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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    Ok, I should not of said that the N. Scottsdale Audi service department is unprofessional or incompetent, they are not at all. It is not their fault my car is faulty. The reality is that I have one of the most well known and respected service advisors in the Audi industry. I am sorry, I'm just angry and frustrated.

    Audi did call before closing yesterday and told us that they are still baffled as to the problem with my A6, but Audi of N. America told them to strip and reinstall all computer software. This was done yesterday and they are keeping the car for observation, restarting it periodically throughout the day to see if the problem still exists. My service advisor did not sound confident that it was a computer problem, so here we are again. I think I got a :lemon:. Second time this has happened to me, first time was a BMW, right before I got the Audi! Those darn German cars :blush:
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    The latest issue of Automobile magazine has their long term test report on a 2005 A6. They also had starter problems. Maybe a call to their editorial offices might add some perspective. I did that once years ago with a car and the editorial staff was responsive and their input helped my service dept.

    Hate to hear this, both for your sake and Audi's. Some similar complaints (not starter, per se, but rattles and such) showed up on the Infiniti forum, with early M35s and eventually the company appeared to resolve them.

    Good luck.
  • dbamutidbamuti Posts: 1
    Hi everyone
    A couple questions for you all: Can anybody tell me what sort of shop I should take my A6 to repair CV Joints? Does anyone have a sense of what kind of $ range it should be in? I have called everyone from the dealer to Les Schwab and the prices range from $900. to $1800 for both and remarkably the dealer was someplace in the middle. I also hear wildly differing thoughts on whether to replace one or both axles. Help from anyone would be really appreciated! Thank you!
  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    I did read the article, thank you for the suggestion. The starter/ignition problems however were geared towards a faulty advance key/start feature, which I do not have in my A6.
    I did get the car back last Wednesday after Audi stripped the software and reinstalled it, but the car is doing the exact same thing, it is not fixed. I was told by an acquaintance of my husbands, that in his 2000 or 2001 A6, he had a very similar problem and it turned out to be temperature sensors on the fuel tank?? The car sensed the fuel tank was too hot, thus not wanting to start. I just have a hard time believing that if diagnostics have been run numerous times, that a faulty sensor would not show up. I will keep everyone posted.

  • qqmilkyqqmilky Posts: 2
    What do you mean by repair? I replaced the outer cv boots ($25 per)on my 2000 a6 in about 6 hours. Didn't really need any specialty tools either. I also replaced the rotors and brakes while I was at it. New cv joints run $200 per.
  • 1998 A6, 84,000 miles.

    About three weeks ago, I was driving down the Garden State Parkway in NJ when all of a sudden the temperature alarm starts going crazy and I get a picture of a thermometer in my HUD. Next, the engine temperature needle buried on H. I thought the car was overheating, but didn't notice any steam. Pulled over to the side of the road, waited about half an hour, and checked the coolant which was almost empty. I refilled the coolant, started the car and tried to drive away but the car began making this 'bang-bang-bang' sound. I pulled over, got out of the car and noticed that all of the coolant had leaked out over the last thirty feet of highway.

    Long story short, I wound up having the car towed to my mechanic. He initially thought it was a head gasket problem, but upon further review now believes I have a water pump/thermostat/timing belt issue. He says the car starts fine, there is no steam, the engine runs beautifully and most importantly there is no water in the oil.

    Here's what's strange-

    About, let's see, maybe eight months ago my car began having difficulty turning over; that is to say, it took two or three cranks of the ignition to get the engine fired up. Eventually, the car completely refused to start and I had to have it towed to my dealer. The dealer told me that the car needed a new 'temperature sensor', and replaced the part for fifty bucks.

    Thinking these two problems could possibly be related?
  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    It could be, but my gosh on a car with 12K, even less miles when the problem started. The Audi databases have been searched and are continuing to be searched, but nothing. My problem is "special" to the new A6. I think I'm just special!
    It is back at the dealership for the forth time and is being labeled a "critical alert" whatever that means! I think that we are done attempting to fix this A6 at this point. If they figure it out, good for Audi, I think it will be their car at that point. We are moving towards the next step, no more attempting to repair, different car or refund. To tell you and everyone else the truth, I am SO done with Audi. I absolutely loved my A6, then I started to like it very much about 2 months ago, and now I just loathe my A6. This has been a terrible and frustrating experience. I have had every rental under the sun. I should have never gone back to a German car after the BMW experience (see previous posts)! Nothing against German cars, my husband's driven Porsches for years, it is just the German cars do not like me apparently.

    Thanks for all the input and help everyone. Audios :blush:
  • I have a 2002 A6 3.0 quattro. I noticed that every 2000 miles - exactly - it resets to zero. This seems very odd to me as to why it would not go to 9999 and then reset. Has anybody else experienced this - the dealer contacted Audi in Gernmany and they tell the dealer that this is normal.

    Thanks in advance for replies

    Confused!!! :confuse:
  • I own an 2001 Audi A6 2.7 - have owned it for 3 years and I love it. I was so glad to find this forum as I need some advice. Over the years I have put about $3,000 into this car in repairs - things NOT covered under the warranty - include warranty items - who knows how much has been spent. I took it into the Audi dealership for an Oil change and came out with much more. In a nut shell: new back brakes($600), timing belt ($ unknown), 80,000 check up ($700.00), oil leak in camshaft chain. WOW! It's not like I have not done maintance on this car. Several months ago I had new boots, rods and tires put on and front brakes!
    My warranty expires 8-26-06. Should I sell this car once the work is done and buy a new one with warranty - the answer seems obvious however I am curious about others opinions. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Sell. Too expensive without warranty.
  • jodarjodar Posts: 51
    Yes, the Audis are expensive to maintain, but you need to be smart about how you approach the recommended maintenence schedules. You don't have to take it to the dealer everytime as they will charge you up to the hilt for anything and everything. You should look at the recommended items that need to be changed and either buy the parts yourself, from either a reputable Audi parts shop or off of the internet. Then find a repair shop that specializes in Audis to perform the actual repair. $600 for rear brakes is ridicuous! You could have done the fronts, too for less than that. Check the forums either here or on for reputable shops near you.

    If you do the proper research, you can enjoy your car and not pay sky high prices to maintain it.
  • buffndmbuffndm Posts: 5
    Anyone have any suggestions for removing the stickers from the sunvisors of my new A6? I tried 3M adhesive cleaner/remover without success. Thanks.
  • I'm leasing a 2004 A6 2.7T. I really, really like this car EXCEPT that it has more squeaks and rattles than any car I have ever owned (and I've had 7 in the past 11 years).

    I mean, the window seals squeak when closed, the seats squeak, something in the ROOF squeaks (regardless of the moonroof position), something in the door rattles, the arm rest rattles and squeaks, etc. etc...... what the heck!?!

    I've been thinking trading this for something less expensive, since I drive less than 7500 mi/year, and was thinking of an A4. However, if they all squeak and rattle like this, I've got to go elsewhere....
  • bumbiebumbie Posts: 18
    My 2005 A6 is a rattle trap also. I talked about it before in previous posts, but I had a traveling rattle in the dash that was finally fixed with Audi service putting noticeable thick black foam between the dash and the windshield. This was after three visits and it look like **it as you can imagine, but the rattle stopped, that's all Audi cares about. In addition, my passenger headrest rattles constantly, something in the back dash rattles severely, my driver's side door rattles and hums, only if I grad the inside handle does it stop. This is in addition to the problems I have had with the ignition (see previous posts not too far back under bumbie). However, I may not be a reliable source since I have a A6 with multiple problems.

    Different topic regarding an update on the ignition problems:

    We checked into the AZ lemon law, since Audi was not willing to work with us and we are eligible at this point to pursue legal action, and in all honesty I am 99% sure we would win, but it will take way too much time and energy. In addition, I really do not want another A6, which would be the logical option instead of a cash refund for my car less miles driven, if we did win against Audi.
    I am waiting for the new Acura MDX coming out in October and we trading in the Audi for either that or a Lexus.
    Personally I hate my A6 and would never buy or recommend Audi again. Especially after all the crap we have gone through the past 3 1/2 months and the lack of cooperation and/or acknowledgment from Audi that I was sold a lemon.

    Hope it helps!! :sick:
  • buffndmbuffndm Posts: 5
    in my '99 A6. Not even one.
  • gbmangbman Posts: 2
    I have had a similar problem and thought I would share my experience, although I will be more brief in the interest of time. Long story short I have a 2001 A6 2.7t that has been out of service for 45 of the last seventy days until a week ago and was in on six different occasions all for a check engine light triggered by the oxygen sensors. The problem appeared to be with the secondary air pump. First they replaced hoses, then the pump itself, but every time within 2 or 3 days the check engine light was back on and the same error codes. Then they were stumped. Car was otherwise fine but the light was on. Since it was certified and under warranty I kept taking it back. The regional audi guy came in to work on the car. Still no solution. Finally they suspected "coking" or carbon build up and removed the engine and cleaned carbon build up out from around the secondary air pump it sounded like. They have never seen this problem before with an 01, but have seen it on older cars (98s). Until there is a work around, apparently they will have to pull the engine and clean it with a brush. They are in contact with audi and am told there will be a service bulletin going out on the problem. Unfortunately my car for this problem was the test dummy in our area anyways and I was out of it on and off for over 2 months. Its been over a week now and so far the problem seems to be remedied - they are 100% confident this was the final fix needed.

    Hope this helps.

    As for me I am perplexed on what to do with car that I was out of for 45 days over 2 months - dealer is working with me to make me happy and I have some options, but frankly might be just as well off keeping what I have as long as it remains remedied.

    I will be in later this week to talk options - when I do I will try to get some more specifics on the problem and post them. I had searched this forum trying to find a solution as well. Maybe this is going to be a more common problem and with this knowledge they will be able to remedy it more quickly now.

    Hate to admit it but still love the car when I am in it - the A6 2.7t is a great car and quattro is unmatched in my opinion - between my wife and I was have had just about every 4wd and AWD system out there and the surest footed vehicle we have ever had is the quattro - its excellent in rain and snow which we see all the time. Also my dealer had loaned me new model A4s and A6s when my car was in and going to an A4 seems like a step down in size and luxury even though they are 5-6 model years newer and admittedly a fun drive, and the new A6 just isn't as much fun to drive as the 2.7t (maybe because I happen to like turbos) although very clean and luxurious.

    Again, if I get more details I will post them, but maybe this is enough info to give to dealers to get them pointed in the right direction.
  • Bought a brand new Audi A6 2006 quattro less than a month ago. After 2 weeks EPS lit up so I checked the tire pressure and added some air. The following morning while driving in the parking with the EPS light still on the car suddenly shut down completely and stopped in the middle of the ride. Dealer's service kept it for 5 days and told me that had happened off and on in the service too but they couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was told to pick it up and return if something else went wrong which I adamantly refused. Don't feel like having a shutdown in the midst of HWY ride. They put a critical alert to the field manager and I am waiting for the resolution. Anybody had similar experience or suggestions?? I like the car but I do have some concerns with too much electronics. Txs!!!
  • here is the discussion i just started....and why i find your's so interesting...
    i'm hoping someone might be able to help me out. i was sold a 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo with 5K miles as a CPO car in Jan 2006. the car has had several mechanical issues that date back to the purchase date, including a shimmy in the rear, malfunction gauges, and alignment issues. these were essentially disregarded on repeat service calls (blame was placed on tire PSI, road crown, etc) until this July when the dealership began to take me seriously. 4 alignments later and replacement of upper struts, verification that the frame is intact by an independent body shop, etc, and now the car apparently drives straight (i have been without the car for about 6 weeks and refuse to even touch it since the most recent work so i don't get blamed for any 'new problems'...all this while i pay $55/day to finance it and pay for a rental car myself in the meantime!). in the process of going thru this service mess, my disappointment led me to pry into the files at the selling dealership where it turns out that no CPO checklist was performed on the car before selling it to me. despite this, the dealership still stands by its commmitment that this is a CPO car and will not take the car back and refund my money. Porsche corporate customer commitment (anything but) has failed to answer my fundamental questions:
    1. is the dealership OBLIGATED to submit the checklist to Porsche before Porsche grants a CPO warranty (which this car has per the Porsche computers)?
    2. is the dealership OBLIGATED to reveal this list to the customer and have the customer (me) sign at the bottom of the form where it says "Customer Signature and DAte" thus verifying that i purchased a car with either no mechanical faults or with faults that have been repaired as documented within the checklist (i was never shown the checklist and to this day the dealership "cannot find it")?
    3. what recourse does a customer have when multiple repairs are to be done on the CPO vehicle if the dealership continues to do the work without submitting warranty claims to Porsche (this is, apparently, why i cannot pursue this case as a lemon law case against the manufacturer, or so i have been told by the lemon law attorneys that have been following this for me)?

    i am at the end of my rope. i cannot tolerate anymore the non-answers and run around i get from porsche corporate asking who is somehow unable to tell me the answers to these questions. they have no one, apparently, that is in charge of verifying that the CPO checklists have been done before they grant CPO warranties, a fact that i have a hard time getting my mind around.

    what i know is that i purchased a car with so many problems that indicate that no one did a CPO check on it before they sold me it and now i seem to have no other recourse but to sue the dealership over fraud, for selling me a multi-owner car (yet another issue that i won't go into hear..that the car fax they gave me was from 2004!) that was never CPO'd.


  • so, what have you found out about suing over misrepresentation of a CPO car?
  • Am I missing something? Why are you posting about your Porsche problem in the A6 problems forum?

    I personally don't have experience with Porsche problems, but you may have better luck on the Porsche forum...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,842
    Try a cut and paste and re-post here:

    Porsche 911 topic


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  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    My 2005 A6 4.2 came with 245/40/18 tires, I am thinking of going with a 255/40/18 replacement tire. The OD on the OEM tire is 25.7, the OD on the replacement tire is 26.0. I am concerned that the larger tire may rub or cause a problem with the Quattro system. Does anyone have any experience with the larger tire size? Does it rub? Should I be concerned about the impact on the Quattro system? Can I stick with the OEM rims?

  • i was searching for others, regardless of make of the car, that had any experience handling CPO fraud. as it turns out, the only one i could find was an audi...but thanks for your help.
  • Thanks for the info gbman, and the others who have responded to my post. Here is my update... I took my A6 to a dealer for a diagnostic and the results were possible defective mass air flow sensor or two defective oxygen sensors (the same codes as my home scanner). It turns out the MAF was under warranty (who knew?) so I had them replace that. The MIL went out for a day but eventually came back on. It still goes out occasionally but always comes back on. So now I am looking at replacing the sensors. It is mucho $$ through the dealer so if anyone has done this (driver and passenger side sensors, pre-cat) please give me a few tips and part numbers if you have them.

    On another note, I found a local company in the SF Bay Area that can convert the in-dash casette to accept a hard-wired iPod or other MP3/satellite device. You can run the wire anywhere you like - I am thinking of having it in the center armrest console so my iPod is completely out of sight. I'll post a new thread after I have this done to let you all know how it turned out.
  • i got 06 A6 CVT on April at S. California..

    one day i noticed that when i put the gear on Reverse,

    my car doesnt move to back for a while. about 4~5 sec.

    sometimes when i try to reverse on the slope my car going

    forward 1 meter until the reverse gear works.

    i always feel it's very dangerous. so i asked dealer

    about this problem. the answer was coz of CVT. 2 wheel

    drive. but i can not accept it problem... i've driven

    other front wheel cars. i never feel like this...

    anyone who drives A6 CVT has ideas? :sick:
  • i bought an '03 audi A6 3.0 quattro this summer with 37,000 miles on it certified from the audi dealer. i love this car, but....for the 3rd time in 3 mos the check engine light has come on. the 1st time it was the gas cap not sealed correctly (i noticed an abundant gas smell and thought ok). 2nd time, light came on and over time it got tougher to start, wouldn't turn over and then died. was told the key codes were mixed up and it was causing auto shutdown. still notice gas smell after fill ups. 3rd time, light came on i went straight to the dealer and advised them of noticeable gas smell after fill up. now am told gas distribution sensor was sending too much gas to engine, getting tank and sensor replaced. all of this, for now is under warranty for a short while longer, then i have the certified extended warranty. i have told the dealer i love the car, but would rather it spend more time with me than with them. any thoughts out there and do i have "hope" that it is fixed? this car was bought by the dealer at auction and certified locally, but was not a local car.

  • Had same problem with my 99 A6. Turned out to be the fuel pump going bad. The pump eventually did fail. :cry:
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41
    i got an 2006 A6 with premium and sunroof package.
    my cell phone detects the bluetooth on it but i dont have the phone cradle in it.

    how do i install my phone? do i need to purchase the phone cradle?

    i read thru the manual but im still lost.
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41
    got the same car as you. when i put on reverse gear, car doesnt go unless i step on the pedal 1st.

    is that what your talkin about?

    i also noticed today that when i turn on the car, my seat was rattling side to side.
    do i have a problem car?
  • I just purchased my first Audi 2001 2.8L 6cyl. 65,000 miles. These are my issues:
    1.Heat is coming out of the driver window side AC duct when the climate control is on anything other than LO
    2. AC is freezing on low but anything else seems warmer than the displayed temperature.
    3. When the AC is off. Light flow of heat is coming out of the AC ducts or around the edges of the ducts.
    4.Display between the odometer and speedometer has LED problem..(although every AUDI 01 I looked at had the same issue!)
    5. What's the beeping sound when I step on the gas? And how do I get it to stop!!!!!!!!!
    6. Why does the MPH in the dashboard display have a big "X" across the face?
    7. How do I shut off the 1MPH and MPH2 feature?

    That should be it for now!! Hope someone can clue me in!!
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