire engine belly pan. I did that the first time and had a bear of a time trying to get it all back. Actually, I didn't because I couldn't align the rear fasteners properly because I couldn't reach that far back and do not own a car lift or stands. Fortunately, my car was still under the service warranty, so at the next service they put everything back without question. I assume they thought the previous service guy didn't put it together during the last visit :)

    What I have learned is that you need to loosen a few of the screws; just the left and front and maybe the front right side, just enough to get the cover to come down. You'll have to experiment depending on how far your reach is. Once, the screws are removed (and make sure you have them together, they're small and can get blown away), pull the belly pan cover down a little but don't apply brute force as to bend the rear attachment. You should have enough room to use a socket wrench and oil filter wrench to complete the job, as well as place a oil containment/recycling container underneath to capture your used oil.

    If you're not big chested and do not have short arms, you can save on the $125 or so the dealer charges and perform this vital and easy maintenence service yourself, without even a car lift!

  • thanks very much-- that is just the kind of thing I am trying to learn!
  • All of my service has been done on time or before at the Dealership that told me I needed this done. The leaks were noticed at time of service. I'm a widowed grandmother and wouldn't know a leak from condensation if my life depended on it! Final bill $2158.00 I will pursue this matter further.

    I'm almost afraid to admit that it is the 2.8 V6 Sounds as though perhaps that is not a good thing. Unending troubles ahead?
  • nygalnygal Posts: 7
    Well I'm certainly happy to hear the 'not one glich' thing since I just ordered my 3.2, delivery for next week. I'm also glad to hear the Motorola V551 works and I'll make sure its turned "on".
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531

    You're going to love it! How can you go wrong with 4 yr, maintenance included?

    Best wishes.
  • patricklpatrickl Posts: 5
    I am looking at a certified pre-owned 2002 Audi A6 3.0 quattro, 40,700miles, grey, bose system, for $24,924. I would appreciate any comments on whether this is a good buy. I have read about other bad experiences with this model year and would like to hear other comments. Am also considering a 2002 Volvo S60 for roughly the same price but 32000 miles. Thank you.
  • I use cingular service - chicagoland
  • I have a 1999 A6 that is also giving me similar issues. When I steer to the left a creeking-noise comes from the steering wheel. The only issue is this only happens when I turn to the left. The car is at the dealer and they have told me that the tie rods are loose?? Have either of the dealers you went to brought up anything like this?
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    I had a post that reported a similar steering wheel squeak. It was one of those annoying, intermittent squeaks that was hard to recreate and sounded like two separate pieces of plastic or vinyl rubbing together. Fortunately, the car was still in warranty and the dealer did some testing on it and determined it was within the steering wheel column, itself. Unfortunately, it wasn't a component that could be replaced. They had to replace the entire column at a cost of about $1600 or so. If your car is out of warranty, it will probably cost you at least that much, plus down time. As of this date, the problem has not reappeared. :)
  • duffy4duffy4 Posts: 18
    I just had to put in 2 quarts of oil in my wifes 2.8. About 6 months ago, all of the engine seals were replaced. It is only a 2001 with 38,000 miles. Is this the beginning of more problems? Are there known problems with the 2.8 engine?
  • I own an a6 and have experienced the same thing. Big cities are not much of a problem, but towns in the countryside are non-existant. Hope that Audi comes out with an update to their DVD. Regarding the Bluetooth cell, I have a Treo-650 and carrier is SPRINT. I had to download a whole new set of software (easy to do) from palm-one website for Sprint 650 to make it compatible with the audi. Now it works great!

    Don't know of any other carriers or phones, but am very pleased with my set-up.
  • Has anyone heard if Audi is going to issue an update to the Navigation DVD soon?
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    No....but the sure need to. I wonder who we can complain to that might prompt someone to do something?
  • Yes...although I've only been told tie rods and control arms in combination, never one or the other by itself.

    I wound up replacing both tie rods, control arms, and CV boots (CV joints were salvaged, thank god). The way it was explained to me was as follows: the control arm is a closed mechanical apparatus that operates on a ball-and-socket principal. When the parts are manufactured, the socket is lubricated with a layer of silicon before the ball is added and the assemblage closed. The ball and socket move whenever the driver turns the wheel.

    Because the control arm assemblage is closed, it is not possible to reach the joint for re-lubrication, and when the joint dries out it must be replaced at risk of cracking and loss of steering control. This 'drying-out' is what produces the squeaking (and eventually groaning if allowed to go long enough) noise as the metal ball and metal socket start rubbing together once the silicon layering is worn through.

    I asked if these types of problems were the genesis of collisions/accidents/etc., or normal wear and tear. The Audi tech replied that while he couldn't peg it to mileage, he did at least two of these jobs per week-for whatever that is worth. :confuse:
  • rat3rat3 Posts: 1
    I am about to buy a 2001 A6 2.7T with 39,000 miles on it and wanted to know if anyone had thoughts on what extended warranty I should look into and do most cover the turbo?
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