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  • s4016s4016 Member Posts: 12
    Gee,... Jim,... I went back and read my posting again and couldn't find any references to "idiot". what I did say was anyone who knows what their doing, (maybe like someone who does alignments for a living) should be able to analize the problem and offer a solution, which is what my local goodyear people did. (by the way, it only happens to be a Goodyear dealer, any respectable alignment shop should do). I too went back to my Dodge dealers and got empty responses to the wear problem. The first time I went back, they sent it for an alignment and rotated the tires and sent me on my way. Well I noticed wear again on the fresh tires in only a few weeks. I went to other dealers and also got no real answers to the problem. Being a machine designer myself I knew something fishy was going on, and, putting the kind of milliage on my tires like I do I had to do something fast. That's when I decided to get outside help from someone who I thought would be better at getting to the root of the problem, ie.. "someone how knows what he is doing". Well it worked. The outside wear on my tires have really been reduced to almost normal. Now, you can either keep complaining about it, and trashing the whole truck along with it, or take my suggestion and have the alignment tweaked a little. The spec on the toe adj. calls for +.15 deg. with a +/- .10 deg. range. Now, I'm not sure, but I think I remember him saying he took it all the way to +.25 deg. (still within the factory specs!) You should see if you can get your dealer to pay for it. I, too, can't believe that dodge hasn't made a recall for this. The only TSB listed is for tire and wheel runnout (under Also, I haven't checked to see if the spec has changed for newer Dakotas to see if they have sneaked in a solution themselves. I do know the 15X8" rim size is a in the "not recommended" range for the 235-70 tire size, but a lot of times, for better handling characteristics, engineers will do this to reduce side wall flexing during cornering. And one thing this truck has, is very good steering and handling response. You do know it'll turn inside a Ranger and an S-10! Not bad.
    Well, Jim, I hope I haven't pissed you off more, but I have been a die hard Mopar fan since the mid sixty's, and I think there is not a better truck on the road today..period..
  • stagehandstagehand Member Posts: 3
    Picked up my new 99 Dakota CC v-6 on Friday. After test driving it the dealer wanted to test drive my trade, a 95 gmc sonoma cc with 85000 miles on it. When he tried to start it the starter fried on it. After several tries it still wouldn't start.We began talking about the new truck. I told him I had done my homework and was armed with invoice costs from Edmunds. He produced his copy of the invoice and it was to the penny! He started out at $300 over. I told my wife to call a tow truck to get my gmc home. After nearly an hour of counter offers he sold it to me at invoice of $18130 plus rebate.Got $7000 for my trade which wouldn't start and had a cracked windshield. He even beat the interest rate from my credit union. It paid off to get up and walk out that door three times. So far I love my new intense blue Dakota!
  • markregelmarkregel Member Posts: 32
    You got one heck of a good deal!! My dealer would not give me more than $4000 for my 94 Ranger, with only 22K miles and a $2000 Glasstite Topper. I ended up selling the Ranger myself and got the Dakota for $100 over invoice. My Dakota is a regular cab sport. Only paid 13,900, which could be why the dealer offered so little for my trade.

    BTW -- The Ranger has been an execellent and reliable truck. I was going to get another one -- but 4.0L Rangers cost more than V6 Dakotas, and the Dakota just made a much larger impression.
  • cajun17cajun17 Member Posts: 15
    OK, here goes...
    I picked up a 98 Dakota Reg cab Sport with the 4 cylinder engine. Great fit and finish, great looks, and great handling. The engine?...That's another story.
    What kind of idiot gets a truck with a 4 cylinder engine? Big mistake. My thinking was I drive 30 miles each way to and from work and don't haul a trailer of any kind. Why would I need anything bigger that a 4? Also it would help with the gas mileage.
    Well, I not sure if the problem is a small engine or just a crappy one. About 5K miles after I bought my truck, I started noticing a clicking sound coming from the engine compartment throughout the rpm range, but especially at high rpm. Sounds like valve clatter to me, but I'm not the expert.
    I now have 29,500 miles on it and the warranty is about to expire!
    I've taken it to three different Dodge dealers to fix the problem. The first two said they didn't hear anything. The last dealer told me the same and even said he took it on a test drive and didn't notice anything.
    However, I checked the odometer before I brought it in to the last dealer. When I picked it up I noticed that the odometer had only turned 1 block. So much for a test drive!
    When I confronted the technician after sweating a little, he told me that I must be maxing out the engine because a four cylinder maxes out at 65mph in that truck? So, am I to believe that I'm not supposed to even get up to the speed limit on the interstate in this truck?!
    I'm not the only one who has heard this noise. Everyone who has ridden in it has commented on it.
    If I could get the dealer to admit that there is a problem, then I could use the Lemon law.
    By the way, I also have uneven wear on my tires, and after having the dealer align it once, it still pulls fairly hard to the right.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • markregelmarkregel Member Posts: 32
    As you know, a four cylinder is very small for this big truck. I know they consider it a compact truck, but it's really closer to full size. I had a 4cyl Ranger (much smaller) before getting the V6 Dakota. About 60-65 MPH is about all it would do going up any kind of hill. It was a good truck, and I didn't hesitate to work the engine hard. Never had any problems.

    You should have determined if you could live with the small engine before you bought it. Anyway, it should not hurt the engine to run it hard. Your engine clicking is probably not a mechnical problem. It could be the fuel injection system -- they almost always make an audible clicking sound.

    If you believe there is a problem, get the service manager to take a test-ride with you. They should at least be able to tell you what is causing it.

    Have never seen one of these trucks with a 4-cyl. Don't think they sell very many. Chrysler should drop it, it's just too small for a truck this size.

    Love my V6 Dakota!
  • wbb0441wbb0441 Member Posts: 4
    I am in the market for a new pickup. the dodge dakota super cab 4x4 has received great reviews. the 6 engine gives it a towing capacity of 3900 lbs. I have a coleman popup that goes 1650 dry weight, 2000 lb loaded. can anyone comment on their towing experience with this pickup or would the 8 engine be the way to go. also if anyone else has had the same experience with the tire wear problems and any other problems to speak of.
  • cajun17cajun17 Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for the response Mark.
    If the noise is from the fuel injection system, will it have a rhythm to it or will it be random. The noise I hear is a random one. (It could be something like a series of fast clicks followed by a few slow clicks, then a couple more fast clicks, then nothing for awhile, etc.)

    You're right, this truck is closer to a full size than a compact, and Dodge should stop offering the 4 cylinder with this truck (even with the manual transmission)...future owners take heed.

    Enjoy your V6 and thanks again.
  • jfb1jfb1 Member Posts: 2
    Do you mostly notice the noise going up a grade or when you get on the gas? Could be pre-ignition. Try using premium gas to see if it eliminates the problem. If that works, let the dealer know.
  • gdmosergdmoser Member Posts: 1
    I tow a Coleman trailer with my '94 Dakota. I have the 5 speed manual trans and don't have a problem. My brother had a '92 with auto and he towed a trailer without problems. As for the tire wear neither of us had a problem.
  • jeraldbarkerjeraldbarker Member Posts: 2
    I've got a 1989 Dodge Dakota LE longbed V6.
    Owned it since it had 27K on now has

    I have never owned a more reliable vehicle.
    Fun to drive? Not really, but that's not
    why I bought it. I bought it to haul, which
    is does without a whimper.

    Besides the normal tires/brakes/battery/oil
    stuff, only things I have replaced have been
    the cat converter (at about 100K), power steering
    pump and water pump (at about 150K).

    The V6 is only adequate...would love to have the
    V8. I think the newer V6s are more powerful,
    though, so that may eliminate the need for a V8.

    I sell most vehicles when they reach 150K, but
    I think I'll keep this one and see just how
    long it'll last!

    All you other truck buyers: keep buying Dakotas.
    That way, Dodge will still be making them next
    time I need a new truck!
  • cajun17cajun17 Member Posts: 15
    I hear the noise when traveling at a steady speed.
    However, it is definitely worse when going up a grade and/or getting on the gas. I have tried using premium gas and this did in fact seem to clear up the problem...until I filled up again with regualr unleaded.
    Pre-ignition huh? Although I'm really fed up with those guys, I'll mention that to the dealer and see if that gets me anywhere. What else can you tell me about pre-igition?

    Thanks alot jf!
  • markregelmarkregel Member Posts: 32
    Maybe you should see what the dealer could do for you on a new V6 -- or perhpas you are fed up with it and will never own another dodge.

    Fuel injection and valve clatter should be steady, not random. Defenitely sounds like pre-ingintion/spark knock. Perhaps the timing is off.
  • markregelmarkregel Member Posts: 32
    The new models are funner to drive than they used to be. This thing can out corner some sport sedans and has great steering response.

    The V6 is easily adaquate for a 2000 lb trailer, especially with the 2.55 axle. This motor has good low end torque.
  • markregelmarkregel Member Posts: 32
    Don't think you will have to worry. Dodge's market share has been increasing every year with the introduction of the redesigned Dakota.
  • jfb1jfb1 Member Posts: 2
    markregal is right, they may be able to quiet the problem by backing off the timing (or retarding the spark). Or your engine may have an anti-knock sensor that isn't working. The problem seems to be typical of an overworked 4-cylinder. Car companies maximize performance by advancing the spark as much as they can; the latest engines have anti-knock sensors so that they can advance the timing more without damaging the engine. Speaking of which, this problem may be causing damage to your engine. Basically, the tapping noise you hear is an explosion that is occurring in the cylinder before the power stroke! Auto engineers say that "some" preignition is harmless and normal. They usually say this when the mechanic can't fix yours.
  • jas3jas3 Member Posts: 2
    I have purchased a 99 Dakota extended cab SLT with 5.2 Liter V8. The Truck has an idle that is a little rough. Its almost as though there is a mis-fire. I called the dealer service dept and was told that a slightly rough idle was normal for this truck "because of the cam". I always thought that V8's are stable and should have smooth idles. Can anyone advise if this is normal for this truck or is the dealer wrong.
  • bigalan63bigalan63 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 99 ext cab sport 5.2 V8. The idle is a little rough when it is first started. After a few minutes it smooths out and runs perfectly. Sounds like a dealer cop out.
  • E3MP6E3MP6 Member Posts: 70
    BTW, the new engine line-up for the 2000 model line is missing the 4-cyl. and the 5.2L V-8

    It will start with the V-6, then go to the new aluminum 4.7L V-8, followed by the 5.9L that should be optional in the CrewCab. If they make the R/T again, I'm sure it too will have the 5.9L as well.

    I think it's a mistake to drop the 5.2 from the Chrysler Corp.'s been around a long time and runs great. The new 4.7 is supposed to pump out about 10hp more than the 5.2 and get better mileage, but I just can't bring myself to put an aluminum block in a truck as big as the Dakota.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Well good bye and good riddance to the 4 cyl.

    The 5.2?, well I guess that's progress. 10 more horses, 5 lb/ft less torque, not major I guess and the towing figures don't seem any different.

    Aluminum block for a truck like dakota - well I can understand E3MP6's concern, but the engine seems to have done OK in the Grand Cherokee. I understand that the 5.9 is on the way out too, to be replaced by something around 5.4l either in 2000 or 2001.

    Better gas mileage - OK now here I have a problem. Gas is cheap - why do so many people get hung up on an extra mile or two per gallon when they quite happily pay $25k+ for their truck. Still I guess it matters to some people.
  • miner991miner991 Member Posts: 11
    Just ordered a 4x2 SLT Club Cab today. The dealer had all of the prices in including the 4.7 V8 (I got the 5 speed). Got the truck at dealer invoice and it should be here in October. Can't wait.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    As most of you probably know Dodge have had problems with 98 and 99 Dakota R/T towing figures. The brochures claimed 6,400lb capacity, but then had to issue letters to around 11,000 owners saying that in fact the figure was 2000lb.

    Apparently Dodge offered to buy the truck back but only 64 people took them up. Now some owners are claiming that they weren't offered a buy back option and today a case was filed in California for breach of contract.
  • cajun17cajun17 Member Posts: 15
    Hey guys, I wanted to update you on the problem I'm having with my Dakota. I thought about checking the timing myself, but have just found out that you can't adjust the timing on these trucks. I read in a service manual I found at the library that it is controlled by the computer.

    I guess I'll be going back to the Dodge dealership for another round!
  • belderbelder Member Posts: 8
    Just wanted to update this list on pricing for the
    2000 Dakotas. Mine just came in and the invoice pricing of options was mostly the same as last year. I think most everybody has seen the base price for the 4x4 Club Cab (18,040 with 520 destination), but I have yet to see a list of option prices on the Web. Anyway, the only increase in the option pricing was $63 for the 4 wheel anti-lock ($361 versus $298 in 1999).
    That leads me to a general question: Standard brakes are antilock on one end and disc on the other (I cant remember which end). Now, as I understand it, braking technique is completely different for anti-lock (hit the brakes and stay on them) vs. disc (pump them). How does it work to have both kinds on the same vehicle?
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    belder, there is a topic on 4 wheel or 2 wheel ABS, where a lot of this is covered. However essentially the 2 wheel ABS (rear) is vital in truck because the back end is so light. Without it you can expect a rear end collision fairly quickly - that is the front and back end swap places and the back end plows into whatever is in front of you. Please take my word for it, don't put it to the test.

    Unless the roads are very wet or icy you should have some control over steering without having to pump the brakes with 2 wheel ABS. See the other topic for more info.
  • durbiendurbien Member Posts: 10
    Has anyone had any experience with the Mopar accessories tonneau covers for Dakota? Are they the same quality as aftermarket covers? I'm particularly interested in the folding aluminum cover, and I'm wondering if:

    a: It locks the tailgate
    b: It's watertight
    c: It requires holes to be drilled in my bed
    d: If it looks as good as some of the other flush covers

    My dealer doesn't have an example of this cover, and I don't want to order it if I won't suit me.

    I also looked at the Mopar fiberglass cover, but the ones from A.R.E. and Snugtop looked better in my opinion.


  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764

    Please don't buy Mopar. The quality is the same as elsewhere (usually) and the prices are higher. In most cases Mopar accessories are made by aftermarket manufacturers (for instance Penda make the liners). Not sure who makes the tonneaus.

    I asked my dealer to quote me for a package of the following:

    Aluminum brush guard
    Aluminum Nerf bars
    under lid bed liner
    fiberglass tonneau

    He came back with a total price of $4,500 Canadian including tax and installation. That was a special deal as I bought the truck at the same time!!!

    I went to a local store and they will do it all for $3,000 Canadian and they will replace aluminum with stainless steel for brush guard and nerf bars.

    Incidentally they are near to a Dodge dealer, guess where the dealer goes if they need parts in a hurry.

    Anyway, don't know much about the folding tonneau, but I would definitely recommend the A.R.E. cover. Mine (LSII on Dakota 6 1/2 foot bed), cost around $950 Canadian installed and it looks great. They also have a combination gas strut and steel hinge opening that reduces stress on the truck bed.

    I should point out that not every one agrees with me on the stress reduction - have a look at the fiberglass lid topic for more details - please nobody else take issue with me on this point again.
  • wvbillswvbills Member Posts: 12
    Last year we bought a '99 Dakota Sport SB for my wife. She loves that truck! Seldom lets me drive it. Here's my question.
    The rear bumper has some information embossed in it about towing capacity etc. and there's a depression with a hole in it that seems to invite putting in a hitch ball.
    Can you use a ball in the bumper for some light towing (e.g. bringing home a trailer with a ditch-witch on it from the rental yard - about 5 miles)??
  • dklossdkloss Member Posts: 22
    I'm curious,has anyone else taken delivery of a 2000 Dakota ??? I see "Belder" has received a 2000. I have had a 1999 on order since April, but due to a series of events, my dealer dropped the ball and missed the cutoff date for 99'. I have to waiting all summer for a 2000. I wasn't a happy camper. Armed with my VON number, I have been contacting Daimler directly but they are telling me the 2000 Dakota is not in production yet. I don't know who to believe anymore and I don't feel it should be this difficult to purchase a vehicle. NOTE: I ordered a SLT, V8, 5 Speed, 4X4. It was supposedly on restriction for the 5 speed. Anyone out there getting their 2000 Dakota ???... give me a shout
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    My 2000 dakota is almost same spec as yours but SLT+ (club cab - you didn't mention what yours was). I ordered on July 31st. Spoke to my dealer on Saturday who said the truck is at the 'D' stage. Apparently this means that all the bits are planned out and just need bolting together. The build should happen this week with delivery 7-10 days later (according to the dealer).
  • jbauerjbauer Member Posts: 39
    I noticed our northside dealer (Palmer Dodge) has received 8-10 yr. 2000 Dakotas, most of them v-6 but a couple of v-8's. Some sport, some SLT, some reg, some club cab. Not a big selection but they are here. Ask your dealer how we have them in Indy but you don't. Hope this will help your dealer do a little more research for you.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    I guess that my truck is a lot more complex to build because it's Canadian and needs those really sophisticated daytime running lights - must add a couple of weeks to delivery (not).

    Though I distinctly recall my dealer telling me that any sold vehicle (i.e. a customer order) went to the head of the line ahead of any trucks that were just destined for dealer's lots. After all the official launch of the new model year is October 1st.
  • kismit777kismit777 Member Posts: 1
    Have 99 dakota 4WD CC w/5.2 auto -- anyone experiencing shifting problems, particularly when starting cold. Engine will rev. high but transmission doesn't seem to be fully engaged. Truck will run like this for a mile or two and then transmission seems to fully engage -- RPM matches with speed. Is this normal, unique to my vehicle, or common problem.
  • billman1billman1 Member Posts: 2
    kismit. do you have the heavy duty engine cooling? if so the "revving" is actually the fan clutch. this is very normal for a cold start once the oil in the fan clutch warms the "revving" goes away. by the way, my 99 5.2 v-8 c/c 4x4 does this also. BILLMAN
  • belderbelder Member Posts: 8
    Hi Dkloss and Andy Jordan,

    My 2000 Dakota was delivered about two weeks ago, 6 weeks to the day after I ordered it. I got a SLT+, Club Cab, V6, 5speed with a few minor extras. I guess I am feeling pretty lucky, given the turn- around you are facing. Oh, I live in upstate NY (Albany area) if that matters...
    Andy, thanks for the ABS feedback a while back!

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Geez belder, thanks a lot. Now I feel so much better.

    I am now at 6 weeks without a definite date, last quote from the dealer - "Your vehicle even has a VIN now, course we don't know what it is yet....."

    I have placed the order for my accessories so as to avoid delays after I get the truck, especially as the tonneau needs color matching which might take a while with the new color (Patriot Blue).

    Felt pretty smart for thinking of that until the accessory supplier says "Mmm, we don't have much storage here, you might have to store some of the bits yourself and bring them back when the truck is in". He was thinking tonneau and brush guard. Showing amazing restraint (hey this is Canada what do you expect, eh), I pointed out that the tonneau was essentially a flat pack and that the nice stainless steel brush guard that I had ordered would look a lot nicer in his store than the black one he now has.

    Being the nice guy that I am I didn't even ask how I was supposed to pick the "bits" up without a truck.

    Anyway, I am planning on stopping by and seeing my dealer again tomorrow (harder to hide in person than on the phone) and persuade him (in a terribly nice way of course) that a delivery date would be appreciated.

    Watch this space for more exciting installments of 'How hard can it be to spend C$37,700'.
  • belderbelder Member Posts: 8
    Hi Andy,

    Sorry, I was worried you all might think I was rubbing it in, but I really was not...:). If it is any consolation, such luck is unusual for me! I have no idea why mine got delivered so quickly (it is Patriot Blue, too, by the way. Very nice color that I have received many comments on), except perhaps my dealer does greater volume and gets special treatment?? Could be they are picking on our "neighbors to the North". Would not be the first time...

    Hope you at least get a delivery date out of your dealer!

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Glad you like the color. I have seen it on Durango and it looks pretty nice. Especially with the matching tonneau I hope. Did you go for the light or dark interior (can't remember the fancy names)? I went for the dark.

    I hope I don't get too many comments on the color - I got the V8, so hope to be going too fast for comments!!
  • keethkeeth Member Posts: 2
    Before I go ripping apart the dash:
    I have a 97 4x4 sport that I just purchased used with 28000 miles on it. Nice. Anyway, the 'key in' warning bell is driving me nuts. The sound seems to come from behind the glove box. Can anyone who has yanked this bell out give me a hint on the best way to get at it? thanks very much
  • jcm5jcm5 Member Posts: 1
    Just follow the sound of the chiming. The actual "chimer" should be a black (usually) box about 3 inches square or there abouts. At least it is on any car that I've seen. It is also usually located under the dash on the drivers side, not the passenger side. Be forwarned that if you do unplug it though that you will more than likely lose every other chime function, such as the "your lights are on" warning chime.

    If your engine has a distributor and not the multi-coil packs then you should be able to adjust the timing, which is all it sounds like you need. If you do have a distributor then look at it's base where it goes into the block. There should be a Y shaped piece of metal pressing down on the base of the distibutor with a bolt in it. Make sure you put a mark with paint or white out on the distributor and the metal piece so that you can put it back to where it was if you need to. Loosen the bolt and turn it ( if I remember correctly ) counter clockwise to advance or clock wise to retard the timing. I belive you need to advance the timing a bit. Do it in small increment and then test drive it until you get the knocking to go away.
  • dklossdkloss Member Posts: 22
    Hey Andy,
    At least you have a VIN !!! I just got off the line with Daimler and they still don't have any additional info for me. The dealer doesn't have a clue and neither does the manufacturer. This whole process is very discouraging and I'm close to just pulling my order. Even if I receive it, there are all these horror stories about the Dakota. I think if I had any mechanical problems with the truck, you'd see my picture on the 6 o'clock news and the [non-permissible content removed] end of my new Dakota hanging out of the showroom picture window...:(
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    I think that might invalidate the warranty!!
  • miner991miner991 Member Posts: 11
    Talked to my dealer yesterday, he said there was a delay in the 5 speed v8 because of high demand. I ordered mine almost three weeks ago. I have the VIN number and it sounded like the truck should be here sometime mid to late October. They made the 4.7 v8 last year, but it was only in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and there was no 5 speed. Now it is going to be in the dakota, durango, and rams. I guess I buy their story for now. I got the driftwood although I was tempted to change to the patriot blue once I saw the picture in the new booklets, both are very nice.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Don't hold your breath.

    7 weeks and counting - and I ain't got the VIN yet.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Well for me anyway.

    I have a date for my truck!!!

    Not a delivery date you understand......

    Not a definite date of course......

    But a scheduled factory departure date!!!!!

    As you can imagine my corner of rural Ontario hasn't seen excitement like this since the railroad was built.

    Well anyway, as of now, my Dakota is leaving the factory on September 21st and should be at the dealer around the turn of the month.

    Course I was also told my truck was being built last week - 2 weeks between build and shipping from factory?????
  • telgenh2telgenh2 Member Posts: 8
    I ordered my 4.7L 4x4 the first week in August. It is in "Trim" stage today which my dealer says is the last thing that needs to be done. Then it takes about a week to get to the dealer... I live 100 miles from the plant, and they won't let me pick it up myself. Hopefully I should have it at the end of next week.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Hang on, something is going on here.

    I order my 4.7L 4x4 in July get it October

    telgenh2 orders his or her 4.7L 4x4 in August, gets it September.

    Now I grant you I live further from Detroit (about 4 hours by road), but come on here.

    Yet another example of the US behemoth picking on its less populous (and far superior) neighbour.

    OK, go ahead, beat me up - after all I am deadly serious.

  • dklossdkloss Member Posts: 22
    Andy...if it makes you feel any better, I just got off the line with Daimler again and I'm still a "C" status with no other info to report. Mine was ordered July 3rd !!! I'm going on vacation to the blueRidge mounts of Virginia (was planning to have a Dak by now!) and upon my return if they can't give me any other info than "status C" I'm bailin'...I'll go searching for the 69 SS El Camino I've always wanted anyway !!!
  • kamalakamala Member Posts: 4
    ordered my dakota on 6-21-99.built on 7-22-99.still sitting in mich.waiting to be released.they are having trouble matting the 4x4 transfer case to the transmission....mark
  • houtslawhoutslaw Member Posts: 23
    Got one borrowed overnight from the dealer sitting on my driveway; white, sport plus, 4.7, auto, big battery, trailer pkg, power, lts, no power seat CD etc; it's a one price store so I got to go downstairs and copy numbers to backward figure if the invoice is close to the one price; they don't give much on these as they are rare; I am scared off from special ordering as you guys seem to be waiting forever.

    I wanted patriot blue with color matched grill and bumpers; can't be ordered; therefore went with the white sport plus in stock as I did not want SLT with the taller rims, or taller tires, the 255 X 15 on the truck with the lightest suspension gets me closest to car like and the Club Cab means space behind the seat for stuff that can be locked up and the seat can recline.

    Little that I've driven it I find it to be a perfectly balanced vehicle and I mean balanced. The V8 auto combo is great. The OD is easy to switch in and out but the tranny makes really seamless shifts and the power is there.

    Here's the numbers and stuff:

    Base Price 16,750

    Custom Pref Pkg 26B, grill
    body color, etc 980

    HD Sevice Grp, 750 amp bat,
    HD cooling, tranny cooler etc 180

    Sports Plus Grp, AC, Lts, Wheels
    15 X 8 Aluminum, 255/65R15,
    135 amp alt 1,465

    Trailer tow grp 275

    Delux convenience grp 390

    Power convenience grp 570

    Mats 30

    4 spd auto trans 975

    Anti spin limited slip diff 285

    Rear Window slide 115

    Pwr mirrors 160

    Radio, tape CD 560

    Leather wheel 50

    Destination 520


    Sports Plus Grp discount -350

    4 X 2 CC V8 Bonus -560

    Customer pref discount -980
    Total price 22,605
    Dealer discount -924
    "Bottom line" price, including
    $249.00 MOPAR bedliner 21,930

    MSRP 22,605
    Mopar Liner 249

    But I'm getting it for 21,930

    Now I am 99% certain they are square on this but it's late so I'll check vs the Edmunds invoice numbers in the morning. The object here was for a daily driver that was "car like" but with weekend truck ability and light tow ability, (inflatable boat); SLT and other things make the step in higher; step in is actually lower than a Ranger now and the price is within 3K and I got V8 and some hip room, wish they had Ford's Toredor red, otherwise I'm cool.

    They just found this truck on the back lot tonight; been there a week, I was in the process of ordering and would have liked perhaps, pwr seat, ABS on all four wheels for damn sure, had thought about the 3.92 axle, but can't see it now that I've driven this truck. Also audio controls on the steering wheel (nicer than you'd think, option RD2) Alarm (AJB)

    Calilfornia tough truck yada yada. JOHN
  • dklossdkloss Member Posts: 22
    "trouble with the 4x4 transfer and tranny?" That doesn't sound encouraging. Does that mean as soon as Daimler can get the truck in first gear, then they'll start shipping ??? I'm getting cold feet over this whole Dakota deal. The automatic has problems, they can't deliver 5 speeds. I just sold my 87 Pathfinder after 12 years / 150K miles of trouble-free service, now I'm waiting for a new truck that has problems at the factory ??? It's a shame, I really like the Dakota but I'm going to have to start looking at other trucks in case this deal goes sour...only thing I would miss is the V8...Tundra is too much bread and no stick. When other manufacturers wake up and start dropping v8's in their compacts, you'll see a dramatic shift in the market...
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